Step Daughters' Desire Chapter 13

Step Daughters' Desire chapter 13

Angela, Diann and Kim Li the three run-away slaves lay restful in each of their beds after being persuade, captured, punished, gang raped and raped by dogs. Caylie, Cristin and Janis cleaned the cum from the girls. Janis covered and kissed Kim Li telling her she will tell her when lunch is ready. Cristin still in a little shock from the game cleaned Diann, covered her and gave her a kiss of a loving sister. Caylie cleaned Angela, feeling a strong sisterly love for her, and crawled in the bed next to Angela pulling the covers over them. She ask Angela if she wanted her to stay with her for a while as she hugged Angela close. Diann moaned and told her she would like that very much as she drifted into an exhausted sleep. Caylie held her lovingly as she slept.

Janis quietly opened Angela's door as she did not see Caylie in the hall with Cristin. Caylie raised her head and looked to the open door. Janis ask if everything is alright. Caylie smiled and said. “I thought she might need some TLC.” Janis smiled and closed the door.

As they walked to the kitchen to help with lunch. Cristin said. “Janis, I don't know what has happened to Caylie. I have never seen her so cheerful and happy before, and Angela said it is because Mr. Brown spanked her.” Janis laughed. “Cristin you can't understand because apparently you never had anyone that cared enough about you to punish you for wrong doing.” She replied. “I could never love anyone that abused me by spanking me.” Janis smiled. “You can't understand it right now. Master did not spank her to abuse her. He spanked her to teach her discipline to help her be a better person because he cares very much about you girls.””Before you realize it his caring will turn to love as if you are his daughters.”

“I don't think I want to be one of his daughters after I have seen what he does to them.” “Cristin, what he does to them and the rest of us is an expression of love that we crave from him.

He does not do those things for all his pleasure. He gets pleasure from pleasing us.” “He only gives us what we need and desire to show our love for him.” “Put yourself in his position. It is not easy for one man to make seven different women that he loves very deeply happy.”

He actually feels everything we feel and goes to bed each night very exhausted, but he some how finds the time and energy with the help of a little blue pill to give us what we want, need and desire.” “Janis, I just can't understand how you all can enjoy being abused.”

Janis tried to explain to Cristin that it is not abuse it is love. She told her that she spent sixteen years in a very abusive marriage wanting to kill the bastard that beat her often and never showed any real love for her. Frank showed her the love pain side of a loving relationship and loving pain is love and pleasure. Janis told her. “I think you should talk to Caylie about what she is feeling that has made her so cheerful and happy. Hearing it from your sister will help you understand what we and she feels.” “I think she will be wanting to join the family as one of us before to long. She is acting like my daughters did before they begged to be used, abused and fucked by our Master.” After they spent one weekend with him teaching them what he taught me they begged to join me as sister slaves.” “Master is so loving he was hesitant to accept them as slaves worried that it would take from my happiness until I convinced him that having them serve him and he loving, supporting, protecting them as he does me would make me even happier than I was.”

“As you know there is seven of us slaves serving and loving our Master as he loves each of us equally.” “I don't know if you have noticed there is always a smile and cheerful attitudes with each of us. That comes for being so happy that we are so happy and secure with Master. The most wonderful man alive.”

Cristin became very quiet as in deep thought about what Janis explained to her.
She thought she could not wait to talk to Caylie. She helped them start lunch and talked cheerfully with six of the happiest women she has ever seen. She is starting to notice just how happy these slave women are to be where they are.

Master Frank has spent the morning in the play room using and fucking Sandra. When they got to the play room he tied her between to vertical post in a standing spread eagle with leather cuffs on her wrist and ankles stretched to the post. He tied a rope around her waist pulling the long lose end between her legs dissecting her her ass cheeks and pussy lips. He pulled the crotch rope tight enough that it pressed on her clit to the point it was uncomfortable but not painful unless she tried to relax and lower her bottom which pressed the rope on her pussy and clit. She is forced to push her pussy out and up on the rope tied to a crossbar above and in front of her. He blindfolded and gagged her before he beat her back, ass and legs with a cane and used a riding crop on her tits, stomach, pussy and thighs. She thrashed and screamed with each blow on her back or front. He stopped beating her when her screams turned to moans and cum gushed from her pussy.

He dropped the crop and cane and put a buzzing hitachi directly on her clit held by the crotch rope. He bound her upper body below and above her tits pulling two strands of rope from back over her shoulders each side of her neck. He threaded the two ropes under the horizontal tit rope squeezing them together forcing pressure on her tits forcing them to balloon and darken to a dark red. She screamed “Aaaaheeeee” as the pain from the nipple clamps shot through her nipples and body to her cunt slamming her with another hard orgasm forcing cum to gush to the mat below.

As she shook and moaned with the persistent orgasm he moved behind her splitting the two ropes in her ass crack and pushed his throbbing hard cock deep in her anal passage until his balls pressed against her ass cheeks.
When her ass relaxed the grip on his love rod he fucked in and out hard with long hard strokes. She grunted and moaned as she enjoyed getting ass fucked by her loving Master. Another colossal orgasm pushed through her like a tidal wave from the stimulation of the buzzing hitachi pressed on her clit by the painful crotch rope and the big cock using her ass. She screamed, her body shook violently, her ass and pussy clamped hard and she squirted a huge amount of cum. She is about to calm when Master blasted cum deep in her ass triggering another devilish orgasm making her squirt more cum. She went limp in her bondage and Master untied her and removed the hitachi and gag.

She fell limp in his arms semi-conscious and he carried her to the spanking bench putting he face done on the bench resting her knees on the lower leg supports. He removed the nipple clamps making her squeal as the painful blood rushed into her nips. He tied her wrist to the front legs of the bench, her spread legs to the leg supports leaving her helpless with her ass, pussy and mouth ready for more use. He used the leather paddle to spank her ass as he zapped her back, legs, ass cheeks and tits forcing her to scream and struggle in her bondage. When her screams became softer he dropped the zapper and paddle moving between her spread knees he knelt and licked and sucked her cum filled pussy. She moaned and tried to push into his face feeling the immense pleasure in her cunt building yet another powerful orgasm.

She almost erupted another orgasm when he bit lightly on her clit. When he held it between his teeth she gushed cum into his mouth and face. He licked her cum up and swallowed the sweet nectar from her love hole. Her body shook during the long orgasm draining her body and strength. He stood and rammed his cock balls deep in her ass before she could recover from the powerful orgasm controlling her body. She screamed as the sudden assault in her ass renewed the orgasm forcing her cunt to gush more cum.
He fucked her hard, fast and deep not allowing the orgasm to end. She felt she is getting faint when he jerked his rod from her ass and shoved it balls deep in her pussy slamming his balls into her clit. She screamed and squirted more cum to join the large pool of cum on the mat below. As he felt his own orgasm coming he pulled from her pussy and pushed his pulsing hard cock deep in her throat squirting shot after shot of cum down into her stomach. She moaned and went limp unconscious from the overload of pain and pleasure.

When she came to she was sitting on his lap, head resting on his shoulder, leaking cum on his legs and the couch. He was kissing her forehead and cheek holding her close to his body. She blinked to focus and slipped her arms around his neck hugging him tight. “Are you alright my little slut?” She replied. “Master, I am sore, exhausted, drained of all cum, totally satisfied and happier than any girl can be.”

He stood cradling her in his arms and carried her toward her room as she smiled and kissed is neck over and over as he carried her. As they got to the kitchen he paused and asks. “Whose turn is it to bring the gator aid for my little bundle of love?” Caylie quickly said. “I will gladly bring it, Sir.” He smiled as Elise got two gator aids from the fridge and led the way up the stairs. Caylie looked dejected and Janis hugged her. “Caylie your not ready yet.” “To help by bringing gator aid.” Janis and Monique chuckled. “Caylie when he has a play room session with one of us and brings us to our room who ever takes gator aid for the exhausted slave with him gets a special reward that you are not ready for yet.” “I don't understand.” “Caylie one of us takes gator aid, opens the door and turns the covers down and Master fucks us in the ass or pussy and sometimes both.”

Caylie said. “After he has fucked Sandra senseless he can do that? Wow, what a man.” Janis and Monique laughed. Monique said. “Caylie, that is what we have been telling you. He does that for us to keep us from being left out for a day. Janis or I will go wake them for lunch and will get fucked.” “No wonder you are so cheerful and happy all the time getting all that love from him.” Caylie said. “I want that joy and happiness too.” Cristin said. “Sis, we need to talk.” taking Caylie by the hand and went to the entertainment room.

She sat on the divan with Caylie next to her. She looked at Caylie seriously.

“Sis, what is going on with you? I know you are happier than I have ever seen you and I am happy for you, but you just as much as said you want to be his slave.” Caylie smiled. “Cristin, you don't know the joy it gives you to know you are loved enough that someone will punish you because he cares about you and even loves you. It is like Angela told me and I found out for myself. It is love not abuse. “He does not like to punish any of us, but does it because he cares enough to teach us discipline so we will be better people that he can be proud of.” Cristin replied. “You don't think it was abuse when he spanked you?” “No sis, not at all it was an expression of love for me and I tell you now he loves you just as much.” “He will punish you too because he does love you if you does something wrong.”

Cristin said. “I know that I want to be as cheerful and happy as you have become, but I don't think I want him to punish me.” “Cristin, I smoked that joint so he would catch me and take me to the play room to punish me thinking all I had to do is use the safe word to prevent it but would get to satisfy my curiosity about the play room.” “He surprised me by putting me over his knees and spanking my bottom. While he was spanking me making me struggle to get free from him and the spanking I realized that he was not abusing me.” “He was punishing me out love for me. That is when the pain turned to pleasure and joy in my heart and I had an orgasm in my panties.”

“When he stopped spanking me he sat me in his lap, held me close and asks me why I knowingly broke the no drug use rule.” “My heart almost burst with joy and love as he held me and talked to me so I would not feel abused, alone and unforgiven.” “Cristin, I love you very much and I think you know that. I hope you come to feel the love from and for this family as I do now.”

“Caylie, are you serious about becoming a slave for him?” Caylie replied.

“I feel doing that I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I will be his slave for his love and guidance giving me joy and happiness that I can see seven other women have already. Their love is not just for him but each other.” “Wouldn't you like to be part of a happy family feeling loved and and part of something great.” “Caylie, I am not sure I can.” “Cristin, do something to get him to punish you and I promise you will see what I am telling you.” Cristin sat quiet for several minutes and asks. “Do you have any joints left?” Caylie smiled. “No, I flushed them when he told me that I would be forgiven once I got rid of my stash. Then he kissed me and told me I was forgiven. You don't know how his forgiveness pleased me.”

They sat in silence for a few more minutes then Caylie said. “He does not allow drinking and there is liquor in the wet bar over there.” as she pointed to the corner of the room. Cristin took a small bottle of bourbon to her room for later. Monique stepped in the entertainment room and told them lunch is almost ready. They thanked her and followed to the kitchen to help set the table for lunch.

Mean while Elise sat the gator aid on the night stand in Sandra's room as Master visited the bathroom. She was bent over with her legs spread giving a great view of her naked ass and pussy as she pulled the covers up for Sandra handing her the open bottle of gator aid. Her eyes and mouth flew open when Master pushed his cock deep in her lubed ass. She braced herself on the side of the bed, head down and pushed back onto Master's hard cock driving it deep in her bung hole. She grunted with each stroke and moaned as the pleasure raced through her. She was on the edge of an orgasm when he reached around pinching and rolling her clit between his thumb and fore finger. This triggered her massive orgasm gushing cum down her inner thighs.

He pulled out of her ass, turned her and said. “Clean it.” She quickly dropped to her knees swallowing is cock into her throat as she sucked and licked it clean of her ass. He slowly pulled from her mouth and she looked up at him, smiling. “Thank you Master. I love you.” He lifted her to her feet and gave her a passionate kiss, slapped her on the butt making her squeal and giggle. She turned to Sandra kissed her and told her she loved her too. She went back to the kitchen where the girls smiled at her. “Janis asks. “Ass or pussy.” Elise giggled. “Ass and mouth.” they laughed and finished setting the lunch table.

Monique asks Caylie and Cristen if they would like to alert the three run-away slaves that lunch will be ready in about an hour giving them a chance to shower before lunch. Caylie smiled. “Will we get fucked for doing it?” they all laughed and Janis told her. “No. Master is resting if not asleep with Sandra.”

Caylie giggled. “A girl can hope can't she?” Cristin followed her up the stairs. “Caylie, I thought about it and I think you are right. I want to join the family with you if he will have us.” Caylie squealed and hugged her. “You will be happy you did if he will have us, and I think he will.” Cristin ask. “Do you think we should ask at lunch or talk to Janis first. She will help us.” Caylie replied. “I think we should talk to Janis and the others and let Janis ask for us. What do you think?” “Sis as usual you have the brains. Janis it is.”

As they woke Angela, Diann and Kim Li they told them what they wanted and ask if they will have their support. Angela giggled and told Caylie of course she will support her and welcome her as a sister slave if it happens. Cristin told Diann what she and Caylie wanted and ask for her support and got the same reaction as Caylie did. Angela and Diann showered as Caylie and Cristin went to wake Kim Li. When Kim Li sat on the edge of the bed they sat either side of her putting their arm around her. She smiled. “What is on your pretty little minds, girls.” They giggled and told her what they wished for and ask for her support. She hugged both of them telling them that she would most certainly support them and suggested that they ask Janis to tell Master. They laughed and Kim Li said. “Oh, I see you already thought of that. Smart girls. I think you will fit right in if we can make it happen.

An hour later Monique went to Sandra's room to wake them. Master woke telling her that he and Sandra will be down as soon as they have a shower. Monique smiled, dropped to her knees, flipped her skirt up, spread her knees and put her head on the floor. “Would Master like to use one of my holes for his pleasure?” The erotic sight before him gave him an instant hard on.

“Do you want me to use one of your holes?” She moaned “Yes Master, I would like that very much if it pleases Master.”

He went to his knees between her legs and lined his cock up to her lubed ass hole and said. “I am going to use all your holes, slave.” She squealed. “Oh yes Master please do if it pleases you I will be thrilled.” She grunted and her eyes and mouth flew open as he rammed his cock balls deep with the first thrust. She grunted with each stroke in her ass and moaned as the pleasure started to grow to an orgasm. He pounded her ass until he felt her nearing an orgasm, pulled out of her ass and slammed balls deep in her pussy triggering a mind blowing orgasm forcing cum to flow from her pussy around his cock. He felt his balls about to climax and pulled out turning her to face him grabbing her hair and forced her mouth on his throbbing cock. She let it slide into her throat and moaned as she leaked cum on the floor as the orgasm gripped her body. He rammed her throat until his cum shot down into her stomach. As he slowly pulled from her throat and mouth she licked and sucked him clean of a mixture of her ass, pussy cum, and his cum. He picked her up hugged her, kissed her lovingly and patted her ass telling her they will be down shortly for lunch. She turned, smiled at Sandra in the bed smiling from ear to ear and turned to leave. Sandra giggled. “How did that feel, sis?” “ Incredible”.

The ladies gathered in the kitchen and the twins told Janis that they wanted to join the others as sister slaves and ask if she is willing to tell Master. She could not keep from laughing which surprised them thinking she was against it. She hugged them together and said. “I will be happy to approach Master with the request for you.” She looked at Cristin. “I thought that you said you would never be a slave.” Cristin blushed. “After seeing how happy Caylie is and talking to her as well as seeing the joy and happiness the rest you of have. I would be insane not to grab the chance to be just as happy as all of you. Besides can't a girl change her mind?” They all laughed and hugged her and Caylie as they waited in the hall for Master and Sandra.

They all took a seat at the table and Monique set a small bowl of hot sauce in front of Master's plate. He smiled at her and winked. She playfully put her hand over her snatch and said. “Ooooh.” He and the slave girls burst out laughing as the twins looked on with bewilderment. As Monique sat down Cristin said “Did we miss something funny?” Monique giggled. “Master has to have his home made hot sauce with each meal and I failed to put it on the table for him. He rubbed hot sauce in and on my pussy making me eat breakfast as my pussy felt like it was on fire as my punishment.” “I was not allowed to clean it until after breakfast and clean up was done.” The good part was the very loving help from my sister slave, Janis, making the pain turn to pure pleasure in my room.” Janis smiled “Pleasure for both of us.” Monique said. “Needless to say I have never and will never forget Master's hot sauce again.”

As they enjoyed lunch talking and laughing Master Frank noticed the twins fairly quite and kept looking at Janis. He looked at the twins. “Is there something wrong girls?” Before they could answer Janis put her hand on his to get his attention. He turned to her and she said. “Master, the twins request to be allowed to join us as sister slaves.” He looked shocked and looked at the twins as they looked at him with pleading eyes. He looked directly at Cristin and she smiled saying. “I came to my senses and changed my mind, Sir.” He chuckled. He looked at all his loving slaves and said. “Ladies I want you to give the play room a thorough cleaning this afternoon.” The twins groaned with disappointment thinking they had been rejected. He looked at the twins and said. “Girls I want you to go with them.” “Ladies show the twins the play room and explain to them in detail about the play room equipment and toys and what will be expected of them if they are allowed to join you.”

He turned back to the twins and said. “It pleases me that you want to serve me with the other ladies. The only problem I see is me. I have seven slaves now. One for each day and if I take on two more I might not be able to show each of you the attention you deserve.” They all got quite thinking about what he said. Caylie spoke up. “Sir, we thought about that and do not wish to take anything from the ladies. If I may suggest use Cristin and I as substitutes for when one of the others is having her period, ill or any other reason that you need one of us, smile, or both of us.” He smiled. “I will take your suggestion under advisement. After you have seen the play room and have been informed of what will be required of you. You think about it tonight and I will get your decision in the morning if you want to change your mind or not. I will give you my decision after talking to the ladies.”

As the ladies and the twins started to clean up lunch he told Janis to wait with him. She did as he said and when the others went in the kitchen he pulled her from her chair, bending her over the table, flipping her skirt up and slid his hard cock in her wet hot pussy. She moaned with pleasure as he plowed her cunt hard and deep. Her orgasm pushed to the edge and he reached for her clit pinching and rubbing it triggering her orgasm. She squealed as cum gushed down her legs. He fucked her until the orgasm started to diminish and pulled from her cunt turning her around. “Clean me.” She dropped to her knees taking him down her throat sucking and licking his cock clean of her pussy. He picked her up, hugged her close, kissed her deeply and patted her rump. She squealed and thanked him for his love.

She walked in the kitchen with a big smile as her cum trailed down the insides of her thighs. They all looked at her and giggled. Monique giggled. “Ass or pussy, sis?” Janis grinned. “Pussy and mouth.” Caylie groaned. “He has fucked and satisfied four of you today. Oh what an amazing, wonderful man.”

They laughed and Sandra said. “You are right little sis.” Caylie's eyes flew open. “Little sis?” Sandra said. “Yes little sis, even if you are not a slave. You are still part of the family and little sis to us.” The twins rushed in to hug her and said “Thank you big sis.” They all pulled together for a group hug, giggling like a bunch of school girls.

Master walked in. “Sandra, you can rest this afternoon if you need.” She smiled. “Thank you,Master but I am alright and will help. The run-away slaves were used harder than I. If they want to rest I will take their place.”

They all said they recovered and wished to help the others. As they headed to the play room. Caylie turned to Cristin. “Did you notice what Master did when we requested to join the others as slaves?” Cristin grinned. “You mean when he showed more concern about giving all of us the attention we need and not a word about what he needs?” Caylie replied. “Exactly. How do we ever repay a man like that for his love?” Diann turned to them and said.

“We repay him by obeying, loving and doing our best not to disappoint him ever.”

As they entered the play room the twins froze in there tracks, eyes, and mouth flew open in awe of the bondage equipment, instruments of pain, and pleasure. They all started cleaning and organizing the play room. The twins picked up the flogger, cane, crop and zapper with amazement. They looked at Sandra and asks. “Did he use these on you this morning?” She smiled. “He sure did and it was great. I orgasmed multiple times when he did.” Cristine touched the dried cum on the mat. “Is this from you?” Sandra blushed. “Yes it is from my hot little pussy.” Cristin laughed. “Sis you are full of cum.” Sandra giggled. “Not any longer.” Caylie held the zapper up asking. “What is this?” Sandra took it from her and zapped her on the arm making her jump back and squeal. She rubbed her arm then said. “Feels like a pin prick but does not hurt too bad.” Sandra explained that it is used while you are blindfolded and not expecting it like you just reacted because you did not know what I was about to do. If it is used in rapid succession it can get more painful. Master is an expert using it for pain or psychological effect.

It is late afternoon when they finished cleaning, organizing and answering the twins questions. Janis told the twins they should go to their room and contemplate their decision to become sister slaves while the others prepare dinner. She told them someone will come for them for dinner. Elise showed them the elevator to their room floor. As they went to the elevator the seven ladies went to the kitchen. Angela asks. “What do you all think? Will the twins change their minds after the eye opening afternoon?”

Janis being the mother in the group said. “I don't think so. They have seen how happy we are and even with the pain we ask for none of us are injured in anyway. Plus they crave the joy, happiness and love they know is here as a slave just like my three daughters wanted to experience the love and happiness that I had with Master .”

As the family had dinner Frank notice that the twins were happy, cheerful and a little excited. He said nothing about their request choosing to wait til morning to give him a chance to talk to his loving family of slaves first. Dinner finished and the kitchen cleaned they all retired to the entertainment room to relax. Sandra brought Master a cold beer from the wet bar. He took the cold brew and thanked her. Monique went to the wet bar and ask if anyone would like an ice lemonade telling them she made a couple pitcher earlier. They all helped and got lemonade.

After relaxing for a while Caylie asks to be excused and waited for a reply from Master. He smiled and gave her permission to leave. She looked at Angela and ask if she would help her in her room. Angela looked at Master and he nodded his approval. The two girls went down the hall hand in hand to Caylies room. Cristin suddenly remembered the bottle of liquor in her room that she intended to break the no drinking rule to get punished and asks to be excused also. He nodded and she rushed to her room, got the bottle, and returned to the family room. Master saw the bottle in her hand and ask why she had it. She told him the truth and put the bottle back.

He looked at her with a frightening expression. She thought I am in trouble any way. He patted the divan to his right and told her to sit. She swallowed a lump in her throat and sat nervously beside him. He ask “Did you drink any?” She replied “No, sir. With our decision to join the others as sister slaves if you agree, I do not need to be punished to experience what Caylie did.”

He asks. “You did not drink but you did take it without permission?” She gulped “Yes sir.” “So you betrayed my trust?” “Yes Sir.” “If one of my slaves did that I would punish her badly. I am going to punish you as a minor infraction of the rules. Are you willing to take your punishment or do you want to safe word?”

All the ladies held their breath waiting for Cristin's response. She said.”Sir I betrayed your trust and deserve to be punished and hope for your forgiveness.” The ladies sighed and smiled as Master patted his lap and said.

“You know what to do.” She stood, pulled her skirt up, panties down, lay across his knees with her hands behind her like she had seen Angela do. She surprised the whole group and Master when she pulled her panties down to her knees. Master held her wrist in his strong hand making her moan and smile. She squealed, grunted and moaned as he beat her pretty little naked ass until she stiffened and moaned with the intense pleasure of the orgasm.

He stopped spanking her, picked her up holding her on his lap hugging her to his body with her head on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and cheek as he told her she is forgiven and that he does not like to punish her but feels it is his responsibility to teach her discipline, right from wrong and obedience because he loves her. He felt tears on his shoulder as she cried and cum on his legs as her pussy leaked. He drew back to look at her face as she cried to find a happy smile. He knew she was crying happy tears. He stood up cradling her in his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and thanked him for loving her. She had the others crying with her happiness.

As he headed to her room with her snuggling against his body like a child absorbing as much of his love she could. He told the other ladies he would be back to tuck them in shortly. He carried her to her bed gently laying her in it. He kissed her lovingly as he pulled the covers over her. She looked at him smiling and sobbing. “Master, thank you. I know now how it feels to have a man as wonderful as you to love me. I love you with all my heart.” He smiled at her. “Little twin, I love you to.” she asks “Master, will you please let me be your slave with the others.” “We will see in the morning. Now you sleep tight.” She giggled and settled into the bed.

Angela is still in Caylie's room. Caylie ask Angela if she would tie her up so she could see what it is like to be tied. Angela smiled and told her she would tie her like all the others are tied at night as Master tucks them in. She looked puzzled asking. “Master tucks all of you in at night.” Angela smiled “I will show you.” Angela left to return a few minutes later with rope and a blindfold. She tied Caylies wrists together to the head board and told her if she ever spends the night with Master she will ask to be tucked in every night after. She told her that there are three parts to be tucked in but for now she will do two parts for the night. As she put the blindfold on Caylie asks. “What is the third part?” Angela smiled “A butt plug in your ass.” Caylie gasp. “You sleep tied, blindfolded and a plug in your ass?” Angela replied. “You will understand why we want it after you spend a night in bed with Master.” She kissed Caylie, covered her and left her for the night.

End Chapter 13

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