First Time.

On Friday. I Saw Him In The Hallway & As Always He Grabbed My Hand & Hugged Me Tight. It Was Obvious He Liked Me. I Liked Him Back. He Was Sweet. Always Had A Contagious Smile.

Then After We Hugged He Said, "What Are You Doing Tonight?"

I Said, "I Dont Know Why?"

He Always Took Me Out On Dates. He Always Made Me Feel Pretty.

Im 16 Years Old. & Im Still A Virgin. If He Ever Asked For Sex. I Would Be Willing To Try It .

He Said, "I Want To Take You To The Football Game."

"But, The Tickets Are All Sold Out."

He Pulled Out Two Of The Tickets & Smiled His Gorgeous Smile.

I Jumped Up & Hugged Him. He Was Holding Me .

I Never Felt Secure Being Lifted Up From The Ground.

I Felt His Penis Against My Vagina. It Gave Me A Tingly Feeling. It Felt .. Good. I'm Ready.

He Kissed Me On My Cheek As He Put Me Down.

I Looked Up At Him Then Slowly Kissed Him On The Lips. Its Official. He's My Boyfriend.


Later On That Day He Texted Me.

- Be Ready Im On My Way To Pick You Up -

I Took A Quick Shower Then Got Dressed. I Put On A Thong For The First Time Which Was Uncomfortable. I Put On Some Sexy Perfume That My Sister Has. It Smells So Hot To Me.

He Called My Phone & I Answered.


"Hey Babe Im Outside. Come On."


I Hung Up Then Headed Down The Stairs. My Older Sister Stopped Me.

"You're Going To Have Sex With Him?"

"I Mean.. I Dont Know.. I Might Sleep Over.. Im Not Sure About Having- "

She Interrupted Me. "Oh Shut Up. I Can Tell You Are. You Smell Like A Porn Star." She Winked Then Handed Me Some Type Of Small Glass Bottle.

"What Is This?"

"Just Drink It Before You Guys Leave The Game. Not In Between. Not Before. Not After You Leave.

Right At The Second He Says Its Time To Go."

I Looked At The Bottle. Then She Spoke Again, "I'll Be At The Game. So If You Need Anything Text Or Call Me."

"Thanks Millie." I Finnaly Said.

"Your Welcome, Lillie. I Love You." She Hugged Me.

"I Love You Too." I Walked Out Of The Door.


"You Look Beautiful." He Said To Me.

"Thank You. You Dont Look Too Bad Yourself."

He Handed Me A Rose. I Smelled It.

I Smiled At Him.


Finally Were At The Game & He Offers To Buy Me A Drink. I Could Mix It With The Drink My Sister Gave Me. But Its Too Early . "A Little Later." I Answered.

We Sat All The Way At The Top Of The Bleachers. It Was Cold. My Butt Cheeks Were Freezing.

He Noticed I Was Cold. He Put His Arms Around Me. I Smiled Then Put My Head On His Shoulder.

Finally I Said, "Lets Be Real. Whats Going On Tonight?"

I Looked Up Into His Gorgeous Brown Eyes.

"What Ever You Want."

We Both Smiled.

We Kissed.

"You Coming Over Tonight?" He Asked.

"Yes." I Was Starting To Get Nervous. My Older Sister Never Seemed Nervous Talking To Boys. So I Just Put My Legs Up On top Of His. He Started Stroking Them. Once Again That Tingly Feeling Came Up.


The Game Was Close To Being Over. So I Said, "Can You Get Me A Drink?"

"Yeah Lets Go."

We Got Up Then Headed To The Concession Stands. "What Do You Want To Drink?"


They Handed Me The Drink. When He Wasnt Looking At Me WHile Paying For It I Quickly Pored The Drink My Sister Gave To Me Into The Lemonaide.

"Thanks Babe." I Said.

He Smiled.

"Lets Head To Your Car." I Said Nervously. I Tried To Drink The Drink As Fast As I Could.

By The Time We Got To The Car I Was Finished The Drink.

The Game Was Over & Everyone Started To Run To Their Cars. It Was Raining. He Took His Jacket Off Then Put It Over My Head. We Ran To The Closest Tree. We Were Close. His Stomach Was Touching Mine. He Look Me Into My Eyes Then Slowly Kissed Me.

He Put His Hand On My Waists. Then Whispered In My Ear, "Lets Go."


Now We're At his House. Im Feeling Ready. My thong feels soaked. not from the rain.

We sat on his bed. I Took off my wet clothes.

I kept my under clothing on though. my bra and thong.

He Looked at my body like it was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.

"We're having sex?" he finally asked me.

I didnt say anything. I just took his shirt off of him then pushed him back to make him lay down.i got on top of him and felt his penis again on my vagina. it felt like power.

He pulled out a condom. then finally his penis. I was excited. he was all set and ready. i took my bra off and my size 30C Breasts popped out looking sexy.

he grabbed my waist then laid me down. he took my thong off the opened my legs. i rubbed my vagina then finally started licking it. i moaned. he stuck his tongue inside of it then i started moaning louder. he has been eating my pussy for a while now. it feels amazing. then he slid his penis inside of me.

it hurt a little. but after a while it started feelings good. then i got on top of him and started riding him. it was fun. i loved it.

sweet persuasion.

i rode him for a long time. it never got boring to me. i just kept switching speed. fast , slow , winding feeling his incredible body.

finally. without him asking, i sucked his dick.

my first time drinking that drink was amazing. now we have sex every week. he's the best boyfriend ever. i love him for not pressuring me into having sex.



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