The Book Of May Ch6

May couldn’t keep her hands off of her cunt for the rest of the day. She could still taste daddy's piss and cum in her mouth, the thought of anyone smelling his seed every time she talked or the undeniable smell of pussy coming from under her desk drove her mad, she also couldn't get the thought of how empty her cunt felt out of her mind. She tried to focus on work but every few minutes she'd find her hand mindlessly drifting down to her pussy and playing with her clit under her dress or she’d find herself staring off into the offices looking for something large enough to fill the gaping void that was between her legs.

It was finally 5PM and time to leave. May got up to leave, not staying any longer then she needed to now that she finally had the attention of someone who mattered in her life. She quickly looked back at her desk to make sure she had put everything away for the night and saw the wet spot. Her pussy had been leaking all day onto that leather chair, especially since daddy had her leave the plug out all afternoon. She smirked to herself and quickly looked around the room to find everyone rushing to leave and not noticing her, she was finally going to use this to her advantage. Quickly she bent down acting as if she dropped something. May didn’t hesitate as she licked every drop of herself off her leather chair not caring that she was in an open office with the potential of the whole floor seeing what she was doing.

Once satisfied with the cleaning of her chair may got up and made her way to the elevators with the rest of her colleagues. Once in the elevator may could feel her pussy juices running down her leg, she could smell how aroused she was, that also meant that everyone else in the tightly packed elevator could too. A week ago May would be absolutely mortified at this thought, but now that daddy had helped her free her inner whore all this did was excited her even more. May made her way to her car seeing that daddy's was gone.

once inside she knew she wouldn't be able to last the drive back to daddy's house without something huge in her cunt. She frantically searched the back seat until she found something very suitable for the job. It wasn't as large as daddy's but it would get the job done until she got home and got what she was fantasizing about all afternoon. May quickly looked around to make sure no one would see what she was about to do and brought her old running shoe under her dress. she quickly rubbed it all over her slick pussy before forcefully inserting the entire shoe into her empty cunt. She shivered at the feeling of being so full with something so wrong again. The entire 45 minute drive to daddy's house may had one hand on the wheel and the other hand playing with her clit, bringing herself right to the edge of an orgasm or slowly pulling her running shoe out of her pussy and fucking her self with it. Once the car was parked May made her way into the house with her shoe still buried deep in her once little cunt. After may had gotten in the house she thought about what daddy told her before he left work, she needed to find something to occupy her time until he got home, May only knew one way to do that and dropped her dress at the door.

May stepped out of her heels and reached between her legs. slowly she removed her shoe and brought it up to her face to it inspect as she made her way to the living room. She sat in one of the arm chairs and began licking her own shoe clean while thinking about how fucking hot it was to lick her daddy's shoe clean in his office this morning. She licked the bottom of her dirty cunt juice covered running shoe thinking of all the places it had been, all the dirt and filth it had come into contact with. Her other hand made it to her clit, She quickly rubbed herself in her favorite spot, the one spot she needed touched to get herself off, nothing else would get her over that hurdle like playing with her clit. Mays pussy began to gush as she brought herself off for the first time that night.
She didn’t once stop rubbing her clit or licking her shoe clean until she was sitting in a puddle of her own warm juices. she was an absolute mess and loved it but she also didn't want daddy to come home and be disappointed in the mess she made all over his furniture.

May got down on her knees facing the chair and started to lick herself off of it. At least if daddy walked in now he’d see his little slut cleaning up her mess. May was so fixated on getting herself off and cleaning up the mess she made she was oblivious to daddy's dog coming up behind her seeing her ass swinging in the air as she licked her cunt juices up. He made his presence known only by mounting the bitch that was in front of him. May knew what was happening the second she felt the dogs hot cock enter her hungry cunt. She didn't even know the dog was in the house but she was so thankful he was, this is exactly what she needed, she had fantasized about ti all day, she needed this animal to treat her like the bitch in heat she was, she needed his hot pick to fill her with his knot and dog seed. May bucked back into him trying to get as much of his dog cock into her cunt as she could. The dog was fucking her with a force and speed that was keeping her right on the edge. Deeper and faster she felt him fucking, his knot swelling and pulling out of her gaping pussy and slamming himself all the way back in with each stroke. May was still bucking back into the dogs cock trying to meet each of his strokes with her own. They had fucked each other across the room, no longer in front of the chair, May had nothing to support herself and put her face to the floor arms stretchered out in front of herself her pussy in the air, fully submitting to this wonderful animal that that was fucking her like nothing before.

The dogs knot was finally swollen to its maximum and too large for the dog to pull out of Mays cunt anymore, she knew he was on the edge of his own orgasm. She slid one hand underneath herself and felt how stretched her pussy lips were, she could feel how hot the dogs cock was as she rubbed the small portion of the knot she could reach.
She brought her fingers to her clit, she need to cum on this magnificent dog cock, she needed to feel him fill her with his burning hot seed again, she was absolutely addicted to getting fucked by this dog. with each back and forth motion of her fingers over her clit she took herself closer and closer to one of the best orgasms of her life. May felt the dog finally release his torrent of cum into the hungry and needy pussy. She was so close to cumming. May couldn't wait any longer and frantically rubbed and pinched at her clit, she could feel the dogs cum leaking out of her cunt and running down her fingers and down her legs. She lost herself in a powerful orgasm as she rubbed his cum all over her throbbing clit. May rode that orgasm close to ten minutes before stretching her arm back out in front of her and just enjoying the feeling of the massive knot still in her cunt.

“Oh daddy, she's going to be perfect isn't she!”

“You picked a perfect one this time baby”

May thought she could feel her heart stop beating for a moment when she realized she wasn't the only one in the room. Here she was coming down from one of the best orgasms of her life, the dog still on top of her, still locked in her pussy, and in walks daddy with another girl for them both to see her like this. May wanted to sink into the floor and disappear.

“You think she’s ready?” may heard the new woman ask daddy. May was completely confused by the question but her heart was racing again, she could swear she recognized the voice but it couldn't possibly be.

Click Click Click

May heard the heels of the unknown woman coming closer, She hid her face in the floor not having the courage to look this woman in the eye as she still had a dog cock pulsing in her cunt. May moaned in slight pain as the woman stepped in front of her placing her heels on each one of Mays hands so she couldn't pull them away. She Could feel the pressure increase as the woman squatted down still standing on Mays delicate hands.

May felt the woman grabbed a fist full of her hair and slowly pulled her head up. Mays eyes drinking in the new girl from the tip of her heels up her legs to her spread thighs giving may an extremely erotic view up the girls skirt. May hated that her eyes lingered there long enough to see this girl was wearing the panties daddy had taken from may, she hated herself even more when she realized just how much that was turning her on. With one final yank May was looking into the woman's eyes, she met Mays gaze by spitting into her face.

“I see you finally meet my father, cunt” the woman spat at her again.

May was devastated and confused, “how the fuck is this happening” she thought to her self. This couldn't be. the woman standing on her hands spitting on her face and calling daddy her father was May’s ex girlfriend Katrina.

“What, How!” was all may could choke out.

“Did you really think for a second that I would have dated you for the last year if I wasn't going to get something out of this?” Katrina asked may

“For the last year I've been getting you ready for this May, why do you think you never met my father? or why did I pushed you so hard to apply at the firm? It was all to lead you hear, for your purpose in life may.” Katrina said looked may in the eyes.

May was having a hard time wrapping her head around this. Her world was collapsing in on itself again. she had come to terms with the fact that she had no one and that Katrina didn't care about her while she was locked in the room just last week, she came to terms with the fact that she was now daddy's little whore and she was actually enjoying it. But now she was being told that all of this was a set up just to use her even further, that Katrina really didn't care about her while they were dating, that she only encouraged her to take the job at the firm so it could lead her to this very spot. Mays heart was broken further then she thought possible. She hated herself for being blinded by Katrina's attention to notice anything about her plan, she hated herself more when she realized her eyes kept drifting between Katrina's legs and looking at her delicious pussy that was covered by her own panties.

Mays head was right between Katrina's legs, her face level with her pussy. May could smell the excitement on her mixed with the smell of her own cunt that had been leaking into those panties just hours ago.

Daddy walked over and reached his hand out to help Katrina stand again before he drew her into a deep passion filled kiss. May felt the dogs cock final slip from her cunt but was still stuck in place by the weight of Katrina still standing on her hands.

May looked up just in time to see the father and daughter break their kiss.

“Why don't you two get reacquainted” daddy said to Katrina. He helped Katrina remove her clothes and she handed him the shared pair of panties as she stepped off of Mays hands and stepped out of her heels. May was still on her hands and knees with her face on the floor trying to pretend like none of this was happening.

May was taken by surprise by the kick to her side at sent her falling and rolling onto her back. She opened her eyes and saw Katrina's foot coming down to her face, may instinctively flinched at first.

“Lick it you stupid bitch” Katrina commanded May as she shoved her toes into her mouth.

“God I'm going to fucking use you hard, you have no idea what it took for me not to slap the shit out of you this last year” Katrina said to may as she simultaneously jerked her father off and watched as may licked in between her toes.

Without much warning Katrina took her foot from Mays mouth and knelt over her head. May hated how turned on she was by the sight of Katrina's hairless slit, she hated how much she wanted to reach out and touch it, how much she wanted to taste her sweet pussy again. Tears of pain and frustration and heartbreak rolled down Mays face, she had loved Katrina more than anything, she was all she had in life and yet she was nothing more than a play thing to her this whole time. May hated herself even more when she looked up at Katrina's pussy hanging over her face and still felt all those feelings, no matter what she did to her May was always going to love her.

May could see the juice about to drip from Katrina's pussy and was about to lift her head up and taste her when Katrina decided that she waited long enough and sat on Mays face giving her no other option then to start licking her sweet pussy. May couldn't deny how fucking delicious Katrina's pussy was, she tried to let all this slip her mind and tried to just focus on the task at hand, she could hate her self all she wanted when there wasn't a beautiful dripping pussy in her face.

May couldn't see much from her vantage point but there was no question that Katrina was sucking a cock from the sounds coming from above her. It sounded like daddy was really fucking his little girls throat, gagging her with his his fat cock.

“MMM daddy I need to eat this little bitches cunt” May heard Katrina say as daddy pulled his cock from his daughters throat

Katrina wasted no time and brought her face right to Mays abused pussy.

“Oh my god daddy, you really broke this thing, she use to be so tight, I could probably fit both of my hands in her now hahah” May was mortified to hear Katrina laughing and making a joke of how abused and open her cunt was now, but she could also feel herself getting excited at how Katrina was talking about her.

Katrina shifted and got her feet under Mays head and pushed her face further into her cunt before she dove face first into Mays own cunt. Katrina wasted now time licking up all the dog cum she could from Mays thighs before she moved right in on her gushing slit.

May looked up to see daddy lining himself up behind his daughters ass. In one swift thrust daddy was all the way in Katrina's ass, just inches from Mays face that was still working her pussy over. May almost came as she felt Katrina moaning into her fell fucked pussy as her daddy started to pick up speed fucking his daughters ass harder and faster, may couldn't believe how turned on she was by the perverted display above her. she watched as daddy's cock slammed in and out of his daughters tight little asshole. May was extremely turned on while she watched daddy smelling the pair of panties Katrina had just handed him, the same pair she had been wearing just a few hours ago.

“Fuck! Harder daddy, Fuck your little girls ass harder!” Katrina screamed before diving back between Mays legs. She was on the edge of her orgasm and was losing control. Katrina used her feet to get more of Mays face in her cunt as her father pounded harder and harder into her ass.

Daddy started to spank Katrina's porcelain white skin as hard as he could, knowing how hard his little girl liked it. Harder he smacked her ass until she had turned a beautiful crimson red. He could feel Katrina tightening her ass and milking his cock for all it was worth and knew she wouldn't last much longer. With a deep breath from Mays panties smelling the excitement of both girls mixed on them daddy gave Katrina ass one final hard and deep fuck and felt her cumming all over his cock and Mays face.

“MMM fuck Daddy!’ She creamed with a mouth full of Mays cum and the last of the dog cum she could suck from Mays sloppy cunt. Katrina dropped her face back into Mays crotch and bit down hard on her thigh as she sank her nails into Mays flesh. She was cumming hard now and needed to feel may screaming in pain into her pussy, this drove Katrina to a new high. She had thought about this moment for the better part of a year and tonight she was finally able to play it all out.

Katrina rode her orgasm for a few minutes until she felt her father pull his fat cock from deep in her ass. Like it was second nature for her, Katrina had pushed herself off of may keeping her feet under her head moving her ass over Mays mouth. Katrina was now kneeling at the perfect height to take her daddy's cock into her mouth to suck him clean all while she forced may to eat her freshly fucked ass sucking her daddy's cum from deep inside her.

“Daddy, I need more” Katrina said looking up at him once she was satisfied with the job she had done licking his cock clean. Katrina took his cock back into her mouth and started to grind her asshole and pussy all over Mays face while she waited for it. In seconds she was drinking down her fathers piss while grinding on Mays face cumming all over the girl that was underneath her. Katrina didn't stop until she was done drinking every drop of her daddy's piss.

Finally, with her pussy satisfied for the moment Katrina stood up letting Mays head hit the floor now that is wasn't supported by her feet. Katrina grabbed another fist full of Mays hair and pulled her into a kneeling position and bent down to be face to face with her.

Katrina licked all over Mays face savoring the taste of her pussy juice mixed with her ass and daddy's cum.

“This is just the beginning you worthless cunt. We are going to use you in ways that you can't imagine.” Katrina said to her before spitting in Mays face again and slapping her hard. Both daddy and Katrina headed up to the master bedroom for the night, May not far behind them being lead by the fist full of hair Katrina still had in her hand.


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