A Guy And His...? 69 Last

Jake Freemon - Main character

Gen - Jakes first Jinn - sex Jinn

Jinn - What the genies are called

Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake’s and fellow worker

Mary - Boss’s daughter

Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary’s Father

Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns

Yasmen - Gen’s mother

Hakiem, Doctor - the Jinn doctor (aka Hime)

Rasmir - Gen’s father

Rosalinda - Jake’s second Jinn – Once called Dreama, sex Jinn

Rashala - Gen’s niece and Jake’s 3rd Jinn - elite Jinn

Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir

Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake’s 4th Jinn

Akeesha - Sheeka’s twin sister

Inger - Mary’s Jinn, Akeesha’s lover

Rita - older female and one of Juno’s sisters Tina - Rita’s daughter

Trully - second Jinn doc Rasmir’s little sister

Nyrae - Juno’s powerful Jinn

Nuha - Leader of Deadly Trio

Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio

Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio

Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae’s parents

Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes

Aalee - other twin Jinn prince

Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins

Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns

Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader

Marie - Juno’s ex - wife

Kasha - Marie’s ex-powerful Jinn

Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie

Qaseem - Jake and Sheeka’s baby

Tilda - Jake and Nyrae’s baby

Tanaya - Jake and Rashala's baby

Aaliyah - Jake and Amira's baby

Gamila - Jake and Akeesha's baby

Jake Jr. - Jake and Mary's baby

Tadita - Jake and Rosalinda /Dreama's baby

Zahra - Jake and Gen's baby

Jade - Jake and Nuha's baby


Though mirror Zahra was returning Jake's kiss with all her being, she still had to get him away from her.

To her surprise Jake pulled her closer to him with a strength that she hadn't thought he possessed.

Mirror Zahra had just barely regained more than half of the control. Now though, that the other Zahra was using the power siphoning spell she, would soon become the dominant personality again.

Breaking the kiss with Jake was one of the hardest things she'd ever done. "Please master Jake run, vanish, get away from me. When she takes your power she will destroy you and most likely me. Get away don't let her have anymore!"

"As I said before you'll soon see. I want her to take the power, I am hoping that it puts an end to her once and for all." Jake told her with a crooked smile on his face. "Besides I find that you kiss most delightfully. I also find that I don't want to stop."

Mirror Zahra didn't want to either, it was wonderful just as wonderful as she remembered from the dream. Still she couldn't see what could be gained by allowing all his Jinn power to be absorbed. Wait! Master Jake was now Jinn Jake?! Though she knew not to, she was soon pressing her body as close to Jake as she could. By the great Jinn! Jake's hardness was pressed against her. She was slowly succumbing to his charms.

Jake could hear all his Jinns counting down the strength of his power. {Be ready, you won't have long after it's all gone to clear me the hell out of here. Then I am afraid that I might be in bed for a while.}

He heard several giggling voices as Gen replied, {we are sure that ALL of us will be able to nurse you back to health, one way or another.}

Damn Jake thought I don't think letting my up for a while is in their vocabulary. They just might love me to death, then again I can't think of a worse way to go, that's for sure.

Again Jake heard a few giggling voices, then Mirror Zahra gasp. Damn she was right the siphoning is going faster. Shaking his head he looked deep into mirror Zahra's eyes. "Just wait, you'll see why soon enough.

The feeling of sublime pleasure washed over her again as Jake started to press as close as possible to her. By the great Jinn she thought. If she were to pass now, she felt that she'd finally be complete. A moment later she felt the last of Jinn Jake's power pass into her.

Jake also felt the last of the power as it was leaving his body. Almost he thought, almost, then with the last of his strength he violently threw his self back from Zahra's body. Damn this is harder than I thought it would be. Mirror Zahra felt him push away as she also tried to help him.

They both felt an almost soul ripping feeling as they separated. The power siphoning suddenly stopped as the last of the power was gone. Smiling Jake tried to move further from Zahra's body. It appeared that Mirror Zahra was also. Damn he felt so weak now just a little more he thought.

He looked back as he saw AND felt that mirror Zahra was starting to lose her fight to keep control. Damn it, he thought she'd last longer. Clawing harder he felt his strength start to decline faster. Finally, he felt hardly anything of Zahra's influence. Now he thought, now!

Zahra was ripping as viciously as she could to regain control. That little bitch, she'd defiled the body, kissing and holding Master Jake so close. Though, she thought as she paused it had felt so... NO! Her thoughts screamed, as she felt mirror Zahra gain a bit of control back trying to move further from Master Jake.

Even as Zahra suppressed the mirror Zahra she saw all of the Jinns appear around Jake. "You bastard! Thinking that you as a Jinn could defeat me, ME! The greatest elite Jinn that has ever existed! Savor your victory, with your power, nothing will stop me. That includes the king. I am coming to take it all!"

Jake started to laugh even as they all started to vanish. Letting loose a titanic blast Zahra was disgusted when it was bounced off. Laugh at her? She was so going to enjoy destroying that repulsive human male.
Then she smiled evilly, if loosing all his power didn't kill him.

All of them appeared in the palace with a convulsing and gasping Jake. The doctor's eyes were large as he extended his hands over Jake. By the great Jinn ALL the power was gone! Not a single ounce of it remained! Shaking his head he hoped there was something that he could do for the man. Slowly Jake started to breathe easier.

Looking up he saw Hime, motioning for him closer, bending low over Jake, the man started to whisper into the doctor's ear. For a few moments the doctor nodded, then his head snapped up as his eyes went large. By the great Jinn! Could it really be that easy? He wasn't sure then again, Jake hadn't been wrong yet.

Standing Hime looked at the small sea of worried female faces. How in the hell could that be a cure? Shrugging the Doctor walked to each of the worried, female Jinns, whispering in their ears. Confusion broke out on their faces as they all nodded then walked to where Jake lay.

First Inger walked to Jake, bowing to him she thanked him for Akeesha's life then lightly kissed him on the lips. They were both shocked when first she then he started to glow. Next Akeesha knelt kissing Jake passionately the both of them glowing.

Next Nyrae kissed him, tears falling softly from her eyes, "you can not pass. I will use all my power to-" Stopping when Jake put a hand to her mouth.

"You will protect our daughter first and foremost. All will be well if this works like I believe it will." Jake replied Nyrae could only stare at Jake then slowly nodded. Master Jake hadn't been wrong yet, she just had to keep her faith.

One by one Sheeka, Rashala and Rosalinda each added their kiss each glowing along with Jake. Finally Gen and Amira walked to Jake together. "My Jake, I am sorry that I have doubts for whatever your plan is. I have seen far too many Jinns cease when they lost all their power. I fear that this will also happen to you.
I will gladly sacrifice my self to save you my master, my love." Gen whispered to Jake.

"No my Gen, you will survive to raise our child. If all works as I believe it will, then we all will be fine. Now then," Jake said looking at both of them.

"I do not recall anything like what you are doing Master Jake. No one has ever heard of a way to save a Jinn after they have lost all of their power. For the sake of our daughter, of all your children I pray to the great Jinn you are correct." A sad Amira said.

Both leaned in kissing Jake like the others they also started to glow. Then Jake did also, though as they moved away he did not stop. Jake's glowing started to grow brighter and brighter 'til no one could see him. Then just as suddenly it was gone as was Jake!

Seven, female Jinn voices cried out as did Mary's. Turning they looked at the Doctor with anger.

"Where in the hell did he go!?" Mary shouted voicing all the others concern.

Hime hung his head as he stated, "I know not. This was all part of his plan, he asked me to trust him. After what he has done for the Jinn world, my self and my Trully," here he shook his head. "I can't doubt him not even when all I know says he is gone."

All the council had appeared watching the proceedings, they them selves were confused. Had Jake actually discovered a way to survive? There was a great amount of crying in the room as they could only wait. Hime sat with a thud, noticing that none of Jake's four Jinns were growing weaker or fading, yes they'd have to wait.

Jake was floating in a vast grey area not unlike the dream plane. Well he thought, I made, I think.

"So," came a booming loud voice. "It has been an extremely long time since I have had a visitor." There was a sudden rushing of power then the great Jinn appeared beside Jake towering over him. "I know why you are here. It has never been done before, there are many risks involved." The Great Jinn nodded his head, "I see you really aren't risking that much, please explain."

"I am willing to let go if I have to. With my last recent act, I have finally freed the Jinn dimension. I do not want the lives of my Jinns to end. Though if you ask them, it will if I pass. I remember seeing that you and you alone can restore a life, though it has to be for a reason the overshadows all others. I ask not for myself but for love, the most powerful magic there is. Love of the Jinn people, love of the human race, love for both dimensions, lastly love for the Jinns that also love me. All I did was for them not myself." Jake relayed the sadness permeating his voice.

"I have seen all this and more, Jake Freemon. I will consider," here a chair and table laden with food appeared. "Sit appease your hunger" The Great Jinn said then vanished.

Thinking of what he'd like a plate heavy laden with food appeared before him. Starting in on the food Jake was surprised when an hour later he was still going, not completely sated yet!

Finally full, Jake saw a bed appear beside the table. Stretching, he realized that he was far more tired than he at first thought he was. Getting up, he was surprised when both the table and chair vanished. Laying down Jake was asleep within seconds.

To say he dreamed would be an inaccuracy, to say he didn't would be a lie. Though what it was, might be an almost waking nightmare. All Jake knew was nothing good was happening. Then to make matters worse, Zahra showed up holding the mirror twin by the throat laughing sadistically as she slowly crushed the life from her.

"Now," Zahra said an evil smile on her lips. "The bitch is dead, you won't touch me again! Though I hope you do try, then I can rip the flesh from your bones as I so slowly consume your life."

Laughing in his face, Zahra vanished, leaving the broken body of her twin at Jake's feet. Jake pulled the body close to him as tears started to fall. Then to his utter horror he saw the face of all the Jinn's that he loved. Then he saw those that had helped him.

Standing with the body, Jake growled as he yelled into air. "You haven't won Zahra! I will make you pay for this!"

Suddenly Jake was flying through the dream scape, then his eyes snapped open. Looking around he saw the Great Jinn sitting nearby.

"Never before have I met one like you. Such strong life energy, such strong will, just as strong as your love. There is no way I can deny your request. Though I have to warn you master Jake, this won't be easy nor quick." The Great Jinn stated a grave look on his face.

Jake looked at the Great Jinn then asked, "you sound almost like I have to die."

When the Great Jinn didn't say anything Jake nodded. "I am afraid it is the only way. With the strength you have though, I feel you will prevail. Now shall we begin?" The Great Jinn finally said.

Jake swallowed hard, then nodded. Jake lay back as several thick ropes, straps and metal restraints appeared securing him to the bed.

"So we begin," the Great Jinn said raising it's hands. Jake's eyes went wide as a high pitched scream came out of his mouth. He'd thought he'd felt pain before he was wrong, very wrong.

Gen, Rosalinda, Sheeka, Rashala and Amira were all sitting together trying to comfort each other. Mary sat nearby with Inger and Akeesha. They were all mostly, quietly, talking when Mary suddenly sprung to her feet.

Inger quickly grabbed her as the woman started to sway. Just as suddenly huge tears started to fall, as Mary stared straight ahead. Akeesha looked into Mary's eyes seeing the lost, lonely and vacantness within them.

"NO!" Mary suddenly screamed as she clutched her stomach. "NO! NO! NO! Please no." This last she whispered as her father Juno was also there holding her. "Father, I can feel him getting further away. I can barely feel him at all. My god it almost feels like he is dying!"

This brought all the others to Mary as they also started to cry with her. Juno looked at the council especially Rasmir, for any help they could give. When they all sadly shook their heads, Juno felt that they just might lose Jake this time. He just hoped that Jake was as certain as he said he was.

Leaning down Juno whispered to Mary who was clutching his arm with a death grip. "We both know he is far more resourceful than any we have ever seen. Hell, he stayed hidden from me for years, that, you know is damn impossible. As smart as he is I'm sure he has a sure fire plan."

"I hope so father," came Mary's tear strained voice.

Juno nodded as he thought, I do also Mary god I hope so.

Zahra screamed when Jake disappeared that human ass! How dare he think that he could defeat her. A thin smile crossed her lips as she thought, he'd be dead soon if he wasn't already. As soon as she knew for sure, then nothing nor no one would be able to stop here.

Stretching her arms out she felt the extra power that she had taken from that newbie Jinn Jake. What a fool she thought it was almost as if he wanted her to... Oh Shit! Reaching in she could feel the stolen power better now. It wasn't melding with her power, if anything it was starting to interfere with all her magic.

From deep inside Zahra could feel mirror Zahra laughing. {So finally you have met your match in deception. You have already taken the power, now it will eat away at you 'til you are gone. A fitting end to you!}

{I don't see why you are laughing, if I die then you do also. Help me then we can both live.} Zahra told her mirror twin.

{No, this way they can be free with your evil, gone forever. You forget, I died the day you took MY body. Better to go now than to suffer as a prisoner another day! Goodbye bitch, finally the world will be right again. Oh yeah, in case you haven’t noticed your mistress is gone.} With that mirror Zahra seemed almost to disappear from within.

Zahra started to scream at her mirror self receiving no answer. Trying to calm she sat trying to find anything that could help her. She also sent out a few tendrils to seek where her mistress was.

Desperately she started going as far back in her memories as she could. Several hours later she had found nothing that could help. Still desperate she tried to remain calm feeling the stolen power trying to interfere even more.

It had been a good half day when she felt one of her tendrils returning. Good maybe she'd hear about that ass master Jake dying, screaming in great pain. With a wicked smile she accepted the tendril back then was horrified to learn that Jake was not only still alive, he was missing!

Shaking her head she was sure that she had felt him dying. What in the hell was going on? It was almost a day later when Zahra finally discovered a way fix her self, Nuha! The bad thing was, it was taking almost all Zahra to keep Nuha under control. Sighing she had to try or her existence was going to end soon.

Reaching out Zahra brought Nuha to her. "I want you to use your dark magic, rid this body of the poison in it." She ordered Nuha.

Nuha was sweating, most of the control Zahra had was gone, though she still had enough to keep her here. For a moment Nuha had felt a great weakening, she'd managed to shield a section of her mind and her power, though not enough.

Trying not to smirk, she could feel the stolen power of Jinn energy within Zahra. Ah yes. It was indeed poisonous to her. Trying to resist, Nuha almost felt her self break free then she felt the control clamp down again.

"I don't think so you bitch! I can't leave nor raise a hand to you yet, you haven't the power to force me to anything. Basically all I have to do is wait I-" Nuha was saying then she was screaming in pain.

Zahra lips formed an evil smile, "you might be right, though I can make you suffer greatly. Perhaps you'll go mad before I pass, let's find out you bitch!" Zahra's smile got larger as Nuha started to scream louder.

Jake felt as if every piece of skin on his body was being flayed over and over. He was doing the best to stay conscious though it was quickly becoming a losing battle.

Right before he finally lost the fight he'd managed to look over at the Great Jinn. Was he imagining things or did the Great Jinn have a look of respect on his face?

Not sure Jake felt another surge of energy within. This helped to delay his unconsciousness, though only barely. He had to fight for all his Jinns. No, they were all his loves he'd do anything to protect them.

Again thye great Jinn showed a look of respect to Jake. "It shouldn't be long now master Jake, I'd say only a few more hundred years. Sleep now the worst of the danger is gone."

Jake nodded as he felt his body grow heavy. Then he felt a weakness he'd never before. Looking at the Great Jinn, Jake's eyes went wide as he realized what he was feeling.

Barely a whisper Jake asked, "will I remember? When it is over?"

The Great Jinn smiled sadly, "most though, there is quite a bit that will be lost. The secrets of the Jinn most and foremost. Though as you have discovered love is the most powerful magic, THAT will more than protect you. Sleep and awake anew."

Jake nodded as he felt his eyes close. Strange he thought this dying was a lot more peaceful than he thought it would be.

Back in the council chambers Mary was screaming uncontrollably. Standing she marched to where Marie was still frozen.

Drawing her hand back the crack of her palm meeting Marie's face startled all there. "You bitch! because of you the most wonderful, brave and loving man has died. I will make sure that you suffer for as long as I can!" With that Mary slapped her mother even harder, drawing blood from the reddened skin on Marie's face.

Marie's eyes were looking around wildly as the blood slowly seeped down her face.

Gen took Mary into her arms as they both started to convulse, their cries echoing through the chambers. They were joined a moment later by the rest of his Jinns along with Mary's. They were still holding each other almost thirty minutes later when there was a shimmering not far from them.

A moment later the Great Jinn appeared beside them. They all bowed to him except for Mary. Rushing forward she pointed a finger at the Great Jinn.

"YOU! you were supposed to help him, the only one who could. Yet, you let that great man die all he did for this dimension. Why couldn't you save him?! Mary accused the Great Jinn.

The Great Jinn was only nodding as Mary went through her tirade. Then he bowed to her and all of Jake's Jinns. Lifting it's arm an unconscious Jake floated through what appeared to be a black portal.

"He will need all that fiery love that each of you have for him." Here he looked at Inger. "Yes, even you Inger, you think i do not know what's in a Jinn's heart?" With that the Great Jinn smiled slightly then shrunk to a ball then 'popped' out.

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief as he examined Jake, the others waiting nearby holding their breath. When thye Doctor stood, smiled, then nodded yes, their was a whoosh as they all released their held breath. Then they were gathered around Jake as he groaned trying to sit up.

"Damn, what in the hell hit me?" Looking confused at the sea of faces he looked at the doctor, then where he was. "What in the hell am I doing here?"

The Doctor nodded, so it was true. Master Jake had died therefore losing more than a few days memory.

"I will do my best to explain when I return." The Doctor said as he bowed to Jake. "I need to check on Trully, then I'll return"

Jake nodded as he remembered that the female Doctor was powerless and very pregnant. Thank god it wasn't his, he had enough children growing right now. First things first, he had to go after the last four pieces of terror that were left. Namely The Trio though the two youngest he didn't see having a problem with. No, just Nuha and Zahra.

Thinking a moment it seemed that something was nudging at his mind. He suddenly knew that Zahra wouldn't be a problem much more. With a sigh he shook his head, Nuha was going to be a problem. Suddenly he cocked his head to the side as a wide smile dominated his features. Ok, so maybe Nuha wouldn't be a problem, at least after he confronted her.

It was almost a week later Jake and his Jinns appeared in front of the same building he'd been at with Zahra. Jake took a deep breath this was dangerous even with her in her current state. A moment later he could feel Zahra approaching.

"Well damn, here i thought you'd do the honor of dying on me. I really don't have the time to waste on you. Jake started to laugh though he didn't mean to he couldn't help it. The crap that Zahra was spewing was the funniest thing he'd heard ion a long time.

"You dare to laugh at me? I'll kill you-" Zahra started.

Jake's face suddenly went deadly serious, "no, I don't think so you pathetic bitch. I'm surprised that you have lasted this long." Jake said as he pointed a finger at her she started to yell then grabbed her stomach and head.

Screaming her eyes got wide as her body started to split in two. "It is over Zahra, thank master Jake now I can go knowing that I helped if only in this one thing." Mirror Zahra said.

"No! If I die you die, we have so much left to do." Evil Zahra gasp out.

"No, it is done." With a last scream the two separated then the evil side faded. "I thank you for saving me, and your love." Mirror Zahra started to fade then the energy that was hr was drawn into Gen. Smiling at Jake, she gently rubbed her stomach.

Well Jake thought, that's the first part, he waited for what he felt was going to happen. They didn't have long to wait there was a sudden loud screaming as Nuha appeared before them.

"So you have finally defeated her. I guess you expect me to be a weepy female? All thankful, kissing your ass so to say. Got news for you," Nuha said with a sneer. "It isn't going to happen."

Jake nodded his head, "I really didn't expect you to Nuha. I figured you'd want to confront me, that's why I am still here. You're free as are your sisters I have no grudge nor revenge." Jake turned his back to walk away taking a deep breath he really hoped that this worked.

Nuha floated there a few moments as she watched Jake walk away. No demands? No forcing her to do anything? Then her face screwed up into a scowl. No, this ass of a human male was up to something.

Nuha caught up to Jake stopping in front of him. "What are you up to? No human has ever not demanded something, especially a human male."

Jake looked at Nuha with a look of pain, "I want nothing from you, I told you that you are free." With that Jake walked past her. He could almost feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

"No! No human male ever wants nothing. though if that is your wish?" Here Nuha started to power up a sadistic smile on her lips. "Then I'll make sure that you never demand anything of me!" With that she started to release her blast at Jake. Then she suddenly found that she couldn't move. "What!? What trick is this? Release me you filthy human male!"

Jake looked at her as he sadly shook his head. "It isn't me, actually it's her." Jake watched as Nuha's face grew more confused.

{Perhaps I should explain father?} Came a voice in all their heads, to which Jake nodded. {I can not allow you to hurt father, mother!}

Nuha looked at Jake a scowl on her face, "what is this trick-" She started then her eyes grew large.

{Really mother as many children as you have had. Thank you father, I believe I can handle mother now.} The voice said as Jake nodded toward Nuha.

"I'll see you one day soon Nuha." Jake said.

"In your damn dreams you-" Nuha snarled back

{Mother! I guess we are going to work on that really bad attitude. Another-} The voice was saying as Nuha popped out.

Jake nodded as he took a step then stumbled as bit. Suddenly there were several sets of arms holding him up. "Thank you, all of you." All of his Jinns along with those that were close to him smiled, then nodded as they all vanished.

Several months later


Jake was resting beside Jake Jr's crib thankfully nothing had marred the birth of him. He was also glad that Akeesha was as loving to their daughter Gamila as she and Inger were. Though Inger was also proud of Jake Jr. also.

Rosalinda / Dreama also seemed to be far more loving toward their and his baby Tadita. Smiling he was glad that they hadn't had a repeat of the incident that Amira and Aaliyah went through.

Then there was Gen, sighing he wasn't sure what was going on with her. Hime had assured him that the baby was exceedingly heathy. He was glad about that though the fact that the baby still hadn't uttered a word still worried him.

Then there was the fact that Nuha was out there somewhere with another daughter of his that he’d just discovered he had. Shaking his head he knew she was more than a match for her mother, still he worried.

Jake was almost asleep when he received a message, nodding his head he stepped out of the room. Reaching out he called all his Jinns. A moment later all seven of them appeared.

"Thank you, I just received a message that Nuha is on her way here. Though I don't feel any danger I still want you near." All of them nodded as they all powered up. A moment later Nuha appeared a startled look on her face.

Bowing low before Jake she presented a small bundle to him. "I have come to a... apol... apologize. This is hard for me, it appears that I was wrong about a great many things. At least about you master Jake." Here she unwrapped the bundle, "I wish to present to you our daughter."

"Hello father it is good to see you." The baby stated.

"She needs a name, I thought that you would like the honor. You never lied to me Master Jake, you are the first. It took all these months to finally know that, plus the feelings I had." Nuha said tears forming in her eyes.

Jake look at the baby girl, "Jade, she is as precious as the stone, as all our children are." Nuha smiled nodding as she asked for permission to stay a bit.

That was 'til Gen suddenly told Jake it was time as she laid down he stomach opening. Then like before, a baby girl floated up, Gen's stomach closing as if nothing had happened.

"Hello father," the baby girl said. "Thank you for what you did. I will try to always honor you for it."

"I know you will Zahra." Jake said with a smile. I hope that you can keep that promise Zahra. At least with him as her father she'd have a damn good chance.


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