Luck And Love: Iii_(0)

Michael found the house relatively easily, seeing as it was the only one with roses in the garden. As he walked up towards the front steps he remembered the day with bliss. His watch read 4:48, his arrival slightly earlier than the time had requested. But then this was not exactly a meeting demanding accuracy. He skipped up the steps two at a time and knocked on the door gently. He needed to know if she was just waiting for him, as he wanted her to be, right on the other side of the wood. The door flew open before he had even tapped out the third knock and Michael was greeted with the sight of the tiny freshman girl who he so needed to see. If he had thought about the meeting he would have realized that he wasn’t just wanting to have her and be done, or looking for any benefits as their first meeting given him. He had nearly creamed himself at the feeling of her hand on the bulge of his pants. No… he was just elated to have someone.
Rose gently swung the door gently as Michael entered, reaching out like a waiting to be picked up. He indulged her happily, grabbing her like he had in class and pulling her to him. The door shut quietly and Michael spun around and backed Rose up against it, one hand supporting her ass and the other around her waist. Her hands were busier than his, one roaming his hair and clawing his scalp while the other was wrapped around his neck to keep his lips attached to hers. They kissed hard, each burning with the same lust and desire that they had before. They each took a deep breath as they separated, looking deep into one another’s eyes for the first time since their first kiss that afternoon. Rose allowed her back to straighten against the door, smiling at him and breathing deeply. Her chest was thrust toward him, her stomach exposed ever so slightly just above her short shorts. Michael looked at her with mixed, unidentifiable feelings. He couldn’t tell what this amazing girl was to him; he just felt that she was important. She pulled his face towards hers for another kiss, making him press her harder against the door and press himself harder into her.

She moaned as his lips traveled down to her neck, stopping at the point where her shoulders began and her neck ended.
Once he had created a full hickey on her neck he let her off of the wall, allowing her to drop to the ground and pull him towards the couch. When they reached it she pulled his hand to her and wrapped it around her waist, pulling his head towards hers and rising up onto her toes to meet him. As they kissed she pulled him over, causing them both to fall onto the couch with his crotch firmly placed between her legs and his lips still locked tightly to hers. She ground her hips hard against the large bulge in his pants. The kiss became more passionate, tongues exploring each other’s mouths and gasps sounding from each as they went from moving sensually against one another to writhing in desperation. Michael couldn’t fathom what was happening it was all moving so quickly. He pushed his crotch harder and harder against hers, feeling the warmth that came with it.
He pulled off of her lips and moved his kiss back down to her neck. She purred as he lightly bit the spot, moaned as he moved up and nibbled her ear. His hands were now moving up her back, the bare warmth feeling incredible to his hands. He reached her bra and moved his kiss back down to her lips, giving her one deep, long kiss. His hands undid the clasp slowly, giving her a chance to stop him. He almost wanted her to stop him. But she gasped and moaned when he pulled her shirt up to reveal her stomach, grabbing the hem of her shirt and finishing the job herself. Once the shirt was gone and the bra fell Rose grabbed the back of Michael’s head and pulled is face to hers before grabbing a hand and placing his palm on her breast. He took the message and pushed her down hard onto the couch, his hand lightly playing with her nipple as she moaned into his tongue.
When finally Rose let him up for air Michael attacked her breasts, licking and sucking one fiercely as her played with the other one.
He made an effort to find what made her moan and squirm, every once and a while biting lightly just to make her squeal. After a few minutes Michael, remembering how difficult it was to make a woman orgasm with just her breasts, slid his hand gently down her belly towards her shorts. Before he could get there he stopped on her belly button and rubbed around it, eliciting another moan and making her wiggle.
“Gooodddd…what are you… ooooh! …doing to me…” Her question made Michael smile as his hand finally went down and dipped to her shorts. He rubbed on the outside of the fabric for a few minutes while she purred, though finally he pulled his hand up and dipped his fingers inside of her shorts and panties. Her reaction was immediate, a squeal and constant moan as his fingers rubbed on the outside of her lips. He switched nipples and hands as she arched her back, the pleasure making her heart speed up and her breaths become shallow. After a few minutes he felt her tremble, a small orgasm shooting through her. With this in mind he prepared to go down and make her cum full on, but before he had the chance she stopped him.
“Michael… God I need you to kiss me!” He climbed up her small body and fulfilled her request. As they kissed she wrapped her legs around him and rolled the two of them over, herself on top of him and grinding her crotch against his fingers. Then before he even knew what was going on Rose had extricated his had from her shorts and journeyed down towards his, undoing his belt and grinning up at him as she did so.
“My mother got off of work at five thirty, she’ll be here in fifteen minutes… I hope you can last ten minutes, cause I need to taste your cock!” With that she grabbed his shorts by the now loose belt and pulled, not realizing at first why it took so much to pull down his underwear. She had thought guys liked their underwear loose… then his cock sprung up from inside of the boxers and she realized why he wore them so tight.
Even with the open palm he had given her earlier she never imagined it being large. She wrapped her hand around it and examined it, rubbing up and down and seeing just how big it was. Her tiny hand barely fit around it, and she had to move her hand quite far to jerk him off completely. Michael now knew just what effect women had on men. Previously he had thought himself eight inches with a lot of loose skin, if that was possible. Now, standing fully erect without a single piece of skin loose it was nine and a half at minimum, with a huge purple head from a lack of attention. Her hand felt so fucking good on the hot flesh of his cock that he nearly came in her hand. But as he watched she leaned forward and licked the head, even taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. As Rose’s lips closed around the head of his swollen cock Michael knew he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He came hard and fast, unable to warn her against the assault of his seed on her throat. Somehow she managed to understand his dazed message enough to know what was coming. As he came she her head down on his length until his head was poking at her throat, making him cum straight into her stomach. Michael shot for what must have been five minutes, flooding her mouth until it leaked down onto his balls. Finally he was out of seed, and she swallowed the last of it. After she cleaned off the head Michael watched in amazement as she slid her lips down his cock to lick up his cum that had dripped onto his nuts. When she reached his sack she sucked on each ball individually. Michael groaned as he watched her, her eyes focused on his own as she did all of it. As his cock deflated she finished the blowjob by wrapping her lips around the head and began sucking, bobbing her head up and down on his member until she had taken the entire seven inches of his semi-hard cock. Finally she released and slid back up to face him, giving him a huge smile and placing her head on his chest.
“We’ve still got eight minutes… what do you want to do?” She looked up at him from her place on his chest, something that seemed so natural and pleasing to Michael that he needed to give her the same thing she had given him.

“I’ve got a few ideas…” Michael wrapped a hand around her back and slid her up his chest so that he could kiss her, ignoring the hint of cum that he could taste on her tongue. Her lips tasted like cherries… Chap Stick he realized. He hadn’t noticed it before. He rolled her over onto her back and moved back down to her breasts for just a minute before sliding down to her shorts and yanking them down. She gasped as his fingers probed at her slit, and cried out in pleasure as his lips met hers. She proceeded to thrash as he pushed his tongue deep inside of her, reaching depths that his curious fingers had failed to reach. As a novice Michael did his best to make her feel like there was an agenda. In truth he was trying places and seeing if one spot in particular was important, and if t wasn’t he resumed thrusting in and out. In ignorance, using this method, he stumbled onto her G-spot, that elusive little spot hidden from view and attention. Once he hit it he marked it in his memory, as he had the spots he had seen on Candy’s stunning frame. Rose began to buck and writhe beneath his attentions, him to hold her hips down. Her hands were there in a heartbeat, clawing through his hair as she began a steep climb towards her orgasm.
“MICHAAAAEEEELLLLLLL!” Rose screamed as she felt the biggest orgasm she had ever endured rip through her being. Her vision became black as juices flowed freely from her slit, Michael drinking them up as fast as he could. The taste of honeyed rose petals came to mind as he drank the nectar of the young, untarnished woman. HE rose when she was spent, her breathing heavy and ragged as she recovered from the rush of chemicals through her entire body. She limply swung an arm out and grabbed him with her fingers. Putting up her arms in a ‘help me up’ gesture, she smiled at him weakly. He grabbed her arms and gently pulled her to her feet. She wasn’t nearly as weak as she looked. The two kissed lightly, holding each other with care as the sound of the garage door opening reached them. Rose escorted him to the door as they dressed, taking their time getting there as each found their individual clothing. By the time the garage shut they were fully dressed and at the front. They kissed one last time before he left her house, Michael pushing his hands into her shorts and stroking her clit once more before he had to leave, making her shake a bit under his touch. He left her with the smile stuck on his face, as he had before.


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