Sleepover Fun_(3)

At thirteen, my friends and me always hung out after school. We'd play video games or try to skate board(even though we weren't that very good). Most of the time, on Fridays, we would go hang out at someones house and sleepover. It was a normal thing to do, stay up all night or try to, and just play video games or watch Jackass. 

Joe gave me a call that Friday night, "Hey Alex, you wanna come on over? Me and Nick are going to have a sleep over you in?" "Yeah man, sure, what time you want me over?" I replied. "Uh 9ish I guess," he said. "Alright, see you then." I hung up the phone. I finished up my homework and soon enough 8:30 came around and I started getting ready to leave. I grabbed my pillow case full of stuff and rode down the road on my bike. 

I drop my bike off on the side of his garage and came to the front door. I knocked on the door and Joes little sister Nikki came to the door. She was 6 years old and petite looking. Nikki was about 4'1" and skinny. "Hey Alex, everyone is in the basement." She smiled and ran upstairs in her pajamas. 

I walked down into the basement and through my stuff down in the corner,"What's up guys?" "nothing much Alex," Nick said moving over on the couch so I could sit down. "Joe is upstairs, here," He handed me the controller,"I'm playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl." Footsteps came down the stair case, "Is Alex here yet?....oh hey man. How are you?" Joe said. "Good. Let's play some games man." 

Before we knew it was almost 12'O Clock and Joe fell asleep. "Hey Alex." "Yea Nick?" "Look what I found at my house. It's my older brothers." "Woah.." He pulled out a playboy magazine, "Look at her boobs!" We fumbled through the pages. "Hey dude wanna jack off?" Nick said to me, "Sure why not." I replied. We unzipped out pants and sat down on the couch so we wouldn't walk up Joe who was on the floor. We placed the magazine between us on the couch. I pulled out my 7 inch dick. "woah dude you dick is huge" Nick said, "mines on only 4 and a half, look.

" I glanced over, "Yea I guess I'm pretty big." We fapped away, stroking our cocks gazing over the tits and slender women in the magazine. "Did you hear that?" 

"What Nick?" "Sounded like giggling." Shuffling came from the closet. "I'll check it out." I stood up with no pants and my dick throbbing as I walked over to the the closet. I grabbed the handle and I could hear light breathing. I yanked the door open and there was Nikki on the floor looking up at me. "What the hell?" "What is it Alex?" "Look what I found." I grabbed Nikki by the back of her pajamas and lifted her up. "Why were you in there?" I yelled at her. She started to cry and whispered,"I just wanted to be apart of the fun.." "You want part of our fun?" Nick said standing up walking over to her. "Mhmm.." She mumbled. 

"Stand up." I said, she obeyed. Nick grabbed her head and said,"Open your mouth." Tears in her eyes she said,"why-" Nick shoved his cock in her mouth. She started to cough but he wouldn't let go of her head. "I saw this on the Internet the other day." He started to face fuck her, he thrusted himself in and out of her mouth, she grabbed on his ass squeezing it and moaning in pain. Nick let out a moan and pulled his dick out of her mouth. She started to gasp for air. "Dude what the hell was that she's !" I said. Nikki got on her knees and coughed up Nick's cum. "You said you wanted to have fun right?" Nick said looking over her. She nodded. "Take off your clothes." He demanded. She obeyed and unbuttoned her pajamas. She pulled them off her feet and her hairless pussy was in front of us.

"Lay on your back." I said,"I'm going to put it ok?" She nodded. I pressed my cock into her flawless pussy. She moan but didn't scream. "Does it hurt?" Nick said to her. She shook her head and pointed to Joe,"He did this once." "Your brother put his penis in you?" Nick said, she nodded. I took my dick and it into her. Her head shot back and she let out a scream. I put my hand on her mouth, you got to be quite or your gonna get us into trouble.
I slowly began to thrust in and out. Nick took her hand and lifted her hand onto his dick. "Do what we were doing before." She started to stroke his cock. I began to thrust more quickly and she became in a lot of pain. She started to whine as my balls bounced off her pussy with every faster forceful push. I let out a moan pulling out my cock and I shot cum all over her underdeveloped tits. 

"My turn" Nick said as he picked her up and placed her in his lap. He began to fuck her as she laid on his stomach. Her ass was bouncing up and down I could not help myself. "Nick wait a second." "What Alex?" I grabbed my cock and began to thrust it through her ass cheeks. "Alex.." she whimpered,"what are you doing..?" I tried to press it in easily into her ass hole but it would budge. So I grabbed her feeble hips and myself into her brown little hole. She let out a huge scream,"Alexxxx!!!!!!!" She couldn't stop screaming. I began to fuck her virgin asshole as Nick was balls deep fucking her pussy. "Stop..." She said in a low painfully sigh. "Sto-" Her voice was cut short. I look up from her cute ass to see Joe with his cock in his sisters mouth. He grabbed her head and began to force himself in and out of her mouth. I let go a moan and pulled out my dick. Red cum leaked out of her gaping asshole. Joe pulled out as did Nick the push her on her back and shot cum all over her tearful face. 

"Oh man last night was great dude." "You said it Alex, shit look at Nikki." She was laying on her back naked and asleep, her hair was clumped together with dried cum. "Oh gross man, can't believe I did my sister again." "Doesn't matter it was fun though." Foot steps came down the stair case, "Nick your mom is here, she's coming down now." a voice said. "Shit.."


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