Loving Ba

Jamie’s emerald green eyes gleamed at the mention of more sex and she sat right up. "How do you want me Lee?" She asked, her finger trailing up and down my stomach. I couldn't take anymore and rolled her on top of me to be straddling my belly. I looked up over her toned stomach, to her firm bronzed globes, tipped with perfectly erect nipples. Above those, was her slim shoulders, delicate neck, and then her beautiful face. Her lips formed a smile that warmed my heart, her eyes a gaze that melted my soul. Her hair was so simple yet it complemented her strong face well, very short brown hair that stood out in places.

After admiring her for some time I grabbed her firm ass again and pulled her up until she was straddling my face and I could look right up to the bases of her beautiful breasts.

I realized then from my thoughts that this was no longer about lust. I was truly in love with Jamie and wanted nothing more than to fulfill her in all ways. Right now, that way was sitting on my face. I snapped out of it with a flick of my tongue onto her clit which released one of her gentle moans.

When she had arrived just a few hours ago, I would have thought her to be so strong and in charge. Truth be told, she was as delicate as her clit was to the mercy of my mouth. I could have her any way I wanted her, and that, right now, would be her cumming on me.

I quickly snapped myself back out of my thoughts and to the situation on my face. Her glistening pussy was right there and I was just licking her clit like a blind fool. I knew I was not fulfilling her and mentally smacked myself.

I jabbed my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her as I grabbed her ass and accidentally pressed my finger against her back door. Jamie moaned happily and ground against me. I started rubbing her hole with one hand, her clit with the other, while I stretched my tongue into her as far as it would go and swirled it in every way I could imagine until she released again and came onto me, not much fluid coming out from the sheer amount of orgasms she had experienced in the past few hours since we began.

As she reached the peak of her orgasm, I slipped my pinky into her back door a little which set off her climax all over again. She yelped in surprise then moaned out my name which made me start wiggling my finger in her ass, just a little. The combination sent me off into a small orgasm for myself.

I slid my pinky back out and lapped up her juices, like water in the desert. As soon as she stopped cumming she got up and I clung to her pointlessly, not wanting to stop pleasing her. Soon enough, she was back within my reach and I buried my face into her folds. Soon after, I felt her tongue flick over my clit and I did the same to her.

Her tongue snaked inside me and mine in her then I pulled one hand free and put two fingers into her and started sliding them in and out as I wiggled them about. Her moaning drove me faster as she began fingering me as well. Her moans vibrated against my clit which made me moan out with her, begging for orgasmic relief but for it not to end at the same time.

We went on, moaning each others names and devouring each others pussies. First I came, then her, then me again. I clamped my legs shut, cutting off access from her and slid out from under her so she was before me on all fours and I continued eating her pussy. One orgasm rocked her after another until she had fallen to the bed, unable to move. I licked one more from her then fell onto my back beside her. She rolled onto me and we kissed, releasing all of the passions the rest of our bodies no longer could.

I whispered to her between lip lockings, "Oh Jamie. I love you so much. You're body... It makes me feel things I never knew were possible."

She sighed happily and broke the kiss, curling up around me with her head on my chest. "I love you too Lee. You make me cum like no one ever has. I don't know how you have so much energy."

I laughed and petted her hair. I looked at the woman I now loved and would give my life to keep happy, "HAD so much energy.
I don't think I could get up if I wanted to."

Jamie laughed back and nuzzled up to me. The sun was beginning to rise and shined through the curtain. At some point the blanket had fallen to the floor. Luckily, I was on the outside of the bed and pulled the blanket over us. Slipping off into sleep, I planned things for when we awoke. As soon as I could move, I would have her again in all ways I could think of, in and out of this house.

I woke up before her and painfully rolled out of bed, my back cracking as I did so. "I'm too young to feel so old." I muttered, smirking at my own lame joke. I slipped into some loose shorts and a baggy shirt. I looked around and picked up the strap on as soon as I found it. Her cum was dried on it and I grumbled about it as I walked out of my room, closing the door quietly.

I went over to the sink and began gently wiping it off as I ran look warm water over it, laughing at the fact I was washing a penis in my sink. After it was washed well, I looked around, trying to think of where to put it to dry. I shrugged, "No one's here." I muttered and sat it in the dish drainer.

I got some bacon out of the fridge, eggs, seasonings, and started cooking. I finished and set the table. I hobbled my way into the bedroom to wake Jamie. I kissed her lips and she responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth. If not for the waiting breakfast and my aching body, I would of had her right then. I drew back to see her open her emerald eyes and smiling up at me.

She stretched some then hopped out of bed. "How aren't you stiff?" I asked, astonished.

"Years of being used to it." She winced as her legs closed then spread them apart again, "You sure did a number on my pussy though. Want to kiss it and make it better?" She asked with a mischievous grin on her face as she grabbed her own tits.

My loins ached with lust and almost said yes, then remembered the food.
"Later love. I made you breakfast, it's on the table." Then looked at the clock and saw it was past lunch time, "A very late breakfast." I laughed and walked out of the room.

She came out in a minute, dressed in her clothes from last night. We sat and ate in mostly silence. When we were done, I stood up with a groan of discomfort. She watched me as I took her plate and washed the newly dirtied dishes. i picked the strap on up out of the sink. When I turned around Jamie was there, her breasts in my face.

I licked my lips and looked up at her, my neck not wanting to move. She had a concerned look in her green eyes and looked directly into my blue ones. I knew the pain was showing in my eyes. She silently took my hand and led me back to the bedroom, sitting me on the bed. I sat the toy on my nightstand with the others and laid on my back immediately.

Jamie shook her head no, "Roll over, you need a massage."

"Oh no, really I'm fine. Just need to work it out." I protested. She nudged me and I sighed and rolled over. After getting situated I felt her straddle me then she pulled my shirt over my head. I wiggled out of it and tried to relax.

She grabbed the lotion off of my nightstand and I felt a cold line of it down my back. Judging by the squishy sounds I assumed she was rubbing some on her hands. She began gently rubbing it all over my back, adding more as needed. Soon my back was completely coated and she began at my neck.

It hurt for a moment but soon began feeling great as I felt the muscles melting out of their knots. "oh, ohhhhhhhh... oh yeah. That's oh that's great. Mmm." I could feel her smiling as she moved to my shoulders.

Jamie laughed a little then suddenly got serious. "You hold all your stress in your back, don't you?" She said as she finished with my right shoulder and started on my left.

"I don't know. I guess. How, oh ohh ohhhhh, how much stress could I re-reallyyyyyy have? I mean, school gets, yeah right there, gets tiring but not bad.
" I said honestly.

"Oh ok, you're just very stiff." She said, finishing with my other shoulder and beginning to work her way down my spine.

I laughed and flashed back to the previous night for a moment, "Well how loose do you expect me to be after that pounding I gave you? Youch!" She poked into a sore muscle roughly.

"Oops," she lied and I could hear the smile in her voice, "my bad."

I couldn't help myself, "Watch it or I'll give you another one."

"Oh, so scared. Don't tease me so. You can't move yet anyways." She said as she worked on my lower back.

"Ok, you win... This time." I laughed and eased into the massage to relax.

Jamie finished with my back and I started to get back up but she pushed me down. "Not yet. That's not all of your muscles." She said and I caved to her will. She started massaging my ass cheeks which I didn't realize how sore they were too.

I didn't know how much they were used for thrusting. She pulled off my shorts as she worked her way down the backs of my thighs. I knew I was wet and wanted her to touch between my legs but didn't dare stop the wonderful rub down. After she finished my thighs she turned my legs a bit, telling me to roll over and I did as she wished.

She massaged her way up my legs then leaned over me and kissed me passionately. Too soon she pulled away and started rubbing my feet. I had no idea how much your feet could hurt without you even realizing it. She was rubbing my instep and suddenly I could feel jolts in my pussy.

I started to pull my foot away but she held it strong and soon enough I was about to cum. Right as I started she jerked me down so my pussy was in her face and my cum shot out into her mouth. It wasn't a long orgasm or great but still felt good. The massage had limbered me up so I was ready to go.

I looked at her, smoldering and quickly maneuvered her under me and started removing her clothes as I did so. When she was naked I kissed her long and deep as I slid a hand smoothly down her stomach and grabbed a handful of pussy and started massaging it all at once with my hand then plunged my two middle fingers in deep and started sliding them in and out.

Jamie moaned into my mouth and I let loose. "You started it." I said with a grin and moved down to her breasts as she threw her head back in pleasure.


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