My Aunt’S Tired Smelly Feet

I was just a boy when I realized that I had a foot fetish. However, it must be noted that, unlike many or most foot freaks, I didn’t have a thing for pantyhose, high strappy heels or smooth baby-skinned soles. I loved the woman who had “tired feet”… know, dry skin on the toes and heels, slightly calloused and slightly dirty. Also, I loved the smell that goes along with “tired feet”. The smell of having worn shoes all day tends to leave a mixed sent of leather and sweat. It is not too rank, but still quite strong all the same. Needless to say by my detailed description, the “tired foot”, which I like to call it, drives me crazy. Don’t get me wrong….the sight of any female foot gets me going, regardless of its’ condition, as do a tits, ass and pussy. But not the same way a women’s “tired feet” can. The story I’m about to tell you is 100% true. I had always wanted to write a story about my early-years feet experiences with my aunt, but I never really got around to doing so. But what just happened to me recently between my aunt and I was the topping on the cake and is something that I think every foot lover needs to hear.
When I was a , I often caught myself staring at my mom’s feet. They were quite large and very tired looking. Unfortunately, that was it. I never had the courage or guts to make an attempt to touch them or sniff them. After all, it was my mom…..that would be a little too awkward for me. The fact that I would sometimes jack off to my mom’s feet at night made me feel very guilty and dirty. That is where my aunt comes into the story.

My dad’s brother, my uncle, got married when I was 14 years old. At the time, the woman he married was 34. Her name was Janet. She was a cute looking woman, nothing super-sexy. She was 5’5” and I would say about 180 lbs. As you can she, she was a plump woman, but she wore it well…….she had huge tits and a nice round, plump ass. She had short, brown hair, brown eyes and a er smile. Also, she had a wonderful personality and disposition that made her a joy to be around.

One summer day, my uncle and new aunt came over for an outdoor BBQ with my parents. After we had all eaten, I got up to play with my G.I. Joe’s as the grown-ups continued to sit at the picnic table in our backyard to chat. I listened to their uninspiring conversation as I played on the deck near by. Then I noticed them for the first time under the table….my aunt’s feet. They were my kind of feet! Very tired looking. Dry, cracked skin on the heels and toes. Her toenails were painted a dark red. Her feet weren’t too big, maybe a size 7, and they she perfect arches. She was dangling her well-worn black sandals.

I wanted to lick them. I wanted to suck them. I wanted to smell them. Seeing as I had never had a female foot experience before, my first and more realistic goal should have been to just touch them. I continued to stay fixated on her feet as she played with the opened-back sandals. I inconspicuously began to move myself and my G.I. Joe’s closer and closer to the table and my aunt’s feet. Due to their ongoing conversation and the fact that ‘some’ alcohol was consumed, no one, including my aunt, had noticed that I was now practically under the table. Regrettably, that was as far as I got. I continued to stare at my aunt’s feet and wonder what if I just grabbed them and took a deep sniff or a sloppy lick of her rough soles? Would I get in trouble? You’re damn right I would! At that moment I lost all my nerve. At that moment, my aunt suddenly stretched out her legs and accidentally kicked me gently with her sandal-covered foot! Startled that someone was under the table, she quickly looked to find nothing but me, her new nephew. Seeing how embarrassed I was at the situation, she smiled at me and said nothing. She didn’t make any sort of seen. It gave me the chance to escape the situation quietly and undetected from the rest of the family.

I immediately proceeded directly to my room. All I could think about was Aunt Janet’s beautiful feet dangling those black sandals.
How great would her rough, tired soles feel against my tongue and cock. How wonderful they must smell, wearing those black leather sandals all day. My cock was so hard just thinking about it, I had to masturbate. So I did….. as I pictured my plump aunt giving me a footjob.

After I relieved myself, I decided to head back outside to see if I could somehow get another sneak-peek of Aunt Janet’s feet. As I left my room and headed down the stairs, I noticed that her well-worn black sandals were left at the front door unguarded! As I got to the bottom of the stairs, I took a peek to make sure no one was around, particularly my aunt. The coast was clear. I got on my hands and knees and pressed my nose up against her sweaty, black sandals and took a big sniff. Wow!…..was I ever surprised at the smell. It was like something I never would have imagined! It was much stronger than I anticipated. Having only ever smelled my own shoes, I was expecting something along the same lines. You know, that rubbery smell from sneakers…..not very pleasant. That was what I figured her sandals would smell like. But instead, they smelled like a mixture of worn leather and sweat. It still had a very feminine sent to it, though. It really turned me on. I picked one of the sandals up and examined the insole. Unbelievable! My aunt’s sweaty feet had made the most perfect foot imprints on the insole. I took a long lick of the heel part of the insole, it tasted very salty. I then took another sniff………all of a sudden I heard my Aunt Janet call my name my name out with surprise! She was standing behind me watching me. I knew I was in deep shit now.

“Ronald, what are you doing with my shoes?” she asked.

For some stupid reason, I responded with “something smelled funny……I wanted to see if it was because of these”. Wow…..of all things to say, I had to say the most insulting! Little did she know I wanted to fuck her feet at that moment! She walked over with her bare feet and took the black sandal from my hand.
I pleaded to her, “please don’t say anything to anybody about this.” Shockingly, she then placed the sandal to her own nose and took a sniff! She seemed surprised at the smell herself. It looked like she almost enjoyed it.

“You’re right, they do smell pretty bad! Looks like I need to scrub my feet better, hey?” she said with a smile. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing! Seeing my aunt sniff her own shoe and then to make a comment like that……..I was about to bust in my pants! She then proceeded to slide her sandals back onto her feet and walked back outside. Extremely embarrassed at the events that had just happened, I went to my room to hide my face fearing what she might say to my parents and uncle. Regardless, I then jacked off again, this time to the thought of those imprints in her well-worn sandals and my aunt smelling her own shoes.

A few weeks after that experience, we visited my uncle and aunt at their place, which was only 15 minutes away. Time and time again, I would find myself staring at her tired feet thinking what was going through her mind each time she looked at me. Several times that visit, she would kickoff her house slipper and wiggle or spread her toes. It was like she was trying to tease me. Strangely enough, my aunt never brought the whole shoe sniffing situation with me. It was like it never happened in the first place. I felt very ashamed around her, but at the same time I was still turned on by her feet. I decided to go downstairs and watch TV and escape what I felt was a tense situation. Before I got to the TV, I went to the washroom which was also located downstairs. As I entered, I saw in the corner of the bathroom was a laundry basket. Being curious and hopeful I’d find a sock of hers, I opened the lid. To my delight, there was a pair of her dirty socks. I picked them up and put them to my nose. They smelled so bad… a good way! I instantly got an erection. Picturing her feet covered with those socks, I put one to my nose and placed the other one over my cock and began to jack off.
I cummed all over the inside of that sock making it hot and moist. Oh how badly I wanted those dry soles wrapped around my throbbing cock. I placed the socks back in the laundry basket and exited the bathroom. As I turned on the TV, my aunt came down the stairs.

“Hey Ronald, what are you watching?” she asked.

“Nothing is on” I replied. Not knowing I was watching her, she went into the washroom and grabbed the laundry out of the basket! “Please don’t let her notice that cum-covered sock” I thought to myself. I leaned over to see if she would notice anything. She separated some T-shirts, panties and bras. Holding my breath, she then picked up the pair of socks I had just covered with hot, gooey semen. Not knowing what I had done, she sat on the toilette bowl and began to put those socks on her feet. I was really going to get it now. “She is going to kick me out of the house for sure!” I thought to myself.

“How is school going this year for you?” she asked. Not at all concentrating on the question, I responded,

“It’s going fine”. She then asked,

“What is your favorite…………..” There was a silence. Knowing why there was that break in the conversation, I asked,

“Favorite what?” I peeped inside the bathroom to find her sitting there on the toilette with a bewildered look on her face. She wiggled her right socked foot around for a second and stopped. Curiously she removed the cum filled sock and put it to her nose. She knew what she was smelling. Still not knowing that I was watching, she put her now bare foot up to her nose and smelled it too. I was very hard again at this point. Watching her smell her own cum covered feet and socks was such a turn on. With a look of shock and surprise, she then put the sock back her bare foot and exited the bathroom! Was I dreaming. Pretty well knowing that I had just cummed in her sock, she put it back on as if nothing was wrong.

“Supper will be served in about 20 minutes” she told me with a smile. She then went back upstairs.

For the remainder of the evening, I kept staring at her socked feet knowing my cum was all over them. The craziest part is that she knew that. What was going through her mind? Was she a cum lover? Did she like the gooey feeling my cum had on her feet? Fearing that one day soon I’d get caught of that she’d say something to my parents, I decided to stop my whole obsession I had with her feet.

For the next few months, before they moved across the country to Vancouver, I never looked at her feet nor did I try anything dangerous pertaining to her feet. It was too risky. A strange note, my aunt never did say anything to me about the shoe and sock incident. Regardless, the adventures I had with her feet are what many dream of and never get. Not to say that I didn’t think about her feet all the time, I used to masturbate to her and her feet every night. Knowing that her and my uncle were moving made me realized that I would never get to touch, lick or smell those tired and dry soles of hers. But the memories I had of her shoes, socks and catching her smelling her own cum-covered feet would always be with me. That all changed very recently.

Being on two opposite coasts, over ten years had gone by before I saw my aunt again. I had seen my uncle on several occasions, as business trips brought him back to the East Coast a few times a year. But with the arrival of their two ren, travelling capabilities had really become restricted for my aunt. I, on the other hand, was finishing up school and also worked part-time. I never had the chance to visit them despite their pleas to get me over there.

I’m now 25 years old and work in the sales division of a global company. Recently, the company thought it would be a good idea for me to get out and see some of our key clients out in western Canada. I was going to Vancouver! Ecstatic at the situation, my uncle and aunt instantly invited me to stay with them at their home instead of the hotel my company had booked me. How could I turn them down? I had never had the chance to see my two cousins. It was a great opportunity to get to know them. Truly, though, in the back of my mind I was thinking about my Aunt Janet’s feet…..still! What do they look like now. Having two s to run around with must not do those already tired peds any favors. She must really need a good foot massage with a little tongue between her toes and possibly some hot jizz on her soles. I couldn’t wait to see them to refresh my once vivid Aunt Janet foot fantasies.

I have a really great girlfriend right now…..I think she’s the one. She is very thoughtful and genuinely nice person to everybody. She’s tall, slender and very sexy. She has nice, firm tits and a great J-Lo butt. Her one draw back is her feet…at least to me they are. They are too perfect and too well maintained. They are so soft, they are never dirty and they always smell like flowers. That’s great for a lot of guys, but not for me. I want my aunt’s tired, dry and smelly feet! Well finally, after ten years, I would get to see the feet of my dreams again.

I was in Vancouver for 6 days. The first 3 days I was in meetings with clients non-stop. I stayed in a hotel the company provided me with in downtown Vancouver because it was more practical. The entire time, though, I was picturing my aunt stoking my cock up and down with her feet. I was so excited to see her and her feet again. I didn’t concentrate much during those meetings…..I was just too distracted, too horny.

That evening, as the taxi pulled into the driveway of their large suburban home, my two cousins, followed by my aunt, came running out to greet me. This was the first time that I saw my cousins. One is now 10, and other is 8. I gave them hugs and told them how big they looked. They truly looked happy to see me. Then I gave my aunt a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Despite now being 45 years old, she still looked great! She did gain a few pounds, I guess giving birth to two will do that to you, but all in all she was still a very attractive woman. As she hugged me, I could feel her huge, natural tits press against my stomach. Her ass was a little on the plump side, but was still very sexy. Now to the important body parts…..her feet. I tried not to be obvious as I was checking them out, but I did see she was wearing black loafers that looked very old and smelly. Because they were loafers, I couldn’t get a good look at her feet. Were her feet the same as I remembered? Were they still tired and rough looking? I sure hoped I’d find out soon.

“Where’s uncle?” I asked her.

“Unfortunately he is out of town on business for a few days. He said he was sorry for the bad timing, but he’d be back in time so we can have at least one supper here together. It’s just you, me and the s!” she replayed. I was thinking “goodie! It’s really you, me and your smelly and tired feet!”

We all went inside and got caught up on the long time apart. Upon entering, My aunt reminded the s to take their shoes off and she asked me to take mine off as well. The weird part was she didn’t take hers off! I wanted to see those feet! The s, my aunt and I talked about a lot of things ranging from school to sports. I was a little disappointed, though, because throughout this whole conversation, we were sitting at the kitchen table. I had no view of my aunt’s feet. Regardless of the view, she had kept her loafers on, so I wouldn’t have seen anything anyway. I needed to sneak some peeks in…..but it just wasn’t possible. Maybe she is trying to hide her feet from me, trying to avoid another ‘sticky’ situation. Tired from a long day of meetings and frustrated at the fact that I could get a glimpse of her feet, I decided to go to hit the sack.

“Get a good sleep Ronald,” my aunt told me. “I have a big day planned for us tomorrow……we are going sight-seeing!” That was cool in my books, Vancouver is often regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities; now I can see it for myself.

“That sounds wonderful!” I told her. I then said goodnight to her and my cousins and went to the guest bedroom. As I was unpacking my stuff, I began to think about the day ahead. Where were we going to go? What will we see? What kind of shoes will Aunt Janet wear? Will I see her feet tomorrow? I was so horny for her feet. Even though I didn’t get a really good look at them that night, knowing I was so close to them after all those years apart was enough to make me very hard. I jerked off like I hadn’t in years, and then I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up quite late. I think it was like 10:00 or 10:30. The s had already left for school. I heard my aunt up and about in the kitchen. I got out of bed, put on a T-shirt on and made my way to the kitchen. There was my aunt, at the sink, washing dishes. She was still in her nightgown. It wasn’t semi-transparent or anything, but it was quite thin and airy. I was able to make out her panty lines through the gown. What a great, plump ass. Finally, I got to she her feet! She was barefoot, and I can tell her soles were still rough and slightly dirty from walking all over the house. Every now and then she would go on her tiptoes, giving me the perfect view of her dry, cracked heels and soles. Oh, how I wanted to lick them! Today was going to be a great day!

“Good morning Aunt Janet” I called out.

“Well good morning. I was wondering when you’d wake up!” she responded. As she turned around, I was able to notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits looked huge. They looked so floppy and saggy. “We have to get going if we want to see the whole city today. Have a seat, I’ll make you some breakfast” she offered. She then walked over to the table, bent down, grabbed her house slippers and put them on. She then proceeded to make breakfast. What was going on? I was curious as to why she was barefoot when I wasn’t there, then when I got there, she put her slippers on. And why, last night, did she keep her loafers on in the house when she made me and two s take ours off? Was she ashamed of her dry and tired feet? Did she feel some anxiety between us for what happened over 10 years ago? Whatever it was, I felt something was up. My cock and I didn’t like it!

The day went amazing. We walked all over the city. I saw so many cool and interesting things. My aunt was so cool with me, she felt like a best friend. The whole day, she was wearing a pair of comfortable looking running shoes with socks. I couldn’t really blame her, though, we did do a lot of walking and wearing sandals or sexy shoes would have probably caused big painful blisters.

Seeing as we would probably run late, Aunt Janet booked a babysitter for the night. Having no time constraints, we decided to go out for supper before calling it a night. We went to a hip little pub that my aunt and uncle went to a lot when they had the time. We enjoyed a great meal and talked about some of the things we had seen during the day. Then out of nowhere, my aunt said,

“Boy, are my feet ever ing me from walking all day! Ronald, wanna give me a foot rub? Just ding, I wouldn’t punish you like that! They must smell awful after a day of non-stop walking!” Was I dreaming? Was she being serious? I didn’t know what to say. “Ever since I was young, I thought I had ugly feet. Always dry and rough…..and always pretty smelly. I know it isn’t very attractive” she added.

“Well,” I said cautiously, “not that I remember much from way back when (yah right), but your feet looked OK to me when I saw them when I was younger.” Little did she know how badly I wanted to right then grab her feet, tear her running shoes and socks off, and fuck her feet with my tongue and cock!

“Thanks Ronald” she said with a smile. “You’ve always said the nicest and cutest things!” Nicest things! I wanted to jizz all over her soles! She then quickly changed the subject. I wanted to know if she really wanted that foot massage. I remember praying to God she did. After a few after dinner drinks, we left for home.

Upon arrival, we walked in to find the babysitter asleep on the couch. My aunt walked up to her and realized that she was barefoot. “Those are pretty feet… smooth and I’m sure they don’t stink” she whispered to me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Then what she did almost gave me a heart-attach. My aunt bent over and took a whiff of the asleep babysitter’s teenage feet!

“Ooow, I was wrong…..they do smell!” my aunt said with surprise. “I wonder if her boyfriend complains about those?” she asked jokingly. I was speechless. She then woke the girl up. She thanked her and gave her some money. The girl then put her shoes back on and left. My aunt went into the kitchen to get us something to drink. “Wanna watch some TV before calling it a night?” she asked.

“Sure, I’m not that tired anyway” I responded.

“Great” she answered. I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. I was absolutely shocked at what I just witnessed. My aunt smelling another girls feet. That was a foot fetishist dream come true! But why did she do it? Maybe she has a thing for sniffing feet? She then entered the room with two classes of juice and sat down next to me.

“Here’s to a great day Ronald” she said, and we tapped glasses. “Anything good on?” she asked.

“Just the 11:00 news” I responded. She then put her glass down on the table next to the couch and bent down to unlace her sneakers. Once they were off, she proceeded to take off her socks which I could tell were damp with foot sweat. She then abruptly stopped and kept them on. Was she afraid I’d react negatively to the smell? I guess she didn’t know I wanted to berry my nose in those smelly feet of hers. She sat back on the couch and began to watch the TV. As she watched the TV, she continually wiggled her socked toes. It was driving me crazy. I wondered to myself if I hadn’t been there and she was alone, would she have taken off those smelly socks and smelled her own feet? I could only dream. After about 15 minutes of watching the news and not saying much, she got up and said,

“Well, I’m of to bed. I’m pooped! Maybe tomorrow we’ll go shopping at the local mall? I wanted to pick up a few things for myself and the s.”

“Sounds great!” I responded. “As long as we get to spend time together. I had a lot of fun today! Thank you Aunt Janet!”

“It was my pleasure Ronald” she said. “Now have a good sleep and have good dreams…….I’ll see you in the morning.” With that she walked down the hallway and into her room, closing the door behind her. How badly I wanted to be in that room as she took her socks off. I continued to watch TV. I had been there for almost two days and I had yet to see the thing I was looking forward to the most seeing…..her bare feet.

Just as I was about to go to bed, I got up from the couch and noticed that my aunt had left her running shoes by the couch. My cock began to throb! I was going to get to smell her shoes…..the ones she wore all day....they were going to smell good, I remember thinking to myself. I picked one shoe up and put it to my nose. It was everything I had imagined. The smelled so sweaty. I was sure she had worn those sneakers without socks many times because the smell was just too strong. The insides of the shoes were still damp from the full day of walking around. I pulled out the insole to get a better whiff. It was awesome. Perfect imprints of her feet were etched into the once soft and airy insole. They smelled great.

I was so hard at this moment, pre-cum begun to seep through my jeans. I had to jack off. I pulled my cock out right there in the living room and began to stroke it. As I masturbated, I held one of the insoles to my nose the whole time. The smell alone could make me cum. As I was about to climax, I quickly stuck my dick in one of her shoes and release loads of cum into the shoe. Fearing I’d get caught, I swiftly put the insoles back into the shoes and over my hot, gooey cum. This way, my aunt would never know what naughty thing I’d done with her shoes. Exhausted from masturbating, I went into my room and went to bed.

As I awoke the following morning, I still couldn’t believe what transpired the previous night. I could still smell the insoles of my aunt’s shoes on my hands. The smell was so strong. As I walked into the kitchen, my aunt was sitting down at the table reading the newspaper. My cousins had already left for school. We exchanged good mornings and I poured myself a coffee. I them sat down next to her. We talk a little politics and sports.

“We still going shopping today, Ronald?” she asked me. I nodded. “Great, because there are these great sandals I saw at the Aldo shoe store at the mall that I’ve been wanting to get. But I’ll need a judge.”

“Well,” I replied, “I’ll be the judge.” Wow… perfect? I would actually get to stare at her feet and not have to feel like I was going to get caught. We got ready and headed for the mall. Once again my aunt was sporting her running shoes (the same ones I had filled with cum) and socks. Today was different, though, because I knew I would soon get to see her bare feet! From the time we got to the mall, I was dying to go right to the shoe store. First we went here, and then we went there. We went everywhere in the mall except for the shoe store. I was beginning to think she forgot all about the sandals. I was getting frustrated.

“Ready to go do some shoe shopping?” she asked. Was I ready? That was all I was thinking about! Trying not to sound too anxious, I responded,

“Sure, now is I guess better than ever.” Little did she know just how forward I was looking forward to this. As we entered the shoe store, my aunt made a bee line straight for the shoes she wanted. They were an average looking pair of tan mules with open toes. She picked them up and asked me what I thought. I told her that they looked very nice and that she should try them on. She flagged down a clerk and asked for a size 7. She sat down and began to take her shoes off. As she unlaced them, she looked up at me and said,

“I hope my feet don’t stink too badly today.” I hoped they did. After the shoes came off, she began to remove her socks. Like yesterday, the looked damp from all the walking we had done. She proceeded to remove her socks. And there they were, her bare feet. Just as I remembered them. Dry, rough and slightly dirty. Her toenails were painted a dark blue… favorite color. She wiggled and spread her toes to I guess let them air out. I had to restrain myself from playing with cock……I wanted to drop to my knees and worship them! The clerk then arrived with the size 7’s. She slid them on and took a little walk over to the mirror. She checked them out and I checked them out.

“Well, what do you think? Do you approve?” she asked.

“I think they look really good on you!” I told her. “You should definitely take them!” She did buy them. Not only that, but she wanted to keep them on. She put her running shoes and socks in the box that the mules had come in, we paid, and we left for the car. As we walked to the car, I noticed the great sound the shoes she just bought made. “Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap” with every step. It was such a turn on for a foot freak like me. As we drove back to her place, I could tell that was happy with her purchase.

“Aunt Janet, I really like the shoes you bought. They are very hip and young looking” I blurted out.

“Thank you so much, I’ve always wanted a pair of these” she stated. “I have to apologize to you, though. I know that you must have noticed how ugly my feet are….all dry and cracked. I told you I had ugly feet… you know.”

“Don’t be silly Aunt Janet……I barely noticed. Besides, who looks at feet anyway?” If she only knew! That night she cooked a great supper for me and my cousins. We all enjoyed it together. My aunt wore her new shoes the entire supper. She really must have liked them. After hearing about the ’s day, she told them to get their pajamas on and to go to bed. It was pretty late for them anyway. After she had tucked them into bed, she joined me on the couch to watch some TV.

“Boy, new shoes can really be tough on your feet. My feet are ing me” she exclaimed. She then kicked off her new shoes. My eyes were glued to her feet.

“Do you want that foot massage you asked of me yesterday?” I asked her innocently.

“I don’t know. My feet are all nasty and they must smell. You are a guest in my home…..I shouldn’t put you through that” she responded. Get to an unbearable point, I said,

“I insist! It is the least I could do for the fun I’ve had with you over the last couple days.” Blushing, she then took her right foot and put it up to her nose.

“Well, they do smell….I’m warning you. If you get grossed out, you can stop…..I won’t be offended.”

“Deal!” I was about to do something I had always dreamed of. I was about to touch my aunt’s tired and smelly feet. I could feel my cock getting very hard. My aunt sat back and placed her feet on my lap. I instantly smelled them….they did smell…..but not in a bad way to me. I began to massage them, starting at the toes. Her toes were really rough and dry. She had small calluses on her big toes and her pinky toes.

I then worked in between each and every toe. There was sock lint in between almost each one from the socks she had worn earlier in the day. I wanted to suck them, but I held back. I looked over at her to find her eyes closed. She was really enjoying the massage I was giving her. I then moved down her feet to her arches and rubbed them with my thumbs. Then I went down to her heels… favorite part of the female foot. They were all dry and rough. I wanted to lick them and moisten them up, but once again, I myself to calm down. At this point, my cock was as hard as a rock. I wanted to rip it right out and continue this massage with it.

“That feels great Ronald” my aunt blurted out. It is making me so relaxed and sleepy. You’re really good at this, have you given a foot massage before?” Playing dumb, I told her I hadn’t. “You aren’t too grossed out?” she asked.

“I’m no foot connoisseur, but they seem fine to me” I replied. She then sat up and put her new shoes back on.

“Well, that was amazing! Thank you, they feel much better” she said. “I’m sure on day you’ll have a good laugh with your buddies about this. ‘I once massaged the nastiest and most smelly feet ever!’” she joked. “Well, I’m of to bed. Thanks for another great day and thanks a ton for the foot massage. Tomorrow we’ll just take it easy, OK? Your uncle should be arriving sometime in the late afternoon. I know he’s excited to see you!” she said. “Good night, sweet dreams!” With that, she was off to her room. Shocked at what just happened, I needed desperately to blow my load. I retreated quickly to my room, quickly got naked, and masturbated to my aunt’s feet with an unprecedented passion. As I stroked my cock, I kept one hand to my nose because my aunt’s heavy foot odor had rubbed off on them. After I released my load, I rolled over to my side and passed out.

I woke up a few ours later. It was about 4:00 in the morning. Everyone was still asleep. I was still horny from the foot massage I has given my aunt a few hours earlier. I had to jack off again. I got out of bed and exited my room into the dark hallway. I wanted to find a pair of my aunt’s shoes to sniff as I stroked my cock. I headed down by the front door and looked into the closet for a pair of her shoes. None were there however. Disappointed, I headed back upstairs quietly. I went into the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I was dehydrated from all the cum I had lost earlier. As I walked over to the sink, I accidentally kicked something in the dark. I reached down and discovered that it was my aunt’s fuzzy house slippers. Just the masturbation tool I was looking for. I placed the slipper to my nose. The foot odor on these was over-whelming! The insole was no longer fuzzy because they were so worn in. I took the two slippers and headed back to my room. I was going to cover these in hot cum!

Just as I reached my room, I heard something coming from my aunt’s room. Curious as to what it was, I headed down the hallway. The door to my aunt’s room was open a cracked. I decided to peek in and make sure all was alright. What I saw when I looked into her room is the whole reason why I’m writing this long story.

My aunt was lying there on her bed completely naked. She was holding her left foot to her face. She was sniffing it and licking it uncontrollably! She was using her right hand to play with her hairy pussy. Her tits were huge. Needless to say, my cock was hard as hell. Not knowing I was there, she said,

“Oh Ronald……lick my smelly toes……fuck my feet with your hard cock…….I want to feel your cum all over my soles…….” I could believe what I was hearing. My aunt wanted me to fuck her feet as bad as I did. Knowing this was my chance, I opened the door and entered the room. As I approached the bed, she saw me and quickly dropped her foot from her face and covered up her naked plump body with the bed sheet.

“Ronald, what the hell are you doing in my room?!” she asked angrily.

“I’ve come to fuck your smelly feet” I replied with a grin.

“Get out of my room!” she shouted. I quickly snatched the bed sheets from her grasp and tore them from the bed exposing her naked body.

“Give me your feet, Aunt. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” Hesitantly, she obliged and gave me her feet. I put them to my face and took a sniff. They smelled 40 times stronger than the shoes of hers I’d been smelling for so many years. The scent of leather and sweat was unbelievable! I looked at her face. She looked almost scared.

“Do you realize what your doing?” she asked. I stood back and removed my boxer shorts. My cock had never been harder. I started stoking my cock.

“What do you think?” I responded sarcastically. With her right foot, she reached for my cock. She used her sole and slowly began to massage my cock. It felt so rough against my cock Pre-cum began to flow from the tip. She told me to come and lie on the bed next to her.

“Ronald, I’ll let you do what you want, but no intercourse!” she stated.

“OK by me Aunt” I answered. “I just want to smell and lick your feet.”

“Well then, what are you waiting for?” she asked. She brought a foot up to her own nose. “Do you like the way they smell?” she asked. She started to suck her own toes. I proceeded to her other foot. I took a sniff and began to run my tongue along her sole. I was so tough. Watching my aunt, see was really enjoying this. She was sniffing, licking and sucking her own feet like no tomorrow. I wanted to lick her foot with her. I sat up and went for the other foot…..the one she was ‘using’. As she sucked her toes, I licked her dry heel. I started to make my way up her foot until we were both tonguing her toes. Our tongues touched and we began to kiss. I could taste her own feet off her own tongue. Very salty. I began to fondle her fat, saggy tits. She had such huge nipples. She reached for my cock and began to stroke it. It was covered in pre-cum.

“Can I give you a foot job?” she asked with a smile. She moved her body until we were facing each other. Lying on her back, she took both her feet and wrapped them around my cock. She began to jerk it slowly. “Ronald, tell me when you’re gonna cum” she asked. Her stoking became quicker and quicker.

“I’m gonna blow!” I shouted. She quickly stopped jerking me with her feet and sat up.

“Jack off on my soles…..I want to feel your hot cum in between all my toes!” she begged. I wacked off all over her feet. There was so much cum. I had never climaxed liked that. It was flying from my cock. As each wad of cum hit her feet, she moaned. After I released all I had, she brought her feet to her face at began to lick and suck the cum off them. It was so erotic.

“Thank you Ronald, that felt amazing!” she proclaimed as I crashed down next to her exhausted.

“Aunt Janet, I’ve been wanting to do that to your feet since I was a ” I confessed to her.

“Well, your uncle isn’t home until late tomorrow afternoon and the s will be in school all day……you can fuck my feet all day if you wish” she told me with a smile.

“I might just take you up on that offer, Aunt Janet” I responded.

“Now go back to your room before your cousins bust us” she suggested.

“Ok, good night” I said. I grabbed her foot and gave it one last sniff before I want to my room. I could smell my cum on her feet. I got up and headed for the door.

“Ronald, here, take these. In case you can’t wait till the morning.” She through me a pair of her well worn socks. “I haven’t washed these for weeks…I use them as a masturbation tool myself sometimes. I don’t want them back until they are filled with your cum!” she stated.

“Whatever you wish Aunt Janet.” I took a whiff of the socks…..they reeked….in a good way of course. “Tell me something before I go. What’s up with you and……”

“What, me worshiping my own feet?” she interrupted. “I have always loved licking and sniffing my own feet. I would pretend that my feet grossed me out….that they smelled bad. The truth of the matter is, they have always turned me on” she confessed. “Your uncle isn’t a foot man”, she continued, “but often when we have sex I smell and lick my own feet. Smelly female feet really turn me on. I never thought I’d tell anybody this, but when I was in university I had a girlfriend that was like me. We used to get together and worship each other’s smell feet. We used our toes as dildos on our pussy’s.” I would have paid millions to see that. “I never thought I’d ever find someone to enjoy my smell feet with me” she added. “To be honest with you, I had a feeling you had a thing for my feet for a while now, but I didn’t know how to go about getting you to confess your foot fetish to me.” I turned around and headed back for my room to fill that sock of hers up with my cum.

The next day, we spent it almost entirely in bed. Just my aunt, myself and her nasty feet. I must have cummed on her soles 10 times that day; each time see cleaned them off with her tongue. We promised each other we would keep this foot fun our little secret.

It has been four months since I was in Vancouver on that business trip. I don’t know when I’ll see my aunt and her tired and smelly feet again. Every so often for the last 4 months, I’ve received ‘presents’ from my aunt…..worn socks, shoes and pictures of her bare, dry soles. I hope I go back to visit Vancouver really soon. The time is coming, I can smell it.


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