Step Daughters' Desire Chapter 11

Step Daughters' Desire chapter 11

Frank wakes at six am with Diann one of his seven willing slaves with wrist tied together to the head board, blindfolded and his cock buried in her tight little ass. Angela, Sandra, Janis, and Elise are still sleeping in their rooms with their wrist tied together to the head board, blindfolded, with a plug in each of their asses having been tucked in by Master at bed time. Monique and Kim Li are the only two of his loving slaves that have not been used by Master and slept with him tied to the bed, blindfolded with his cock lodged in their asses.

He is thinking about what he will do today to care for his slaves. The thought of fucking them made his cock come to life in Diann's ass. She felt it swell and pulse in her ass and woke up with a smile. She pushed onto his hard cock driving it deeper inside her tight little ass. When she pushed into him he threw the covers back, rolled her onto her stomach with his cock in her ass. He moved with her. She spread her legs and he had his knees between her legs pulling her up to her knees. Her head is down, ass up, wrist tied to the headboard, and blindfolded as he pumped her ass doggy style driving his hard cock into her with hard deep strokes.

She grunted each time his cock rammed deep inside her. When her grunts turned to moans of pleasure he knew she is about to orgasm and reached around to her clit and pinched it between his finger and thumb. She screamed as her pussy erupted with a hard-squirting orgasm. Master fucked her ass until her orgasm released control of her body and she relaxed. She collapsed when he pulled his cock from her ass. His orgasm hit as he pulled from her and he shot his full load of cum covering her ass cheeks and lower back.

He wiped cum from her ass cheeks collecting a generous amount and put his cum covered fingers in her mouth letting her lick his cum from his fingers. He untied her and removed the blindfold.

She blinked and smiled at him. “Thank you Master for a wonderful wake up.” He smiled and kissed her cheek telling her she needs a shower and change of sheets. He went to his room as she headed to the shower.

He quietly entered his room where Janis is restfully sleeping with her hands tied, blindfolded, with the butt plug still in her ass. He slowly pulled the covers from her naked body and she moaned in her sleep and turned onto her stomach spreading her legs. He gently moved on the bed between her legs as his cock got hard again. She moaned and wiggled her ass in her sleep as he rubbed his cock on her pussy lining it up with her wet pussy hole. He softly gripped her hips and pulled her up onto his cock as he drove his cock deep in her cunt. Her body tensed, her pussy clamped on his cock and she screamed as the surprise intrusion in her pussy slammed her awake. When she realized what just happened she giggle relaxing her clamp on his cock. “Good morning, Master.” she said as he slammed in and out of her cunt now leaking pussy juice lubricating her love tunnel for him.

He gripped her hips pulling her onto his cock as he slammed into her cunt. She grunted with each hard drive into her body until the orgasm started moving quickly to her excited pussy. When her grunts were joined by moans of pleasure he reached under her body and pinched one of her nipples forcing her to scream with pain and triggered the orgasm making it blast her pussy with tremendous pleasure and she gushed cum over his hard driving cock creating a big wet spot of cum on the bed sheet. He drove in her until the orgasm started to subside and pulled out. She moaned and relaxed on the bed as he untied her, removed the blindfold and butt plug. She told him she had dreamed of just that wake-up call and thanked him for all his love.

He smiled and kissed her then went to his shower. She crawled from the bed with a happy smile and followed him to the shower. She began soaping his body and noticed he had a hard on.
“Master you did not cum.” He grinned.

“Yes, I did. With Diann.” She laughed and asks, “Would you like to fuck my ass or mouth, Master?” “Maybe later.” She finished soaping and rinsing him. He stepped from the shower as she soaped her body to clean up.

Meanwhile Kim Li went to Angela, untied her, removed the blindfold and butt plug. “Good morning little one. Time to get up.” Monique had gone to Sandra to untie her, remove the blindfold and butt plug. “Did you sleep well sis?” Sandra smiled “I did but it would have been better if Master's cock had been in my ass instead of that butt plug.” Monique giggled and asks. “Is it really that good? Sleeping with his cock resting in your ass.” Sandra looked at her lovingly. “Monique, it is not just his cock in your ass. It is being tied, blindfolded, and feeling so safe, loved, and very happy as he snuggles with you, holding your tit in his big warm hand and his cock resting in your ass.” “You can feel his love radiating into your body from his body, hand and cock. It makes you feel so happy and loved it is hard to describe.” Monique said. “I think I understand. It feels like all night after care like he gave me when he used me in the play room.” Sandra laughed. “That's it exactly. It is after care that last all night.” “After he does that you will not be able to sleep well without it. So, we settle for a substitute even though it is not the same as with him.”

Angela went to Elise untied her, removed the blindfold and butt plug. “Good morning, sis. Time to get up.” Elise smiled. “Good morning little sis. This was my first night to be tucked in. I like it but would rather have Master's cock in my ass, his hand holding my breast and my body snuggled against his.” Angela giggled. “It's too bad he can only do one of us at a time. “We have talked about cloning him, but how would we be able to keep up with seven Master's as horny as he is.” They both laughed hard at that statement.

They all gathered in the dining room as the girls put breakfast on the table.
He asks “Which one of you beauties is my slave for the day. They all looked at Kim Li as she said. “I am if it pleases, Master.” He smiled “It pleases me very much, my little Asian slave girl.”

He told them that he has an idea to help keep his loving slaves sexually happy. Monique said. “We think you are doing a great job keeping all of us happy, Master.” He replied. “You are very kind, but I want to keep things fun so that we don't get bored with a routine.”

My new game is called “Run-away slaves.” Sandra giggled. “I think I know where this is going. I read several accounts about what happened to run-away slave girls in the old south. I got wet every time.” He told them that four of them will run away and hide in the woods. They will be hunted by eight of the security unit. If and when caught they will be whipped, fucked and returned to him by the slave hunters. He asks Kim Li if she wanted to be a run-away or be used by him for the day. She told him she wanted to be with him if it pleased him.

He said. Janis, Sandra, Monique, and Elise will be my run-away slaves. The slave hunters have been instructed to punish and use you as they see fit without injuring any of you. Once all of you have been caught punished and used, you will be returned to me. “If any of you do not want to participate in the game use your safe word now.” The four soon to be run-away slaves looked at each other and smiled. They told him they will do whatever pleases him and that they thought it sounded exciting.

He told them to wear what ever they felt like for the game and they will have one hour head start when they are ready on the slave hunters. As they came to the kitchen wearing tight short shorts, crop tops and tennis shoes Angela and Diann gave each of them a small lunch bag and a canteen of water. Master entered the kitchen and told them to go to the woods behind the barn area and the head start time will start when they reach the woods. He smiled and told them that any of them not captured before sundown will be rewarded with anything they want.

They each hugged and kissed him thanking him. He wished them good luck and enjoy. He told them to react like a run-away slave if caught. They can fight and try to get away from the slave hunters. They walked briskly toward the tree line talking about what the slave hunters might do to them. Janis laughed and said. “Nothing if they do not catch us.” All four pussies are wet and leaking from the exciting thought of being captured, punished and fucked by the slave hunters.

Luke watched with binoculars until the four run-away slave girls disappeared into the cover of the woods. He went to the eight slave hunters waiting to start their pursuit of the slaves. He laughed and told them one hour to start time. He told Jeff he will be in command of the slave hunters and that they will work in two-man teams to capture the four run-away slaves. He advised them the first team to capture a slave will get a week furlough and the last team to capture or fail to capture a slave will cover the weeks duty for the winning team.

The run-away slaves split up going different directions once in the cover of the woods. They hurried deeper in the trees searching for the best places to hide from the slave hunters. Each of them found spots they believed would conceal them from the slave hunters and waited, watched and listened. As they waited their thoughts of being captured, punished and fucked silly had each of them breathing hard and rubbing their wet twitching pussy.

Monique held her breath and lay flat in the underbrush when she heard movement near her hiding place. Suddenly she felt a hand grab one of her ankles and drag her from the underbrush. She rolled to her back looking into the faces of two strange men. She panicked and screamed as one pulled her hair standing her up and said. “Bitch you are going to make us rich.”

She realized she had been found by real kidnappers. She screamed as loud as she could as the other man tied her hands behind her. The one with his hand pulling on her hair clamped a rough smelly hand over her mouth to quiet her. She saw a movement to the side. It was Jeff and Shawn rushing into the small clearing. The two kidnappers threw her to the ground, pulled long knives lunged at the two security unit officers. Jeff and Shawn expertly moved quickly grabbing the wrist wielding the long knife of each man. In a blink of an eye each man's wrist bent pointing his knife at his own throat and with a hand on the butt of each knife plunged deep in their throats. They collapsed to the ground spurting streams of blood and gurgling as they died side by side. Monique lay smiling on the ground with her hands tied.

Jeff called Luke. “Sarge, we have two deceased kidnappers and one slave.”

Luke replied. “Is the slave hurt?” Jeff looked at Monique as she shook her head negative. “Negative, Sarge she is fine.” Luke replied. “If she uses her safe word escort her back and I will send a cleanup crew for the bodies.” Jeff looked at Monique as Shawn untied her. “Do you want to safe word, Monique?”

She thanked them for saving her and ran into the woods as they stood surprised at her reaction to the incident. Jeff laughed. “Shawn don't just stand there let’s get her.” They ran after her as she ran trying to escape capture. She was fast but not fast enough. Shawn caught her grabbing her hair stopping her. She whirled and started kicking and hitting him attempting to get free. He blocked her blows with feet and fist, picked her up laying her on the ground, tied her hands behind her as Jeff tied her ankles together taking any chance of escape from her.

Shawn picked her up, bent her over, tied a long rope to her wrist, tossed the end over a tree branch pulling her hands up forcing her to stay bent over with her arms vertical to her body. He said. “So, the little slave girl wants to run-away. We will teach you that is a bad thing to do.” She screamed and struggled as the pain on her ass registered that he had hit her with his leather belt. He struck her with his belt making her continue to scream and struggle to get away until her screams turned to moans of pleasure.

He dropped the belt, untied her ankles spreading them giving him access to her ass hole and dripping wet cunt. He slowly pushed his big cock in her cunt as Shawn slid his cock in her mouth and throat. She grunted and moaned with each thrust of the huge cocks in her cunt and throat and the orgasm steadily got bigger in her body. She sucked and licked Shawn's cock as she thrust on Jeff's hot cock in her pussy. She screamed on Shawn's cock as Jeff shot cum deep inside her pussy triggering her mind blowing, body shaking orgasm forcing her to gush cum out around his cock.

Jeff nodded to Shawn and they swapped ends. Jeff forced her to lick and suck his cock clean as Shawn drove hard, deep and fast in her pussy slicking his cock with Jeff's and her cum. He scooped cum from her legs and pussy to lube her tight little ass hole as he pushed his two fingers deep in her ass he slammed his cock in her cunt. She exploded with another gushing orgasm as Jeff fucked her throat and Shawn fucked her pussy with his cock and her ass with his fingers.

Shawn pulled from her pussy and replaced his fingers in her ass with his huge cock. She screamed on Jeff's cock and shook from the pain and pleasure in her ass. Jeff reached around, pinched and twisted her nipples hard forcing her to keep cumming so hard she started to feel faint. Her orgasm intensified when Shawn released a big load of cum deep in her ass. The orgasm lasted so long and hard she blacked out.

When she came to she was draped over Jeff's legs as he sat on a large rock. When she turned her head to see what was happening she felt her wrist still tied behind her with her ass raised. She dropped her head down defeated. She heard Jeff tell her they will teach her not to run-away again. She jumped and screamed as he slapped her ass hard with his big open hand. He kept her screaming and struggling as he held her captive on his lap and spanked her reddening, burning ass cheeks. Suddenly he stood up holding her in his arms. She thought he had finished punishing her as she moaned from the hot burning pain in her ass cheeks. She felt and saw him lay her across Shawn's lap and tensed up knowing Shawn was taking his turn to spank her poor little abused ass. She screamed and struggled as Shawn spanked her ass hard until her screams turned to moans of pleasure. He picked her up sitting her hot burning ass on his cock pushing it deep in her battered ass hole. She moaned and leaked pussy juice as he held her waist sliding her ass hole up and down his hard cock.

Jeff got between her legs, licking her cunt and nibbling on her clit forcing her to have another body controlling orgasm making her gush cum on his face. He kept licking and nibbling on her clit as Shawn fucked her ass. Her orgasm pushed through her cunt wave after wave of extreme pleasure. Jeff moved up her body as she lay back on Shawn's hard muscled chest. He sucked and nibbled on her nipples as he pushed his huge cock deep in her cunt fucking her slow and deep. The two huge cocks working in and out of her ass and pussy forced wave after wave of cum from her cunt hole. She screamed and passed out from the powerful orgasm blasting her pussy when Shawn and Jeff shot hot cum in her pussy and ass at the same time.

Monique came to, blinked and felt very strange like she was floating in midair. She raised her head up to find that her wrist and ankles were tied together around a pole and she was being carried like a dead animal hanging from the pole. Jeff and Shawn had an end of the pole on a shoulder and steadily walked through the woods with the captured well used run-away slave bound to the pole. She moaned and let her head hang back toward the ground moving under her. Her long black hair swayed inches from the ground.

Janis crouched under a thick bush behind a huge boulder listening to the run-away slave that apparently was captured scream time and time again. Some of her screams were pain while others were screams of orgasmic pleasure. She remained motionless secure in her hiding place. She was so captivated by the sounds of the captured slave girl she failed to detect the two huge men standing behind her. She reached for her canteen on the ground to her side and screamed in panic when the large strong hand grabbed her extended wrist pulling her clear of her hiding place. She struggled and swung her free fist at his face and it stopped failing to connect as he caught it with his free hand.

She screamed and struggled as she was lifted off the ground by her wrist over her head she dangled in his grip like a rag doll as his mate spread and tied her ankles to a tree either side of her. Buck held her suspended off the ground as Roy tied her wrist pulling them up and out from her body tying them to the same two trees that her ankles were tied. She moaned, and love nectar dripped from her cunt signaling that the rough treatment had aroused her.

Roy called Luke. “Sarge, we have the run-away slave, Janis. We will take her to the rendezvous after we teach her that running away is not a smart thing to try. Janis hung from her bound wrist a few inches off the ground moaning and feeling the rush of fear and excitement flowing through her body. Buck moved close in front of her as he stripped his clothes off releasing a cock that made Janis gasp and hold her breath. She thought, that thing is at least ten inches long and three inches or more around. He chuckled at the expression on her face. “Don't be scared bitch. You will love it when it stops hurting.” Her eyes flew open and she trembled with fear and arousal as he ripped her shorts and shirt off leaving her naked with only tennis shoes.

She could hear Roy behind her but could not see what he had in his hand waiting for Buck to make his move. He slipped a leather blindfold over her eyes making her feel even more helpless. Buck kissed her neck and played with her nipples making her moan at his touch sending minor shocks of pleasure to her hot wet twitching cunt. He rubbed his fingers on her wet pussy lips getting them slick as he continued to nibble and lick on one nipple while pinching and twisting the other with his finger and thumb.

She screamed and almost lost it when two long fingers drove into her cunt directly hitting her G-spot shooting pain and pleasure through her cunt and ass. She did not know that the pleasure was the orgasm caused by the assault to her G-spot but the pain in her ass was caused by a perfectly timed lash across her ass cheeks with a switch cut from a tree by Roy. She understood the burning pain on her ass as he rained blows with the switch across her ass legs, and back while Buck finger fucked her pussy and thumbed her clit making her rattle with one long orgasm mixing pleasure with the pain.

She was screaming thrashing and humping all at the same time as the orgasm pounded her pussy forcing her to squirt cum over Buck's arm, cock, balls and legs. The pain from the switching became more pleasure as the orgasm continued to slam through her body like a tidal wave. The orgasm was so strong and long she passed out for lack of breath feeling like her own muscles was squeezing her lungs. The two men stopped using and abusing her worried they had pushed her too far. Buck put his mouth over hers and forced air into her lungs reviving her. Roy moved in front of her and asks. “Safe word?” She smiled. “No, don't stop. I am alright.”

Buck and Roy looked at each other in amazement that she took so much, passed out and ask for more. Roy smiled at Buck shook his cock and held up two fingers. Buck grinned gripping his hard cock and nodded. Roy moved behind her reaching between her legs to her pussy and got a hand full of her cum rubbing it on and in her tight little ass. She smiled thinking he is going to fuck my ass. Roy touched the little opening to her ass with the head of his cock letting it press lightly on her rose bud while Buck moved in and slipped his humongous cock head between her pussy lips at the opening to her love canal. She felt what was about to happen and started pulling hard on her wrist ropes trying to rise off the two cocks screaming “No! They are too big. I cannot take both at once. As her arms tired and she slip back down Buck and Roy pushed their cocks half way in her back door and her front door. She screamed and thrashed with the stretching pain in both her holes. The more she thrashed the deeper they went in her holes. She could feel the two large cock heads move in touching through the membrane between her cunt and ass. By the time their balls met against her skin the pain turned to extreme pleasure from being so stretched and stuffed.

She started pushing back and forth on their cocks and they started slow fucking her forcing her to squeal, moan and grunt. She did not think she could orgasm again but the undeniable head of pleasure swelled in her body pushing another orgasm to the edge. Her pussy slicked with her juices making it easier for Buck to fuck her harder and faster. At the same time Roy having lubed her ass tunnel with pre-cum kept pace with Buck and they fucked her holes hard, fast and deep brutally slamming into her little body. She was one continuous screaming nympho hunching on the twin poles in her ass and cunt. Buck and Roy slammed deep and held letting the enormous cocks fill her womb and stomach with an overload of hot cum. This triggered the hardest orgasm she ever experienced. Her whole body cramped forcing her to pass out from pain and pleasure.

She came to tied spread eagle face up on a large flat rock with her head hanging back over the edge of the rock. Buck saw her come to and started lashing her tits with his leather belt. She opened her mouth to scream and Roy pushed his huge cock to her throat gagging her. She jerked and screamed on Roy's cock as Buck whip her from her tits down her body to her knees landing one blow squarely on her cunt and clit. Her pelvic flew up with the excruciating pain in her cunt. When her hips fell back on the rock cum squirted two feet out from her fuck whole. The pain induced orgasm blasted her cunt without warning. Buck pushed his tongue in her pussy licking her cum from her gushing cunt hole making her cum longer. She sucked and swallowed Roy's ten-inch cock down her throat squeezing it trying to get more of his cum.

She breathed through her nose as best she could moaning and squeezing his cock until he erupted cum down her throat forcing her cunt to orgasm harder. Buck bit down on her clit lightly and flipped her clit head with his tongue. She bucked on his face, screamed on Roy's cum flowing cock and squirted in Buck's mouth then went limp unconscious again. Janis came to swinging slightly side to side, the blindfold had been removed and she saw that her knees were tied together with a pole between her legs and arms with her wrist tied to her knees. She could not keep from smiling understanding she is being transported like a captured animal the same as African natives carry their captured or killed animals to their village. She let her head hang up side down looking at the muscular ass and legs of Roy walking in front of her with the end of her transport pole on his shoulder. Somehow this treatment made her feel totally helpless but aroused at the same time.

They reached the dog kennel where Monique lay hogtied, blindfolded and gagged. She smiled and thought so Monique was the run-away slave she heard screaming in pain and pleasure just before her capture. Roy and Buck laid her on the large tarp near Monique untied her, removed the pole and they both kissed her and said they enjoyed hunting and capturing her. She smiled and told them she enjoyed it as much as them and hopes they will do it again. They hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and patted her on the ass. They turned to Jeff standing guard over the two captive slaves. He told them they were dismissed, and the two huge men left. The two captive slaves lay on their side hogtied trying to relax and recover from the pain and pleasure forced on them by the slave hunters.

Sandra had found a large flat rock with a borough of some kind under it. She cautiously checked under the rock for critters and insects. Finding none she slid under the rock with her lunch bag and canteen pulling some loose brush over the opening. She lay still and quite listening to the nearby captured slave screaming in pain feeling sympathy for her. Then she felt joy for the slave when the screams of pain turned to screams of pleasure. She did not know which slave she was hearing but was having mixed feelings of glad it is not her and wishing it was.

Clint and Rocky are like all the security unit members being expert trackers.

Sandra lay under the rock confident she would not be found listening to the screaming captive nearby and did not hear the two slave hunters approach.

She felt a drop of water hit the side of her face and wonder where it came from. Clint lay on the rock above her and poured water on the rock letting it run down into the borough. The loose brush she had covered the opening with moved away. She gasps as she heard Clint ask if she wanted them to drag her out or did she want to come out on her own. Knowing she has been caught she slowly crawled from what she thought to be her safe haven.

As she slowly stood up Rocky roughly grabbed her tossing her over his shoulder grabbing a hand full of her pretty little ass and squeezing it hard making her wiggle and squeal. He carried her to a nearby small clearing with a tree on each corner. He put her down on her back in the center of the clearing and tied rope around each of her ankles while Clint tied rope around her wrist. The ropes they used were long and Clint pitched the end of the rope on her left wrist through a fork of a tree at the corner of the clearing about six feet above the ground. Rocky did the same with the rope on her right wrist to a tree across from the one Clint used. They pulled on the ends of the ropes raising her shoulders about four feet off the ground and tied the rope stretching her arms out and up. She pulled her feet under her trying to stand to relieve the pressure on her wrists and arms.

The two men moved to the ankle ropes tossing the ends through forks of the trees in front of her. They both pulled hard and fast on the two ropes jerking her ankles from under her, up and spread wide. Hanging her in a horizontal suspension between the four trees. She moaned as the pain in her limbs slowly got worse. Clint moved to her side pulling a large knife. Her eyes flew wide open and she gasp thinking they are not supposed to injury us. Her body trembled with fear and her pussy leaked juice wetting the crotch of her shorts.

He grinned as he saw her nipples push against the tight shirt. He cut her shirt off as Rocky cut her shorts off leaving her suspended naked in front of these two very horny men. Clint put a leather blindfold on her plunging her in total darkness. She shook from head to toe as the blindfold completed her feeling of total helplessness. She heard Clint move to the trees as Rocky knelt between her wide spread legs and licked her pussy sending tremors of pleasure through her cunt and body making her nipples stand hard and sensitive. She moaned and hunched on his mouth as the pleasure built in her body. She let her head hang back enjoying the pleasure he was forcing on her little pussy.

She squealed when he pushed two fingers in her cunt masturbating her

G-spot as he lightly bit down on her hard-protruding clit holding it between his teeth he licked it triggering a massive orgasm making her gush cum from her quivering pussy into his mouth. She was flouncing in her restraints when she screamed with pain like fire hit her left nipple as she pulled harder on the ropes holding her suspended. He let her calm down waiting for her to use her safe word. She gasp hard sucking in air to replace what had left her lungs with the blood curdling scream caused by the stinging pain to her nipple. Clint started lashing her with the switch working on her tits down her body leaving angry red whelps with each strike of the switch. She screamed continuously, bucking and thrashing in mid air as the switch set her body on fire with pain.

Her pussy started squirting small streams of cum with each blow of the switch and her screams turned to moans of pleasure as her body shook with the continuous line of orgasms pushing through her pussy. Clint ceased switching her and Rocky pushed his nine-inch cock deep in her cunt as he orgasm. She screamed with an enormous orgasm as his cock hit her cervix and his balls slapped her ass. Clint muffled her scream with his hard cock down her throat. She gagged, relaxed and swallowed his cock into her throat sucking and licking it. Clint throat fucked her as Rocky pounded her cunt she could not stop the devilish orgasm racking her body. She pulled so hard on the ropes it felt like her wrist and ankles were being cut. Clint could hold back no longer and flooded her throat with hot man cum. She licked and sucked his cock clean as he slowly pulled from her mouth.

Rocky pulled out of her cunt and shoved his cock up her ass and fucked her hard until he released his hot cum deep inside her. She screamed and squirted cum on him when he shoved his cock painfully in her tight ass hole. She was thankful his cock was cum covered or it would have ripped her ass for sure. He pulled his big cock from her ass and she hung limp in her bondage relieved the orgasm was slowly releasing her cunt and body. As she recovered Clint and Rocky untied her letting her lie on the ground until she began to breath steady and stopped shaking. They stood over her looking at her beautiful abused body smiling at the toughness this little woman exhibited to them. Clint picked her up carrying her to a large log laying horizontal about two feet above the ground.

He tied rope around her tits tight making them bulge making her nipples stand out harder. He bent her over the log with her tits hanging down and her feet barely touching the ground. She lay draped over the log with the bark pressing into her stomach as they drove four stakes in the ground two in front and two behind her. Clint pulled the ends of the tit ropes stretching her tits painfully toward the ground and tied them to the stakes. Rocky spread her legs and tied her ankles to the two stakes behind her. Rocky pulled one arm straight out to the side on the log and tied it securely as Clint did the other arm.

She lay draped over the log, blindfolded, tits stretched held by ropes to stakes, legs spread wide opening her gaping holes and her arms tied tight to the log stretched out to her sides. She jumped sending pain through her tits as the pain hit her ass when Rocky beat her ass with the wide leather belt. She screamed and pulled with her arms and legs trying not to pull on her tits as he beat her ass, legs, and back. When her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure and cum gushed from her cunt to the ground he stopped beating her and pushed his cock in her mouth and throat. Clint drove his cock in her cunt and fucked it getting his cock coated with her cum for lube then pulled from her cunt and rammed in her ass and fucked her hard driving her throat on Rocky's cock each time he rammed deep in her ass. She swallowed Rocky's cock into her throat, sucked and licked it as Clint fucked her ass forcing pleasure through her cunt and aching tits.

She screamed and jerked when an orgasm blasted her cunt forcing her to squirt hard. Clint pulled from her ass and switched places with Rocky. He forced her to suck his cock clean of her cum and ass before shooting a load of cum down her throat. Rocky fucked her ass until he felt his orgasm pushing to the edge of release and pulled from her ass to plunge in her cunt. He fucked her cunt hard and deep triggering another orgasm in her body hitting her like a hammer. Over whelmed and exhausted she black out.

She came to swinging from the transport pole carried by a man at each end and her tied feet and hands to the horizontal pole. She opened her eyes to find the blindfold was gone and the first thing she saw upside down was Rocky's tight hard ass and legs walking in front of her. She felt like she was floating in air then realized they were carrying her like an animal captured. She thought how fucking cool this is. She wondered where the other captive slaves were. She had heard two screaming before her capture and another as she was being used, abused and fucked.

Mike and Marc found Elise hiding in a thicket of brush. When she realized they had found her she bolted from the brush and ran. She only got about 4 or 5 steps when something wrapped around her ankle tripping her sending her face down into the hard ground. Before she could get up two pairs of strong hands held her down and ripped her shirt and shorts off leaving her naked and captive in their strong hands. They picked her up one on each side of her holding her arms straight out from her shoulders. She screamed and flailed her legs uselessly in the air unable to touch the ground with the two tall muscular men carrying her to where she had no idea. They found a small clearing, tied her wrist together in front of her with a long tail on the wrist rope. Mike held her as Marc pitched the rope over the limb above her pulling her arms up until she stood on tiptoes before threading the rope between her wrist and tying it to the wrist rope.

Mike drove a stake in the ground and tied her right ankle to it as Marc tied a long rope around her left ankle lifting her foot up and out tying it to the tree holding her leg horizontal to her hips effective exposing her ass and pussy to them. Mike blindfolded her, tied rope around each of her tits making them bulge and darken in color. She moaned as her cunt leaked sweet smelling nectar and her nipples got hard and sensitive.

Mike knelt in front of her finger fucking and licking her pussy as Marc stood behind her reaching around squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples as he rubbed his naked hard cock up and down her ass crack. She squealed as her body and cunt was flooded with arousal forcing her to gush cum on Mike's hand, mouth and her legs. Marc told Mike he needs some lube for her ass. Mike wiped her cum from her legs and pussy reaching to her ass spreading her cum on her ass and pushing two cum soaked fingers deep up her ass making her squeal and gush more cum from her pussy. Mike pulled his fingers from her ass and Marc drove his ten inch cock into her little ass hole stretching her making her scream with pain feeling like he was splitting her in two. She tried to relax, and take is cock as he slowly pushed deeper in. As he finally got the whole ten inches up her ass she stretched enough that the pain turned to a mixture of pain and pleasure and she humped on his cock. He felt her humping and started fucking her with slow long strokes increasing speed and power with each stroke. She started moaning and grunting with each stroke.

Mike watched until she started enjoying the ass fucking and pushed his cock deep in her cunt and fucked her cunt hard as Marc fucked her ass. She grunted, moaned and shook as the two big hard cocks pounded in and out of her holes. Suddenly she screamed and hung with all her weight on her wrist as the most intense orgasm she ever experienced slammed her whole body taking her breath. As she shook, and moaned Marc and Mike pulled out and swapped places with Mike ramming her ass full of cock as Marc fucking her pussy with his huge cock. The short lived relief she felt ended with another powerful orgasm as the two big men rammed deep in her holes at the same time. She almost passed out from the extreme pleasure of the devilish orgasm taking control of her mind and body. She hung from her wrist semi-conscious as the two destroyed her ass and cunt. They both climaxed at the same time triggering another powerful orgasm in her body as they filled her holes with cum. Again she came very close to passing out gasping huge amounts of air into her lungs helped her keep from falling unconscious.

She hung from her wrist regaining full consciousness and can hear the screams of another captured slave in the not too far distance. She felt her leg lowered back to the ground letting out a long sigh of relief as her aching left leg felt relief from being stretched and tied above the ground. It felt good to put some weight on both legs giving her wrist, arms and shoulders some relief. When she felt her wrist start to lower she moaned with more relief. Her legs are still tied spread, but her feet are on the ground. Her legs are shaking but supporting her.

Marc made her bend over with her body parallel with the ground below her and Mike tied her wrist to the stake and ankle keeping her from standing straight. Her tit roped tightened pulling her tits painfully away from her body. She tried to bend farther to take pressure off her painful tits but yelped as Mike slapped her face telling her to stay in place and she raised back up pulling her tits away from her body. She groaned from the pain in her tits. She heard Marc's bull whip slash through the air just before the sting of the whip sent fire through her as cheeks forcing her to jump, scream and pull hard on her painful tits. She screamed continuously as he whipped her ass legs and back with the bull whip leaving angry red whelps on her skin without breaking the skin. When her screams turned to moans and cum gushed from her pussy he dropped the whip and rammed his cock up her ass and fucked her pushing her orgasm to higher more intense power.

Mike grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth and throat as she sucked and licked him while cumming like an open water faucet. She orgasm getting weaker by the minute while the two big men fucked her at both ends.

Marc pulled from her ass and plunged balls deep in her cunt making her scream muffled by the big cock in her throat. Her screaming on his cock made Mike erupt shooting spurt after spurt of cum down her throat as Marc drove into her cervix and shot cum into her womb. This made the orgasm blast her to the point she could not breath as her body shook violently and she passed out. Her body was limp unconscious as she hung impaled at both ends on two hard cocks. They slowly pulled out of her limp body holding her up to keep her from falling face first to the ground.

Marc held her while Mike untied her and removed the blindfold. They laid her gently on the ground and tied her to the pole to carry her to the rendezvous point. She came to as they moved from the woods into the clearing a short distance behind Rocky and Clint with their captive slave. She realized she was looking upside down when she saw Marc's tight bum and legs walking in front of her. She raised her head to see how she was moving above ground and saw her ankles and wrist were tied together with a long pole between them resting on the shoulder of each man at the ends. She let her head hang back and swayed slightly side to side as they carried her like a captured animal.

As they reached the large tarp at the kennel Jeff called. “Sarge mission accomplished. All four run-away slaves are at the rendezvous point.” Luke replied. “You know what to do.” The four men untied the four slaves retying them on their knees with their heads on the tarp and wrist tied to their legs below the knees. They stayed still with heads down and asses up as Jeff brought the dogs out of the kennel one at a time. Rebel was commanded to sit behind Janis, Speedy behind Monique, Max behind Elise and Stretch behind Sandra.

With all the dogs and slaves in position Jeff commanded. “Boys mount.” The dogs move together and mounted their bitches. Each captive squealed as the dogs mounted and humped fast trying to bury their hard hot cocks in the four bitches under them. Stretch hit the mark first and Sandra screamed with the sudden intrusion of the huge hard cock buried balls deep in her pussy. Rebel drove into Janis making her scream with the sudden pain of his cock driving balls deep in her cunt this being her first dog fucking she screamed as he fucked her until it started to force her to orgasm then she grunted and moaned as she gushed cum.

Speedy and Max drove deep in their bitches at the same time making both captives scream together. All four dogs fucked their bitches hard deep and fast. The dogs panted, and the captives moaned, grunted and screamed with tremendous long orgasms. Stretch rammed his huge knot in Sandra's cunt making her scream at the pain of being stretched just short of ripping her. His large knot swelled even bigger assaulting her G-spot and she erupted into one long screaming orgasm as he filled her womb with dog cum.

Speedy and Rebel knotted their bitches and Janis screamed loudest when Rebel plunged his big knot in her cunt, swelled bigger and forced cum in her womb forcing her to cum with a mind blowing orgasm. Speedy pushed his knot in Monique and she screamed “Ooooh he knotted my ass.”

Max knotted Elise making her scream as he stretched her tight little pussy opening. His knot swelled inside her cunt pressing on her G-spot triggering a breath taking orgasm in Elise as he flooded her womb with dog cum. She grunted and moaned through her long hard orgasm. Max emptied in her and tried to pull out. Jeff said. “Max stay.” Max froze knotted in Elise and drooled on her back as he panted like he had just ran a half mile sprint.

Stretch tried to pull out of Sandra making her scream “No!!” Jeff commanded. “Stretch, Rebel, Speedy stay.” they all froze knotted in the groaning orgasmic captives.

Speedy slipped out of Monique first leaving her moaning, twitching and cum flooding from her ass and cunt.

Max slipped out of Elise's cunt leaving her moaning, shaking and gushing cum from her pussy.

Rebel finally after about ten minutes slipped from Janis's cunt releasing a flood of cum from her winking cunt.

Monique, Janis and Elise moaned recovering from the dogs fucking them while Sandra continued to orgasm with Stretch's knot working on her G-spot.

Suddenly she screamed “He's getting hard again.” As Stretch started fucking her cunt again. He rammed hard into her womb and pulsed more cum in her triggering a tidal wave strong orgasm in her pussy. She screamed long and hard then passed out. They all watched her closely as Stretch stayed knotted in her for almost twenty minutes before slipping out her abused pussy releasing an ocean of cum to pool between her knees.

Jeff put the dogs back in the kennel as the other four men untied the captive slaves and half carried three of them to the mansion as Rocky cradled the unconscious Sandra in his strong arms carrying her to the mansion. As he entered the back door into the kitchen a worried Angela asks.

“Is she alright?” Rocky smiled and said. “Yes, she is alright. Just an overload of cock and cum. Where is her room?” Angela told him to follow her and hurried up the stairs and opened her bedroom door letting him in to put her gently on the bed as she started to come to. He gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and left.

Angela got a cold wet rag and wiped her face and forehead until she recovered. Sandra looked at Angela with a smile. “Thank you, little sis.” Angela giggled. “Are you alright. Sis?” Sandra replied “Yes, I am wonderful.” Angela told her she wanted to hear all about it when she felt better.

Sandra laughed as she sat up on the bed. “Little sis, it was scaring, thrilling, painful, pleasurable, and exhausting.” “The two men that caught me beat me to orgasm, fucked all three of my holes multiple times with the two biggest cocks I have ever seen on a man. They fucked me together, one in my ass and one in my pussy.” “They fucked my ass and mouth at the same time then switched ends and one fucked my throat while the other fucked my pussy.”

“Oh! Little sis it was the most exciting wonderful sex ever.” “Then I found out how Stretch got his name. That dog has the biggest cock and knot of any dog alive. He fucked me until I passed out.”

Angela felt her pussy twitching and leaking while Sandra told her about her adventure. “Big sis will you do it again if given the chance?”

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Chapter 12 will begin with Kim Li's pleasure, pain, after care and night with Master.


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