Our Stories_(1)

She moaned as John pushed his cock deep inside of her. He kept thrusting in and out coaxing her more and more into utter bliss. She was getting close to her orgasm. He was getting close himself.

“Oh fuck - fuck im cumming” she said, her breath tight as she struggled to enunciate while the bliss spread up her body. Her back arched, her hips thrusting in motion with his, as her climax reached its most intense point, little breaths escaping her mouth until releasing a relieving moan. In a haze she started to relax a little, her back returning to the sheets. They lay there side by side, their bodies tangled together, his cock still inside her tight pussy.

“Fuck baby, that was awesome,” she said, barely speaking louder than a whisper, their mouths just centimeters apart, exchanging romantic little touches and nibbles.

“You always encourage my best work” He quipped with a wink.

“I am a pretty good fuck aren’t I?” she giggled, her teeth brushed his neck. John just closed his eyes and nodded.

John closed the door behind him and strutted down the stairs, his backpack bouncing in motion with his steps as he enjoyed the cool fresh air. He walked to his car which sat in the corner of his girlfriend's apartment parking lot, casting his gaze on the little cracks winding their way through the concrete, his feet dodging them absentmindedly. His thoughts lingered on her. Her pretty green eyes and flowing black hair. He wondered why his orgasm just a few hours ago was weaker than it usually is. He had definitely enjoyed his time with her and he felt lucky to be in a relationship with such a beautiful girl. She was definitely the “good fuck” she described herself as early. his love life with Ashley was still going strong and he was overall satisfied. Satisfied, perhaps, but not excited.

He flicked the keys out of his pocket. The day should get a little more interesting though, now that I’m headed home. His family could almost always break his boredom.

He felt like they always had a closer bond than most families. Lucy and John, his parents, were more promiscuous than your typical parents. His mother especially. She had a distinct like but incredibly sensuous side to her that made her really fun to be around. Stunningly beautiful at 37, her slim waist and ample breasts made her an incredible sight. His parents casual attitude made his early teenage years hell. His mother often wore minimal clothing around the house. A robe, often with nothing underneath. Her flowing see through nightgown that barely hid her breasts with a solid upper fabric. Sometimes if he was lucky she would put on one of her small bikini’s and go sunbathe in the backyard.

Though she often wore revealing clothes around the house she had an uncanny ability to hide her more erotic assets. Only once or twice did he ever catch a glimpse of her nipples or vagina and only for a fleeting second that made you question what you really saw. She seemed to almost enjoy teasing him. During his mid-teenage years he started to try and catch her and his sister undressing or toweling off after a shower but it never came to much. Not anything that he wouldn't see around the house anyway. He would have some success though, listening to his sister from her door or his parents from his room. He still could remember the first time he heard his sister cum.

He instinctively crouched down nearer to the doors floor vent. He could hear her more clearly than standing. Her little moans escaping her room to her voyeuristic brother. Once or twice he thought he could hear her fingers glide slowly in and out of her but it was mostly drowned out by her quiet moans. After a few minutes she gave a couple intense quiet whimpers and faded into silence. Once his breathing returned to normal he got up as quietly as he could and retreated to his room. Funnily enough he didnt masterbate immediatly after. The shock of it all probably made him less aroused and more curious.
His mother was less discreet with her sexual escapades. In his room he could hear his parents having sex pretty clearly if it was silent. Listening he would imagine his mother sliding up and down his shaft in sync with the motion he made with his hand while jerking off. He would always try to match up perfectly his hand, imagination and her moans.

He didn't perv so much on them nowadays though. Now he would just put on some headphones, even if he did permit some passing fantasies and a jerk off session or two listening to his parent’s sex.

He parked in the driveway and headed to the front door. He found his mother in the kitchen leaning against a counter reading something on her phone. She wore a robe tied around her waist, hugging her body and ending about half way up her toned thighs. The small parting the robe made between her legs only hinted at a better glimpse of what lay underneath. The robe parted at the bottom of her breasts giving a noticeable eye full of her cleavage. John figured it couldn't be very far off from her nipples. After giving her a meaningful but surely unnoticeable glance he greeted her cheerfully, “Hey mom, how’s it going?”

Her eyes shot up from her phone and her face immediately lit up when she saw John. “Hey baby, I was so zoned into my phone I didn’t even hear you come in!” she skipped over to him and gave him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, seizing from him the opportunity for a longer feel of her body.

“Tell me about your day,” she said with a smile, moving to the living room.

John slung off his backpack near the front door and followed his mother.

“Same ol’ really. Went to Ashley's house for a bit,” he said, sitting down on the sofa. He sneaked a glance at her inner thigh as she sat down on the opposite end, lifting her feet up with her. Her eyes lit up when he mentioned Ashley and a sly grin crept up her cheeks.

“Now I'm really interested,” she said as she pulled a pillow underneath her legs so that they were slightly propped up, her feet reaching near John’ legs.
The robes parting on her thighs widened a little more but only revealed shadow. He was getting a good view of her legs and cleavage though.

“You sure you can handle it?” He teased.

“Of course” she said, her anticipation growing steadily.

Along with the erotic sights that often occured in the family came a different sexual activity. John forgot exactly where it had began (sometime after he started having sex regularly) but they often found it enjoyable to describe their sexual experiences to each other. Most of the time it was one on one but occasionally even the whole family would become engrossed in a story one of them told. It probably started off somewhat theutic for the ren who were starting to discover their bodys but somewhere along the line it turned into straight erotic stories. Sometimes they liked to see how aroused they could make each other. Afterwards they would all go to their rooms, away of what the others were doing

John began describing what had happened just a few hours earlier.

“Okay, so I knock on the door and she's standing there with nothing on but some amazing see through pantys. I could make out clearly her small little hair triangle making its way down to her clit. I just stood there for a couple seconds totally stunned. She finally snapped me out of it when she asked me how I liked her outfit. I told her I’d let her know In a few moments.”

“Exciting start,” Lucy giggled, “you two sure don’t waste time”

“So we start making out while I close the door behind us. Our bodys are just, entwined as we stumble over to her room. All the while we’re both ripping clothes off me. By the time we make it to her bedroom im totally naked and she only has her panties on. So I shove her onto the bed while I stay standing, feeling her legs, slowing getting lower and lower near her crotch. I push her legs up on either side of her head while I give her pussy a good long lick. She moaned hard when I did that, I hadn’t even taken her panties off yet but I could still feel how hot she was.
Her wet pussy was just dying for me.”

“Wow thats hot,” she said, “I think I might be getting a little wet myself.”

My throat caught when she said that, I could tell she was totally enraptured by the story now.

“I’m just getting started. So I slowly peel her panties off, sliding them down her legs. I lowered myself again, now agonizingly close to her pussy. I start kissing her thighs. When she started breathing harder I made my way down to her ass and licked a little on her taint to get her squirming. I keep doing that until she’s drowning in anticipation. She can barely take the frustration when I give a long full lick to her exposed cunt before i started exploring. She's really moaning now, giving these cute little whimpers. After a minute I slid a finger into her pussy while I lick her clit making her moaning loudly. In no time I have a good rhythm pumping my finger and swirling my tongue while my other hand massages her tits. Eventually I’m three fingers in and really thrusting hard, her juices thoroughly coating my fingers. I slide them out with a tiny pop and feed them to her while I keep licking her clit. After she had enough foreplay I got back up and positioned myself in front of her, slowly inching my cock closer and closer to her entrance while she waited eagerly.

Lucy's tension rose with Ashleys as John’s story became more and more vivid. Like Ashley, she also was eagerly waiting for John to put his cock into her waiting pussy.

“I could feel her walls clamp down on me, her pussy is so tight and incredible. I first start slowly sinking it in and pulling it out, thoroughly coating myself with her. Soon I'm pumping in and out while her legs are around my back and my mouth is working on her tit. She's basically screaming at this point and im starting to feel the cum rise to my dick.”

John paused. Lucy, now squirming in her seat, was slowly sliding her pussy on the pillow hoping not to be noticed. blushed red and breathing shortly she gave him a puzzled look.

“Why’d you stop?”

John took a tantalizing look at his mother, whos robe was slowly but surely starting to loosen, making her look immensely tantalizing.

“Because, at that moment, the door flung open and her mom was standing there looking at us.” John didn't really know where he was going with this. Now, firmly crossing the line into pure fiction, he was letting his imagination run wild.

“No way” Lucy said, wide eyed. “Holy shit! Did you both get in trouble?”

“Her mom walks into the room slowly, looking over the scene. My cock halfway inside Ashleys dripping pussy but for some reason Ashley was calm, she even looked more aroused than she had. ‘hey mom whats up’ she said a little too casually. Haley, her mom approaches us steadily. I noticed her hands idly roaming her body, eyes glued to Ashleys half penetrated cunt. ‘I heard you two in here and was wondering if you needed an extra hand.’ And just like that she starts stripping. I don't know why but I just started thrusting again while watching her hot mom undress right in front of me.”

Lucy’s pussy was burning now. She was visibly humping the pillow that she had now moved between her legs under her crotch, still reclined but tense. Her hands drifted over her body and lingered over her covered nipples, giving them a short little pinch here and there. Her breathing was heavy now. When John paused to gauge her reaction all she could say was, “holy shit. thats hot as fuck.” She more breathed the words than anything else.

Encouraged by his mother's reaction he continued. “So her mom climbs on the bed and starts rubbing Ashleys clit while im still fucking her. I can feel my shaft graze against her fingers while her other hand is alternating between playing with Ashleys nipples, servicing her own burning cunt and slipping her fingers into Ashley's mouth. Ashleys on a whole other level now, shes moaning louder now and squirming on the bed, taking short glances down to watch her mother finger her while I thrust in and out. In no time she's coming. She screamed while me and her mother relentlessly attacked her pussy. Then we switched positions. I lay down on the bed while her mother hovers her pussy over my hard dick. Its pointing straight up at her pussy and she slowly lowers herself down while Ashley recovers on the side. My dick slowly enters her folds and I can feel her wetness. I easily glide into her and I feel her walls clamp down on my shaft. When I’m entirely inside her she starts gyrating back and forth, slowly at first but she quickly picks up the pace, breathing hard. After a minute or two she’s put her feet down for leverage and is now sliding herself up and down my dick, from head to balls. By this point Ashleys has crawled and positioned herself over my face and I start licking her pussy again while her mom fucks me. I hear them kiss above me while they both moan into each others mouths. In no time we are all cumming hard and I unload all my cum deep into her pussy. I sit myself on the side catching my breath while they, still full of energy starts fucking each other. First Ashley eats her mothers pussy, cleaning my cum out of her while giving a slow building orgasm. After that they sat there idly 69-ing each other while I watched on slowly stroking my half mast cock.

Lucy was clearly pleasuring herself now and John relished watching her. She was obviously rubbing herself on the pillow and though he still couldn't see her pussy, one of her hands was unseen somewhere under her garmet but I could see her arm moving slowly. Her feet were rubbing John’s leg, almost unconsciously and he was making an obvious tent in his shorts. Seems his story got to them both. He could see his mother stare at his cock while he told his depraved tale. Her robe had loosened around her body and her breasts were more exposed now. He could see the side of her areola on one breast and the other was tight against the robe. John could see the outline of her nipple as it pressed into the fabric. He absent mindedly started to rub her foot with his hand while her other foot explored more of his body. Gliding up his thighs nearer and nearer to his cock.

“Fuck, Tom, that was too hot. I really gotta take care myself now. Looks like you do to,” she giggled giving his covered dick a playful rub with her foot that made him catch his breath.

“Seems like your doing a good job on yourself right now.” He said as his eyes continued to soak up her barely concealed body.

She let out a short giggle. “Oh you noticed? I already have one finger inside me” she laughed. She saw his eyes grow wide and she continued to lightly rub his dick with her toes which made him gasp a little, pleasure glazing over his eyes. “Would you like to see?” she asked, barely a whisper.

“Yes” He replied, as if on autopilot. She laughed, retrieving her finger from her pussy, “yeah I'm sure you do but not today babe, although maybe a little taste wouldn't hurt.” She sat up and scooted over to John so she sat on her knees above him, his tent between them. She gave her hand to John who, gleefully took her finger into his mouth tasting her pussy while her other hand slowly rubbed up and down on John’ throbbing cock. “Mmh” they both moaned. John opened his eyes to find that Lucy's robe had fallen open, both sides still barely concealing her nipples while revealing the edge of her areolas. Her arched back just barely hid her pussy. He could see her toned stomach drift down to her smooth midriff, just barely concealing the final prize.

“Alright I think that's enough playing for one day” she said, still quiet and sensual almost a whisper. She got up from the couch, not covering herself but turning quickly enough that John still couldn't catch a glimpse of her glorious pussy. She walked over to the master bedroom door. She slipped inside and gave John a very erotic wink.

“Good story” and with that she closed the door. John sat there for a couple seconds before scooting over to the door to listen while freeing his dick from his shorts. There it was, almost immediately he could hear his mother masterbating. She sounded louder than usual and he could actually hear her fingers move in and out of her pussy. He took his dick in his hand and started stroking, still mesmerized by what just happened. He quickly approached climax. Right as he started cumming his sister walked through the front door. He had a tissue ready but startled, he forgot to aim and some his semen squirt out onto the floor. His sister only stood there staring at him as he emptied his load. Horrified as he might be he couldn't ignore the intense pleasure that the orgasm gave him even if his sister stood watching him. Before he could say a word she vanished into the hallway. He could hear her door calmly shut. Quickly he tried to clean the cum off the floor before buckling his shorts back up and walking to Iris’ room.

He gave a timid knock on her door.

“Yes?” she replied nonchalantly.

“You want to talk?”

“The doors not locked.”

John opened the door, and, leaving it cracked, walked to Iris’ bed and sat on the end. She was on the end with her phone in her hands. She turned of the screen and sat it down.

“So, you listen to mom fucking herself often?” She said sarcastically. They both chuckled, Iris tactfully throwing their dilemma into the conversation forthright. There was rarely ever an awkward conversation with Iris’ and John silently thanked her for being so gracious.

“Well I told her a story and I couldn't really resist.”

“Mmmh. That wasn’t my question,” she said with a sly grin, “I asked how often you listen to her while you jack your lil’ self off.”

“For your information I am very much the opposite of lil’ and you never asked how often. You only asked if I did it often.” I countered.

“Well sorry brother but Im looking for exact numbers here. I need to know how deep this lust of yours goes!”

“Sorry to break it to but that information is on a need to know basis.”

“Tell me you fucker!” She cried, clenching a pillow in her hand readying her attack.

“Never!” John shot back as the pillow came flying for his face.

Instinctively his arm shot up and barely deflected the pillow. Arming himself in the process.

“Bastard!” she said, readying another pillow.

They both held their weapons daring each other to attack, exchanging feints. Finally they both unleashed there battle cries and engaged in full on warfare. In minutes they both received mortal blows and collapsed on her bed laughing hysterically. After regaining her composure Iris asked “but for real, do you?”

John decided to answer truthfully. She already saw him doing it. What could be the harm? “Honestly? Yeah I do, fairly often when I can hear them in my room.”

“Like how often though?”

“Barely once a week.” He said. She gave him a doubtful look, calling him out. He heaved a sigh, knowing that he couldn’t compete with his sister. “Three to four times mostly. Sometimes less.”

“Finally the truth is revealing itself! Do you ever listen to me?”

That one made him pause. “Well, I used to, yes. But not so much anymore. Greater self control I guess.”

“Wow, we got ourselves a little pervy boy here don’t we!” She giggled. John sunk his head in guilt. “Hey don't let me get to you.” she said trying to reassure him. “Don’t worry, I do it too.”

She froze, her face blushing instantly. She obviously didn't mean to add that last part.

“Wait. You do?” John said incredulously.

She sighed, obviously regretting her slip of the tongue. “Well… Yes I do sometimes. I can hear them from my room to. Pretty clearly actually.”

“Me too?”

“I tried in the past but you aren't really a moaner so I couldn't hear anything. I caught a few glimpses over the years but I stopped sneaking same as you. I guess it must be maturity. I do still listen to mom and dad though.”

“Great minds think alike I guess.”

She laughed, “more like demented minds”

“I suppose. Curse you for always keeping your door closed!”

“Right back at you, bitch!”

They both laughed. Somewhere subconsciously they both knew they crossed a boundary with the conversation. They had grown more intimate, more in tune with the others sexuality. Pathways were being opened.

Not a moment after Iris had spoken they heard the front door open and close. Their father was home. They could hear Lucy skip out of the bedroom and met John in the kitchen. The cracked door in Iris’ room allowed them to hear every word clearly.


“Wow aren’t you looking good huh?” Lucy must have emerged wearing something revealing.

“Fuck, babe, Im about strip you down right here and now and ride you on the kitchen table.”

“A tantalizing offer but what about the s? I think you’ll have to make due with a bed.”

“Works for me, as long as you are inside of me in the next 30 seconds I’ll fuck you anywhere you want.”

From there the words became too quiet to heard. In a couple of seconds the master bedroom door opened and shut leaving the s alone again. They were completely silent soaking up every word of the conversation. Just the implications along got them both in the mood.

“Well that was interesting” Iris said, breaking the silence.

“Indeed” Silence again.

They could hear the distant kissing in the other room, barely perceptible. A word or sentence would break the silence, only driving John and Iris more mad.

“Looks like their about to get started.” Iris chimed in.


“You know,” Iris said carefully, “now that we know that we both listen to them regularly already. And since their door is obviously the clearest place we can hear them. Maybe… We could team up?”

John grinned nervously, not daring to speak any words. In response he rose of her bed and creeped to the door, making a point to make as little sounds as possible. Iris followed him quickly and they both tiptoed over to the bedroom door. The sounds from within were crisp now and they were just about to start fucking.

John and Iris both took their positions, sitting backs against the door. Lucy started to give light moans, most likely foreplay. The brother and sister only sat there motionless for now, hearts pounding, too nervous to do anything.

“Oh fuck. Yeeess, thats it.” Ashley moaned, her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

As the love making session on the other side of the door started getting more and more intense, the siblings got more and more lost in their own minds. They began to forget of the others presence and focus solely on their mothers moans. Eyes closed, Iris’ hands slowly started to glide over her clothed body. First up to her neck, down to her collarbone, over her womanly medium sized breasts that complemented the rest of her gorgeous body perfectly. Her fingers ran down her flat stomach to her thighs which were resting flat on the floor.

There was a moment of silence until Lucy gasped and let out a long breathy moan. John had penetrated her. She soon was moaning consistently. “Oh fuck baby. Yes give it to me. Fuck my pussy good for me,” she would breath in between her yelps.

As the sex started getting more intense the siblings got more comfortable.

“You gonna do anything with that?” Iris whispered, pointing to the tent in John shorts, “I’d love to get an update on the look of that thing.” She winked at John as she said that.

“I will if you will”

“Guess that leaves me no choice. Lets pull them down at the same time. No cheating; underwear and all okay?”

John nodded and Iris mouthed the words “3...2...1.” At that they both pulled off their pants and underwear in on motion. Iris nearly gasped when John’ cock sprang free. More at the shock of simply seeing her brothers penis so close in such a scenario than his size. At first they just stared at each other, soaking in every detail of the beautiful sight before them. Iris’ pussy was clean shaven save for a short and small well-trimmed blonde patch above her clit. Her lips were slightly separated and he could see pretty clearly her discreetly sized pink labia. John cock was clearly larger than average but not intimidating. More like, inviting. They were both wet with arousal.

As the sounds of pleasure again drifted to the forefront of their minds they slowly, nervously started touching themselves, both still staring at each other. Their parents sex in the other room was becoming more intense and Lucy could only muster herself to squeak out some “fuck”s here and some “Oh yes”s there through her breathing and squeals. The siblings were now masturbating pretty quickly, in tune with what they could hear from the other side. Their imaginations switching from their parents to each other and back again. The tension was palpable. Iris had 2 fingers pumping her pussy while her other hand massaged her clit. She gave herself a moment to lift up her shirt and tweak her braless nipples, arousing further herself and her brother. It took all she had not to scream. John was furiously pumping his cock which was now slick with precum. All four of them were approaching climax.

Iris, positioning herself in front of John so he could clearly see her pussy whispered frantically, “Cum on me please big brother, I want to feel it on me.” Finally, the moans in the bedroom reached their height as Mom and Dad started to cum together while brother and sister both gasped loudly, stealthily attempting to experience their own orgasm. John’ cum exploded onto his sister's stomach, legs and clit while she jerked back and forth, her fingers working furiously on herself. They both collapsed onto the floor, both stroking themselves slowly for added pleasure guiding their orgasm to completion, silent for fear of alerting their parents. After a few seconds, not wanting to risk themselves any further, they crept back into Iris’ room, completely naked now, and promptly shut the door; clothes in hand.


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