"Bye Jessie, see you tonight."

"Bye Sweetie"

Kyle closed the door behind him and Jessie stood there in her robe wondering what had changed. Another night, another morning when somehow, she hadn't had sex with her husband. Last night he stayed up watching sports news and this morning he was in a rush to go to work.

Jessie hated that there seemed to be only one way to meet her needs, but she wandered back to the bedroom, threw her robe on the bed and slipped under the sheet. She thought of her hands as her "second husband" and always met "him" like that, hidden under the sheet.

Jessies hands glided over her nightie, gently brushing her nipples through the smooth silky fabric. They were already responding as she grasped both breasts in her hands and massaged them.

Then she thought, “Why not?” and removed the drawer from her nightstand. In the space behind the drawer was her secret collection of toys. She selected a vibrating egg and slid the drawer back in. As she laid back down, she turned it on – it was still charged up – pulled her panties aside and pushed it deep into her vagina leaving the all-important tab hanging out.

Her fantasy world consisted mostly of reliving and maybe improving past experiences. The older boy who came back from college with new expectations came to mind. She was still a senior in high school.

They'd gone to a movie and sat in the back. Eric's hand had landed on her leg and pushed the hem of her skirt higher and higher. Under the sheets now, her own hands followed that memory, pulling the hem of her nightie up, up, up. She hadn't been sure whether to stop him, but it felt good when he started rubbing her panties so she let him continue. And it felt even better when he slipped his fingers in through the leg hole of her underwear. She was wet there and his fingers slid easily between her pussy lips. It was so nice. He even put a finger into her vagina but not very far.

Jessies fingers reached into her panties through the waist and began to rub her patch of pubic hair. She never understood why other girls shaved it off. Hers was soft and furry and she loved it when men, and now her husband, caressed her there. Her fingers moved between her legs and started rubbing the outside of her pussy. Often that was all she needed, though she did like the feeling of her wetness further in, and this morning, there was also the pleasure from the vibrations inside.

After the movie Eric had parked the car at the local lovers’ lane overlooking the city. They'd climbed into the back seat and began making out. She had let him expose her breasts and take her panties completely off. It felt so good when he pushed his finger up inside her. And she hadn't objected when he took a condom out of his pocket and put it on. She gave him her virginity with most of her clothes still on.

Jessie was rubbing herself vigorously now and had slipped out of her panties to be more comfortable, careful not to tug on the tab of her toy. Her legs were wide open as if it were Eric there and not the fingers of her other hand that were taking her "virginity." She could feel her orgasm coming on when suddenly there was urgent knocking at the front door of her apartment.


Her spell broken, she quickly pulled out her egg, slipped her robe back on and went to the door. She hooked the chain across and opened the door a crack. It was James from across the hall.

"James. What's the m...."

James was standing there barefoot with only shorts and a tank top on. His newspaper was in his hand.

"I'm locked out. I went down to get the newspaper and I'm locked out. Can I use your phone to call Roger?" Roger was the building manager, a 75-year-old chain smoker who looked like he died 3 years ago but could fix just about anything. Most importantly, he had a master key to the apartments.

Jessie unlatched the chain and let James in.
The phone was on the wall in the kitchen. They still had a land line despite having the latest cable TV and internet equipment.

"You're lucky I have the morning off. The phone is in there. I think his number is stuck on the ice box."

James was trying to find the paper with the number when a thought came over Jessie. Her hormones from earlier were still begging for more.

"Maybe you shouldn't call him quite yet."

James turned to see Jessie standing in the kitchen doorway with only her nightie on. Her robe was in a pile on the floor of the dining area. He knew immediately what she wanted but he'd never cheated on Marta and he didn't quite know what to do.

"Uh. Uh. ..." Jessie was certainly a beautiful woman. And it didn't help his resistance when she came close to him and slipped one strap of her nightie off her shoulder.

Jessie took his hand and placed it on her bare breast. They both felt the electricity of the moment course through their bodies. "Nobody has to know," she whispered.

Soon they were deep in passionate kissing. James had managed to bare her other breast and was massaging both of them. Then he pushed her against the opening to the kitchen and bent over as he started sucking on her nipples. Her hand found the bulge in his shorts and his hands were rubbing on her legs through the shiny fabric of her nightie.

As Jessie undid James's shorts and reached inside, his hand pushed the nightie between her legs. They both moaned quietly from the pleasurable sensations. His cock was out now and she was rubbing it vigorously. He managed to pull the nightie up and she felt his hand on her bare pussy.

Suddenly a bit embarrassed, she said, "I guess i forgot to put on my panties," and giggled girlishly. But she loved it as he played there and finally pushed two fingers deep inside her.

Eventually she took his hand away and pulled him close. Holding his cock straight out, she put it between her legs and closed her legs around it.
His hard shaft was flat up against her wet pussy and he started fucking motions that gave them both pleasure.

When her orgasm started to build she decided it was now or never. Leaning hard against the door jamb she rocked her hips forward opened her legs a bit and made herself accessible. She took his cock and placed it at her opening.

"Fuck me, James. Fuck me now." And he responded by pushing himself in. Now we've done it, they each thought to themselves as his thrusts became more and more energetic.

James wanted to show her what a good lover he was, but he felt himself getting ready to cum much too soon, what with the excitement of this unexpected encounter. So he stopped and pulled himself away. He turned her around and guided her to the sink. She slipped out of the nightie and bent over. He took off his top and stepped out of his shoes and shorts. Kneeling down behind her, he pulled her cheeks apart. Drops of her juices were glistening on her fur and her pink vagina opening was begging for love. He tasted the juices on her pussy lips with his tongue and then started licking the little bump that was her clit. When her orgasm blossomed from his attention there he knew it was time.

He stood up and entered her, hoping he could last a while longer. But with her exploding orgasm made stronger by his thrusts in this doggie style position, he felt himself letting go in less than a minute. He hoped she was on birth control.

Jessie moaned and exclaimed, "So good. So good," as her juices and his mingled. "Don't stop!" Thrust after thrust more and more of his semen pulsed out inside her. And she was amazed he could keep going after everything was spent. But eventually his shriveled cock popped out of her vagina and it was over.

Jessie stood and turned around. They embraced and started kissing. "I'm so glad we did this," she said, "It was wonderful."

"I'm glad too. It's just ... well ... I never cheated before.

"Me neither; I hope you believe that. But I've always had the hots for you."

"Me too. I'm glad it was you."

Standing there naked, Jessie felt a warm ooze down her leg. She reached over and grabbed a napkin and wiped it up. "Maybe we should go in there," pointing to the bedroom.

And sitting in plain view with the sheet pulled back were her panties and worse then that, the egg. Jessie turned red. James sized things up immediately and didn't help by exclaiming, "Now I know why you forgot your panties!” Then realizing her embarrassment, he added, “Oh, oh, I’m so sorry; I’m so sorry."

"Well it wasn't the most opportune time for you to knock. ... Or maybe it was," and she kissed him and dragged him into the bed. She laid him on his back and knelt beside him.

"I wasn't able to do this before," and she started sucking on his slightly swollen cock tasting the remnants of their love making. Then she licked his balls and then his shaft as it stiffened even more. Meanwhile, James and eased over to where he could kiss her ankles. And then her calves. Jessie got the idea and straightened out her legs.

Soon they were laying on their sides in 69 position. Jessie had her knee up so her pussy was fully exposed. James kissed her thighs and then licked both edges of her pussy. Jessie wrapped her lips around the tip of his rock-hard cock and tweaked it with her tongue. James saw the beads of his own cum in her pussy and aimed his pointed tongue against her clit. Jessie finally took his whole cock in her mouth and started bobbing, bobbing, bobbing with her lips tightly pressing against it.

Jessies orgasm exploded when James's tongue penetrated her vagina and practically his whole face was pressed into her pussy. It was a few more minutes before she felt his thrusts in her mouth grow more compulsive and tasted his jetting semen. It amazed her how much more he was able to produce. She swallowed several times before it was over.

Jessie laid back with her legs slightly open, a beautiful nude vision for James. James sat up and gazed at her. "You're so gorgeous," and he laid beside her kissing her. As they lay there he gently caressed her breasts and ran his hands all over her body, over her back, down her legs, lightly between her legs. She ran her hands over his chest and pulled him close for kisses.

"I'd better be going." He stood up and gazed at her naked body again. Then he went to the kitchen, put on his clothes and called Roger.

James went back to the bedroom to say goodbye and she was fast asleep with a sheet pulled over her naked form. He kissed her and ran his hand over Jessie's body through the sheets and left, locking the vision of her asleep in his mind forever.

Jessie awoke at the sound of the door closing. She groped around in the sheets til she found the egg. It was still vibrating softly. She pushed it back inside her and laid there feeling the warm glow it brought. This time her fantasy just relived that very morning. She knew it wouldn’t be the last time she and James would be together as she drifted back to sleep.

That was the start of a wonderful affair.


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