My Life. Ch. 1..._(0)

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This is the story of my life. This is Chapter 1, of what will end up being several chapters. This one will be slower paced, and potentially longer than future ones, as I am giving background information and setting things up for future chapters.

My name is Adam, and I was very normal, I was a little taller for my age, but that’s just because I had my growth spurt earlier. However, I started masturbating late compared to most. It wasn’t that I was against it, I honestly had just never heard of it. A friend made a joke about “jacking off” and I had to ask him what that was, he told me, and of course that night in bed I tried it, and like most teenage boys, I was hooked. At this point in my life I hadn’t done anything more than kiss a girl, so masturbating was a great hobby for me. Since I didn’t have a girlfriend, and no real prospects, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting any with a girl any time soon.
I was doing it multiple times a day, and had come up with a good routine. The morning was a must, because like all guys my age, I was plagued with ridiculous morning wood! I would try to do it in the shower in the morning when I was getting ready for school, the shower was great, but of course my parents would knock on the door and tell me to hurry up. Plus I had to share a bathroom with my younger sister, so I usually had to settle for a quick one in my room before I got dressed. I would then jerk off when I got home from school, my little sister got home about an hour later, so it was just mom downstairs doing housework and preparing dinner. When I’d go up to my room to start on homework I’d actually have a quick jerk first. The common theme was that I usually had to be quick and discreet. It was totally possible that my mom could walk in to ask me something while I was doing homework, or my sister could burst in to play or just bug me, or my dad might come up to say hi when he got home from work. So in my bed at night when everyone else was asleep was the only time and place I had privacy.

When I first started masturbating I used to lay, buck naked on the bed, with lotion and and towel. I’d take my time and enjoy working myself up to a really good orgasm. The towel was totally necessary for me. I’d heard jokes, and guys saying that they kept a box if tissue in their rooms, I asked why and they said it was to catch their cum shot to avoid a mess. I couldn’t fathom a tissue catching my load, I’d blow a hole right through it! I happened to cum a lot when I jerked off, and not just a lot, I also shot for distance! The first time I did it, I was laying in bed stroking my cock vigorously, and when I came I blew a load all over my own face and pillows! After that, if I was masturbating while laying down or sitting at my desk, I always put a towel over my cock when I was almost ready to cum. Or if I was standing, I’d lay the towel out in front of me and aim for it.

During this time my parents were going through a rough patch, and they often got into huge fights at night when they thought we couldn’t hear them. One night my mom came into my room, just moments after I had finished putting my dick away. She opened the door and asked if I was asleep, I said no and she came in. She apologized for the fighting, and asked if I had heard, I said I had, since my room was next to theirs. She said she had just checked on my sister, Lacy, who was asleep, which made sense cuz her room was clear across the house. My mom said she just wanted to catch up with her baby boy, but she was visibly upset, and I think she just wanted to vent about things going on with her and dad. She ended up falling asleep in my room.

This started to become a nightly routine, at least when they were having a fight. She would come into my room to chat, but really it was because she didn’t want to stay in the same room as him, and she didn’t want to wake up my sister, so she was crashing on my bed.

Nothing about this was sexual, She was a good looking woman, but not so good looking that I got aroused by looking at my own mother. She was usually wearing pajama pants and a tee shirt or tank top, although sometimes she wore a nightgown, once again, nothing sexy. I did notice one night when she was asleep with her back to me, that her nightgown had come up and she was wearing a thong. This was surprising, even though I’d seen the tops of girls thongs at school, I had no idea that someone like my mother, who granted was only in her 30s, would be wearing something like that!

As her sleep overs continued for several weeks, I noticed that she became closer to me, at night she would cuddle a little, And ask me to put my arm around her, in the “spooning position”. This became a problem one night when I hadn’t been able to jerk off. She had me spooning her, while she was checking her phone and I was trying to fall asleep. Unexpectedly, the little movements of her ass against my crotch gave me an erection! I began moving back away from her, a little bit at a time so she wouldn’t notice.

“Why are you moving away? You know I like when you cuddle with me like that, it feels all cozy.” With that she backed up and her ass slammed right into my hard on, “oh! I’m sorry sweetie! I didn’t know!”

“Well what was I supposed to say?!” I snapped, clearly embarrassed.

She started to laugh a little bit “it’s ok, don’t be embarrassed, it’s not your fault and it’s completely natural.”
“I know it’s not my fault, it’s YOUR fault.” I couldn’t help but smile and start to laugh. We both had a good laugh about it actually, which relieved my embarrassment and distracted me enough to make my boner go away. We ended up falling asleep as usual.

This awkward encounter actually brought us closer, I felt like she and I could joke around more, and have more open “adult” conversations, nothing crazy, but when she’d ask how my day was, I’d actually tell her rather than just saying “fine”. Going to the mall and many other errands were still reserved for just her and Lacy, but she started having me go with her to the grocery store, and those big box warehouse type stores. Her reason was that she could use a man to help lift and carry things, this was a little annoying because I knew I wasn’t very strong, I was just tall and lanky. But I also knew she just wanted the company.

The down side to all this bonding was that now when I jerked off at night I had to make it quick and sweet, I kept my boxers on and just pulled my dick out through the opening, and jerked it to orgasm as quickly as possible. Even that was risky, if my parents were being snappy with eachother earlier in the evening I could just assume there was going to be a fight, so I had to miss my orgasm for the evening since I KNEW my mom would be coming in eventually.

One of the issues my parents fought about was that my dad worked a lot which, in his defense, was so that he could support his family and not make my mom work too. They liked the idea of her being home when we got home from school. But alas that meant he had some late nights and often had to travel. This was one of those nights.

It was a Friday and my dad wasn’t going to be home till Monday. My sister was staying the weekend at a friend’s, and my mom tried to convince me to stay at one of my friends houses, but I had other plans. I lied and said that no one was available to have me over, but really I had thought to myself that tonight I could finally have another really good jerk! If my dad wasn’t home, then no fighting, and I got my room to myself! My sister went to her friend’s right after school, so it was just mom and I. We ate dinner and watched some raunchy comedy that made lots of sex jokes, that my mom would jokingly scold me for laughing at. She sat right next to me, leaning against me, and we had a good time.

When I eventually went up to bed, I didn’t rush into anything, I just laid in bed thinking of stuff to get me turned on. At this point in my life I wasn’t into anything special, mostly I just closed my eyes and remembered pictures from magazines that I’d gotten to see.

As a virgin, I didn’t know what sex was like, so I didn’t have a favorite position, or know if I preferred tits or ass or whatever. I just liked the way naked women looked, and I imagined masturbating must’ve felt just like a women’s vagina. I didn’t have access to a computer in my room, so I hadn’t seem much porn, I wasn’t even familiar with blowjobs or hand jobs, although, a friend of mine had a girlfriend who gave him head regularly so I’d heard of them. He would describe it, and it sounded amazing, the whole thing; The way it looked to see her sucking on it, the image of her head bobbing up and down in his lap, and the way it felt to just be relaxed, sitting there not doing anything and just cumming in her mouth, no mess or anything! So when I masturbated, it was usually to an image of me laying on the bed (since that’s the way I usually jerked off) with a beautiful woman kneeling at the foot of my bed sucking my dick, I never did anything, I just laid there. Well, I’d gotten pretty turned on by now, and I’d already heard my mom go into her room, so I figured it was time to start.

I pulled my hidden stash out from under my bed, a pump-bottle of lotion, a towel, and a Hustler magazine from several years ago. I rarely pulled out the magazine due to the extra risk of being caught, but tonight I was going to go all out. I stood up and pulled off my boxers. I was already rock hard, so I just stood there gently stroking myself, enjoying the feeling of not being rushed. I opened the magazine to my favorite picture of a woman with huge tits, straddling a man. It was taken from his point of view and was the basis for many of my masturbatory fantasies. I set it on the bed and stood over it looking down while gripping my cock tighter and building up speed. I pumped a couple shots of lotion into my hand and smeared it all over my dick. I particularly like working the head, it’s big and really gives my dick the whole “mushroom – tip” appearance.

I enjoyed getting myself close to the point of no return, and then slowing down or stopping and letting the impending orgasm subside. It was like I was teasing myself, but really I was just taking my time, and the build up always gave me a better orgasm. I laid on my bed and kicked my blankets completely off and onto the floor. I got comfy, closed my eyes and started up again. The feeling was incredible, I rarely even got to use lotion anymore, so this moist-silky feeling of my lubed up hand was a real treat! I was building up a faster rhythm again, and was thinking about whether I should just go for it this time, or slow back down again and let it build back up… when my door opened and my mom walked right in.

“Hey sweetie, do you mind if I… oh my God!”

I was completely nude, spread out in the middle of my bed with the biggest hard on I’ve had in weeks!
“MOM! What the fuck are you doing? Stop! Don’t come in!”
But she was just starring at me, frozen from a combination of shock and embarrassment. I was reaching around for something to cover up with, but my sheets were on the floor at the foot of my bed, so I just threw the towel over my lap and sat up, leaning forward, trying to conceal my erection. Finally coming to her senses, my mom covered her face and turned around.

“I’m so sorry sweetie! I didn’t know! Dammit I should’ve knocked, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, oh my God, please forgive me, I was so stupid!”

Well now my first reaction of anger turned to pity, I didn’t want her to feel bad, “it’s ok mom, I’m sorry I yelled like that, I’m not mad”

“Really? I honestly didn’t know. ”

“It’s fine, I just got embarrassed. ”

She turned back towards me and opened her eyes. “Trust me, you’re not the only one who’s embarrassed.” She picked my blanket up and handed it to me and sat on my bed. I covered up and sat there. We smiled at each other reassuringly. “I should’ve known that you were doing this already, you’re at that age, plus when you got that boner from rubbing up against me, that should’ve been a red flag that you’re probably getting hard-ons and taking care of them somehow.” I just nodded. “How long have you been masturbating?”

“A year, maybe a little less I suppose”.

She nodded, and noticed the Hustler sitting on the bed, she picked it up before I could react, “is this what you use?” She was flipping through the pages, I just nodded, blushing. “It’s ok, every guy has jerked off to one of these magazines.” She looked up and me, and I grinned, awkwardly comforted knowing that she didn’t think I was weird. She leaned forward with her arms open to give me a comforting hug, I leaned in, then stopped.

“Um, I’m still hard.” I moved my hands away so she could see the tent my cock was making, “Ill pass on the hug.” I gave a little chuckle. She laughed to, but stared at my crotch for an extra moment.

She went back to thumbing through the magazine “do you have questions about any of this?” I shook my head NO instinctually, not wanting to talk to my mom about sex. “Because this isn’t reality” she continued. She turned the magazine towards me, showing me a picture of a close up of a woman spreading open the lips of her vagina.

“It’s not?” I replied, she had peaked my interest, and I really DID have questions.

“No, she’s just trying to look exciting for the camera, vaginas don’t normally look like that”

“What do they look like then?”

“Well ..” She looked around, unsure how to proceed, “Well ..” She stood up, reached under her nightgown, pulled her thong off, and then lifted her gown up to her bellybutton, showing me her pussy, “They look like this.” She wasn’t shaved bare like the girls in the magazines, but it wasn’t a bush like I’d seen before either. She had hair, but it was short, like she meant it to be that way. I just stared unable to blink. She sat back on the bed, still lifting her gown, and facing me. I could feel her watching me stare at her exposed vagina, I should’ve been embarrassed, but I couldn’t look away. “See, they shave hers completely, and she spreads the lips like that to make it look sexy”.

“That’s stupid, it’s looks good, just like this”

“Oh hush” she covered herself, and I looked back up at her face.

“No really, that looks really nice, it looks intimidating in the pictures”

“That’s because she’s playing with it in the pictures”

“Oh, so you’re not supposed to play with it?”

“Well, sure you are, but she’s just spreading it open for the camera, in real life you’d just rub her clit, or finger her”. I must’ve looked confused, because she lifted her gown back up and continued.. “This is the clit, you just have to rub it, but when you’re fingering a girl, you slide a couple fingers inside her”.

“Inside her where?”

As if she was a teacher giving a hands on lesson, she took my hand and pulled it to her vagina, she curled all my fingers closed, except the index and middle fingers. She leaned back slightly, and guided my fingers to her opening. “Right here. You just slide your fingers in and out, the same way you would with your penis if you were having sex.” With out thinking I pushed my two fingers in and she let out a sigh, I did this about three times before she grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

“Was I doing it wrong? I don’t really know what to do”

“No, that felt fine, especially since it’s your first time, it’s just that..” she paused and looked me in the face. “You shouldn’t be doing this with your mother”.

“Oh!” I just realized what she meant, and she was right, I pulled my hand away, “I wasn’t thinking about it like that! It’s just that you were the one who put my hand there, and I was curious, I’ve never tried that before, I was just seeing what happened when I fingered a girl, so I don’t look like a dork when I finally get a girlfriend”. I felt like a idiot, and my expression obviously showed that.

“No sweetie, you’re right, I did put your fingers there, I didn’t think first. Don’t feel bad, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Was I doing it right? Did it, you know, feel good like it’s supposed to?”

“Yes you were, and yes it did”

“You didn’t have an orgasm, so I must not have been THAT good at it” I pouted.

She laughed “babe, you only did it for a second, it takes longer than that! For any guy”.

“Oh ..ok .. can I.. Try again? I want to see if I can do it”.

She just stared at me, obviously mulling it over, “ok” and she gave me little smile, nothing seductive, but genuinely motherly, as if I’d asked to stay up late and she’d decided to be nice and let me. She took my wrist and pulled my hand back to her vagina, guiding it into her. She held my wrist while showing me the rhythm and speed to use, then she let go and I did the rest. She leaned back slightly, putting her weight on her arms, the way you’d be sitting up on a blanket at the beach. I could tell she was watching me, but I just starred intently at what I was doing. I heard her start to breath a little heavier, and I looked up at her face, her eyes were closed but she opened them, looking directly into mine.

“Is that good?” I asked.

“Yes it’s very good. Now this right here is where the clit is”, she pointed to a small spot above where my fingers were inside her. “This is a very sensitive spot that you just rub, either on its own, or while you’re fingering her. Since you’re doing that with your fingers, I’ll rub myself, and together they will cause a very good orgasm for the girl.”

I continued moving my fingers in and out at their steady pace while I watched as she rubbed her clit. She closed her eyes and her breathing became loud again. Feeling the warm wetness of the inside of a vagina for the first time, combined with watching a woman (albeit my mother) play with herself while making aroused noises, was getting me turned on. What had started out academically, as an awkward sex talk between a mother and son, had turned into the hottest moment in my life.
I still had a raging hard on and I felt like I was going to explode, but I was afraid to touch myself in front of her, I didn’t want her to think this “lesson” was turning into something torrid that I was getting into. If she thought I was turned on by seeing her like this then not only would she be mad and disgusted with me, but she would never allow any potential future lessons. So I restrained myself. Just then she threw her head back and let out a loud sound that was sort of like a moan and scream together. I pulled my hand away, scared I had poked her too hard or scratched her inside. I starred in shock, watching her shake a bit before relaxing and opening her eyes. I can only imagine the expression that was on my face, because as soon as she looked at me she laughed and touched my arm reassuringly.

“It’s ok baby, that’s just what it looks like when many women have orgasms” she reassured me.

I relaxed a bit, “so I did it? I fingered you, and gave you an actual orgasm?”

“You sure did. See it’s not really that hard, or intimidating, nothing to be scared or nervous about.” I had forgotten about concealing the tent my erection was making, and she noticed it, “Adam! Are you hard?”

“Oh my God, I forgot, I’m sorry!”

“No sweetie, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have reacted like that. Honestly it would be more shocking if you WEREN’T hard after seeing all that for the first time.”

“Really, you’re not mad at me?”

“No not at all, getting turned on isn’t always in our control, sometimes it just happens, and for a boy who’s curious about sex to see and touch a woman like that, it’s completely understandable.”

“Ok” I said bashfully, “I wasn’t trying to get turned on, but since I wasn’t able to finish myself when you came in, I’m just REALLY hard right now.”

“Oh my God , sweetheart, you’re right, I totally forgot about that!” she laughed a little bit “you must be dying!”
I just gave her an awkward, embarrassed sort of smile. She looked at me thoughtfully, “ok, remove the blanket.” I didn’t move, unsure if I should expose myself to my mother, fearful I may get into trouble somehow. “Go ahead” she encouraged. I did as I was told and lifted the blanket just up and over my throbbing erection.

My mother scooted up right next to me. Without hesitation she reached out and grabbed my dick and started slowly gliding her hand up and down the shaft. It felt great, her hand was cool on my red hot cock. I starred in disbelief as She stroked me.

“Have you ever had a hand job?” she asked, very matter of factly. I shook my head “no” without looking away from her hand wrapped around me. “Well this is a hand job. Just like when you finger a girl, your fingers are supposed to feel like your penis is inside her, with a hand job her hand is supposed to feel like a vagina is around your penis, make sense?” I nodded, still not looking away as she kept stroking while she talked. “In other words, fingering is you using your hands to make her have an orgasm, and a hand job is her using her hands to make YOU have an orgasm. Now have you heard of a blow job?” my ears perked up, but I shook my head “no”, not wanting to throw my friend Mike under the bus. “Well a blow job is like a hand job, except that the girl puts your penis in her mouth and moves her head up and down.. Or back and forth, depending on how you’re positioned. But it’s the same idea, her mouth is supposed to feel like the vagina and make you cum that way. Now if the girl is really good, she’ll do two things; one, she’ll also use her hands while giving you a blow job, this can make it feel even better for you, but it takes a girl who knows what she’s doing. And two, she’ll have you cum inside of her mouth, and she’ll swallow it. This also helps make it feel better, and makes a cleaner experience. Make sense?” I nodded, God that sounded amazing.

“Now Adam, look at me”, she took her hand off of my cock and I turned to face her. She looked me right in the eyes, there was genuine concern in them. “I don’t know of we should be doing this” gesturing towards my hard on, “honestly we shouldn’t have done ANY of this. This isn’t something that mothers do with their sons” she was getting upset, “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I shouldn’t have shown you my vagina, I just wanted to answer your questions, and I felt bad that your only knowledge is coming from a completely unrealistic magazine, so I just wanted you to see what a normal woman looks like down there. I let it get carried away by having you touch me, and now here I am touching you!”

“I liked it!” it almost came out like a shout, but I couldn’t help myself. “I know you aren’t trying to do so something wrong with me, and I know that this isn’t something that sons are supposed to do with their mom’s, but I asked you and you showed me what it was like to feel a vagina, and now I’m so horny it hurts, and you are just being nice, and all I can think about is you touching me again!” My voice raised itself as I spoke.

“Really, you’re not grossed out? You’re not thinking to yourself ‘why is my mom doing this, I want her to stop’?”

“No. I mean, I was embarrassed when you first walked in, cuz I don’t want ANYONE to catch me playing with myself, let alone you or dad! But you made me feel better. And I would’ve never have been able to simply ASK a girl anything about sex, cuz I’d look stupid or inexperienced, but you had just walked in on me naked, and you asked if I had any questions, so I figured ‘why not, I can’t get any more embarrassed’” I laughed, and she smiled at me. “I’m not good with girls, and I didn’t wanna freak out the first time I saw a vagina, so I’m glad I saw one, and now I know what it’s like to play with one too! My friends, or dad, could never have helped me with that. And yes, of course I want to know what it’s like to have someone else make me cum, and if you’re willing to show me then I’m grateful, not grossed out!”

She smiled at me and looked relieved. “Well… would you like me to continue?” she asked me hesitantly. I gave a quick little nod. She grinned, “Hand me that lotion, sweetie” she pointed at the pump bottle on the other side of my bed. I reached over and grabbed it.

She moved onto her knees, so that she was kneeling beside my lap while I was partially sitting up, propped up by pillows. She pumped some lotion into the palms of both of her hands. “Do you remember how I said that the secret to a good blow job is using hands also, and swallowing?” she asked me. I looked at her and nodded. She gripped the base of my dick with her left hand and used her right hand to smear lotion around the head. “Well… the secret to a good hand job is using BOTH hands”. And with that she went to work pumping her hands up and down my shaft, it looked like she was churning butter! But she didn’t just move both hands up and down, she also rotated her wrists, turning her hands back and forth while she moved them up and down! My eyes widened, and my mouth dropped open. The feeling was incredible, I couldn’t have imagined that her hands would have felt so different, so much better, than me simply jerking myself off. I let out an involuntary little grunt, she obviously knew what this meant. She turned to look at me.

“OK, do you feel like you’re ready to cum?”

“Uh huh!” nodded rapidly, she grinned.

“Good, just let it go when you’re ready”. She was watching my cock as she pumped it with both hands. She was building speed, knowing that I was ready, and then it happened. I exploded.

This was the biggest, most powerful load I had ever had. I was notorious for big ejaculations, but this was something massive. I had already been working myself to an orgasm when my mom walked in, and since then I’d fingered her and watched while she came. Then she played with me, then stopped, then started up again! This load had been building for over an hour, and it sent a convulsive orgasm through my body as it blew out the end of my cock. The first shot hit my mother right in the face, causing her to squeeze her eyes and mouth closed, but she never stopped working my shaft with both hands.

I continued to ejaculate, sending streams of semen all over. More than one shot hit her in the face and neck, it landed on her nightgown and arms. It sprayed on to the bed, and onto my stomach, legs and chest. And as the shots ended, my mother still stroked me, tightly, milking the rest of the cum from my swollen cock head. It ran down the shaft, over my hips, and onto the bed, soaking the sheets where I laid. And once the flow ended, she just sat there, holding my dick, as if the semen that covered her hands had welded them in place.
I was spent, too exhausted and shocked to move. It felt like we sat that way for minutes, until she spoke. “Honey, will you hand me that towel I saw?” Her eyes were still tightly shut. I fumbled, trying to reach the towel that lay on the bed near my feet. I got it and handed it to her.

“Here you go”. She slowly released her hold on my still hard cock. Her dripping hands reached for the towel blindly. I put it in them, and she brought it directly to her face. She used the cloth to wipe deep into her eyes, getting my sticky cum. I still just sat there, unsure of what to do. After she must have gotten enough of it off of her face, she turned to look at me. I must’ve been a sight, completely naked, penis sticking straight up, covered in a fair amount of my own cum, and frozen stiff, too shocked to move. She laughed.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go take a shower, you’re a mess. I’m going to go wash my hands.”

“K” was all I could muster.

Once I started moving I realized just how much semen I’d gotten on my bed. I got up and glanced at her, she too was looking at the devastation I had caused. Without a word I moved out of the room and into the shower.

After I’d washed myself, I just stood there in a trance, letting the water run over me, replaying what had just happened. ‘Had my mom really just been the first woman I’d fingered? Was she really the first woman to give me an orgasm?’. I was trying to decide how I felt about that, was I ashamed, did it make me feel sick? NO. And what did my mom think?! Was she ashamed, or mad at me for what we did? Oh God, what did she think of seeing me cum that much? And I got it all over her, and in her eyes! She MUST be angry with me.

I got out of the shower, dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist. I opened the door and darted straight to my room, hoping I could avoid my mom. I walked into my room, and all the sheets had already been removed, I heard the washing machine running down stairs.

“Adam, come in here”, my mom called from her room. I walked in nervously. She was sitting in her bed, putting her hair up in a ponytail, she was wearing a clean nightgown. “Those sheets had to be washed, do you want to sleep in here tonight?” she asked warmly, not an ounce of disgust in her voice.

“Ya, ok”, my mood improved instantly. I walked towards her bed and removed my towel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked with a laugh, go put on your Pjs.”

“Oh, I just figured, since you already saw…”

“Um, I’m still your mother, now go.” I went and put on a pair of pajama bottoms and walked back into her room. “Good, not turn off the light and get into bed”. I slowly climbed into the bed next to her, still unsure of the situation. She was laying facing me, she reached over and gently grabbed my cock through the cloth of my pants. “So does he feel better?” I was stunned, I turned my head to look at her.

“Ya”. She could read my reaction and grinned.

“Good, although I must say, I wasn’t expecting you to cum that much. Was it because you had been masturbating before I walked in?”

“Ya, partly, but I usually cum a lot.”

“Really?!” She seemed shocked. I nodded. “I’ll have to keep that in mind next time.”

“Next time?” My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

“Unless you don’t want to of course”, my seemed unsure after my reaction.

“No! I’d like that a lot.” She smiled. “I thought maybe you’d be upset, especially after I got it in your face.”

“Well I wasn’t expecting that, but no, I’m not upset. I enjoyed it. Your father and I don’t do stuff like that anymore, we still have sex, because he likes it, but he doesn’t like when I use my hands or mouth. Which sucks for me because I always enjoyed doing those things to a guy, it makes me feel sexy.”

“You don’t regret it happening, because I’m your son?”

“I know I SHOULD feel bad and regret it, but I don’t. It felt good to be wanted again, to take charge and please a man in a way that’s actually really fun for me. And in a weird way, the fact the your my son doesn’t bother me because I’ve always done things for you; fed you, changed you, washed you, tied your shoe laces, helped with your homework. As you’ve grown up, the things that I’ve done for you have changed. And now you’re becoming a young man. There’s less and less I can do for you. But now you’re having sexual thoughts, you’re becoming aroused, and you enjoy having orgasms, well that’s something I can actually help with.” She looked me in the eyes and smiled, “if that’s something you want?”

“Yes, definitely! But then why did you make me put on Pjs?”

“I’m still your mom, and the way you behave around me can’t change. Besides, we can’t risk getting caught, and you sleeping naked with me would make people wonder.” I nodded in agreement. “Now go to sleep, I love you sweetie”.

“I love you mom”.

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