Hidden Truth

We all have our secrets some are embarrassing some are just personal sometimes we even hide a few good things about ourselves. But every now and then you'll find a secret you never knew even exists, no one told u this secret because noone could know about it. Because the secrets we keep from ourselvs are usually the ones that when found, unleash a whole new world.

"Katie wake up your gonna' be late for school" She heard the voice dispite her efforts to stay oblivious to the world. "I said wake up!" This time the words were driven through to her with a yank of her covers and a swift hit from a pillow to her face.
"Hehehe yah Katie wakey wakey eggs and bakey"
Katie wasnt sure what was worse her sisters pillowy bombardment or her little brother ear piercing laugh."mmm what time is it?" she faked being still half asleep, when in reality she was more than alert enogh to kill both her siblings for her quite literally rude awakening.
"5 am." Chimes Janice with an accomplished tone, as she strutted away.
"Ahhhuhg!" Katie muffled her cry in her pillow
"On a Saturday." Added her brother chris with a giggle
Katie leaned her head back with a sigh "kill me now."
Katie got up out of bed and went to the restroom, she looked in the mirror for a second. She wasnt too shabby honestly, at only 14 she was a solid b cup, thin waist, curly long brunette hair with some grown out blonde hilights her friend Christina had talked her into last month.
After she got dressed she headded for the kitchen where she ran into her assailant from before. "I hate you." Katie said in a still half asleep greeting to her older sister. She always was secretly jelous of Janice, i mean katie knew that she was attractive but Janice was the kind of girl that a man whanted and a boy druled over, and the worst part was, she knew it. She had perfect breast that wer just bigger than the c cups she'd squeeze them into, she had inocent eyes which on her command could reaveal her true nature, and the body of the ideal pinup model.

"Hi sis howd u sleep?" still with a since of achievement in her voice from earlier.
"Fine, thank you" she simmie snaped back at her with a fake smile on "ill just be glad when im at Christina's haveing fun, while your stuck here babbysitting.." katie gestures to her 8 year old brother who is knuckle deep in his nose and druling on the couch while whatching tv "...It." she said after supressing a gag.
"Well I've alredy paked up your clothes for the weekend so your ready to go anytime youwhant."
Katie paused half way into a bite in her bagle then put on her best 'what are you up to?' Look and walked backwards out of the room.
The day progressed and eventually katie left to her friends house after double checking to make sure her sister didnt leave her any 'surprise' luggage. When she was confident that it was safe, she left.
When she arrived at her friends house she noticed two things. First was the strange van in the law that she had recognized as "the tour bus" for a local band, the second was that her friends parrent couldnt have been home because both of her parents cars wer gone as she got closer to the door both her suspicions were confirmed by one thing, loud music.
She didnt bother knocking, no one woukd hear her, so she just walked. Her friend Christina quickly leaped up and clumsily ran twards her and hung on her in a drunk atempt at a hug she saw the members of the band sitting in the den and she knew they saw her too. She could feel two of them, who she remembered to be the guitarist and drummer, stareing her down.they gave eachother a look katie didmt quite understand but she was hear to have fun and ignored it.
So the hours passed and night time came and Christina was beyond drunk. Katie had a slight buzz but had been smart enough not to drink every drop given to her. At this point Christina started to show her slutty side off to these band member who were all atleast 20, but they didnt care that she was young, they still took her offers.

"Hahaha ooo yall whant me to give u boys a strip tease hmmm?" She fumbled with takeing off her shirt as the guys laughed. One got up and started to caresss her body with his hands. Katie was just uncomfortable now, she knew Christina wasnt innocent but this wasnt right...but then again what could she do about it the drummer had been flirting with her for an hour now and she was starting to like him. But now her friend was about to show her self off to all of them and something told her that it wouldnt stop there. But she was helpless so she just watched as one of the band members, Steve she remembered his name was, grabed her friends ass and started to work her pants down. Katie saw what was about to happen to her friend but she had no idea what to do . Steve motioned to the bassist, Allex to come over as he exposed Christina`s bare ass and pussy. Then she watched as Allex had her undo his pants. It was when both members had there dicks out and ready that Katie yelled "stop!"
She stood up and walked away. She couldnt believ that those guys would do somthing that bad to a girl that young. She was about to walk out the door when she felt a hand grab her shoulder and she would have said something but the next thing she knew someone was holding her by her hair. She screamed in pain when she relized the wernt just holding her by it they were draging her by it she caught a glimpse of her friend getting fucked before she was picked up and thrown on a bed.
She knew what was about to happen to her she had adrenaline rushing in her body and her mind had only one thought,"get the fuck out"
The drummer wasnt far behind his new prize as he saw her and the guitarist was right there with him the second she saw them her heart sank, she knew it was going to happen. She fought back as the drummer pined her down she felt his hard cock pushing on her chest and at the same time she felt the guitarist unbuttoning her pants and takeing them off of her.
She whimperd as the drummer sat up right on her stomach now.
Her sqirming stoped abruptly when she heard a certain sound she looked up and she dreaded being right because in the second after she heard the sound she could feel the cold metal blade touching her neck. She froze then. "Now now babby whats with all the fuss hmm?" All she could muster as a response was a weak whimper that made him laugh and his cock twitch. "Now then how about u let us have our fun. And i wont carve into that pretty little face " he was letting the tio of his blade scrape across her face catching one of her tears on the point of it. All she could do was nodd and that just made him laughed again. She had been so concernd with the man on her chest that she almost didnt notice her pussy was being played with. In fact she probly wouldnt have noticed it at all if the guitariest haddent anounced there biggest prize yet.
"Hey James,"
"What" he snapped.
He gave a spine-tingling smile "we got a virgin"
His eyes whipped back around to Katie "well is that so?..mmm this is gunna be fun. He stated to move fast now cutting off her brah and top while his friend got naked and played with her pussy.
Katie wasnt sure what to do she didnt whant to die but the thought of being raped as a virgin was almost just as bad. She had dreamnt of her first time and it was nothing like this. She thought shed be with someone she loved, maybe even already married to and it would be one guy. But it ws all but over and done because she was pind down on a bed naked with two older stronger guys one has a knife and as sge just noticed hes ether got a small base ball bat in his pants, or this is going to be alot more painful for her then she thought.
"Hey u little slut" she turned to face the man sitting on her only to slaped across the face. "I said r u going to cooperate or will we have to tie u up?" The shame built up in her but she knew she had given up whe she said.

"Mmmm good" he slaped her again and laughed as she cried. She noticed somethung else though.her pussy started to get wet, but not just her every now and then wet, no she was soked and the second she noticed it a slight hornyness came over her. She dismissed it this time because the guy was rubbing her but she couldnt help but wonder why she would be wet at a time like this.
The guy in her chest dismounted her as she whimperd from his abuse he pulled out his cock and grabed his new toy by her hair she let out a whine as he growled "suck it u little slut" she wasnt even sure she could it would be almost like puttung her fist in her mouth and she knew anything mor than the tip would fill her mouth up but one or two more yanks ob her hair and she knew she had to stop the pain so she opend her mouth as wide as it would go an managed ti fit some of it in.
Mean while she was being soanked and fingerd in her pussy by the guitarist who looked like he was wauting for the okay from the drummer. She was startung to get a rhythm down on sucking the drummers masive cock when she was jerked up by her hair. She was eye to eye with the owner of the massive member when he leand in and whisperd "time to pop that cherry you little slut"
She was told to get on all four durring wich she caught a glance of the other guys penis, it was smaller than the drummer,s, but then again so was her arm. The drummer grabed her by her hair agin and told whisperd to her one more time " your gunna be begging for duck when we're done ger u wirthless cunt" his dick was in her face and he was looking at ger expectantly she grabed his cock and thats when she felt it.her body was splitting in two or thats what it felt like. The guitarist had put the first 3 inches if his rock hard dick in her and it felt like it was twenty times the size. Of the one she just saw him with. She let out a scream that was answered with another slap.
"Shut up slut" He looked over at the gutarist and gave him a nodd. She dreadded what came next. The guitarist thrust forward as hard as he could fitting all but 2 inches in before hitting her cervix.
Katie blaked out for a sec she couldnt breath, it hurt so bad that she felt numb everywhere exept her freshly defiled cunt, after a while the numbness subsided and she caught her breath and thats when he started to fuck her. In and out of her tiny little cunt over and over again, the drummer didnt waist time on enjoying her pain he just decided to put his dick back in her mouth. Each thrust the guitarist made sent a searing pain through her body, and she was barely alowed a breath every 20 seconds by the drummer. She was helplessly being raped by two massive cocks, her hair getting pulled both by the one fucking her doggy style, and by the one face fucking her. She whanted to begg them to stop but every time she could catch her breath the drummer replaced her words with his enormous dick.
As the gutarist fucked her faster she started to feel less pain then something odd happened. When the drummer took his cock out of her mouth insted of a gasp she let out a light moan.
James stared down at her with an evil smile, ocasianoly makeing her lick his dick but no longer sufficateing her with his member, because her biggest shame in her rape was about to happen, she was going to cum for her rapeist and they wer gunna cum for her.
She noticed the moan the second it came out and then she noticed that she was bucking her hips back against the intruding appendage. her mouth was free, but she couldnt say a word, "plea....ple...please...."
"Please what u worthless little cunt" he grabed her by her hair as he growled the words in her face.
'Say it' she thought to herself. 'tell them to stop' her mind screamed for het to put a stop to the rape but her pussy wasn't even close to done yet"ooohhh..ooohhh.. oh my go....oh my go... uhhnn" was all that came out.
She could feel how close she was to Cummings, and with the gutarist fucking her faster she thought that he mught be close too. ' why do i feel like this, this is rape i shouldn't whant it to keep going.' But she did whant it and she moand and cooed and gasped to show just how bad she did.
Rob was so close to exploding in this little girls pussy, when he heard something that trigured it. Katie had let out a moan that begged for cock "mmmm fuck...fuck ...fuck yes....oooohhh...im...im ...im Cumming!!" And the second her tight pussy clamped on his dick he exploded in her and flled her pussy to the brim. He pulled out as soon as she stoped Shandong. James just whatched for the orgasm until it was over then he walked over and picked up his newly made slut and whisperd in her ear "I guess I lied to you ....cuz were no where near done with you"


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