Loving Lista

Quick descriptions; Lista is 5'5" average weight but larger than average size breasts but not huge. Dirty blonde hair that comes down just below her shoulders and pale skin. I am 5'9" average build as I love to dance, I have black hair that I always wear in a ponytail down to about the middle of my back, and almost always tanned. OK now on with the story.

Lista and I started dating when she was 14 and I was 19, of course it started out with a lot of hand holding and kissing, and after a couple of weeks it evolved into simple making out and petting which we did all the time, at the beach, walking through the mall, at the movies, hanging out in one of our rooms, or sitting in the car after our dates. but things didn't get really physical between us till about 6 months into the relationship, about a week after her 15th birthday, We were hanging out in her bedroom listening to the radio and talking and making out as normal, she's wearing her favorite sweatpants and one of her old button up flannel shirts and I'm wearing my usual T-shirt and baggy dance pants, suddenly she walks over to her bedroom door and quietly locks it, she turns grinning at me and says "Just to make sure we don't have any unexpected interruptions." then she turns the volume on the radio up slightly louder. I remind her that her mother is just down the hall in the living room where it's easy for her to walk over and knock on the door, but she reply's that knocking is better than walking in on us, and besides she is watching TV with one of her friends that will keep her busy most of the night, then she walks over takes my hand and leads me over to her bed and pulls me down laying beside her kissing me once I'm finally laying beside her on the bed.

My right hand is now caressing her breasts through the material of her shirt and it's very evident that she isn't wearing her bra tonight, which is another thing out of the ordinary, we are kissing each other deeply letting our tongues explore each others mouths.

She repeatedly lets out soft moans and I can feel her arch her back as if trying to force her breasts up against my hands even more, She then reaches up and takes my hand in hers and guides it down to the bottom of her shirt and then lifts the bottom of her shirt up and over my hand so I'm now caressing her bare stomach. she is obviously ready to move to a more physical level and I'm not going to complain, I slowly run my hand up over her belly till I reach the underside of her breasts, and then I slowly run my hand around one then the other alternating between them caressing her flesh and occasionally stopping to lightly squeeze her nipples, she is obviously enjoying the attention I'm giving her so then I slowly slide my hand down over her stomach again till I reach the bottom of her shirt, and then I pull my hand out, Lista lets out a little pout but then smiles when she realizes I've undone her lowest button I then gently start unbuttoning my way up her shirt, each button I undo I spread the two halves of the shirt away from each other exposing her skin to my touch where I caress her flesh for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next button. Once I finally get to the last button I raise my head up pulling away from our kiss and sit up beside her, so that I can enjoy the view of her now beautifully exposed upper body, I slide both sides of her shirt fully open.

This is the first time I have ever seen her bare breasts and they are absolutely beautiful Her nipples are erect from my earlier attention. She smiles up at me and asks "Do you like what you see?" I reply "Oh Yes, you are so beautiful." I then reach over and begin to massage and squeeze her breasts with both of my hands and then take her nipples between my fingers and thumbs gently squeezing and pulling on them causing Lista to let out more low moans of pleasure. Eventually I cant take it anymore and I lean over and take one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, then switching to her other nipple and giving it the same treatment.
Lista responds by grabbing the back of my head, at first she holds me tight to her breasts, then she pulls the bands out releasing my ponytail and begins running her fingers through my hair still holding me against her body. I lick and suck all around her breasts and between her breasts where she really seemed to enjoy it as she gasped out loud as I ran my tongue up the middle where I discovered one of her hot spots and then licking and kissing up her chest and around her neck and up to her face where we kiss each other for a few minutes, all the while my hands continue to massage and explore Listas beautiful breasts.

I sit up once again to catch my breath and to once again get a look at my beautiful girlfriends exposed upper body. she lays there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face as my hands never stop caressing her, eventually she opens her eyes and asks if I'm going to just sit and stare at her all night. I tell her I could never get tired of staring at her, and she laughs and reaches up and pulls me down to another deep kiss. after a few minutes of kissing, I then begin to kiss my way back down her neck and down to her breasts once again. I then lay my head down on her chest and continue to caress and rub her breasts and her stomach. I noticed that each time I run my hand down her stomach near the top of her sweatpants her stomach tightens and her legs slightly spread a little bit, so I decide to become adventurous, and I start moving my hand lower and lower each time till I finally have my hand down over her pants and between her legs. I can feel Listas breathing getting heavier and she spreads her legs apart even more allowing my hands to rub and caress her. After a few minutes of this I decide to step things up again and see how she responds, the next time I run my hands up caressing her breasts and then her stomach, when I reach the top of her pants instead of sliding over the pants like before this time I slip my hand inside her sweatpants and inside her panties.

I hear as well as feel her gasp of surprise when she realizes that my hand is inside her pants now, but she makes no move to stop me and as I slide my hand down through her bush and feel the wet opening of her pussy, she spreads her legs real wide and lets out a long sigh as if she has been waiting for this for a long time. I run my fingers around her pussy lips for a little bit and then slowly slide one of my fingers up inside her. She gasps again, I slowly kiss my way down her body and over her stomach before laying my head down on her stomach so I can see right down in her pants enjoying my first view of my beautiful girlfriends pussy, I then sit up beside her pulling the front of her pants down just enough to give me easier access to her pussy and where I can now see my fingers slipping in and out of her, and my left hand is massaging her breasts at the same time. after I get 3 fingers inside her pussy and start slipping them in and out, she reaches down with her left hand and grasps my hand and starts pumping my fingers in and out of herself even faster. her breathing becomes quicker and shorter and then her whole body tenses up and begins to quake, she squeezes her legs tight and holds my hand inside her till her body finally eases and relaxes. She then opens her eyes looking up at me and says "WOW, it has never been that good when I've done myself before." she then gets a gleam in her eye and says "I think I want to do this more often". I smile down at her and reply "I don't have any problems with that". then I lean down to kiss her and begin fingering her pussy again.

I keep my fingers busy in her pussy as we kiss each other deeply, she is moaning into my mouth and running her fingers through my hair, massing the back of my head as her body continues to shiver with excitement and pleasure. I start kissing my way down her neck, spend a few minutes exploring, licking and sucking her breasts and nipples before I continue kissing and licking my way down over her stomach licking her belly button and then progressing even lower, as Lista realizes where I'm headed she gently pushes my head lower till my mouth finally reaches her bush, I then sit up and move around so that I am sitting between her legs and grasp the top of her pants and panties and get ready to slide them down.
I look up to her face and she nods her head yes, so I slide her pants and panties down her legs and off of her body, I then spread her legs open even wider and then I sit and stare up at this beautiful nude body laying completely bare and exposed before me. I'm not only enjoying the beautiful sight before me, but I am enjoying the fact that my girlfriend loves and trust me enough to feel totally at ease completely exposed before me. I reach up with my right hand and start caressing her pussy lips once again, Lista closes her eyes laying her head back and moans with pleasure.

I finally lean down and start licking, kissing and sucking all around her pussy, then I start licking her pussy lips and sucking them into my mouth and eventually decide to lick the top of her pussy exposing her clit, she jumped the first time I ran my tongue over it, then she grabbed my head with both her hands and pulled my face down directing me to lick and suck on her clit over and over again. I slipped my fingers up inside her pussy as I continued assault on her clit with my tongue. Listas whole body was starting to buck on her bed and her whimpers and moans were starting to get louder and louder to the point I was beginning to worry her mother might hear and come to see what was going on. So I stopped and sat up, before I could say anything, Lista looked down at me and said "Why did you stop, I was enjoying that". I told her she was enjoying it to much and was getting pretty loud, so she said, "OK I'll try and keep quiet but please get back to what you were doing". I happily obliged and returned to eating and finger my beautiful 15 year old girlfriends wet pussy and I reach my left hand up to caress and massage one of her breasts as well. Lista grabs one of her pillows and pulls it over her face to muffle louder and louder moans of pleasure, she then finally grabs my head with her hands pulling my face against her pussy as she squeezes her legs together around my head and her whole body goes through an intense round of orgasms. I drink down her juices as they come flooding out, and I hold her body so that I don't loose my connection to her pussy as she bucks and spasms repeatedly. When she finally starts to settle down and releases her grip on my head with her hands and her legs, I sit up and watch my beauty as her whole body is breathing heavily trying to catch her breath. There is just something mesmerizing about watching your girlfriends breasts rise and fall with each breath, especially knowing that you were cause of all the pleasure she just experienced. I finally laid down beside her and gently started caressing her stomach and breasts, while her breathing started to return to normal.

Once she seemed back under some control I looked down at her and said. "Thank You". She looked confused and said "Why are you thanking me, I should be thanking you for those wonderful orgasms". I smiled and said, "I'm thanking you for allowing me to enjoy pleasuring your body, I know you enjoyed it, but I enjoyed making you feel good." She suddenly raised up and hugged me tightly and kissed me deeply before breaking the kiss and whispering "I Love You so much, and you can enjoy my body like this as much as you want". then she quickly pulled back and said. "Oh my gosh, I've been having so much fun, I completely forgot about you." she then grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up over my head and then hugged me again this time so our bare bodies would be up against each other flesh to flesh, I cant explain out great that felt, but it didn't last long as she then pushed me down on my back on the bed and started pulling my pants and boxers down and off my body.

Now I was completely nude and laying exposed in front of my girlfriend as she sat beside me and stared at my now naked body as I had done to her earlier in the evening. She then smiled up at me and said, "Now it's my turn to give the pleasure". She reached over and grasped my cock with her hand and began to gently stroke it up and down, she ran her fingers and thumb over the tip smearing the pre-cum and then she raised them up to her mouth and licked them off. I reached over and slipped a finger up inside her pussy, she jumped and said "Hey, I said it was my turn to give pleasure". I just smiled and said, "I'm not stopping you, but I might as well keep my hands busy as well". She smiled and went back to caressing my cock, not stopping my exploration of her pussy. After a few minutes of this she leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it like a lolly-pop. She popped it out of her mouth and licked up and down my shaft and all around before taking me back into her mouth and sliding all the way down my length. Now I'm not overly endowed or anything I'm just average, but I was still shocked to see and feel her take me all the way into her mouth and throat. I just laid there watching as Lista slowly sucked my cock in and out of her beautiful mouth realizing that I have a girlfriend who loves me so much she would take me into her mouth in such a personal and loving way like this, As she continued bobbing her head up and down and I could feel both the suction of her mouth as well as her tongue licking all around my shaft as it moved in and out of her mouth. It was more than I could take. After pleasuring her for so long this evening and now her taking me into her mouth like this I was on the edge and I quickly said "I'm going to Cum, Watch out" she responded by looking up at me never taking my cock out of her mouth and taking me all the way in sucking even harder. My whole body tensed as I exploded shooting stream after stream of cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all with no problem, even sucking and licking my cock making sure she got every drop. She smiled at me and said, "Now I think I know what you mean by enjoying giving pleasure, That was great". I smiled at her as I pulled her down next me and kissed her deeply before telling her thank you once again. She looked at me sweetly and said. "We don't have to keep telling each other 'thank you' if we just promise to continue pleasing each other like this all the time". she then lays her head down on my chest and casually grasps my cock and starts massaging and caressing it bringing it back to life when she suddenly raises up looking at me and says "Hey, I bet this would feel great sliding between my breasts like your tongue was doing earlier." I just smiled knowing I was going to love exploring new experiences with Lista.

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