Another Rough Sex Story

I’ve written two previous stories about my wife’s new found urges. Here is another account of her reawakening.

As I’ve stated in my earlier stories, although we had a very active sex life in our younger years, things slowed down while we raised our family and only the last few years since the ren have grown and are now leaving the nest has our sex life begun to recover. Now my wife has a renewed interest in sex and I’m thrilled. She is still very conservative about sex for the most part, but when she has a few drinks she loses her inhibitions and I cannot believe the difference. She becomes another woman – a real sex fiend, a woman that is anything but conservative. I’m not sure what brought about the change. For years, she wanted only occasional traditional missionary sex and would almost never agree to oral. Now when her inhibitions are down she wants rough sex, to be tied, blindfolded, used and d. She will ask to have her tits bound, bitten, pinched and slapped. She likes having her pussy stretched and filled. She not only wants to suck cock, she likes to be throat fucked. And she seems to be developing a desire for anal play.

On this occasion, to begin I have her stand and lean forward slightly. I wrap my hands around one breast and pull it, and then have her use her hands to hold it while I wrap it with soft rope, tying it tight, then we repeat and tie the other. They are engorged and swollen, the nipples stick out like daggers. Once her lovely 34 DD tits are bound, I begin on tying her in a full body harness. Again I use soft rope. I place a loop around her neck and let the rope fall down between her tits. I tie knots in the doubled rope, one just above her tits, one just below. I take the doubled rope down between her legs and place it through her spread cunt lips and ass cheeks and back up to the loop around her neck where I bring it through and pull it tight. The rope bites into her pussy and rubs her clit. I then loop it around her and through the first loop formed by the knot above her tits, around again below her tits and through the second loop, I then tie it off behind her back so she cannot reach the ends to untie it herself.

Now that she has her tits and pussy tied and sensitive I blindfold her and lay her on the bed with her feet toward the headboard and her head hanging over the foot. I take cuffs that I’ve made of soft material that will not cut into her wrists and ankles, put them on her and tie her spread eagle to the bed. As I tie off her arms and legs I here her gasp and I feel her heart rate increase. Her pussy is dripping wet. I pull the rope from her slit and place one strand on each side of her cunt. I insert her dildo, it’s a big vibrating thing about 10 “ long and very thick, the ropes hold against her lips and the dildo keeping it in place. I leave her like this while I go downstairs and pour a drink, return and watch from the doorway as she moans and squirms begging for attention. I re-enter the bedroom, walk up and slap her bound engorged tits, lightly at first and then a little harder and she begs for more. I pinch and pull her nipples and she moans. I stick my now rock hard cock in her mouth and plunge it down her throat. I watch as it goes down her throat, I can see the bulge as it fills her throat, I continue to her tits, I pull and pinch her nipples, slap them, flick the nipples. She continues to moan and I can feel the vibration in my cock. I bend over and bite her nipples, my cock still buried in her throat. I stop my attention to her tits and just pump my cock in and out of her throat and she moans and squirms with the big dildo still buried in her cunt. I pull it from her gaping cunt, I slap her swollen pussy and she flinches with each slap. I stick the dildo back in her cunt as I continue to fuck her throat. She loves getting her pussy fucked with the big rubber cock while getting her throat fucked. I pull my cock out of her mouth and she begs for my cock back in her mouth. I tell her that if she keeps it up I’m going to cum. She tells me to fuck her mouth and when I ‘m ready to cum all over her face. I fuck her throat like I’m fucking a cunt.
I pound her hard, my balls slapping her face as I ram my cock deep down her throat. I feel the urge to cum and pull my cock from her mouth and as she gasps for air I spray her face with a huge load of cum. She is laying spread eagle gasping for air, her face covered and she smiles and licks her lips. I wipe cum from her face into her mouth and she licks and sucks my fingers clean. I remove the blindfold and she looks up at me and holds her mouth open so I can see the load of cum in it. I rub and finger and fist her cunt until she too has an orgasm. I take my wet fingers from her pussy and stick them in her mouth and she sucks them greedily enjoying the taste of her pussy as much as she enjoys the taste of my cum. She looks up, smiles and opens her mouth showing me that she swallowed it all. I untie her and we collapse in each others arms.

Once we’ve recovered, I get her on all fours, her ass in the air. I slap it, lightly at first then harder alternating back and forth cheek to cheek. She moans, enjoying her spanking after all she is a bad girl. After her spanking, I first finger and fist her cunt and then fuck her with the big dildo. As I stand behind her with the dildo pressed deep in her cunt she reaches back for my cock places it at her asshole and pushes back against me. She tries but cannot take my cock. I pull the dildo from her pussy and replace it with my cock and fuck her slowly while I play with her ass. I finger her first with one, then with two, then three fingers, she is stretching so I hold the dildo against her asshole and she pushes back on it. She wants her ass filled, but the dildo is much to big for her to take. I go back to filling her cunt with the dildo and press my cock against her asshole once more. This time her ass gives a little and the head of my cock gets by her sphincter. She gasps. She now has her pussy and her ass penetrated. I stroke in and out of her tight ass several times but I know that her ass is too tight and I’ll cum too soon if we continue, so I ram balls deep one last time pull out, and slam my cock back in her pussy and fuck her hard.
I pound her cunt until we are both ready to cum. I feel her tighten up on me as she orgasms and I blast inside her. I think we’re done, but she turns around lays on her back and pulls me on top again swallowing my now softening cock. I return the favor, sucking on her cunt lips while she holds my cock deep in her mouth and throat. We lay in a 69 for a long time as she continues to milk my cock. Finally, my cock is so sensitive I can’t stand it any more and I pull out of her mouth. We collapse and fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up with her on top guiding my rock hard cock inside her. Her tits hanging in my face, we fuck once more. She rides me hard, and I bite her nipples and squeeze her tits as she does. The harder I use her tits the harder she bounces up and down on my cock. I start to cum and so does she. She keeps on pumping up and down on my cock even after we’ve both cum and before my cock can soften I feel another orgasm building. I have a second as she does and we are both totally spent. It’s not uncommon for her to have multiple orgasms but this is a first for me. I lay there feeling extremely weak but extremely satisfied afterward thinking about what to do with her next time.


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