Texas Freeze - Part 2

Vic finished his pancakes first. I was still eating when he came around behind me. His hands slid down over my sweater and then slid up under. I still hadn't put on a bra and his icy hands folded against the skin of my boobs. I actually liked that and was unable to say no. I let him pull off everything up top. Eventually, I reached back between his legs to tug him around where I could see. The bulge in his pants was impressive and I opened them. His cock flopped out when I pulled down his jockeys. I watched it flop about as he slid out of his shoes and pants.

I could taste my own sex on Vic's cock as I took him in my mouth. While he was fucking my mouth, Veronica slithered out of all her clothes and came around to my side of the table. She pushed some dishes back and sat on the edge with her legs apart. It was the first time I'd had a good look at her cleanly shaved, rather plump pussy. I reached over to play there with my fingers, but Vic pulled out of my mouth and moved between her legs. He took his cock in his hand and held it at her opening.

I watched Vic's butt move in and out as he fucked his wife. I reached around to rub her clit with my thumb until he started to cum in her. But he didn't finish there. His shaft came out of her pussy and he turned to offer it to me again. Before I could open my mouth a shot of cum hit my chin. The rest landed in my throat.

Veronica beckoned me to stand up and pulled my jeans down. She knelt and started licking my pussy through my panties. Then the panties were down. Her tongue lapped at my fired up clit while two fingers pushed up inside me. My knees trembled and it was becoming hard to stand, but I leaned against the table as a wave of orgasm shook my body, "Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh."

We moved over to the sofa and it was my turn to play with Veronica. She sat on the edge and I knelt in front of her kissing her bare feet. I kissed her shins and thighs, and soon, her pussy lips. She hadn't managed to cum with Vic's sudden attention earlier, but when I licked the few drops of Vic's cum off those lips, her whole body shuddered.

She moaned deeply as my tongue found her clit and played there until she was writing with pleasure. I pushed my face in deeply and thrust my tongue into her vagina.

Apparently, Vic's shaft had come alive again, and I felt him moving up behind me. My dripping love hole welcomed his cock as Veronica's climax started to build. His hands gripped her breasts over my head as my tongue and fingers left her screaming. Things were about to explode with Vic and me but I wanted a different position.

I sat on the sofa next the Veronica, and Vic climbed up and re-entered me. He was squeezing my tits none too gently as his thrusts grew stronger and faster. Veronica helped me cum with a hand on my pussy. I grabbed her mound as Vic and I climaxed together. After we finished, Veronica got between my legs and lapped up everything that was leaking out of my pussy.

Cell phone service had been restored and I heard my phone ringing where I had left it in the kitchen. I ran over naked and saw it was my husband, Troy. "Hi Honey," I answered. "Yes, the power only comes on for a hour." .... "No." ... Veronica threw my robe over my shoulders ... "Vic next door helped me get it started one time." ... "Yeah, but then it wouldn't start." ... "No. I'm OK. I stayed with Veronica and Vic last night." ... "Yes, I did that." ... "Yes, they've been wonderful." ... Despite Veronica's earlier efforts, I felt Vic's cum oozing down my leg. ..."Sunday? Nothing sooner?" ... "When the power comes back, I'll move back to the house." ... "How's Marcus?" ... "Good" ... "I will tell them you said that." ... "Love you too. Bye bye sweetie."

We all got dressed, and I went back to our house to make sure everything was ok. The power had been on in spurts so the furnace had kept the house above freezing. One plant near a frost-covered window had bit the dust.

I stayed with Vic and Veronica through Thursday morning , when power got more reliable. Meanwhile, we had some sort of sexual escapade every night and every morning.
I tried not to feel guilty with my worrying. Alone with my toys I relived our adventures, Thursday night and Friday night, I really missed them. So I invited them over for lunch Saturday and led them up to our king sized bed after we ate.

We romped for a couple hours. Vic kept both pussies oozing his white semen, which he had to drink when I sat on his dick and Veronica sat on his face. For a treat, I took out my lube and slathered it all over his cock. I positioned his cock at my other orifice and sat on it. Veronica ate and fingered my pussy while Vic filled my rear.

"I don't know how you might feel about this," Veronica offered when that had paused, "but we have another couple coming over tonight. Alexsandra and Henry Salcido."


"They're like us. Swingers you know. It might be fun with five. "

"You mean with me?" I tried to imagine what that would be like.

"Of course." We discussed the idea for a while - with beers. "Only thing is, she's not bi." To make her point, Veronica pushed me back on the bed and ate my pussy until I came while Vic fucked her from behind.

So I went along with the plan. I watched out the window until I saw an attractive couple go in next door. I was dressed in a tight black skirt and tight red top - nothing like what I wore in the freeze. I knocked on their door and was let in and introduced. We all had drinks and snacks. I sat in an easy chair while the two couples squeezed together with their partners on the sofa.

Always the trouble maker, Veronica came around behind me and started massaging my breasts thru the fabric. My nipples had been showing and it was clear they were showing even more. Then she pulled up my skirt and reached between my legs. I wondered if my red panties were already showing a wet spot. Her hand slid in thru the waistband and down between my legs.

"Well, Henry, there's a delectable morsel here for you," Veronica offered.
She pulled off my panties and dragged my top off. My boobs fell out when she undid my red bra. Henry had stood up and moved closer. He got down on one knee and started sucking on my nipples with his hand on my pussy. He quickly found out how wet I was outside and how ready my insides were.

Vic and Sandy (Alexsandra) had wasted no time getting into it. Her panties were on the carpet, her top was pushed up, and his cock was out. They were using their hands on each other. Henry knelt and started eating my sex without taking his fingers out. I could tell his other hand was undoing his belt and trousers.

Before I knew it, Henry's cock was pressed into my love hole. He fucked me as I sat there with my skirt pulled up. Then we got down on the carpet. He entered me from behind and squeezed my boobs. Veronica took a dildo out of a drawer and masturbated in another easy chair while she watched her husband lay with Sandy on the sofa. Moans were filling the room and juices were exploding everywhere. Then, one by one, the men's glistening cocks fell out. We ladies just fell back where we were and panted.

"You better have something left for me, Henry," Veronica chided. A round of drinks later, Henry led me and Veronica into the bedroom I had stayed in only a couple of days earlier. "We usually go off separately," she added, "It seems more romantic." As she closed the door to the room, I noticed Vic and Sandy cross into the hallway behind us, headed, I figured, into the master bedroom.

It was going to be Veronica's turn, but first I took the buzzing dildo out of her hand and used it to tease her nipples and clit. Henry watched in awe as I licked her to near orgasm before she turned her tongue and the dildo on me. Henry entered her while that was happening and I thought it might be better if I stood aside and watched. She turned onto her back and he climbed over her, covering her face with kisses, squeezing her breasts and driving his cock.
Her hips rocked up against him. Her orgasm came first this time and then his.

The dildo in my vagina finally brought me to a climax as the two of them lay side by side kissing, hugging and stroking each other. I heard her murmur, "I love you," which came as a surprise since I thought the whole swinging thing was supposed to be transactional. "I love you, too," he came back.

Henry didn't really go soft this time and soon his cock was buried in me. I used the dildo to tease both my clit and his shaft as it moved in and out. His fucking lasted forever and I came twice to his once.

The five of us used both of their upstairs showers to clean up. Vic used the opportunity to push me and Sandy against the shower wall as we all washed each other. He fucked us both under the steaming spray. Then I simply got dressed and went home to prepare my mental state and some clean sheets for Troy's return the next day.

Troy was eager for sex. I pretended my need was just as urgent.


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