Brenda's Birhtday

Brenda’s Birthday

Brenda was 29 years old and in the garage rubbing sharpening stone with some oil on the sward clamped in the vice to sharpen it to it could be used to shave with She had spent much of the last four day doing this so it could be used on her on her 30th birthday She had already sharpened the axe and made the noose so any of these could be used to end her life so Henry who she still loved could have a younger woman. Brenda was hired on here as a nanny to take care of ren of Crystal Henry’s previous lover when she was only 19. Brenda remembered when Crystal was 30 she was hanged and d before being thrown in a ditch and buried.

She fell in love with Henry who had a magnetic personality and treated her with so much respect that she had all to herself now that Crystal was gone. Henry told her was keeping her from getting old. He was frank with her that it would be her fate when she turned 30 but that was in such a long time in her future she did not worry about that because she loved Henry deeply and provided her with sexual pleasure for all these years and she was his only lover until Patti arrived last month. Brenda still loved Henry in the last days of her life and she began to get close to Patti and had emotional attachment to her as well.

Brenda noticed her breasts were beginning to sag and she had wrinkles on her at the corners of her eyes making her understand why she had to go so soon. Patti had porcelain smooth skin and beautiful blue eyes and she too loved Henry and wanted him for her exclusively. Henry looked good and was a hansom man of 40 that still had all of his dark hair. Henry was a writer who was able to sell his writing and earn allot of money from this. Henry went out to do the shopping for all the food they would need and the ren were gone to college on the east coast.

Brenda never left this place in the desert because it was comfortable and she always had enough reading to keep her entertained and Henry was a sexual legend in his ability to please the women in his life.

Brenda had been naked since she had been here and was comfortable with her nudity. She had her picture taken when she came here when she was a teenage beauty then compared to her more mature look now. She knew Henry loved younger women and as Brenda heard the tractor out digging her grave because she was no longer young enough.

Today he was out on his tractor; digging a ditch to burry Brenda tomorrow it took him several hours to get it 9 feet deep 12 feet long and 2 feet wide. It was summer and the outside temperature was over 100 and the sweat rolled off his face.

Brenda gave no thought to ever being 30 yeas old because that seemed so long when she came here and she had over 10 years with the man she so deeply loved. She would be 30 years old tomorrow She knew Patti would think of her as old woman when Henry liked having young girls here.

Brenda was looking forward to tonight because Henry would give her such a good sexual experience as her outgoing gift.
Henry kissed Brenda passionately for several minutes before parting her legs so he could use his mouth and fingers to bring her to many strong orgasms over the next two hours he had her here on her last full day of her life and he professed his love for her as he did every day since she was here. Brenda said, “Henry I love you so much you have my permission to end the wonderful life I have had here.” “I want to please you with my suffering. You may burry me alive or me to death I love you so much I am willing to breathe dirt or loose my head.” “I spent a long time sharpening your sword and axe.” “I tied perfect noose that you can use on me.” “It will be your choice to find a way to end my life so I never get old.” I am willing to die to show you how much I love you.

You can have Patti there to help or watch then you can have her for you exclusively because I will be buried at the bottom of that ditch.

Henry said, “Brenda you will be making that choice your self.
” “I have typed:

Burry alive,

Hang and ,

with an axe,

Cut in half by a sword

I have each of these on paper that I cut up and folded each and put them in a hat.”

“Tomorrow you will draw one of these four from the hat and that will determine how you die.”

“If you pick Burry alive you lie at the bottom of the ditch and I will burry you.” “I have no idea how long that takes to die.

“If you pick Hang and I will tie the rope to tree and you will pushed off a chair to be d by the noose.” “That takes four or five minutes to die.”

“If you Pick with an axe you will lie face up over a log exposing your neck so I can chop off your head using the axe.” “Death will come in seconds after that”

“If you pick “Cut in half by a sword.” “You will get down on your hands and knees. I will swing the sword to cut you in half at your waist.” “That may be painful and your pressure will drop and you will meet death in about 15 to 20 seconds.” “I hope I can get you completely cut in half in one stroke of the sword.”

If you are able I want to fuck your freshly dead body.

Brenda was unable to sleep because of her anxiety about how she would die tomorrow. It did not matter if she got no sleep just to be ed by the man she loved for so long she was nervous about death this morning but she came to her last meal at breakfast of steak and eggs for her while Henry and Patti ate bowls of cereal.

When Brenda was done she was surprised to not have to do the dishes. She was concerned about not being spoken to as if she were already dead. Patti served her some coffee without saying a word. The coffee soon brought her awake and the fact she could not sleep was no longer important. Brenda still sat at the table and Henry put a top had on the table in front of her and said, “Brenda it is time to draw your fate.”

Brenda almost chocked seeing and hearing this and she reached in the hat and came out with paper and unfolded it in front of her.
In bold letters it said, “Cut in half by a sword” Brenda said, “I was relived to not have to be buried alive but she was hoping to be ed with an axe.” She got no reply but saw Henry go outside and pick up the heavy sword. He got a narrow piece of plywood and set it down next to the trench. He talked to Patti for a minute and kissed her on her open mouth for a couple of minutes before putting his hand down to stimulate her vaginal opening and clitoris and gave her a couple of orgasms.

A few minutes later Henry came in the house and walked to other side of the table and he looked at Brenda and said, “Brenda it is time to meet your maker now.” “I have instructed Patti to execute you now.” “Please come with me” Henry grabbed her arm and pulled her outside to the plywood and said, “Brenda get down on your hands and knees.” Brenda assumed the position expecting the sword to come down on her back when Henry took her hair and put in ponytail to get it out of the way. Henry said, “Patti shall be using this sword to be cutting to cut off your head.” “It has been nice to know you and love you Brenda, goodbye.

Patti held the sword over her head and with both hands and cleanly cut of Brenda’s head. Patti kicked Brenda’s severed head into the trench like she would kick a soccer ball. She helped Henry turn her headless body and spread her legs so Henry could fuck her freshly dead body. After a couple of minute she helped him toss the lifeless body into the ditch.

When Patti stood Henry swung the sword like a baseball bat and Patti’s top half dropped into the ditch severed at her navel. Henry took bottom half of her body and fucked it until he ejaculated in her vagina and picked her up and dropped her bottom half in the ditch. and this stunningly beautiful 18 year-old young girl started the tractor and pushed in the dirt to burry the two women. Henry put in the plywood poured in some concrete over tha some of the dirt and that continued to fill the trench with dirt all the way to the top and smoothed it there.

Henry took the hand of Monique and walked back in the house to celebrate her 18th birthday and the twelve whole years they would have together.


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