My Experience As A Human Toilet_(4)

I am a lucky, lucky little faggot. Today I was used for the first time in my 23 years as a human toilet. Let me tell you about me, I'm 23, slim, toned and pretty. I date girls but always to cover up the fact I am a pathetic sissy faggot. This morning, after my girlfriend had gone to work I posted an ad on Craigslist London entitled Toilet Twink needs feeding, to my dismay most of the replies were bullshit. Until I came across the man I am going to call 'Master' for story purposes. Master had met me a couple of years before and praised my deepthroat ss and twinkish body but I had no idea he was so kinky and dominant so we naturally drifted apart. Master was deadly serious about meeting so I accepted, at first gleefully but soon became super nervous and petrified of the experience about to take place. Master took about 20 minutes to arrive, most of which I spent masturbating and I opened the door with a spring in my step as soon as I heard a knock. Master was bigger then I remember, atleast 6 foot tall, almost 200 pounds and black. His face wasn't handsome but he is still super sexy. He immediately starte to strip and told me to do the same, I of course complied as quick as possible and before I knew it we were both there naked. His black cock was already hard, sticking out 9 inches with a big curve towards the right. I couldn't wait to taste it and after seconds of touching it was on my knees to suck it. I instinctively told Master "thank you" as I leaned forward to begin worshipping his huge cock. It tasted so good, it felt so large in my hands compared to my tiny white boy cock and as I sucked my mind wandered to what Master had in store for me. As I sucked away, Master told me I was a good faggot and a dirty pig and eventually turned so I could taste his glorious asshole. I felt so pathetic and nervous, hoping and dreading at the same time that he might drop a huge turd on my tongue at any second. He didn't, not yet. He turned around and told me to suck his balls, he then grabbed a glass I had left beside the spot in preparation and began to piss into it, I was so nervous but soooooooo thirsty for that hot piss.

As the glass became full he let the stream hit my face, I couldn't smell a thing but it was so warm, I instinctively opened my mouth and as the golden nectar started to hit my tongue I began to swallow. He slowed the stream and fed me a nice amount of piss straight from the tap. As he finished pissing he took his dick from my mouth and slapped it against my face, it felt so good. He then turned my chin towards the glass, I put my lips to it and master said "Now swallow it you pig". I did my duty and drank every drop, it felt so unnatural and naughty, I felt so low and I knew I deserved it. Before I knew it the last drops were gone and the salty, pretty gross taste was left in my mouth to linger. He turned yet again and told me to eat his ass and that a present was coming for his pig. As I licked away he slowly pushed out a small lump of shit, no bigger than a piece of chocolate and I swallowed it without much chewing, it was so nasty. It literally was the worst taste to ever fill my mouth yet all I wanted was more. Before I knew it a larger piece had fallen onto my tongue and as I had to chew my mouth felt like a toilet. A dirty toxic dumping ground of a mouth. I licked his ass as I finished swallowing and I hated myself so much as I noticed my rock hard cock. He then asked if I had lube, when I said no he told me that pigs don't deserve lube anyway and to spit on my fingers and lube myself up. As I lubed to the best of my ability he climbed behind me and started to push his huge cock against my will tight hole. Soon it thrust in so painfully I almost cried and had to push him out of of me. I apologised again an again and after a few spanks I was forgiven and master was again impaling me on his huge dick. This time it hurt but I dare not complain and I gritted my teeth and began to enjoy it. As Master fucked me he said things like "you like that black cock bare inside you don't you pig!" And "what do faggots need? They need to get fucked and eat shit" and made me repeat after him.
Eventually, after seemingly an eternity, probably only minutes, he withdrew his fat penis from me, whipped it in front of my face and told me to clean the shit of it. His cock was a dark black but the shit was a much lighter shade of brown, intimidatingly looking at me, daring me to be even more gross then I had already. I did what came naturally and began to suck like a good pig. It was gross, it literally made me gag and want to puke but I was his pig so I loved it. Eventually he came in my mouth and I could taste salty, shitty cum on my tongue and naturally swallowed every drop. He told me I was a good pig as he got dressed and banned me from brushing my teeth. I didn't have to, but I obeyed him and I can still taste Master now! As he left e assured me he would be using his new toilet again very soon and I can't wait for that moment!


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