Sex With My History´S Teacher_(1)

My name is Thomas and I am from a village in Spain. I was in second high school when this happened. I began a new year, the last before going to pursue my career and as usual I had new teachers I had no other years. This course was a little different because although, as always, each new teacher appears, you teaches a course, you know, you just course and not see him again; this time in history (of Spain) had a new teacher named Maria which would be the one to make my virginity and which would ejaculation of my life (but not anticipate events).

As I said, she was called Mary and she would teach me history. She was a woman of about 34 or 35 years. His stature was good long black hair and picked up the back of her hair with a hair clip. Normally she used to come to class but only made up painting her lips and eyes. As for the physical he was thin and was in good shape, with good breasts, large firm (used to wear pretty clothes that covered but still noticeable) and, above all, a magnificent ass. I want to stop here a little because it was what attracted me to her. When talking about his ass I'm talking about one that was very large (very large relative to the rest of the body as women of their physical condition does not get to have asses so big) and also firm and wobbly when you played but hard enough to give good spanking (I myself tried by experience;)). The first time I saw did not call my attention but few more classes passed giving her the more I felt attracted to her. Most of all my colleagues passed it because it seemed another heap but I preferred to follow his explanations and always be available. In a short time I reached her confidence mostly because it was the one that was working class and which drew top grades (I never got nine in his exams) and she was always happy with me. Sometimes when she sent individual works, he presented them outside of class so she corrected me. In some situacione, she made the correction out of the ordinary classes and we were alone to be more relaxed and make more pleasant chat (in one of those classrooms will be when I do it with her but again not anticipate facts).

In these talks the teacher looked me happier than usual and more sympathetic to me than to the rest of the class, which seemed to me as normal because I was the best notes drew yyo he attended at all, but I began to wonder was a bit behavior and looks, as she constantly looked at me and also showed a smile between his lips as he did; but it was the best when she twice gave me "indirect". On one occasion she told me she was the best student who has never had, which yorespondí it was not so bad but she said yes and hopefully "have a my son," but I said I was exaggerating and she started laughing, but I noticed a slight gesture of pity on his face. The second time she was a little further because at the end with a talk on work between her and me alone, she asked me no more than if he had a girlfriend. That question left me somewhat puzzled but I saw it as nonsense and I said no, then wondering why. Just I told him I did not want to because studies seemed to me more important than being with a girl. Given this response she was surprised about what I said, because she told me she "saw me as a handsome, intelligent, muscular man" (I clarify that I must be one of the few students there who gets good grades and is to entertain the gym and sports). After telling me these qualities, she said, "if I were your age I would not hesitate in the least to have you as a boyfriend." That said she laughed again, but did not give the slightest importance.

Let's start the sexual part. I had finished high school second and I was about to prepare for the selectivity. I had 18 years already (in February) and at that time I was already attracted sexually to the teacher. The classes were over and I had to study, but the last day of clasesyo had a question about a text that would fall in the examination of selectivity of history and I asked Mary to siyo could see her one day to be and look at the text, and she was delighted, saying that we would be on Saturday of that week at the Faculty, which surprised me at first.
After four days, she arrived Saturday and went to the Faculty, which was completely empty (the classes were over and it was Saturday). I went to the room where we would be isolated both and there she was, but this time the encounter was something different this time. The classroom that time was at one end of the Institute, where there was nobody around. When I entered the classroom, the blind was down almost to the end, so there was little light but enough to see perfectly (I never thought the blind was so so could not be seen from the other side) . As I was saying, she was waiting for me there, sitting on a chair in front of a small table and on the other side of the table, I was my site. This time, she was wearing lighter clothes, so that the top of the breasts looked, and that she used to cover her. She would seduce me? It was the first thing I thought, but did not give more

The explanation was normal, as usual; but this time she looked at me from time to time, showing a slight smile every time she did. This time I did I suspected something, but I started paying more attention to those breasts jutting breasts slightly encima.Sus ended up catching my attention, and I started to cater more to my erotic fantasies that explanations. When she finished explaining, she called my attention, but did not get the first times porqueyo was awaiting her breasts. She gave onevoice fuerteyyo came to, and I said I was a little distracted nothing else. That was when she showed a little smile and asked me Your breasts were watching me ?.
I was white and red at once (as was right), but I managed to ask her what she was saying. She told me I was spellbound watching her and that he was watching her tits, while she laughed. I did not know what to do because this had never happened to me with a woman, so I could not think of anything but admit it and apologize to her for what I did. She rejoiced over yet and, rising from his chair and coming towards me, being on the other side of the small table where we were to discuss the text, told me that nothing was wrong.
When she was in front of me, she asked me Do you like me ?.

I was shocked because I thought I was dreaming; but it was not. The only teacher I liked, that I was attracted by it and sometimes I masturbated thinking of her, I wondered if I liked. I was the teacher in front of me. It cost me something to answer because I was thinking what do I do ?, but the answer I had was simple. I knew I probably liked her, and she was trying to seduce me. Besides, I had not had sex before so this was my perfect opportunity to stop being Virgin and do it with a woman I liked. My response was overwhelming and I told her yes I liked, and I was attracted to her, and I would like to have sex with her. I said the words with fear as she probably could give me a slap for it, but, to my surprise and joy, said this: I'm glad to hear you feel the same for me. I came to believe I was dreaming or was a sexual fantasy. A teacher will do so with a student almost 20 years younger. This seemed like a hentai porn movie or a story; but no. All this was true, and I was going to lose her virginity to my own teacher. My thoughts were dispelled when Mary sat facing me, between my legs, feeling her nice ass on my legs and her breasts in the pectoral (had it so hard I felt I would explode). She looked into my eyes, I smiled with her lips, and she told me (if I remember correctly) this:

"I love you, but we can not be engaged because we are teacher and student, and our age difference is very high. But I love you and I need you, and I can not control. So I ask you just for today, just for one day, you're my boyfriend and I'm your wife. But please if you agree, do not tell anyone; this is unsecreto between us ... and our love. " I simply said yes and he loved her.

Then she kissed me on the lips and we mix our tongues. I moved my tongue a lot with it because I wanted all of her. I got to kiss her so hard and with such intensity that when our lips parted, she had to breathe forcefully.
After the kiss, she asked, "want to touch my breasts?" And then, her shirt and bra off, both almost simultaneously. I finally had their big tits and firm against me. Nothing else to see them, grabbed the two, each with a hand, and I started to sobarlas. One of them grabbed me so that I delimits the right nipple and sucked her hand, as if I were a boy . His taste was something strange, but I loved it, and I got a good time sucking the nipple while with the other hand, played with her tits. She did nothing but moan taste and telling me not to stop, to follow as well. After a few minutes so we stopped a little, and, looking into his eyes, told her he wanted to "be one with she." She smiled and said "okay.

Bluntly, she stood before the table and leaned over her, leaving her gorgeous ass in front of me, and told me 'I'm yours'. I thought again be a dream, but I was glad when I came to realize that it was not, that I could penetrate in position "animals or puppies." I approached her, and, unfastening the button cowboy, I got him his pants and her panties. Before me, she had her huge ass, so practically perfect; and her vagina, with a few hairs, but not many, and it was already something wet. Without further thought, I dropped my pants and I was ready to shove my dick. She was surprised to see her, and I also when I realized. I was having the greatest erection of my life (was measured as between 18 and 19 centimeters without exaggeration), although it was comprsensible because this was the first time I was going to fuck and had ahead of me an ass and a pussy that there was so much wanted.

"Shit, I have no protection," I said.
"Do not worry, this time will not be necessary. For a one time I do with you, I want to do it without protection. "
My penis could not grow because it was already at the limit, but with those words would have grown more. I was going to fuck without a condom, lucky mine.

So I did not want to stop. Before starting, I began to masturbate with my left hand while I masturbated her pussy with my right hand. She must have liked because she moved her hips a little every time I touched her pussy, and she was moaning like, as she rested her head on the table quietly. I began to masturbate harder, but I stopped quickly because I did not want to cum so soon. Without her noticing, I pointed the tip of the penis into her vagina and then, when i stop wanking her with my right hand, i stuffed it into her vagina entire single penetration and with all my strength. With that surprise, she gave a moan and scream mix between (thank goodness that was empty and no one heard us). I stood with the entire penis in to feel everything inside, while she told me not be so rough. I apologized and told him I wanted to feel all her vagina and I got carried away. She said she was fine.

After being as about ten seconds with the entire penis in, I started to move. I had not felt anything like it in my life. Her vagina was warm and close, and it felt great. Despite being my first time, I tried to move in the best way possible. She said I fucked her very well, which made me very happy put. That position was great, every time I slipped it felt all her huge ass in my pelvis, and felt great. With penetrations, I closed my eyes to try to feel all of it. With one hand I grabbed a buttock, with great strength but not enough to hurt, and the other I went to play with her tits, but not for long because then I had both hands each on one cheek, while I continued penetration (I'm not sure but I think in some insights, I touched her uterus with the tip of the penis). Every time I slipped it, drove me crazier, and with my right hand, I gave a resounding whack. She told me please do not do that again. I apologized and continued with penetrations. Suddenly, I began to feel something liquid. They were her vaginal fluids, because she was starting to have an orgasm while she told me not to stop. I, meanwhile, kept wanting shove; and so many minutes we were fucking in the same position, until I told him that I did not have much to climax. She, to my surprise, he told me "You can cum inside if you want."

I had a tremendous desire to do so. In fact, it was all I wanted to do. Keep sticking it nonstop until I cum in her pussy; but I was rational and I thought that a pregnant teaher after having sex with a student was the worst thing that could happen her. Suddenly, I had an idea. With vaginal fluids, I felt my penis slippery, and I had his ass in mind as well. Without thinking twice, I pulled my cock, grabbed the two legs of the teacher and put them on the table, so that now all his weight was on the table. His posture of lying with her pussy and her ass still fronts to me, made me even more aroused.

«Which are you doing" ?, he asked, but soon she would find out. With his ass in front of me, I lifted her upper buttock and saw her anus (very clean), and like the vagina, I put my whole penis in her ass with a single penetration. she gave another moan of pleasure with a little pain, but actually I knew she liked. Call me weird if you like, but i liked more her ass than her vagina.

I was also a moment with my cock stuck to the bottom of his ass; and I began to move again in the same way with the vagina. I could hardly move anymore, because his ass squeezing more, but the pleasure compensated. She started breathing with some difficulty (normal, because it may be his first anal, and I did not have my well-lubricated penis). With each penetration, he stuffed it with more intensity and I felt more and more excited. After several minutes of penetration, not take it anymore. I was about to come, and as a little boy, I said I loved her very much. She told me she loved me too. So I did my best and faster and deeper insights. As if I move automatically, I kept sticking it nonstop until I was at the limit. In the last penetration, I put it in as deep as I could to cum in the back of his ass.

That was the orgasm of my life. I still remember the great amount of semen that I felt very strongly cast. In addition, I had gone a week without masturbating and so excited that I was, I took a bestial amount, all in your ass. When I felt I had just put the last drop of semen, I took the cock carefully. Right out of her ass, a small amount left behind because her anus could not stand that amount. She gasped and fell exhausted on the table, feeling my fluids inside (I think even she also ran with anal sex, thanks to all the semen that I missed). I, for my part, I almost fell down exhausted than I was, but I remained standing; and I approached her face to kiss her again, and she accepted my kiss.

That was the orgasm of my life. I still remember the great amount of semen that I felt very strongly cast. In addition, I had gone a week without masturbating and so excited that I was, I took a bestial amount, all in your ass. When I felt I had just put the last drop of semen, I took the cock carefully. Right out of her ass, a small amount left behind because her anus could not stand that amount. She gasped and fell exhausted on the table, feeling my fluids inside (I think even she also ran with anal sex, thanks to all the semen that I missed). I, for my part, I almost fell down exhausted than I was, but I remained standing; and I approached her face to kiss her again, and she accepted my kiss.

"I'll have to clean my ass thoroughly after you've run that way," she said. I apologized again, but I also told her that I liked her so much ass I could not help it, and I did not want to do it in the vagina because that would cause problems like getting pregnant.

Minutes later, we dressed and when I saw the time (we were fucking about half an hour), I told him I had to go because I had been with some friends, and she dismissed me with a deep kiss. Before leaving, she told me to be very lucky in selectivity, and that "if we meet again, this must be repeated."
I left school very happy, not only because I lost my virginity, but also because I could fuck with a woman I loved.

After selectivity, I went to college and she was transferred to another educational institution, but i dont know which one. It's a pity, because it´s posible that i could see her again ... but if I see her, I want to fuck her again; and the next time ... i am sure that i will cum in her pussy ;)

I hope you liked it. Write me in the comments if you want me to tell another story that happened me with a foreigner girl, I am sure that you will like the story.


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