Summer School

Working as a baseball coach for the local high school was a fun and rewarding job. The only drawback was that in the contract for hire I needed to teach a health class. Most of the time the kids were pretty good but once in a while there were a few troublemakers who thought this was a blow off class. Now these kids are attending summer school classes so they don't fall behind a grade. It was made up of all girls to keep any distractions from arising. There were two girls in my class that needed to pass to graduate and were the only 18 year olds in a 9th grade class. One was Kay, a nice polite slender brunette who always referred to me as sir and Beth, a louder, more outspoken person who was about the same shape as Kay but a little more curvy. From what I could tell they were good friends and hung out a lot together. We reached the sex education part of the summer course which usually meant snickers and laughs from the students on certain areas. The general mechanics of sex were discussed and the lesson mentioned "and other ways" without going into any details. This is where Beth became her obnoxious self.

"Are they talking about masturbation or oral sex?" Beth asked as the rest of the class giggled and gasped.

"Well, it really does not specify what they mean." I replied, hoping to stop any more questions.

"Lets see, there is anal sex, cunnilingus, blowjobs, hand jobs, and.."

I cut her off in mid sentence with "Enough! You sit back down and stay after class!" I watched her sit down and caught Kay laughing about it. "Looks like Kay will stay after also."

The rest of the class time went by slowly while the students worked on next week's assignment. It was a Friday and all the other classes had let out already, probably because it was a 3 day holiday weekend. Finally it was time to let the class out and all the students left except Beth and Kay.

"How long do we have to stay?" asked Beth

"For about an hour or until I think you two have learned not to disrupt the class" I replied, feeling the power over them.

"Well, the book talked about other forms of sex and I took it as oral or something like that"

"We are not studying the other ways in our lesson." I said feeling the power slip away.

"Surely you have gotten a blowjob or ate some pussy before." She said with a grin while Kay had her hand in front of her mouth to conceal a smile. "There should be a chapter in the book on cock sucking."

Looking at her in disbelief and not knowing what to reply, I stood up and grabbed a yardstick from beside my desk and went over to her. "If you are gonna act like a foul mouthed delinquent, then I will treat you like one. Bend over the table and receive your punishment."

Beth calmly got up and went around to the end of the table and bent over ready to take her spanking. I raised the yardstick up but before I could swing she hiked up her skirt to reveal a red thong separating two round butt cheeks.

"Put that skirt back down." I said forcefully

"No, I have always been spanked on bare skin." she informed me.

I had to do something fast because my eyes were drawn to the little patch of fabric that covered her lips. I could see the shape of her pussy because some of the fabric was in between her lips creating a camel toe. She had to be clean shaven to wear her thong and that thought started consuming my mind. Her slightly round ass looked inviting and I thought I could see her asshole where the thin string passed over it. I could feel the blood flowing into my penis causing me to hastily slap her ass with the stick.

"Oh!" cried Beth in a pleasurable way. Then the second strike. "Mmm! How many more do I get?" I stuck her a third time and she looked at Kay and said with enthusiasm "You really need to try this!"

Feeling my penis growing in my pants I told the girls "Beth, sit back down and you two need to work on your lessons.
I think I will assign some extra work for you two." I went back to my office adjacent to the classroom to get more homework but really it was a cover so I could calm down and lose my erection. I looked around and found some extra credit assignments and after I felt back to normal returned to the classroom. I walked in to find Beth alone at her table, leaning back in her chair with her eyes half closed.

"Where did Kay go?"

"She's working on her homework." she replied with a grin on her face.

"She did not have permission to leave" I quipped as I walked to the table. "Does she need to be spanked like a delinquent too?'

Beth looked down "Do you need spanked, Kay?"

Just as I got to the table I heard Kay's voice, "Yes ma'am, I would like that very much." I walked up to the side of Beth to find her skirt hiked up, thong to the side, and Kay looking up at me with her cheeks wet from having her face buried in Beth's crotch.

"I didn't say stop!" Beth barked as she grabbed Kay by the hair and forced her face between her legs. Beth pulled up and down on her hair to guide Kay's face where she wanted her mouth. I watched in awe while Kay's mouth and cheeks plowed through Beth's pussy lips. The sound of wet sloshing could be heard as Kay's saliva mixed with Beth's juices. I stood there frozen watching the action while Beth noticed the bulge forming in the front of my pants. Watching Kay pull her head slightly back and run her tongue through the labia in front of her I didn't realize Beth had started rubbing the outline of my erect penis.

"She will suck your cock if I tell her to." Beth stated as she started pulling down on my zipper. I just stood there in the surreal moment as her hand clenched on my penis and guided it out of the restraining briefs then through the opening of my fly, standing at attention.

"Come here, bitch!" Beth commanded Kay, "Suck his dick and do a good job!"

"Yes ma'am.
" Kay replied. She got on her knees in front of me and placed both hands around my shaft and began to stroke while her tongue ran on the underside of the head. She noticed some pre-cum droplets on the head and used her tongue in precision to clean them off. Kay even went so far as to use her thumbs to press on both sides of the head so the hole would open up more and she could run her tongue across to get all the secreted fluid. Finally she put her warm mouth over the head and slid halfway down the shaft. I could not believe it was happening but was certainly happy it was. Kay worked her tongue on the bottom side of my shaft as she continued to bob her head up and down. Meanwhile, Beth had unbuttoned her blouse then took my hand and guided it into her bra. I had a big handful of her perfect breast topped off by a fully erect nipple which I started to play with.

"What the fuck?!" Beth exclaimed looking at Kay sucking on my cock. "Why are you only going halfway? Your chin should be buried in his balls on every stroke!" Beth pulled Kay away from me and demonstrated what she wanted. First she spit on the head and took my cock in her mouth, with one smooth motion my whole cock disappeared in her mouth. She pulled all the way back with her saliva dripping from my shaft then went back down until her chin was rubbing my scrotum. She proceeded to do this several times effortlessly while I enjoyed the warmth and wetness of her mouth and throat. Beth moved to the side and let Kay back in.

"Now you do it." Beth demanded. Kay put my cock in her mouth but still only went half way down on it. "Fuckin bitch, swallow it!" commanded Beth while she grabbed Kay's head and forced my cock down her throat. "Take it all!" I could feel my cock hitting the back of Kay's throat while Beth forced her chin to touch my balls. I could see her face turning red and eyes start to bulge before Beth pulled her back. Catching her breath and coughing Kay had gobs of saliva running down her chin.
Beth quickly grabbed her head again and forced it over my dick. She had Kay deep throating with every stroke. Beth then got behind me, grabbed Kay's hair and violently pulled her face over my cock. She let Kay fall back on her own but then used her hair as handles to jam my cock down her throat.

"That's how you suck a cock, you stupid cunt!" Beth said proudly.

After forcing Kay to deep throat my cock, Beth goes over to her book bag and pulls out what looks like a pink dog collar. She fastens it around Kay's neck and has a short leash with it.

"Fucking bitch needs to listen a little better" she quipped "this usually helps."

She immediately pulls the leash to lead her subordinate up on the classroom table. She pulls down on it so Kay's head is down on the table and rear is up in the air. Beth pulls down Kay's underwear and flips up her skirt to reveal a perfect view of bald pussy lips and a tight asshole. Beth runs her index finger up the slit and slightly penetrates easily into the moist lips. She puts her finger in her mouth and sucks on it creating a mmm sound.

"This little slut tastes so good, do you want some?" she asked me. All I could do was nod a yes while she spread Kay's lips apart and I dug my tongue in deep tasting her young wet cunt. I could feel her sweet juices running from her pussy and down my throat every time I cupped my tongue to collect them. My penis ached to be inside her and like reading my mind Beth pushed my head back and asked "I bet you want to put your cock in this little whore bitch, don't you?" This time I managed an audible yes.

"Let me get her ready for you." Beth replied while she pushed a finger deep into Kay's hole. After several strokes Beth added another finger then started to somewhat jam them into Kay. She did it even harder and I could hear Kay's wet pussy sloshing with the hard strokes. Kay moaned a bit which made Beth smack her on the ass with her free hand and tell her "I'll tell you when to enjoy it!"

"Yes ma'am," Kay muttered.

After prodding and twisting Beth finally removed her fingers and let me square up to Kay's behind. Beth automatically grabbed my cock and guided me into Kay's hot wet hole. I pushed in farther feeling Kay's muscles grabbing on my shaft but I slid in easily through her self lubricated canal. I went a little slow enjoying the feeling of her wetness, tightness, and warmth. Beth started rubbing her still wet fingers over Kay's little asshole while watching my cock slide in and out of her subject. Eventually she dropped some saliva in Kay's crack and swirled it around with her finger just before she plunged a finger inside. I started pumping harder, making my ball sack slap against Kay's clit while Beth added another finger to jam into her ass. Kay started showing some enjoyment which seemed to piss Beth off. She slapped her on the face and forced her two exploring fingers into Kay's mouth.

"Here cunt, taste your ass!" she ordered, slapping her a few more times with her other hand. "See what I mean? Fucking whore, I'll tell you when to enjoy it!" Kay muttered some more but I was unable to understand with the fingers in her mouth. Beth motioned to me "Bring that cock over here and stuff it in the bitch's mouth." I pulled out of Kay's dripping wet pussy and positioned my erection in front of her face. Beth was holding Kay's head down with both hands and put her knee behind it. I slid into Kay's mouth, enjoying the feeling of her tongue stud rubbing on my shaft.

"C'mon, fuck that hole just like her cunt. Make her taste herself all the way down her throat." I pushed harder and faster while Beth held Kay's head perfectly still. I was really starting to enjoy using Kay as a fuck toy and jammed my cock down her throat without any care if she could breathe or if she was gagging. I pulled out and slapped my cock on her cheek while spit ran out of her mouth and dripped off the table. Inserting my cock again, I put my hands on her head too and really jammed my rod in her mouth, giving her a proper skull fucking. Beth smiled as she watched Kay's face turning red from the lack of oxygen and the gobs of saliva pouring out when I finally pulled out.

"Is there anything else you would like to do to her?" Beth asked

"I have never gotten a girl to do anal sex with me." I said a bit sheepishly "Will she let me do that?"

"What?" Beth exclaimed "I tell her what she will do and what she will like! If you want to fuck the whore in the ass then go ahead, it's not her first time."

Beth pulled on the leash and ordered Kay flat on her back. I was eager to try anal like I had seen in the porn movies. Beth made her slave hold her legs back leaving herself wide open to me. Aiming my penis over her hole I watch as the head disappears inside. Her hole feels so tight against my shaft I'm afraid I might cum right inside her. Beth spits some saliva lube on my cock as I work it in to loosen up Kay's anal passage. It's not long before I can go balls deep in Kay's ass with full pounding strokes. Beth stuffed about three fingers inside Kay's vagina then used her other hand to lightly pinch the labia on either side. Kay didn't make a sound while Beth used her thumb and index finger to pinch her clit, even rolling it between her fingers. Watching Beth work made me even more eager to fuck Kay like a slut, so I stuck two fingers in Kay's pussy to join the ones Beth had already inserted. Kay's pussy was wetter than ever so I pulled out of her ass and after removing fingers, pushed my cock between her lips and deep in her hole. Feeling the hot wetness of Kay's pussy felt wonderful then Beth had another idea.

"Hey, watch this," she said. Beth worked her fingers around the labia while I still slid in and out then was actually able to slide two fingers between my cock and Kay's lips. "Haha, I'm finger banging and your fucking her at the same time! You had no idea this quiet innocent little girl was such a slutty whore!" Amazed by what I saw, she was right. Knowing about Kay now made me want to take her and fuck her anytime I wanted, make her do what I wanted and she would fulfill my every wish and do it happily.

Kay was trying hard not to show enjoyment with a cock and two fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Beth had me pull out and continue with my anal fucking of her slave while she inserted another finger into Kay. I really enjoyed watching my cock disappear into Kay's ass and watch her face, like she was concentrating. Beth twisted her three fingers into Kay while pushing in and out. At times I could feel the pressure on my shaft from Beth's fingers jamming inside. Beth slapped Kay's pussy and clit a few times with her free hand while her slave experienced both pain and pleasure.

"Ok, enough of this" said Beth, "I'm going to need a cock in my ass. This little bitch needs to fulfill my needs." She starts picking up a few things as I ask "Where are you going?"

"To your office. There is a couch and carpeting in there."

"Makes sense" I said thinking how easily someone could walk in on us.

We all went back to my office where I locked the door behind us. Beth walked straight to the couch and propped herself up to it upside down. Her head and neck were on the floor while her legs were up in the air.

"Come here you fucking whore bitch." she directed at Kay "You need to lick my cunt and asshole so it can be fucked."

Without hesitation Kay promptly straddled Beth and buried her head between the legs in the air.

"Bitch, bury your tongue deep in my hole and make me wet. Tell me how much you like eating my pussy!"

"Mmmm," Kay replied, "I love tasting your sweet pussy juices, ma'am."

Beth motioned me over, "Put your cock in one of her holes, I don't want you going limp before I get some more." I obeyed and slid my shaft back into Kay's tight ass. I had to re-lube it with some saliva to get back to full strokes and sliding in balls deep inside her. A few times I held my erection buried in her ass while Beth licked on my ball sack, sometimes sucking my whole sack into her mouth. At the other end I could tell Kay was pulling the pussy lips apart while she concentrated on Beth's clit. "Ooh that feels so good, stick a finger in my ass too." Kay obliged by spitting on her anus and working her finger around the hole before pushing it in. She stroked the hole for a minute before inserting the second finger. Beth enjoyed it for several minutes before telling me "I'm ready for that cock of yours."

I got myself positioned on the couch and in full view of Beth's private areas. "Bitch, get that cock nice and wet before he puts it in my ass" Beth demanded. Kay put her head between Beth's legs and her mouth over my dick. I jammed my cock right down her throat up to my balls and held it there until she gagged, then pulled out. I stroked her mouth hard while gobs of saliva poured from her cheeks. Kay sucked the excess from my penis and let it run off her tongue right on to Beth's asshole. I replace my cock into her mouth to get more lube for my dick, grabbing Kay's head and violently fucking her skull until more saliva poured from her lips. I pulled out and was now ready to try out Beth's bum hole.

I slowly fed the head of my cock into Beth's wet ass. She gave a moan of delight as my shaft continued into her. "Hey, you fuckin' lazy bitch," she directed at Kay "get your mouth down there and lick my pussy and clit!" Kay obeyed and I watched her tongue flick Beth's clit as she pulled the skin back tight to expose it. A few times she looked up at me making eye contact, while she sucked on the clit and my cock just two inches away, sliding in and out of Beth's ass. Kay worked her tongue deep in between the lips and down in the hole, lapping at it like a dog. Beth slapped her ass "get a couple of fingers in there you fucking cunt, you know how I like it! Beth demanded while she inserted a few fingers inside Kay. Three fingers were pushed into Beth's pussy while her clit was teased by Kay's tongue. Kay twisted her hand right and left, in and out, while I continued to pound the asshole and my balls slapping her ass crack. "Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good!" Beth exclaimed. The friction of her ass and watching Kay stir and play with her pussy was beginning to be too much and I could feel a heat flash come over my body. "I'm gonna cum!" I said, not knowing whether to just cum in her ass or pull out and shoot it somewhere.

"Pull out and shoot it on my cunt!" Beth ordered. I waited until the last possible second and pulled my cock out of her ass and shot a few thick creamy loads right on her pussy. Kay had already backed away a little and looked at the cum covered lips and clit before automatically reaching up with her mouth to clean the rest of the cum dripping from my dick. Kay licked off every drop from my cock, obviously swallowing it, while she pulled on it like she was milking a cow to get it all. Since I figured we were done, I removed myself from the couch and started looking for my clothes. Beth had other ideas. "C'mon you whore bitch, you know what I want."

"Yes ma'am" was Kay's reply. Kay got up and swung her leg around so it was resting on the couch, bent at the knee. She lowered herself down slightly so their cunts were about an inch apart. She grabbed one of Beth's out stretched legs and dropped down smashing her pussy into Beth's. Kay thrust her hips forward and back while Beth did the same. They were both grinding my cum on their pussies, getting faster and harder as they went. Beth called a stop for a moment as she took her hands and pulled her lips apart, telling Kay to do the same. I could see my cum dripping off Kay's pussy while she pulled her lips apart and lowered herself back down on Beth's open cunt. This time they went slow but hard, Kay using Beth's leg as leverage to put more pressure on their soaking wet lips rubbing together. The grinding became faster the more they enjoyed it, the heat and the wetness, feeling the other woman's pussy on their own. Within a few minutes both their bodies were jerking somewhat as they hoped to climax together. Kay started to go first which prompted Beth to release her orgasm too. "Holy fuckin' shit!" Beth yelled as she thrust her pelvis uncontrollably "Grind my pussy you fuckin' whore! Fuck!!" Kay was thrusting hard on Beth as they both climaxed together. Kay raised up a little bit as cum and pussy juice dripped from her cunt onto Beth's soaked pussy. "Ok you dirty slut, give me that treat." Beth ordered.

Kay got down to Beth's glistening snatch and proceeded to lick and suck the cum mixture off of the labia and clit. She sucked up a mouthful of my cum and both of theirs and hovered above Beth's mouth which was wide open. Kay let the mixture run off her lips into Beth's mouth which she let run down the back of her throat. Kay leaned down and swished her tongue in Beth's mouth playfully with what was left. "Mmm, I just love a cum cocktail!" Beth exclaimed. "Lay on the floor, bitch I got some more for you." Kay laid on the floor while Beth held her hand over her twat, got up, then hovered over Kay's face. "Open up your mouth whore, I've got something for ya." Kay obeyed while Beth spread her pussy lips wide open and let any cum left in her pussy drip out into Kay's waiting mouth. A few small gobs of semen and female juices found their way onto Kay's extended tongue until there was just a sticky string of fluid tying pussy and tongue together. Beth lowered herself on Kay's mouth "Dig some more of that cum out of my pussy, slut bitch!" I could tell Kay was working her tongue inside of Beth, searching for the last of the cum. When she was done, Beth dismounted and lightly slapped Kay's face and squeezed her cheeks with one hand. "You are such a fucking cum hungry slut whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Kay replied with a grin on her face.

Beth got up and grabbed the leash that was still attached to Kay and led her like a dog over to me. She handed me the leash, "I'm going to college this fall and can't take her with me. Would you take care of her while I'm away? You can use her anytime you want."

Flabbergasted, I said "What?

"Just tell her when you need her and she will be there. You can fuck her or use her for a coffee table if you want." Beth explained. "She will do anything you want and if she causes problems there are ways to deal with that too."

Wow, I thought. I can put my dick in this young slut every night if I want to. I can sit in my chair sipping a beer while she is sucking my cock. I'd be crazy not to accept. "Ok," I said "what do I do?"

Beth looked at Kay. "He will be your master and you are to satisfy him anyway he sees fit. If he wants you to suck his dick or piss your pants you are to do it. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am. Very clear."

I thought I would try it out. "Bitch Kay, suck my cock."

"Yes sir." Kay replied as she took my limp cock into her mouth and started stroking it.

"This is going to be a great experience" I thought to myself.


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