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The lake engulfed the landscape, glinting and gleaming with the colors of its surroundings. It met the sky’s gaze with a fever of its own, deepening in color the farther out it reached. The evergreen forest that surrounded the body of water left, in their shadow, a deep green mark upon the water – as if to remind you just how far from the world you really were. Waves, churned up by the mountain wind, lapped up against the shore. The steady thrumming of the water was broken only by the echoes of playing ren and the shouts of excited lake goers, who like him, had made their way out here into the wilderness for the summer.

Ryan was not the wisest of men, nor was he the best featured, his beer gut had earned its place, though it was not extensive. It hung out only enough to dissuade him from taking pride in his physique. As such he sat on the shore line and watched those who had earned better comfort in their own skin dive and frolic about the glacial lake.

He gazed up longingly at the peaks above, the mighty pillars of rock and dust that enclosed this deep valley in the embrace of their shadow. As he shifted in his camping chair his eyes caught a glimpse of his daughter, Emily – she had just emerged from a lengthy time underwater. Her neighborhood friend, Kim, sat opposite her ejecting a fountain of water with her hands. Emily responded with a scream and blasted a wave of her own in her friend’s direction. They giggled moments later halfheartedly splashing about.

All around him walked women and men whose bodies were the stuff of legend. The tight pants and revealing bathing suits tugged at Ryan’s emotions. You can civilize a man – but you can never take away the fantasies – and the fantasies were alive and well. He felt those parts of his body warm and tingle with the human scenery that passed him by – how he would love to be 20 years younger, capable of wooing one of these pristine beauties to his bed. But those days were long gone – at 39 he was just another shmuck on the beach, eyeing up the hindquarters of younger women. He let out a sigh – he was one of them – the men that gave women reason to be uncomfortable.

His daughter stepped out of the lake, her skin glistening in the sun. She laughed as she spoke with her friend. Her Bikini was barely anything, covering her chest with an apparatus so small it merely blocked her nipple from view, her round plump breasts were open and enticing to all who gaze upon her. Gritting his teeth Ryan looked away – these fantasies he buried deep where none could find them – not even him. But he felt his body respond to her against his will. Her beautiful blond hair fell, even soaked in lake water, perfectly about her shoulders, her buttocks was as prominent as her front, bubbling out behind her, covered by only a strand of rainbow colored nylon. He felt the tingling arouse his nether region. Again, he such fantasies down.

He needed some relief, something to release the tension. He’d be sleeping within the same tent as her tonight and had no desire to spend it aching for her. They had a 14-mile hike ahead of them in the coming day and he would need his sleep. Figuring he could quickly relieve himself in the tent before his daughter was finished here, he grabbed his chair as he stood and folded it. He just needed ten minutes alone and all would be well – besides his wife awaited them at home in a few days, and she would, if the stars aligned correctly and enough goats sacrificed to the old gods, might help him with his need for some sexual intercourse.


The cold sting of the mountain lake bit at her legs like a thousand angry needles. The day was blistering hot under the roaring sunlight that crashed down upon her and the two sensations seemed to equalize somewhere in the middle. Kim, who had been her lifelong camping buddy and hood friend, stood behind her, watching. Emily turned to wave at her father, who had picked up his chair and was headed for the tent. A small low filled her soul – he had been troubled the past few days of hiking. She had had many a nightmare of him telling her of some horrific terminal illness befalling him. She shrugged it off quickly and turned back to her friend.

“Hey M! You done in the lake?” Kim called.

“Yeah, for a bit.”

Kim splashed out of the water next to her and caught the sight of Emily’s dad disappearing into the heavily wooded campground. She let out a giggle and hung herself laboriously over her friend. Emily, with a return, pushed her off.

“He’s seemed upset the past few days.”

Kim slapped Emily’s toned midriff and giggled again, “Can’t imagine why, girl. You’re the biggest hottest tease in this place.”

“Yuck!” Emily retorted, “That’s disgusting.”

“No, its not, it’s perfectly natural – now stop worrying – there are a few short walks nearby if you want to take one – get the sweat flowing for another dive in the lake.”

Emily glanced after her father, who had now vanished from sight, “Yeah – just need to grab better shoes.”

“You could maybe just manage, for your dad?”

“Why would he care? I just need my boots.”

Before Kim could reply with one of her insinuating retorts, no matter how provocative Emily found them, she headed for the tent to grab her hiking shoes and head off into the wild with Kim. If it was anything like last year, a hike in the woods, alone, with Kim always brought something exciting. Since Kim had headed off to college she had become more open with Emily about certain aspects of her body that neither had really discussed before. The little demon was a year ahead of Emily in school – and M (her hood nickname that persisted to this day) was just heading into college at the end of the summer – a bright eyed and bushy tailed freshman.


He zipped up the tent behind him and lay down on his sleeping bag. His mind flashed with the images of his daughter. He grimaced with embarrassment – even though no one could really see into his mind. Such thoughts were best left to the deep recesses of his observance. But seeing her body glistening with lake water: so perfectly curved with such perfect edges and lines, had brought them gushing to the surface like one of the nearby alpine springs. His body tingled again with the thoughts as his manhood rose to push out his swimsuit uncomfortably. He was not endowed with the largest in all the land, but at eight inches it stuck out prominently from his swimsuit.

He frowned heavily – there were any number of attractive women he could fantasize about – surely his mind could pick one of them instead. One that didn’t deprive him of what little moral value he felt he had. Despite his best attempts to redirect the images that flooded his fantasy his mind kept producing them: of her gasping in pleasure, of his hands on her body – grabbing and squeezing those amazing breasts.

At length he gave in and decided he may as well put these images to rest by relieving the tension that boiled inside him. With that he unlaced his suit and pulled the velcro apart, allowing his member to fall free of the confines of clothing. It was already semi-erect. He stroked it with his thumb and forefinger until it stood at full mast – it’s deep mushroom top free of his foreskin. Slimy clear liquid oozed from the crevasse in its center – every drop a manifestation of his desires. Then he gripped it – even as he began to stroke, his mind flooded with the terrible images he conjured. How sweet they were. Each stroke brought life to them – soon he would spill them out like unwanted poison – but the pleasure was inescapable.

The sensation, he imagined, as his hands ran over Emily’s young tender body caused his heart to flutter with anticipation. The thought of feeling her breasts between his hands, needing them like he would fresh doe. Feeling her pert nipples press against his palms. The warmth of her interior as he would slip his fingers inside her – or his cock! His member ticked in his hands, desperate for the reality of the imaginings.

Then came her voice “Daddy!” She called, “Dad!”

His mind came racing out of his imagination. That was her real voice! Oh for crying out loud – couldn’t he have ten minutes! With the speed of a panther and the efficiency of a demented badger he stuffed his cock back inside his pants, patching the Velcro together even as the tent unzipped.

“What is it, do?” Ryan called.

Emily’s soft face came into view, her deep blond hair framing her beautiful blue eyes. As she bent over he could see her cleavage – nay her whole bosom splayed out before him as she ducked her head in. His cock throbbed in response, rearing to go – demanding its satisfaction. The velcro gave ever so slightly.

“I need my boots, Kim and I are going on a hike?”

“Dressed like that?” Ryan frowned.

“Yeah – why not?” She grabbed her hiking boots and stood up taking her perfect cleavage with her, “We want to work up a sweat for another swim. We won’t go far.”

“Okay – be responsible and don’t blame me if your eaten alive by mosquitoes!”

“I won’t – we are gonna bug spray up before we go,” She ducked down again, “And dad, your fly is open.”

Ryan checked the rain fly above him, “It seems fine.”

“Other fly.” She smiled and walked away.

Ryan glanced down at his pants, which had come apart with his members energetic dancing. Had Emily seen his penis. His heart throbbed with anticipation, excitement, and dread. He had to finish, it shouldn’t take long. Especially as he watched her perfect posterior marching away. He reached down to grip his body when Erick's voice echoed.

“Hey Ryan, my man, can I ask for some help.”

Ryan eyerolled as he pushed his rock-hard cock back into his pants and sealed them up with a quick knot. Erick was Kim’s father. The boy scout coach and high school football coach. Altogether he was a good and honest man – but just had bad timing.

“You bet,” Ryan called unzipping his tent, having accomplished no victory and no relief, “What do you need.”

“Sorry man were you napping?”

“Nah, your good. What can I do for you?”

“Kim has bolted with your little demon and left me to set up camp all by my lonesome, could use an extra body to keep my tent upright.”

Ryan gave a nod, “Sure thing boss.”

He cursed the day, hopefully he could relieve himself before Kim and Emily came back. Something that would stop him from having any more of these annoying fantasies – annoying but oh so sweet. He shivered and made his way over to Erick to lend him a hand.


Kim spun Emily around. Her back was smooth and soft. She wanted to caress it and kiss it – but learned Emily was of different persuasion. Instead, she sprayed the deet down the supple skin. After the spray had coated her in a poisonous shimmer she through the can back into her bag and turned to face the forest.

The pine trees rose above them, densely packed by their youth. A fire had raged across these parts twenty years ago and laid waste to their ancestors. Now they stood tall again, growing in where a fire had tried to extinguish. She figured that Bowman lake was 7 miles long, so there was no way they’d get to the head of it by nightfall, but a brisk walk towards the Numa fire tower just might hit the spot – especially if they were looking to work up a sweat. The sun hung in the sky, by her determination, around 4 o’clock.

“Let’s take Bowman lake down to Numa, if we aren’t sweating by then, we’ll pound out an hour up Numa,” She declared turning to her friend.

“Sounds good.”

With that, the two girls were off down the road with all haste – in hopes of another dip in the mighty bowman lake. The foliage was heavy, even in late July. Thick overhangs and tall trees enclosed the trail in a cool embrace. A slight breeze murmured over the mighty lake. The ripples dipped across the shore. A man in a canoe took water over his bow as he paddled too hastily from the rear. The lake was like emotion laid bare, Kim thought, it tossed and turned and erupted in the briefest of seconds only to still moments later, with the lingering ramifications lapping at the basin.

“I saw it?” Emily said at length as they marched down the trail.

“Saw what?”

“His, you know – his thing.”

Kim let out a laugh, “His thing? Like that thing or are we talking about a different thing.”

“That thing.” Emily’s hastened her pace, closing on Kim.

“What did you feel? Anything? What did you say?”

“Your fly is open,” Emily hung her head.

Kim let out another chuckle, “Not bad – was it nice, big, plump – would you like to ride it?”

“Ewww” Emily responded, “Why does your brain always go there?”

“Maybe my brain sees something obvious,” Kim chuckled, “Besides its not like your alone, its not an unnatural response to be excited by certain elements of the male physique.”

“He’s my father.” Emily protested, “that makes it different and off limits.”

“It made it off limits to tribal man, huh? When we, as a species, were clustered in groups of ten or twenty, huddled in caves.”

“But we are civilized.”

Kate ducked under a branch, “We people, we fight wars over oil, one sixth of our women are victims, and America is a defacto Oligarchy, and you want to talk about civilized? Come on girl – we are semi-civilized apes with machine guns and nuclear missiles. Love is certainly not a bad thing; consensual sex isn’t either. Doesn’t matter who with – and I catch your glances at him – I’m not blind.”

Kim spun off the Numa trail divide as they began gaining elevation. This wasn’t the first time she’d given the taboo speech: she had had an experience earlier in her life that prompted her to reconsider the line between right and wrong. Happiness, she decided, was not something that should be regulated by government: no matter the intention behind it. But her politics aside, she knew Ryan was suffering.

“It was nice.” Emily replied at last, “But that’ll never happen.”

“Tell you what, girl,” Kim spun around on the trail, “You sit on his lap tonight instead of that log – I guarantee you’ll feel that ‘thing’ again. If you do, you know it’ll happen.”

“You serious?”

“As serious as I ever am – I know it’s a big step, so take it slow, and enjoy. You have this trip to yourselves – mostly – and give me the signal and I’ll get my dad out of your hair.”

“I don’t know.”

“Here’s the deal – if you don’t I will. The poor man needs it.”

“Okay, okay,” Emily’s voice teetered on the brink of defensive, “I’m testing the waters first.”

“Besides having the cock that made you is a singular experience,” Kim was entranced with the idea and her voice lilted with the thought, “It was an orgasm of his that made you – why not give him a better one?”

If Kim had looked behind her as she turned up the trail she would not have missed the ghost of a smile that Emily let slip onto her face or the subtle touch to her own breast that followed.


The elevation rose fast causing her legs to burn with the effort. They had made good time over the past two hours, and the sun had begun to dip into the horizon, casting long and dark shadows through the woods. The foliage was dense, and the tall trees rolled off on either side of her creating and eerie depth to her surrounds – like a place that one might find in a Fantasy novel or film. Perhaps elves would leap from behind the trees and ask if they were here to see Legolas or Galadriel. Even if they had, her thoughts were elsewhere.

During sex ed class, many years ago she had learned about the idea of sex. However, in this country, it was not well explained. But she had wondered from where she had come. Before hand she had not thought of it: even when she woke up one morning to find her sheets, between her legs, soaked in – a nuisance that persisted to this day. Her true education had happened when, in her junior year, she had walked into the girl’s bathroom to find Kim and their math teacher engaged in wild screaming and grunting. She had seen the older mans cock deep inside Kim’s eighteen-year-old body – the shock of Emily’s arrival had sent it throbbing away.

The next five weeks were among the most dramatic, as Plan B failed, and her period became later and later. This was how Emily really got an education on sex and how it worked. From that point on she had always wondered how she was made. The trauma of that moment had often flooded her mind when boys put pressure on her for sex. The truth a well-toned guy was hot, but they never really did much for her. I mean, sure, Chris Pine as captain Kirk often gave her wistful longings for the iritic captain. Her mind turned to something she wanted to hide but didn’t know why.

Her father. She had caught him in the shower and saw his upper body, his rather well-defined pecks and even his slightly large stomach seemed to fill her with comfort. Then just a few hours ago she had seen his cock. It had filled her with a sensation she had not recognized. A burning hit inside her, just below her belly button. It refused to go away, even now the sensation lingered, leaving a warm depth inside her. Why would it be wrong – he had provided her with housing, food, education – he was the best man in her life by far, the strongest and, frankly, the most respectable. He had come to every one of her track team meats and helped her with every assignment she ever had.

“We should turn back,” Kim’s voice broke Emily’s deep thoughts as they marched up the trail.

Emily was covered in a thin layer of sweat. It beaded between her breasts and around her eyes. She was certainly ready to see the cool waters of Bowman lake one more time. She came to a stop behind Kim and took a deep breath. Kim’s body glinted, even with her darker skin, in the light of the sun.

“Okay,” Emily replied.

“You were quiet, anything interesting going on in that noggin of yours,” Kim asked.

“Just the things you said,” Emily replied, “And that time last year I walked in on you and Mr. Masters.”

Kim grunted, “Bastard came in me, asshole.”

“I kind of startled him.”

“Yeah, you startled me too and you didn’t see me going and impregnating him – now did you?”

“You can’t, you’re a girl.”

“Besides the point, fuck math. I was doing fine anyway.”

“You literally fucked math.”

“Oh, shut up,” Kim slapped her back.

“I had him the next year, you know – gave me ten out of tens like they grew on trees.”

“See, you owe me. Got you through Algebra with nothing more than a few smiles and my pussy.”

Emily laughed, “Thanks Kim, I owe you.”

The trail back was deceptively long. Emily had been so lost in thought the process had been lost on her. Now she stood back at Bowman lake as the sun hovered just above one of the mighty mountains that loomed overhead. She pulled off her hiking shoes and braved the rough pebbles that lined the shore. s and parents still stood upon the edge, with some still splashing about. The sun was boiling hot, and she stood on the bank, stretching and ready for the dive and the cold water. Perhaps a brief look behind her would have revealed her father and Eric talking – about what she would never have known.


Ryan cursed the day. Erick had held him down for hours; with this chore or that as if he was conspiring to torment him. Then his eyes caught his daughter, back from her hike. Her body bending every which way as she prepared for a dive. Her thin bikini top and tiny nylon buttocks the only protectors from prying eyes. His member burned once again beneath his bathing suit. He could feel the poor into his manhood and a warm heat tingled away. Then she jumped and vanished in a blast of cold alpine water.

“Your daughter is hot,” Eric punched Ryan in the shoulder, “you better look out for her.”

“She can handle herself,” Ryan replied – after six years of martial arts Emily was deadlier than most guns, “but I’m always a worried father.”

“I bet, with an ass like that she gets me worked up, and I’m fifty.”

“That’s my daughter your talking about, man.”

“Fair enough, my apologies.”

Ryan nodded, though he did not disagree with Eric. Even as they spoke his body replied in its own way to his daughters well rounded form. He tried to force the images away, but to no avail. They swept through his mind like the ripples of the lake, constantly beating the sides of his awareness. As the sun dipped below the horizon the cold air rushed in. Soon only the clouds burned with the light of day, ignited by the stormy fires of the sun. The yellows and pinks rolled across the horizon like a painting.


The fire crackled gently in front of her, leaping and jumping into the air dissipating in cracks and snaps. The light transfixed her as her mind toiled with the next stage – that thing Kim and she discussed. She was seated on her log next to Kim. She could feel her eyes boring into her. She now wore a T-shirt and yoga pants that fit her snuggly and pleasantly – a cradle to catch her should she fall. Her father sat on the far side in his lounge like camp chair and Eric sat next to him. Kim’s hand gave Emily the gentlest of pushes. She wanted to do it, but a great weight had settled in her stomach, rooting her to her place. What if she felt nothing – what if her father new what she was trying to do – what if he turned her down? The thoughts churned in circles.

“Should I?” Kim whispered gently in M’s ear.

Emily shot her a glance. The thought of Kim enticing her father, of bedding him sent a shot of angst through her. She felt a flash of anger! He was hers, not Kim’s! Emily shook her head gently and stood up. She felt a drip of moisture loosen the lips between her legs, swelling that crease ever so slightly in anticipation. That spot below her belly tingled once again. Emily was 19 anyway, just turned sure, but she was well passed the age of consent. Yet butterflies seemed to erupt in her stomach as she stood there – her eyes locked with the fire as if its fluctuating intensity might offer her answers to her questions and emotions. It snapped and crackled in response.

“Emily, you okay?” Her father asked looking up from his book.

“A bit cold,” Emily replied, “That’s all.”

“You have a sweater in the tent.”

Emily walked toward the tent but turned to face her father. Again, she stood, rigid to the spot. Her body aching for her to continue but her fears rooting her, what was she to do? How could she know if this was going to end the way she hoped – and not send the camping trip into a turmoil. She turned, and as the battle between sense and desire raged inside her she found herself standing in front of her father. He set the book down and looked up at her with a smile.

“What can I do for you?” He asked.

“I’m cold,” She repeated and felt the heat rise to her cheeks.

With that she turned around and eased herself down into her father’s lap. He was a large guy, nearly six feet and two inches, and broad-shouldered. Emily was, comparatively, small. She eased in onto his lap as the camp chair creaked. Her father let out a grunt as her weight slid onto his legs, and then she slid backward, until his belly pressed against her back.

“Hey daddy,” She smiled and kissed him on the side of the cheek.


The kiss lay on his cheek for a moment, growing cold, but the warmth of his daughter’s body consumed him. She had leaned her head back on his shoulder in a perfect position for his arms to encase her. Don’t get Hard he told his member. Her perfect ass which would be any man's pleasure to touch slid across his crotch. It, like the rest of her, warmed his hips with the heat the poured from her body. Don’t get hard he told himself again. Her butt moved back and forth as she repositioned herself. His eyes saw down her shirt – she had forgone a bra and he caught a glimpse of one of her pink nipples that protruded from her plump and full breast. His cock tingled. No! Don’t get hard! He demanded of himself, unable to pry his eyes from the beautiful protrusion.

He still wore his bathing suit, as he had not had the opportunity to relieve his body nor had he the opportunity to change before he had cooked the group dinner. She pulled his arms around her, to stave off the cold of the evening, and in doing so he felt her other breast touch his arm. Her nipple expanded at the touch. It hardened against his arm. Ryan closed his eyes shut, battling the sensation in his groin. The tingling sensation burned, and his cock expanded, pushing itself up into the crack that ran between her perfectly defined ass.

His head touched warmth and it was over. His cock rose up, against his daughter as she sat in his lap, talking nonchalantly with Kim. It wanted her, he wanted her. The images of earlier raced back into his mind, so close, within reach but so far away. He let out a breath, pushing his cock against her ever so slightly, and Emily’s jibber jabber went silent – and she let out a tender breath of air. Then they resumed talking again. Did she feel him against her, she had to! His member was pressed so hard into her round bottom it almost hurt.

He needed an excuse, something to get him away from this – to protect him from being found out. She jostled above him and sent waves of pleasure down the tip of his penis and throughout his body. He let out a long blast of air. He could feel the relief he wanted inches away – one more move and he would explode, he knew it.

“Its time for bed,” Kim said, “See you tomorrow guys, big hike ahead.”

Eric nodded, “A little early, but I respect a good night’s sleep.”

The two stood up and headed for the green and yellow contraption that he had helped Eric set up earlier in the day. Ryan fought his body once again but found no relief. He his mind into his work and the dull meetings he had to attend to fight his own body. Butterflies were alive inside of him, desperate desire to unleash himself and spill himself over her. Then it was over – Emily slid off of him and held out her hand.

“Bedtime daddy,” she said.

“Good idea, do,” Ryan thanked the gods he had not came – but his cock was slick with the precum that had oozed from his body while she had sat on it, forming a damp patch where his member thrust out, mimicking the tent they would sleep in tonight.

He swore, that she had looked right at it and smiled – but he was sure it was his imagination. All he had to do now was slip into a sleeping bag and fall asleep: next to the most desirable woman in the world, who he could not touch. Why had he been wired like this: it was a cruelty beyond measure.


Her father slept silently behind her as she lay in the sleeping bag. As Kim had predicted she had felt him – not just his body but his cock pressing up between her thighs. He had moved, and his tip had stroked the bottom of her slit. The sensation had washed away the world and replaced it with a thrumming pleasure – a pleasure that had brought with it a fair amount of moisture.

Her father turned over slightly and lay on his back. He had fallen asleep hours ago, but she hadn’t. Her body was burning – her mind had started to fantasize. Emily’s mother had been distant for years now – and she knew her father had been turning to porn in his spare time. She had seen it on the family computer: and knew how to check search history. Something her father almost certainly didn’t know existed.

Her hand drifted onto her breast, cupping it gently under the warmth of her sleeping bag. What if that were her father’s hand? The sensation sent a wave of heat between her legs. She slid her hand down between her waistband. Her forefinger found the moisture. She had foregone underwear, in hopes that she would be asked to undress – how ridiculous. Her father had immediately gone to sleep. The liquid was boiling hot in contrast to the cold air around her.

She pressed it against her clit, a wave of pleasure to erupt. Her lungs sucked in air. Who would this hand be? Fathers? The thought ignited a spark as liquid seeped from between her slit. It coated her hands. Just one orgasm – she thought. Just a quick one. Her forefinger slid further, pushing its way between the lips and into the well within. The sensation brought a wave of tension to her body. A moan got caught in her throat.

Emily glanced over to see if her father had noticed her muffled sound. He showed no sign. Withdrawing her finger from within the warm spring within caused another small sigh. Why would she do it herself – the man she was fantasizing about was right here. That familiar, illogical terror fell into her stomach again. Rolling over brought her father into full view. His sleeping bag was half unzipped, as it was a winter bag – and even in this cold weather, it was warmer than necessary.

“Daddy?” She whispered.

There was no response. What should she ask of him, anyway: hey please touch my clit? Emily shook her head. God – no wonder she was still a virgin. Her ability to communicate romantically was impaired by stupidity. The memory of that nudge her father had given her raced back: his cock press against her – she wanted him to touch her, to embrace her, to … yes, fuck her.

Emily sat up and turned towards him. With the softest hands, she could muster she pulled his sleeping bag off him – gently letting the zipper open. There was his yellow bathing suit. Its Velcro crease held her from her prize. She would just touch it, right? Her mouth watered – she had seen the porn videos of blow jobs: maybe she could taste it. Her pussy quivered at the thought of him entering her: could that really happen tonight?

She unlaced his pants and carefully pried the Velcro apart. Heat boiled between her thighs as the Velcro came loose. At long last his cock was free – limp. It hung down in the crease between his legs. Blue veins crossed it like the rivers of a continent, and its head lay dormant on the sack below like a pillow. Her father groaned, sending butterflies around Emily’s stomach. She visibly shook under the tension.

“do?” Her father’s voice called out.

Emily's eyes went as wide as saucers. She was caught: he looked down at his exposed cock and back at Emily. Oh no! Emily thought.

“I wanted to see?” She hung her head.

Ryan immediately pulled his sleeping back over himself, “What the hell?”

“It’s beautiful,” Emily was not a liar, the sight had pulled forth, from deep within her, a spring of liquid, “I felt you last night, in your lap.”

“do – I’m your dad.”

“And?” Emily whispered back, “What else is new?”

“It’s complicated?”

“I’m one of your Orgasms,” Emily retorted, “I was a seed inside you that you poured inside of mom.”

“Yes – that’s exactly why this can’t be!”

“What if I want to be a better orgasm? Is it wrong to want to make my father happy?”

“It doesn’t work like that do!”

“I love you.”

“But this type of love is best saved for someone your age –“

Emily was at a loss – she didn’t know what to do, so leaned in to her fathers mouth and kissed him. His light beard touched her skin as her lips touched his. A hand pushed against her, but she refused to let go: holding herself in a kiss – and then his mouth opened. His tongue entered her mouth. Her loins burned – his hand eased as it slipped onto her side. Emily retorted by touching her tongue to his in a dance – and then entered his mouth, sc his teeth gently before pulling away.

“Oh god,” Her father let out a gasp.

Emily savored the saliva that had been deposited in her mouth, swallowing it gently as if a drink of fine quality to be cherished. Her father gasped as he stared at the top of the tent. She needed his approval now – she needed his touch. She needed him. She leaned over him again, and gently pulled on his sleeping bag.

“I’m still a virgin,” She whispered to him.

“do,” He whispered back.

“I trust you – tell me what you need.”

“Am I dreaming?”

Emily reached out and pinched his neck gently. He recoiled slightly with a slight yelp of pain: a debate to his statement. Emily swung her leg over his sleeping bag straddling her father within. She bent forward again and kissed him. Their mouths met as her breasts and pussy tingled. The guilt of her forceful approach was washed away buy the desperation that fell about her.

“do!” He protested as she pulled from the kiss.

Even through the thick denim bag she could feel her father rise. She ground her hips against the lump she could feel. Her pussy erupted with anticipation and desire, a sheath in need of a sword. Her lips released a gasp of air.

“Daddy.” She moaned.

Her father’s arms pushed the sleeping bag off him. He wore a grateful dead t-shirt that he slept in. She backed away allowing it to flap open, revealing his cock that she had freed from its confines earlier. It was erect, fully. Its thick head seeping with hot, clear liquid. The veins were bulging from the sides like the topography around her. The ball sack had shrunk and tightened around the two round testicles that they contained.

“Daddy!” Her voice was that of surprise: she had only caught glimpses of it – but its full glory was breath taking and beautiful.

“do,” Her father spoke gently, “please don’t do anything you don’t want to.”

She bent forward, her body alive with expectation. His cock was only inches from her face. Light from the moon poured into the tent from a few openings in the rain fly, it was enough to glisten and gleam off the seepage from her father’s body. She stuck out her tongue and slid it up the gooey side, slipping between his opening. Her father let out a grunt. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed the head.


As her mouth engulfed his head her warmth surrounded him. The pleasure roared through his body like lightning. The tingling heat in his cock turned to fire. Her hands gripped him, rubbing up and down. Air escaped his lungs as he thrust up. He felt his head hit the back of her throat, and her voice protested. But her mouth didn’t come loose. Instead, she sunk deeper. His head hit the soft tissue of her throat. It squeezed him as her gag reflex kicked – his testicles seemed to swell, he was inches from erupting inside her. The hot liquid of his own body pooled in his urethra, as the involuntary throbbing began. He moaned as her hands worked his cock relentlessly.

“Stop,” He couldn’t bear the embarrassment of Cumming in his daughter’s mouth.

There was no reprieve, she squeezed harder and sucked on his head like it was a lollipop. Her tongue worked the side of his head, pushing itself into the opening. A hand gripped his ball sack, squeezing gently as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. He wanted her to take his cum, to want it – to swallow it. God please swallow it.

“Swallow,” He gasped almost without intending to.

Then his cock kicked back and forth like a metronome and he thrust his hips up. Then he felt his cum flow into his penis – his urethra squeezed and pulsated as it pushed itself up to his head. It exploded from his tip into his daughter’s mouth as he cried out and grunted incoherently and almost violently. She let out a surprised squeak as the cum hit her mouth. It had been days since he had masturbated, and Emily sucked and stroked his cock over and over – more and more hot liquid slid out Ryans cock until he lay gasping and sweaty, and his balls drained – into Emily’s mouth, his daughter's mouth.

Emily pulled off him. Cum dripped from the side of her mouth in long white strands. Her eyes met his with that doe-like expression. Couldn’t she swallow? Would she swallow? Her throat moved slightly, and then again and then she threw her head back and he heard the liquid gulp as his cum slid down her throat. His cock was still throbbing on its own – and his desires were not at all sated. Then Emily lay down next to him and took a gasp of air. She had swallowed.

“Fuck,” Ryan whispered.

He rolled over as his cock fell limp. He put an arm around her gently, pulling her closer to him. Cum still hung down one side of her cheek. He moved to swipe it away, but she stopped him, rubbing the strand with her hand and licking it off her fingers. He reached over and pulled her in for a kiss, but he dared not touch her breast or her body without permission – right? His morals were short-lived as their lips met and his hand slid over her chest and gripped her firm, plump breast. It gave beneath his grip with a satisfying pert feeling, and her nipple pushed into his palm as he needed her.

They curled up together moments later, under one sleeping back. Ryan could feel her body as it pressed against him. He slid a hand onto her thigh, and brushed her groin, which was soaked with liquid. He felt his cock twinge again – He squeezed gently, cupping the wet liquid. Emily let out air as he touched her, gently. Judging by the moisture she wouldn’t take long.

“I love you, daddy,” She shifted so her legs could open for his hand.

Ryan slid a hand down her waistband and felt the warm moisture quickly. He loved her too. His hands traced her pussy, as her legs parted ever further giving him access. Her mouth seemed to fall open in a silent scream as his finger found her clit. He placed a thumb on it and pushed his index finger forward, parting her lips and plunging into her warm wet well. She arched her back and in moments he felt her pussy pulsate around his fingers.

“Oh god,” She whispered, her body quivering like a frightened dog.

“That was quick,” He kissed her on the mouth again.

“I was really close already?” She said between a break in their embrace.

He wanted to do so much more, he wanted her to feel so much more. But even as her orgasm passed, and her tight, well-formed body pushed against him, the sun broke the horizon falling into their tent. All he wanted to do was stay here with her until the end of time, but they had a long day ahead. Her blond hair lay splayed about beneath her as his hand slid across her smooth toned stomach, his hand soaked with the juices that had dripped from her. If he woke up and found he had just had a wet dream he decided it would have been a good one.


When she awoke, the memories of last night tickled her body with beautiful sensation. She felt her body nestled up against her father. The taste of his semen still permeated her mouth and had begun to grow stale, but it came from within him. The sensation of his tip being a slick but almost rubbery surface to erupting with that thick, salt-ridden, and yet tasteless liquid brought warmth to her. She lay there for a few minutes – maybe she had enough time to touch him again. She shifted her weight slightly and looked down. His cock still lay limp behind her – as he drew steady, peaceful breaths.

“You up!” Kim’s voice was never so unwelcome.

“Yeah,” Emily replied shaking her father, “We are up.”

“Sleep well?” Kim asked, “I hope not.”

“Well enough!”

Her father stirred and looked at her. His smile brought with it reddened cheeks. Emily slapped his shoulder as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips – like mother never did anymore. He kissed back with equal parts love and lust. She loved it – she wanted more – but it would have to wait. They were headed out today on a rather tough walk, and they had plenty of miles to go. She pulled on her underwear and hiking pants.

“What happened last night,” Her father said pulling on a shirt, “That can’t ever leave this tent.”

“I’m not going to tell mom,” I said.

“I know – but Kim …”

“Relax dad – its fine.”

“Did you …” His voice got lost as he searched for words.

“I loved it.”

He smiled as his dangling cock began to gain dimensions. Emily leaned in for another kiss, and slid a hand onto his cock, giving it a swift tug as their lips met. She felt his cock thicken in her hands. Shame they didn’t have any more time. She let go and pulled away and leaped out of the tent. After half an hour of breaking camp and cooking breakfast, the quartet was off again with Kim and Emily in the lead. She could feel her father’s eyes on her shorts. For the first time in days, he seemed happy. Kim came trundling down the trail at escape velocity. Her deep brown eyes gazed at her, then her smile broadened. The two both wore their green tank tops and short hiking pants, though Kim’s breasts were distinctively larger than her own – Emily took note.

“So?” Kim asked as they made their way down Bowman Lake trail, “What happened after?”


“After you nearly brought your father to Orgasm by sitting in his lap?”

Emily smiled, “I ended up swallowing.”

Kim jumped up and down, “How was it?”


“Damn, girl!” Kim acknowledged, “Love it.”

Emily did too. Her body still tingled where her father’s fingers had touched her. She cast a glance back at him and his peppered hair and beard. He trundled along behind Eric in his cross-hatched hiking shirt and quick dry pants. He looked so handsome, so powerful and perfect. Kim gave Emily a shoulder squeeze as they trundled up the trail.


Last night was still fresh in his mind as lunchtime came. The feel of Emily around him, her mouth on his cock, the feeling of her breast in his hand, of her well-defined body arching at his touch. He made a mental note to get rid of his dad bod – Emily deserved better. He would find a way to make this work, even with Martha. God, he’d divorce her in a heartbeat if it meant he could have Emily. It was so wrong what happened, but it felt so right – it felt so perfect.

They picked out a spot for lunch. Ryan and Emily ate together, talking about anything but last night – aware that Eric and Kim were within earshot. He could not help but eye her beautiful body. Even though her tank top, that clutched her breasts or her shorts which revealed everything up to her hips, her body was stunning. The way she had grabbed him in the morning and kissed him was like a doorway – a promise of more. He couldn’t wait. Finally, Emily and Kim exchanged a meaning full talk and Kim headed off with her father, even though Emily was still not done with her lunch.

The trail here was still flesh along the lake, it looked out across it, but the Camp Ground and Ranger station were tiny specs on the Horizon. The thick trees surrounded them – and the hiker traffic was low. He glanced around at the towering forest – the birds chirped and the breeze gently blue. Seven miles had brought him to a sweat, and he could see the darkened spots on Emily where her body had produced some perspiration.

“Last night?” Ryan asked after Kim and Eric were out of earshot.

Emily smiled, “I believe we had a good night – but fear not: I’m sure it’ll happen again.”

Ryan felt the words slide down to his member as it hummed to life. He wanted more from her – and she had opened the door. Ages of watching her, of aching for her and he finally had her, if only a little bit. She was still a virgin too – oh god why? He so wanted to take that from her – god her body must be so tight – so perfect. Where were his boundaries, he wondered? Could he treat her like a lady fair, should he take her to dinner?

“I need to take a quick pee,” Emily said, “I’ll be right back.”

Ryan watched her slip off the path and up the hill. The lake rippled under the force of the wind and filled the forest with the sounds of gently lapping water. What if he went after her? The thought of finding her in a position that he might touch her again might feel her again exhilarated him. He made his way after his daughter, bushwalking his way through to thick underbrush as he rose in altitude. Then he stumbled across her, on a small outcrop that allowed some solid footing. She was pulling up her pants – but she had not finished the task. She was about halfway up when Ryan clambered up to her. There in front of him, her white cheeks returned his gaze. She was bent over enough that the pink of her pussy caught his eye. It was a sight out of paradise. He dropped his water bottle on the ground. Her asshole was a perfect, tight, round indention in her rear.


“I want you?” Logic be damned, he wanted her, needed her, “AM I out of bounds?”

“Not at all,” She glanced at him for a moment and then let her shorts fall to the ground, “I’m a virgin daddy – I’ve never done this.”

“It’s okay – I’ll walk you through it,” Ryan felt his body ignite again – the thought of taking his daughters virginity was like gasoline on an already flaming fire, “Are you on any type of birth control?”

She shook her head. His heart sank, he would have to pull out. But he’d get plenty of time inside her, “We will manage.”

With that Ryan stepped forward. His daughter’s blond hair and bright blue eyes flickered in a slight breeze, as her shorts lay around her ankles exposing her perfect thighs to the world. He couldn’t wait till camp now – his cock throbbed to life in his pants. He walked towards his daughter and embraced her: then kissed her. Her arms wrapped around him as her feet slipped out of her shorts. He felt her skin as he slid her tank top off revealing her perfectly formed tits. Stepping back he admired her – her ass was perfect and round and her breasts were plump and just large enough for the palm of his hand.

“Dad?” She asked.

“You're beautiful,” He replied.

With that he lifted her off her feet and wrapped her in his arms, sliding his hands up and down her body, cupping her round ass in one of his hands, supporting her as he lifted her to his height. His cock thickened in moments. She leaned back slightly, opening her breasts to his view. Her nipples had become pert in the breeze. Her blue eyes gazed at him – they were deep, so deep he felt like they were lakes that he might swim into. Then they kissed, with the passion of lovers who had been separated by war, with the passion of love. He loved her, he loved her body, he loved her scent.

He breathed in, absorbing the smells that wafted from her body. And then laid her down on the moist ground and leaned over her breast. He took her first nipple in his mouth and sucked like a baby for milk. She let out a gasp at his touch. Her hands, still clutching his shoulders clenched. On his knees he crawled forward and cupped the other breast in his hand, squeezing it. Her face contorted – at first, Ryan thought she might be in pain, but her gasp for air was a gasp of pleasure. Taking her right nipple in his teeth, he bit – just hard enough to be felt.

Her body arched as she let out a scream that echoed through the forest like that of a wounded animal. Her body shook in response as Ryan backed away. He got his first look at his daughters Pussy. It was pink against her white skin, and thin, shaped like a double-sided arrowhead – and it was glistening with anticipation. Should he – what would her life be like for his one orgasm?

“What is it?”

“Nothing,” He lied as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants.

As his pants fell to the ground he exposed his full eight-inch member for his daughter to see. He pulled his shoes off and then his pants and hung them on a tree. Emily lay there, expectantly. Her body was perfect – still glinting from sweat. The ground was soft and just damp enough to be comfortably – covered in a soft moss. He positioned himself between her open legs – Emily’s blue eyes had stared at him for nearly two decades – and this was the first time he had truly loved their lustful stare.

With that, he grabbed his cock in one hand and placed it at her entrance. His tip touched her warmth. The liquid seemed to seep from within, inviting him. He let out a gasp of relief as his deepest desire came true. Then he pushed – applying ever more pressure until her lips parted for him and he slid inside. Her soft vaginal walls bathed his cock in a watery wet warmth. He gasped as it consumed him.

“Oh fuck,” He inhaled.

His cock slid deeper into her. She grimaced and winced as his cock slid against her cervix. But cervixes were malleable, and he pushed harder. She let out a small cry as he sunk his cock to its base inside her – and there he waited as he felt her body around him, surrounding him. Then he pulled out a little and thrust again, and again. Its thrust sent waves of pleasure through him – her pussy made a squelching sound of liquid being pushed against flesh. Her body arched beneath him. Emily let out another scream as she arched her back. Ryan’s cock was suddenly gripped by her vaginal walls. They pulsated around him, tantalizing him. He felt liquid swarm around his penis, coating him. Sliding in and out bore less friction, but her body seemed to get warmer. She let out a cry to the heavens – clutching her own hand to her mouth. She screamed again into her hand and then again.

He gripped her breasts with his hands, “Fuck!” he gasped.

He needed them like doe as he pumped his cock in and out of his daughter. His body swarmed with pleasure as her pussy produced liquid for each thrust. He felt her nipples dig into his palms as her beautiful flat stomach rose slightly to greet his thrusts. He pulled a hand from her breast and slipped it down her smooth body. His index finger found her clit – even as he thrust he rubbed her. She grabbed her shirt and pushed it against her mouth as she let out another scream. Her body writhed beneath him, and he felt her walls clutch his member again as she fell into the throes of a second orgasm.

“Oh god, daddy!” She moaned, “Oh my god!”

Ryan felt his urethra expand. He demanded to stay in as long as he could. And thrust again and again into her. He felt his cum pool at the base of his penis as it was squeezed into his urethra – one more thrust. He pushed in again as his cock began to jump inside of her. One more, he thought, one more and I’ll pull out. He thrust in one more time and lost control. His cock leaped up inside her pussy and erupted inside her. Tendrils of his cum exploded inside with each pulse of his cock. He thrust again – because at this point why not. His balls began to tingle as the third wave of his seed rushed out of his cock as he gasped and cried out.

“I’m so sorry,” He said pulling out finally, “I’m so, so sorry – I stayed in too long.”

“I know,” Emily leaned over and kissed him, “It’ll be okay, I promise.”

There they lay, as Cum oozed from Emily’s pussy, and Ryan gasped for breath – filled with the terror of what he may have just done. But it was the best feeling in the world.

“I know mom doesn’t fuck you anymore,” Emily replied.

“No – we lost our flame.”

“Its okay if you want to use me,” Emily said, “I’ve picked out a college in our town. I’ll be in the same house.”

God – this was going to be a wonderful year.

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