Sofia: Dating Delinquency Prt. 2

Maintaining a faux relationship with a sex partner while balancing out time for vandalism activities with my friends often proved cumbersome during high school. I periodically had to utilize a day planner to coordinate different events, as to squeeze in time for socially deviant escapades between evenings when I allowed Sofia to violate my body. My efforts to harmonize my endeavors did not always run smoothly, however. There was one occasion when I double-booked myself.

Shortly after I accepted an invitation from Sofia’s parents to their home for dinner one wintery night, I realized that I had previously made plans with Dirty and Suave to go out mailboxing. After much deliberation, it was decided amongst my friends and I that they could pick me up at Sofia’s house after midnight. At which point, we could then proceed to destroy mailboxes on the drive home. The late night hour, as it was rationalized, would provide additional protection from any persons who might take notice of our nocturnal misdeeds.

With my plan in motion, I enjoyed a wonderful meal at the home of Sofia’s parents. As she was their only , Sofia’s mother and father were able to relax and engage in some meaningful conversation while they dined with me. They talked about how astounding of a human being I was and how kindly I treated their beloved daughter, although it was readily obvious that I was several years her junior and that I was only being used by her for my wonderful wiener. While Sofia’s parents hailed my niceties and neglected the obvious sexual exploitation at hand, I kept an eye on my watch, anticipating the activities that I had planned after midnight with my friends.

After we finished dinner, Sofia and I lounged around inside the living room watching television together with her parents. For an older couple, Sofia’s parents demonstrated a great deal of physical affection toward one another. This poignant display of intimacy made me feel uncomfortable, especially when their wrinkled faces would touch and they started kissing.

After nearly an hour of being privy to the sensuality of the senior citizens, Sofia’s parents finally retired to their bedroom, leaving Sofia and I alone.

Although watching Sofia’s parents fondle each other put quite the damper on the excitement phase of my sexual response cycle, Sofia managed to make up for the obstruction. Once we were alone, our necking behaviors escalated into heavy petting. Long moments of kissing provided segue into even longer periods of caressing. Just as the eroticism began to intensify, Sofia abruptly stopped her sensual movements and advised me that she was going to her bedroom to change clothes. While she did so, I continued lying on her couch inside her parents’ living room, looking forward to what was going to happen next.

A few moments later, Sofia returned to the living room, wearing nothing more than a white, silk nightshirt. The ivory white sheen of the fabric completely contrasted her dark complexion; the big buttons of the nightshirt were accentuated by Sofia’s dark areola, which were clearly visible through the semi-transparent material. Upon seeing her reenter the living room, I was entranced by her beauty. I was unable to speak or breathe, much less move. My catatonic state was quickly cured once Sofia returned to the couch and resumed rubbing her hands all over my excited body.

I began kissing down the center of Sofia's cleavage while parting her nightshirt, exposing her firm breasts. Taking her nipple between my lips, I felt the darkened tip swell inside my mouth. I gingerly plucked upon the apex of her opposite breast, causing her other nipple to become engorged. Once I began to sense the feminine aroma of passion, I kissed down Sofia’s stomach and slowly lapped up the moisture between her curvy legs. My mouth explored her clitoris as I simultaneously unbuckled my pants and pulled them to my knees. Lifting up her smooth thighs from off the couch, I sunk the large head of my swollen member inside Sofia’s meat curtains.
She let out a sultry moan as her tight crawl space offered moderate resistance to my penetration. With a few pumps, my thick shaft slowly disappeared inside her body, inch by solid inch, until all nine were completely enveloped by her meat wallet.

As my long strokes brushed against Sofia’s cervix, she became increasingly more aroused in response to my masculine maneuvers. When Sofia climaxed for the fourth time as I was releasing my load of sex syrup inside her, I thought for sure that her parents would come barging out of their bedroom in response to hearing their daughter’s feminine eminence of pleasure. But, instead, I heard a knock on the front door.

I withdrew from Sofia’s wishing well and looked behind me from my prone position on the couch. I witnessed the faces of Dirty and Suave peering through the glass of the front door at me, cackling and giggling to each other. Grasping a nearby blanket, I covered Sofia’s naked body and waved the voyeurs away.

“I have to go,” I said to Sofia.

“Mmmm…” she replied in a sensual moan. “Are you sure?”

I looked back over my shoulder at the shadowy figures who were lurking on the front porch. “Yeah,” I said. “My friends are here. I gotta go.”

“Can’t they come back later? I’m not done with you yet.”

“You can have me any time,” I stated. “But I have some things I have to go take care of right now.”

Sofia kissed my neck. “What’s more important than being with me right now?”

The thought of smashing a mailbox with Dirty’s folding army shovel ripped through my mind. “Nothing,” I lied to my girlfriend. ”But it’s getting late and they’re giving me a ride home.”

Sofia pouted. “Okay. Call me later?”

“Sure,” I replied. I gave Sofia’s body one last string of kisses from between her breasts, down to her waistline, and then I got up from the couch. After I pulled up my drawers and tucked away my jizz-coated equipment inside my boxers, I made my way out of Sofia’s house and joined my friends on her front porch.
I was greeted with smirks and poorly contained laughter from Dirty and Suave.

Once we began motoring down the road in Suave’s shitbox Chevy, my friends could contain their laughter no more. They both began to crack up, chuckling loudly. “What the hell are you assholes laughing about?” I asked, looking from Suave behind the wheel of his car to Dirty in the backseat. “How long were you guys spying on me?”

“Long enough,” Dirty replied, while Suave continued to laugh out loud.

I shook my head in disbelief. “You guys need to get a life of your own and stop soaking up mine,” I said.

“It looked like the windows were getting a little foggy in there,” Dirty mentioned in jest.

“Hey, what can I say?” I retorted. “Sofia’s parents keep the heat up pretty hot inside their house.”

Suave continued to laugh as he drove. “So are you all relaxed now?” he asked.

“I’m a little tired, yeah,” I responded.

“No, I mean are you relaxed now?” Suave asked again, gesturing to my lap.

I looked down and witnessed a massive cum stain covering my upper thigh and groin area.

“Dude, that ain’t mine,” I proclaimed.

“Say what?” Dirty asked, leaning forward from the backseat and looking around to me. He too noticed the soggy stain on my pants and started laughing uncontrollably once again.

“I don’t know what happened,” I said, pointing to the wet spot on my pants. “But that was her. It definitely wasn’t me.”

“R-ight,” Suave said.

“Dude, just shut the hell up and drive,” I commanded.

After we reached a few more miles toward home, Suave began navigating his car through a residential street. Without saying a word, Dirty handed to me a folding army shovel that he had transported in the back of Suave’s car. I unhinged the scoop of the shovel and locked the passenger door. As I was rolling down the window, Suave slowed his car and began driving very close to a row of mailboxes.
I hung my torso out the window and batter-upped with the shovel. Swinging at the first mailbox, I entirely missed the target. With my second swing, I managed only to sc the side portion of the next mail receptacle. I struck out on my third attempt, only being able to bash the shovel against the metal pole that secured the final mailbox, which caused my arms to reverberate with pain.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Dirty accosted me. “Those mailboxes are so close that my mirror is damn near touching them! And you can’t hit them with that shovel?”

Despite the notable exhilaration of the situation at hand, I felt very relaxed. Every muscle in my body felt like Jell-O and my limbs seemed to move at slow motion. Nestled into the resolution phase of my sexual response cycle, all I wanted to do was go to sleep in my post-nut haze. “I’m just feeling a little tired right now,” I mumbled to my friends, attempting to defend myself.

“Bullshit,” Dirty countered. “You just got through blowing your wad with Sofia and now you can’t do shit. Suave, pull over. Let me show you boys how to play some mailbox baseball.”

Suave did as Dirty told him to and I switched seats with my friend. Once Suave resumed driving down the residential street, nearing the next row of mailboxes, Dirty began smashing the targeted mail receptacles with great ease. He ripped through the aluminum of several mailboxes, slicing them with the edge of the shovel scoop. Dirty then turned the scoop vertically and bludgeoned the next row of targets, each of his swings landing perfect hits. With the three of us laughing up a storm, I quickly felt that Dirty was taking up all the fun.

I convinced Suave to pull over once more so that I could redeem myself with our mailboxing activity. With the army shovel again in my grasp, Suave navigated his car down a new road. I started to swing at the fast approaching mailboxes. But, much to my misfortune, I struck out again. Hanging my head in shame, I handed the shovel back to Dirty. “Sorry, guys,” I managed to speak. “I just don’t feel up for it right now. I feel too relaxed and weak to do anything. I need a refractory period before I can perform again. Just give me a few minutes.”

“That does it,” Dirty stated. “No more hooking up with females before we go out and have fun! You need your vandal stamina!”

The rest of the drive home was spent in silence, largely because I had fallen asleep while Suave was driving. Since the conclusion of that evening, it was firmly decided by all parties involved that the mixing of female companionship on the same nights that devious endeavors were conducted would be strictly prohibited.


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