Little Sister_(1)

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Little Sister

I was at the post office the other day and I had quite a blast from the past as I ran into a woman I use to know named Stacey. Stacey is the little sister of my hot blonde ex-girlfriend Shelby who I have not seen in a about ten years. Shelby and I dated for a little over a year before she broke up with me due to my inability to commit. Shelby is pretty family oriented so I saw her little sister Stacey a lot. Stacey was only two years younger than Shelby but that was just one of the many ways that she was truly Shelby's little sis. Stacey was the opposite of her sister in most ways. Stacey was a brunette and although she wasn't ugly, with her short hair and glasses she was the "plain Jane" type. Stacey was short and round, not obese but she was definitely plump. Her looks were not the only way she was overshadowed by her older sister as Stacey was reserved and incredibly shy while Shelby was a social butterfly.

While I was dating Shelby, Stacey was married to a loud drunk named Jimmy. Although I never saw Jimmy physically Stacey he was an asshole who would put her down constantly for her looks and he expected her to wait on him hand and foot at all times. I suppose that is the main reason I would try to be extra nice to her and compliment her in subtle ways when I could. Shelby told me that her baby sister had a bit of crush on me but I never gave it much thought back then.

Stacey looked about the same as when I last saw her, a little bit older as she was now 40, but still the same ole Stacey I remembered. She told me Shelby was engaged and doing well and that she had left Jimmy and was doing well also. I told her nothing much was new with me except for my job, I had gone to college and gotten an IT degree so I was doing pretty well with that. She laughed when she heard that as said she didn't even have any idea how to set up the computer she got for her birthday last month. It was my day off and I wasn't too busy so I offered to set it up for her and though reluctant at first she smiled when she finally agreed to accept my help. She did seem a bit more outgoing and confident than the old Stacey and although her looks hadn't changed much, soon enough the way I looked at her would change drastically.

Stacey's house looked about the same as I remembered it, a little run down but well kept. The thing that stood out though, especially on hot days such as this, was that it had no central air so fans and window units were positioned around the house to try and keep it cool. Stacey offered me some lemonade and I got started setting up the computer in her bedroom. Stacey sat with me for a little bit but then told me she had a few chores to do so she left the room with me, the computer and her personal files on a thumb drive to download from her old computer. I finished setting up the P.C. which was a pretty nice one with a big flat screen computer monitor almost twice the size of her old one. I finished downloading her old files that mostly were songs and old pictures, when I started feeling a bit nostalgic so I snooped around looking at some of her old pictures of her sister and the rest of her family. I ran across a miscellaneous folder which held another misc folder which held another one. That folder was titled "D-Yellow Shirt" which seemed like an odd name for a folder. I clicked on it and was shocked by what I saw.

One drunken night back when Shelby and I couldn't get enough of each other we had taken some sexy bedroom photos of each other just for fun. I told her I deleted mine ( of course I didn't delete them but I would never show them to anyone and let's face it, I am a guy.) and she told me she did the same thing. I never in my wildest dreams thought she would keep them and I especially never expected her to show them to her little sister but there I was on the screen in my yellow dress shirt (Shelby's favorite) and nothing else. I was a little embarrassed but I have to admit, it was pretty good for the ego that Stacey had these on her thumb drive. I thought about deleting them but I figured she would die of embarrassment if she knew that I knew she had them so I just finished up and told her I was heading out. She thanked me for my help, hugged me goodbye and although I was reluctant to leave, I had no reason to stay so I headed out the door. I stopped at the front window and looked at her with her back to me in her t-shirt and jeans standing on her tippy toes to reach a shelf in the front room, her big round ass swaying as she dusted and her cute tiny wrinkled soles stretching as far up as she could to finish that last bit of dusting. Once she was done with that she disappeared to the back of the house.

I headed to my car with that last look stuck in my head and I reached for my car keys that were not there. I looked to see if I left them in the car but they were no where to be found. I must have dropped them inside her house so I headed back to the front door and knocked but there was no answer. I stood there for a few minutes knocking but knowing how loud her fans and air conditioners could be I decided since I just left I could come back in to retrieve my keys. I walked inside and called out for Stacey but heard no response. I looked in the kitchen and guest bedroom but saw nothing so I headed back to her bedroom when I heard a small moan come from behind the partially opened bedroom door.

I peaked into her bedroom and saw the most amazing sight I had ever seen as Stacey was clad only in an untied and open red bathrobe sitting in front of her new computer screen. She had one hand on the keyboard seemingly scrolling through pictures and the other hand was massaging her left breast. I had never seen anyone so sexy in my entire life. I was a little to the side of her and her eyes were glued to the screen so she didn't see me staring although I am not sure I could have turn away even if she had. She stopped clicking through the pictures, settling on her favorite I guessed, and she re-positioned herself in the chair sliding entirely out of her robe in the process. I was in awe of how sexy she looked sitting there; her perky short brown hair, her glasses, her little mouth slightly opened as she moaned softly between short breaths.

Her breasts were bigger than I imagined and although they sagged downward they were wonderfully round with perfectly shaped nipples that stood straight out, as hard as my ever growing cock. Her tummy was flabby but sexy in its own way as it was glistening from the sweat that was now pouring from her pulsating body. Her legs were also a bit flabby but they looked amazing to me, short, thick and a creamy white color. She had her right leg up on the desk as she was three fingers deep inside her beautiful shaved pussy that was obviously wet from a combination of the heat of the room and heat of the moment. Having her right foot up on the desk allowed me as a foot lover to get the best of both worlds. Her chubby right sole looked wrinkled yet soft up on the desk while the top of her left foot held her steady, planted in the carpet, her beautiful fire engine red painted toes in sharp contrast to the white shag carpet of her bedroom floor.

I couldn't look away as her left hand continued to work that glorious cunt while her right hand cupped her left breast. twisting her rock hard nipple. She moaned louder and louder as I continued to look at her from head to toe wondering if she was looking at my picture on her monitor, wondering and hoping that I was the reason for the sexual trance she appeared to be in. I was hypnotized by her sexiness when I noticed a vibration in my pocket that shook me back to reality. I was glad I had the ringer of my phone turned off so as not to be caught as the peeping Tom I had become. I stepped out into the hall to look at a text that had been sent to my phone as an urgent message.

"So are you gonna just stand there in the doorway or are you gonna help me finish what you and that yellow shirt started"

I couldn't believe it as I read this on my phone. Apparently I was so fixed on her wiggling toes in the carpet or the soaking wet fingers pumping in and out of her delicious pussy that I didn't notice her right hand leave her beautiful titty and type a message from her keyboard. I was so excited and so rock hard I had to resist the urge to burst through the door like a S.W.A.T. team. I slowly opened to door to see the the computer screen was swung around for me to see myself sitting in my old Lazy Boy chair, my yellow shirt unbuttoned and me completely naked from the waist down. She was masturbating to my picture as she has done many times before but this time was different, this time the fantasy was becoming reality.

I walked in the door as cool and composed as I could while she slowed the finger fucking to a soft massage, ready for me to take over. "I want to lick that beautiful body from head to toe." was my opening line as I stripped off my shirt and started undoing my belt.

"You can lick every last inch of me baby doll as long as that ends up deep down my throat and deep inside my pussy as many times tonight as you can muster a hard on." she replied pointing to the screen where my cock stood straight out between my spread legs.

My boxers had barely hit the ground when I kissed her forehead, her nose, and both her rosy cheeks before planting a deep tongue swirling, toe curling kiss on her pretty red lips. " It's a deal beautiful." I whispered as our lips parted, mine salivating as they prepared for a wonderful exploration of Stacey's short, plump, and extraordinarily sexy body. I nibbled on her neck as I pulled her from her sitting position, leading her to the bed where I guided her to her stomach, face down on the bed. I then started my exploration of the temple that was Stacey's body.

I started with the back of her neck, nibbling my way down her shoulders and back. I got to her wonderfully round baby smooth ass and stared for a moment before showering one ass cheek then the other with sweet kisses. I moved to the center, starting at the top of her ass crack, sliding my tongue down it as she wiggled a bit before trembling significantly when my tongue touched her sensitive asshole right in the center of her beautiful cream colored ass cheeks. I swirled my tongue a bit more as she pulsated with each flick of my tongue in her tight little asshole. I moved my way the rest of the way down her crack nearing her pussy paradise where I stopped short, saving the main course for later.

My tongue then traveled down her right leg followed by her left, licking all the way down before once again finding a tasty treat to savor. I loved the wrinkled soles of her petite feet as I started with her left one, licking ever so slowly from her soft heal to the tips of her wiggling little toes. I followed suit on the opposite foot, deliberately tracing every wrinkle of her soft bare soles with my willing tongue as she continued to moan my name. Stacey never realized how good a foot bath could be when given by a man with a talented tongue, who was a connoisseur of feet.

I finished my worshiping of her beautiful feet and slid up her body, guiding her onto her back in the middle of the bed. "Halfway there and the best is yet to come." I whispered in her left ear as I stuck my tongue in it, softly nibbling her lobe before moving to her neck.

I sucked on the side of her neck before going down her left shoulder, her arm and then her hand. I pulled away from that side and noticed she had slipped her right hand between her thighs dying for attention down there even if was self inflicted but I was to have none of that. I swung my leg over her and straddled her, rubbing my hairy chest over her rock hard nipples as I grabbed her hand pulling it away, her fingers slipping out of sticky pussy. I licked her fingers clean, kissed her palm, up her arm before nibbling her shoulder and neck making my way back up to her other ear.

"Sorry baby, that sweet pussy is all mine and I want it anticipating my tongue, hungering for it, aching for it."

I once again kissed her deep and hard, our tongues dancing inside her sweet mouth. I pulled our lips apart, kissed her chin before heading down to her incredible chest where her heart was beating fast in anticipation of what I would do next. I started in the center of her chest, near that heartbeat, licking her as I savored the salty taste of the sweat that formed in this valley between her saggy mounds. I then slid my tongue to her left tit, starting with the area below the breast which was resting against her flabby belly. I used my tongue in a swirling motion as I licked up her breast and circled around it like a tornado until I arrived at the epicenter of her soft jiggly tit. Her nipple was so erect as I was able to playfully bite it before engulfing it in my mouth and sucking it tenderly. I pulled my mouth away from one beautiful breast and then as if on automatic pilot I duplicated my every move on her other one, up, under and around it; once again winding up at a rock hard nipple. I first nibbled on that savory nipple, then longingly sucked it as if my life depended on it.

Stacey moaned and groaned her approval as her sensitive nipples were d with pleasure until I slid my lips south again, planting small kisses all around her soft tummy before once again finding a destination, this time at her belly button in which I flicked my tongue in and out causing a slight giggle from my sweet lover. I found her ticklish spot, that may come in handy later. My tongue continued south but as I slid down her body and she spread her legs in anticipation, I was not quite finished as I skipped over her pussy paradise, kissing her left thigh and working my lips down her chubby white leg. I reached her glorious foot and lifted it up to my waiting tongue, sliding it in and out between each toe one at a time. I then gently sucked on her little toe, then the next toe, then the next and when I got to her big toe I sucked on it as sweetly as I did each of her succulent nipples. I started at her right thigh next, taking a second to teasingly breathe on her warm wet pussy before working my lips down her beautiful right leg. I lifted her right foot this time but even my patience was wearing thin so I slowly worked my mouth around all five of her suck-able toes, tasting them all at once knowing the main course was only seconds away.

I think she knew that as well so she brought up her other foot to my cheek, caressing it softly as I continued to feast on those tasty toes. She wanted to move things along so she turned the tables on my teasing and slid that foot down from my cheek, rubbing it down my hairy chest to between my legs where my throbbing cock almost shot its load while she played with my pubic hair in between her talented toes.

I pulled away from her before I shot that load prematurely and I put her foot down on the bed and proceeded to spread her legs so I could squirm my way in between them. I stopped for a moment, breathing heavily as I stared at her beautiful shaved pussy. I could not hold back any longer, I had to taste her so I dove in face first and devoured that glorious inner thigh paradise. Stacey was so wet that I literally washed my face in her juices, eating her pussy with a hunger I had never felt before. Stacey screamed in orgasmic pleasure as I licked and sucked every bit of her mouth watering snatch. She grabbed my hair and pushed my tongue deeper and deeper as I couldn't get enough of her flavor. She screamed aloud one more time before pulling my hair violently, her clit was so hyper-sensitive she could not take it anymore.

"I want you to fuck me now Dalton, fuck me right fucking now!!" She begged.

I was so rock hard I knew I would blow soon so I obliged my short sexy dynamo. I slid up her naked body, our skin splattering with sweat, and guided my throbbing rod into her tight warm pussy. Neither of us seemed interested in tenderness at the moment so I pounded my dick in and out of her in like an animal in heat. She did her best to wrap her short legs around me, finally locking her feet together and pulling me deep inside her. We continued to fuck wildly as her feet unlocked and spread as far apart as they could, sticking straight up in the air allowing me full movement in and out of her. Our sweaty flesh made loud smacking noises as we fucked harder and faster until release was no longer an option, it was required. I never felt an orgasm quite like this as my dick exploded like a volcano inside of her. Stacey convulsed under me, almost seizure like as we collapsed in each others arms.

It took us a minute or so to catch our breathe as our naked bodies melted together. Stacey was the first to move, as even though I was content to just hold her the rest of the day, she had another goal in mind. I started to protest but she put her tiny finger up to my lips saying, "I have dreamed of this day for ten years and every time I did I could literally taste just how sweet your cum would taste. Now I am going to find out how right I was"

That was the naughtiest, sexiest thing anyone had ever said to me and the beauty of it was, she was not exaggerating. I was now on my back and she was in between my legs staring longingly at my flaccid cock. I knew I shot quite a load so despite being inside her when I came, there was still plenty of thick, sticky cum in a pool surrounding my cock. She started lapping the cum up all around my cock and even the trail that dripped down my thigh. I couldn't believe anything could feel so wonderful as her hungry lips sucked the love juice from my pubic hair and she seemed to savor every drop. She had cleaned me completely with her hungry tongue and she naturally worked her way up my regrowing hard on. She slid her tongue up and down my stiffening dick, swallowing me whole as I felt the urge to spurt one more time. Any man will tell you the second orgasm may not be quite as generous with cum but it was much more intense so my head nearly exploded as her talented tongue caused me to shoot the last of my reserve directly into her willing mouth.

That was without a doubt the most amazing sex of my life. This short, plump, glasses wearing, plain Jane "little sister" was the most incredible woman I had ever met. I know I surprised Stacey as I stayed the rest of the day with her, lying naked, talking and laughing the day away. We lost track of time in each others eyes and the only thing we ate that day was a jar of chocolate sauce; me eating it off of her chocolate dipped toes and her licking it off of my chocolate cock over which she had poured what was left of the jar. It was quite a sticky situation as you could imagine but it was not near as sticky as when we had to tell Shelby that we were moving in together. It seems it wasn't commitment I was afraid of after all, I was just waiting for the right woman to step out of her sister's shadow.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000