Sleeping Daughter 1: Wicked Wife's Plan

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Sleeping Daughter
Chapter One: Wife's Wicked Plan
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

The bathroom door opened right as I reached for the doorknob. I froze. A cloud of steam washed over me as my eighteen-year-old daughter stepped out, still damp from her shower, her brassy hair wrapped up by one towel, another towel wrapped about her budding body. I blinked at the sight of her swelling cleavage and then noticed how sleek her legs were.

They glistened.

The towel hardly fell down low enough to cover her rear. Up until that moment, I had seen Tiffany only as my daughter. Now she blossomed into a sexual being. A rush of heat surged down to my cock. It hardened and swelled, rising forward and catching on my underwear.

When had Tiffany grown so sexy? What had happened to my little girl? She had curves. I mean, I knew she was growing. I knew she wore bras now and shaved her legs and did all the other things a teenage girl did.

But she had still seen like my little girl.

And now that image shattered. I noticed the beauty of her face as she stared up at me, the smile playing on her impish lips, the glint in her blue eyes. She arched one eyebrow, giving me a strange look.


“Huh?” I said. On the heels of lust came embarrassment. I had just ogled my daughter, my little girl. What was wrong with me?

“You're kinda in the way, Dad.”

“Oh, right, sorry,” I said, giving a laugh. My hand itched to reach down and adjust my erection so it wasn't so painfully trapped. “Just being a goofball.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. The towel slipped. Near her hip, the two ends parted, revealing her pale flesh up her side. My dick throbbed even harder. “Dad, you are always a goofball. That's why I love you.”

Love you. Those words sent another wave of lust through me.

“Good,” I croaked. “Love you, too.”

Her smile exploded across her lips. Then she slipped by me. I didn't move enough and her hip rubbed against my hard erection. The towel pulled farther apart, dragging on my bulge, and I caught a fleeting glimpse of curving buttocks before the pink terry cloth fell into place. Then Tiffany sauntered down the hallway, her hips shaking. I could just catch the bottom of her butt, the start of swelling cheeks.

When did she develop such a great ass? It was like her mother's.

Tiffany paused at her bedroom's doorway. She turned and smiled at me before she slipped in. The door closed behind her with a loud click. I groaned and shook my head, heat rushing through my body. What a little nymph.

“You need to take your shower so we can get going,” my wife admonished from behind me.

I jumped and turned. My wife stood in her slip. Tonight we had a wedding to go to. My wife and daughter showered first so they could do all their magic, leaving me last. I swallowed at my wife, still beautiful and curvy as she approached forty, her breasts looking wonderful in the slip's cleavage, her brown hair falling in curling waves about her mature face.

Our daughter's face fully blossomed. She even had that same, impish smile.

“What's got you excited?” she asked. “Staring at Tiffany?”

“What, no,” I laughed, hoping she was joking. “Why would I stare at our daughter?”

She shook her head. “Shower. Now. Mister.”

“Yes, dear.”

I stepped into the haze of steam. I hoped Tiffany left me any hot water. She should have showered earlier. I hated taking a cold shower. Then I glanced down at my still-hard erection, the glimpses of my daughter's flesh seared into my mind.

Maybe a cold shower would be a good idea.

My erection died the moment the icy water hit me. I gasped, letting the water flow across my body, cooling my ardor. It was hard to think of Tiffany, or any woman, when my teeth chattered. My respectable cock shrank and my balls retreated.


I grabbed the soap and washed fast.


It was late when we arrived at the house, my feet sore, both my women sleepy. Though Tiffany popped back up and bounced in the back of seat. She was a little giggly. I had my suspicious she snuck a glass of champagne at some point.

Her dress—a lavender affair with a plunging neckline that had shocked me when I saw it, though her mother told me to stop being a prude—rustled as she straightened up. In the rearview mirror, I couldn't help noticing the swell of her breasts jiggling as she arched her back.

They were small, but looked firm, handfuls begging to be played with. I wondered if any boys had pawed at her. A surge of anger shot through me. I hoped not. No one should touch my little girl's tits but me.

I froze at that thought.


I was her father. What the fuck was wrong with me?

“Mmm, what a great night,” my wife said, stretching, showing off her equally plunging neckline of her red dress. Her large breasts bounced and jiggled, drawing my eyes from appreciating my daughter's cleavage. Betty leaned over. “Weddings always make me randy.”

I stiffened as my wife, a little tipsy, kissed me, her hand slipping down and rubbing at my hard bulge. She groaned into the kiss, squeezing harder. Our daughter sniggered in the backseat before opening the door and climbing out.

“Don't forget to take your medication,” my wife called, breaking our kiss to be a mother. “Okay?”

“Yes, Mom,” my daughter said, rolling her eyes.

She had recently been diagnosed by a disorder—Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Last week, my wife had taken her into the doctor. Now Tiffany had to take a pill every night, one that would let her get a full night's sleep without any issue.

I hadn't realized she had any sleeping problems. I mean, she was so young, but my wife insisted.

“She'll be out for the entire night,” my wife purred, stroking my cock. “Won't hear a thing.”

I smiled at my wife. We had an active sex live. Nineteen years of marriage hadn't diminished it yet. She was a passionate woman. She believed the best way to keep a man was to keep him interested. And she worked hard to do just that.

But my eyes trailed to my daughter, a younger version of my wife, heading to the front door.

“We're going to have wicked fun tonight,” my wife purred before kissing me again.

We necked in the car like teenagers ourselves. My hands found her breasts, kneading them while she rubbed at my cock, driving me into a frenzy. I groaned into her hot kisses. The window of our car steamed up. I wondered what the neighbors must think if they noticed the car rocking in the dark.

But I didn't care. I ached. I needed to cum. It was an imperative.

I pushed up my wife's skirt, slid up her sleek stockings. She wore thigh-highs today. I moved higher and found her flimsy panties, the crotch soaked. She shuddered as I rubbed them. My zipper rasped. Her hand reached in, pulling out my hard cock, stroking me.

“Yes,” I groaned, breaking the kiss.

“Let's go inside,” she purred.

I only nodded.

She climbed out of the car, adjusting her dress, then sauntered to the door. I didn't bother putting my cock away. It was dark and I was hard. I followed after her, my dick bouncing before me. Tiffany left the door unlocked. We were inside in a heartbeat, kissing, moaning, our bodies pressed together, our hands roaming.

Clothing came off. I hadn't been this turned on in so long. Tiffany danced through my head as I stroked and caressed my wife's body. We moved across the living room, leaving a trail behind us, and then reached the stairs.

“Ooh, yes,” my wife moaned as she darted up the stairs, her naked ass shaking. I caught shadowed glimpses of her pussy covered by her trimmed, brown down.

I followed that gorgeous ass, my cock bouncing before me.

My wife darted down the hallway and then paused before our daughter's bedroom. Our daughter's door was half open. My wife pushed it all the way open and froze. A shudder ran through her body. What was she doing? I slowed as I approached, all too aware I was naked.

Naked and hard.

“Come here,” she whispered, motioning to me. “You have to see this.”

“What?” I asked. “I'm naked.”

“She's sleeping. Come on.” She motioned again. “The pill will keep her out no matter what we do.”

I swallowed and padded down the hallway to her, my dick bouncing before me. She seized my shaft, stroking me as I joined her at the doorway. I peered into my daughter's room. Moonlight spilled silver across her, painting her body. My eyes widened. She slept only in a pair of frilly panties, lying on her back, her firm tits rising like cones as she breathed slowly, her brassy-brown hair spilled about her pillow. One arm held her teddy bear that she claimed to be too old for.

And yet insisted he still sleep with her.

“Isn't that a beautiful sight?” my wife whispered in my ear as she stroked my dick.

I could only groan as my wife pressed against my side, her nipples hard on my flesh. Her hand gripped me, stroking faster. My dick ached in her hand as I couldn't tear my gaze away from my daughter's sleeping form.

“Isn't she blossoming into a beautiful, young woman?” my wife purred. “Mmm, doesn't she make you ache with her sensuous form.”

“Betty,” I groaned. “What are you saying?”

“Those tits. God, those are great tits. Still so firm. Ooh, yes, she may not be as big as mine, but they are still gorgeous.”

“Betty,” I gasped now, shock shooting through me.

And my wife kept stroking me.

“You saw her step out of the bathroom today, teasing you. She waited, you know?”

“Waited? What?”

“To step out of the bathroom. She made sure you were in the hallway. Little girls love to tease their fathers. She's been doing it for a while, but you never noticed. But you did today. I could tell.” She squeezed my cock. “You stared at her all night in her dress, looking at her ass, her small tits. Mmm, you're so hard.”

“Because you're stroking me.”

Her lips brushed my ear. “Because you want to fuck our daughter.”

“Betty, I never would.”

“Why not?” My wife's wet pussy rubbed on my hard thigh. “You took a cold shower today. You were shivering when you came out. The idea of fucking our daughter popped into your head.”

“I wouldn't.”

“Really?” Betty moved away from me. She pulled me into the room by my cock. I groaned and stumbled after. Moonlight flashed about her generous curves as she led me beside our daughter's bed. My wife stroked me with her right hand then brushed a strand of hair off Tiffany's forehead. “You don't want to ravish her?”

Was this a trick? A trap? My wife couldn't be asking this questions? Did she want me to? Was she a pervert?

I stared at my wife like I had never seen her before in my life.

“Such supple skin,” My wife purred, her free hand sliding down Tiffany's neck and shoulders to her chest. “And these breasts. Let's see how hard her nipples get.”

“Betty,” I groaned, my heart thudding in my chest.

My wife's fingers trailed up our daughter's right tit. She circled the conical mound and reached the dusky-pink areola. A small ring. My wife stroked its circumference. A hard nub rose out of the center, a tiny peak thrusting from my daughter's small mound.

“Look at that nipple,” my wife purred. “Just delicious.” Then she bent over and sucked it into her mouth.

My dick throbbed. I almost came as my wife's lips sucked on our daughter's nipple. She popped her mouth off of it, leaving the nipple pink and shiny. My head swam. My balls boiled. I couldn't believe this was happening. It was like I entered the Twilight Zone, stepping out of reality.

“You liked that,” giggled Betty. “I know you did. Your dick doesn't lie. It can't.”

“What is going on?”

“I've been aching for this moment,” Betty panted. “You touching her, fucking her. It makes me so wet when I think about it. I masturbate in her bed while she's at school. I pretend I'm her and you're atop me, fucking me, making me cum.” She let out a shuddering moan. “Oh, Daddy, fuck me. Drive your cock into me.”

“Shit, Betty,” I groaned, my balls boiling. “I'm gonna...”


I nodded, the image of myself fucking Tiffany burned in my mind, of sliding my cock into her young pussy, to feel her virgin grip, tight and hot. To hear my baby girl gasp and moan, loving my strokes, embracing the pleasure.

It was too much.

Betty moved my cock. I didn't fight her. She brought the tip of my dick to our daughter's half-open mouth. She pressed my dick into it. My eyes widened at the wet, warm touch of Tiffany's mouth. In sleep, her lips opened wider, latching on the tip.

And she sucked.

“Goddamn!” I groaned as my balls unloaded.

My cum poured into my daughter's mouth while my wife stroked it. Her hand slid up and down my dick, squeezing out every blast of cum. It poured into my daughter's mouth, leaking out the sides. She swallowed in her sleep, gulping down the cum that boiled out of me.

“Fuck,” I grunted again, shuddering, such powerful waves of passion bursting out of me. I hadn't cum so hard in my life. “Damn, damn, damn.”

“Ooh, that was a good one,” my wife purred, letting go my dick.

I stumbled back, suddenly dizzy as the lethargic after bliss of my orgasm dd my body. I just came in my daughter's mouth. The thought rattled through my mind. My dick twitched, wanting to swell hard, to do it again.

And then my wife leaned over and kissed our daughter. Her tongue flicked out, gathering my cum that leaked out. My wife's naked ass shook at me. I shuddered and reached out, grabbing her cheeks, squeezing them as she cleaned my jizz from our daughter's lips.

“Mmm, her first taste of cum,” my wife panted. “Daddy's cum. I know you'll have sweet dreams now, baby.”

“Fuck,” I breathed as my wife straightened.

Then she pulled me out of the room to our bedroom. She fell back on the bed and I devoured her pussy. I made her scream loud. She loved it. She called me daddy over and over, moaning and gasping in a girlish voice.

When I fucked her, she pretended to be Tiffany. I came hard again.


I was nervous the next morning when Tiffany stumbled downstairs in a pink nightie, something she normally would have warn instead of just her panties. I sat at the kitchen table, sipping my coffee while Betty cooked Sunday breakfast.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” my wife said, beaming at our daughter.

My wife woke up bubbling and giggling, acting like a teenager. We made love a second time this morning. The entire time my wife whispered in my ear how hot it was watching me cum in our daughter's mouth. Then she moaned “Daddy!” as she came.

“How was your night?” Betty asked.

I tensed. Did Tiffany remember anything that happened? What if she wasn't really sleeping?

“I had a great night sleep,” she said, bouncing to the table. She jumped onto my lap, so lithe and light, squirming like she used to love.

My dick hardened.

“Morning, Daddy.”

I swallowed. She was so cute and innocent. And so lovely. I felt her right breast through the t-shirt I wore. Memory of her hard nipple saturated my mind as she leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Morning,” I told her as she slipped off my lap and took her seat. “So no, uh, weird dreams?”

She blushed. “Well, I did have a, um, sexy dream.”

“Wet dream,” Betty said. “And that's perfectly normal at your age. I used to have them all the time.”

“Wet is the word,” my daughter giggled then glanced at me and blushed.

My cheeks warmed as I imagined her slick thighs.

“And I had this funny taste in my mouth,” she continued as my wife brought over the pancakes.

“Funny?” I asked then swallowed. “Like what did it taste like.”

“Salty and a little bitter, but I liked it. I wouldn't mind tasting it again.” She giggled. “I dreamed I sucked a...” She blushed, glancing at me. “Nevermind.”

“It would explain the salty taste,” my wife giggled.

My daughter nodded, her smile growing as she glanced at me. Did she want to suck a cock. My cock? No, no. My lusts are running wild. I needed to control them.

But my dick throbbed, the memory of her hot lips burned on my dick.

She looked at her pancakes. “Mmm, these look great, Mom. Thanks.”

“You're welcome.” My wife leaned down and kissed Tiffany on the forehead.

I wanted her to kiss our daughter on the lips.

Betty sat down beside me, her hand casually brushing my hard cock. She smiled and winked at me. She knew why I was hard and she approved. All through breakfast, I relived the cumming into my daughter's mouth. I remembered how she sucked in her sleep, drawing the cum from my depths.

And she had no idea. It was a wicked secret my wife and I shared.

Betty grinned all through breakfast as Tiffany talked about how much fun she had last night and the cute boys she danced with. Every time she mention a boy, she glanced at me, flashing me a dazzling smile while shifting in her seat.

She gave me a great view down her cleavage.

My wife was right. Tiffany wanted me to look at her. She was having fun teasing me. The way she sat on my lap, squirming, rubbing her cute butt into my swelling hardon, and now her looks. Her small feet brushed mine beneath the table as she kicked her legs.

She had always done it. I thought it innocent, and now...

“Go wash the dishes,” Betty said to our daughter when breakfast was finished.

“But...” Tiffany pouted, flashing me a look and leaning towards me.

I caught a glimpse of pink areola down her nightie.

“Listen to your mother,” I said automatically. Tiffany always turned to me to get out of doing chores. “Now.”

“Fine,” she sighed, collected the plates, and flounced to the sink, her butt shaking.

My wife leaned over and let out a purring, lust-filled moan. “Look at that ass. That is such a cute nightie. When I bought it, I knew you would love seeing it on her.”

Sweat beaded the forehead. Could our daughter here us over the running faucet. She wasn't that far from the table. “Betty, she's right there.”

“I know,” my wife panted. “I'm so wet right now. I can't wait for tonight.”


She nuzzled into my ear. “I want to watch you fuck our daughter. It'll be so hot.”

My dick threatened to burst from my shorts.

My wife broke away from me, striding by in her own nightie, her large tits bouncing beneath the cloth. She came up behind our daughter, hugging her from behind. The pair giggled and laughed. I leaned back in my chair, not hearing what they talked about as I sipped my coffee and pictured my cock sliding into our little girl's pussy.

I had married one perverted woman.


The idea of fucking my daughter would not go away all day. It was Sunday, so I spent it outside mowing the lawn and then trimmed our hedges while my wife and daughter worked in the floor beds, both wearing the tightest pair of jean shorts and, I swear, no panties.

From behind, they looked almost identical. Betty had a curvy ass, but they were both scrumptious. And their camel toes The denim hugged their crotches as they worked, their plump vulvas outlined as the bent low over, hips shaking.

They both were teasing me.

Their giggles echoed every time there was a lull in the lawnmower or leaf blower or hedge trimmer's motors. They were a pair of sirens. And, worse, my wife kept glancing at me and then nodding her head towards our daughter, inviting my ogles while Betty had that mischievous smile on her lips.

As we neared wrapping up, my daughter headed inside to fetch lemonade while my wife and I put our tools away in the shed. In the dark, I grabbed my wife, pressing her against the side and kissed her. I was so horny.

My dick had been hard all day, aching for relief. I had to fuck her.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I groped her breasts. “Someone's eager for tonight.”

“Fuck tonight,” I panted. “I need you now.”

Her smile bloomed. “Did we tease you that much?”

“Yes,” I groaned. “Her shorts. They're too small for her. She shouldn't wear those. I could see everything. Christ, her vulva was plump.”

“I know.” My wife undulated her hips, grinding on my hard-on. “So you need to be patient. I'm not having you spoil your appetite for tonight's feast.”

“You're serious.”

She nodded her head.

“Mom, Dad,” our daughter shouted.

“We're in the shed,” my wife called.

I jumped away from my wife as the door yanked open with a groaning creak. My daughter glanced in, a grin crossing her face. “What were you two doing in here?”

“Nothing,” I groaned, my dick throbbing so hard.

“Didn't look like nothing to me,” she giggled. “Mom's blouse is messed up.”

“We were making out,” Betty answered. “And that's thirsty work. Lemonade?”

“On the veranda.”

My wife seized my hand, my dick aching to cum, and led me to the porch, denying me a moment's satisfaction.

My wife watched me like a hawk after that. I had no opportunity to sneak off and jerk my dick, to relieve my blue balls. She even followed me into the bathroom when I had to pee. We were pretty casual about sharing the bathroom. But I knew why she followed, and it wasn't to check her makeup at eight at night.

And every few minutes, she would whisper, “She'll be asleep in three hours.” Then “Two Hours,” “One hour,” “thirty minutes.”

She drove me wild.

Our daughter went upstairs to get ready. “Remember to take your medicine,” my wife called in her sweet, motherly voice.

“Yes, Mom,” our daughter said. I could hear the eye roll in her voice.

My wife licked her lips and squirmed more, her excitement swelling. We both were quiet as we listened to our daughter move around upstairs, going through her nightly ritual, brushing teeth, combing her hair, removing makeup. It was so quiet downstairs I heard the flip of her light switch, the pad of her feet, the creak of her bed.

We waited another fifteen minutes, letting the medicine lull her into a deep sleep.

Then my wife stood and stripped naked, baring her excited body. Her thighs gleamed with her juices, her nipples were fat nubs thrusting from her heaving tits. I followed her, fear and lust warring inside of me.

We were really doing this.

My wife led me by the cock, a huge grin on her face. We reached upstairs. Our daughter's door was half open like last night. My wife led me down the hallway to the door. I trembled, wondering what our daughter would be wearing.

Sky blue panties, lace around the legholes. Nothing else.

Her nipples were hard today, painting shadows across her body as the silvery moonlight streamed through her window. Her brassy hair fell over her face, half-hiding her sleeping beauty. Such innocence.

“We can't,” I groaned. “She's our daughter.”

“She wants this,” my wife purred, drawing me into the room by my hard, aching cock. “That's why she's sleeping with the door open nearly naked. That's why she wore those jean shorts and no panties. Our baby girl is dying to have sex with her daddy.”

“But she's sleeping.”

“And that makes it hotter,” my wife purred in my ear. “She won't even know she's had you. Yet.”

We reached the bed. My wife stroked my dick as we gazed at our sleeping daughter's beauty. My wife's free hand reached out and stroked down our daughter's stomach. Tiffany let out a cute sigh, shifting on the bed, the medicine keeping her asleep.

Then my wife reached the hem of our daughter's panties. Her fingers dipped in, pressing down towards the innocent warmth between Tiffany's thighs. I groaned, my balls churning. Betty's hand stroked up my cock, reaching the tip.

“Shit!” I grunted as my cock came.

I had been primed all day, my dick cocked and ready to fire. Only the slightest sensation was needed to trigger me. I shuddered as the cum squirted out of me, mighty blasts that splashed across our daughter's stomach and tits, painting her in dripping cum. My wife sucked in a deep breath, stroking me, aiming my cock, making sure each subsequent blast painted Tiffany's small tits.

“Ooh, we teased you so badly,” she groaned. “Oh, I guess we were wicked.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, shaking as the bliss pumped through me. My cum dripped on my daughter's body.

“Ooh, that's so hot,” my wife purred, leaning over and letting go of my cock. She swept her hair back behind her shoulders then licked a line of running cum that dribbled down our daughter's side.

My dick twitched, aching from the first cum as I hardened for a second. It was too much. I had always loved porn where a man came on a women's body and another woman licked it up. Betty knew that. We watched enough porn together.

She was doing this for me. She knew it would excite me.

“Mmm, your cum taste so good on our daughter.” Her tongue licked higher. “You drenched her. Ooh, that was so wicked of you, Phil. You're such a bad daddy.”

“Yes,” I panted, transfixed by the sight of my wife's tongue lapping up my cum drenching our daughter's body.

Betty moved higher, licking, gathering jizz. It coated her lips and tongue. She shuddered, shaking her hips, as her licks reached our daughter's small mounds. Betty licked and tongued around the cone, following the lines of jizz. She moaned every time her tongue gathered my cum into her mouth, her hips shaking, juices dripping down her thighs.

Her tangy musk filled my nose. I groaned, breathing it in as I watched her summit our daughter's breast and engulfed a cum-covered nipple. Tiffany mewled in her sleep. She stirred and trembled, a smile playing on her lips.

Was she dreaming?

Betty loved our daughter's nipple. My wife sucked and nibbled. Her fingers rubbed my cum into Tiffany's other breast. Betty rolled and pinched Tiffany's left nipple while sucking on the right. Our daughter sighed again, her body twitching as she slept.

And my dick grew harder.

“She has such cute breasts,” my wife moaned. “Mmm, I love her so much, Phil. Don't you?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“We need to give our daughter so much pleasure,” my wife purred as she turned her lips to the cum puddling on our daughter's stomach. Several lines had ran to our daughter's bellybutton, pooling in her little innie.

My wife straddled our daughter's head and leaned down, tonguing at the cum pooling in Tiffany's bellybutton. I groaned, stroking my hard dick as my wife licked and gathered the cum. She sucked it out, reveling in the taboo delight.

“Take off her panties,” groaned my wife. “Do it.”

I moved to the bed and grasped our daughter's filly, blue panties. I trembled as I drew them down her hips. The fabric rolled, exposing her pubic hair, dark against her pale skin. A new musk filled my nose, sweet with youth.

My daughter's excited pussy.

I rolled the panties farther down her thighs, past her knees, her calves, and off her cute feet. My wife spread Tiffany's legs apart. Betty's fingers stroked our daughter's pubic hair then brushed our daughter's wet slit.

“Ooh, she's so hot,” groaned Betty. “She's going to have a real wet dream tonight.”

My wife leaned down and licked at our daughter's slit. I groaned, kneeling between Tiffany's thighs as I watched my wife tongue our sweet daughter's cunt. Betty moaned as her tongue licked through the folds. Her fingers parted Tiffany's labia, revealing pink, virginal depths.

My wife licked and sucked, moaning and squirming. Soft sighs came from our daughter's lips. She shuddered and squirmed on the bed, her thighs contracting. My wife tongued faster, juices staining her lips.

“You have to taste her, Phil,” groaned my wife. “She's so sweet. Taste our daughter's cunny. It's wonderful.”

“Yes,” I panted, leaning down.

I took my first uous lick of my daughter's cunt. She moaned again, the sleepy gasps of a girl dreaming naughty passion. She tasted so sweet, so fresh. I groaned as my tongue flicked up to her clit, a small bud peaking out and begging to be played with.

So I sucked on it.

Tiffany squirmed in her sleep. Her moans were sweeter and more urgent. Soft groans and mewls of bliss. I batted her clit with my tongue, giving my daughter the most pleasant wet dream of her life as I feasted on your youthful, virgin flesh.

And she was virgin. Her hymen formed a pink ring of flesh about the tight opening of her pussy. I probed it with my fingers, touching it, my dick aching, begging to bury into my daughter and feel the sweet grip of her flesh about me.

“That's it,” my wife moaned with crazed passion. The bed creaked as her hips shifted. Was she grinding her pussy on our daughter's face. “Lick her little cunt. Her baby cunny. Mmm, yes, give our daughter the bliss she yearns for.”

“Yes,” I panted, drunk on uous passion.

My daughter's juices stained my lips, I moved lower, nuzzling at her folds, my fingers spreading her wide open. I lick at her pussy's entrance, brushing her hymen before plunging into her untouched depths and drinking her sweet juices.

“Oh, that's so hot,” my wife purred, her fingers rubbing at our daughter's clit. “Devour her. Make the little slut cum. Our baby slut.”

My eyes focused on my wife's fingers circling our daughter's clit. Tiffany moaned louder in her sleep. Her stomach tensed and her hips bucked against my lips. Her pussy clenched about my tongue. I felt it building in her.

My daughter's first orgasm at the hand of another.

I was sure she masturbated. Every one did. She had rubbed her pussy and clit. She had probed her fingers past the ring of her hymen pretending it was my cock pricking her. She had bucked on her bed and moaned my name as her youthful passions overwhelmed her.

I could almost hear her moan her delight, her sweet voice gasping, “Yes, Daddy,” as I tongued her. My wife's fingers were a blur on our daughter's clit, rubbing Tiffany hard, driving her to her sweet release.

Tiffany gasped loud. Her hips bucked. Her pussy spasmed on my tongue.

We made our daughter cum.

It was such a beautiful sight, her tight pussy convulsing. Her juices flooded my mouth. My wife shuddered, her face constricting. She gasped, sharing pleasure with our daughter, cumming on Tiffany's sweet face.

“She's ready,” my wife moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. “Fuck our little girl. Ram your dick into her tight, virgin cunt. Make her into a woman. Our baby slut.”

“Yes,” I growled, my heart bursting with joy. I would be my daughter's first. I would open her up to pleasure. I knew in the morning she would wake up knowing she had the best dream ever and wishing it was true.

I rose. My wife sat up on Tiffany's face, revealing our daughter's cum smeared body. My wife grasped my hard cock. She stroked me, her thumb massaging the tip of my hard cock, as she brought me to our daughter's cunt.

“Take her,” my wife moaned as she squirmed, smearing hot cunt on Tiffany's slumbering lips. She rubbed my cock against our daughter's wet cunt. “Fuck her, Phil. Fuck our baby girl.”

“Yes,” I groaned and thrust.

My daughter's hymen tore. Her body bucked. And then her hot, sweet cunt wrapped about my dick, a wet peach engulfing me, massaging my cock. I groaned at the pure bliss. Such sweet depths held my cock.

My daughter's depths.

I was in my daughter. I buried to the root in her. “Fuck,” I grunted. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Yes,” my wife moaned, grinding on our daughter's face. “That's right. That's our daughter's flesh about you.” She cupped my face, her fingers burning hot. “Tell me what she feels like.”

“I've never been in such a tight cunt,” I groaned as I drew my dick back. Pleasure raced down my dick. My head ached in her depths. “But she's so wet. And she clenches. Shit, Betty. I'm fucking our daughter.”

“You are,” she breathed, a huge smile on her face. Then she kissed me hard. Our lips sweetened by Tiffany's cunt.

I thrust into my daughter's cunt again. I groaned. She was so young. Eighteen. And what a delicious thrill it was to be in her, to make her a woman. Her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. Her little hips bucked and gasped.

“Daddy,” she sighed in the slurred passion of dreams. “Yes, yes, Daddy.”

My baby girl would have the best wet dream ever.

My strokes grew faster as the ache swelled in my balls. I wanted to cum in her. I wanted to spill my load into her depths. My balls, heavy with a new load of jizz, smacked into my daughter's flesh as I plunged deep into her.

I groaned into the kiss with my wife. Her fingers tightened on my face. She broke the kiss, staring into my eyes. Her large breasts heaved as she squirmed on our daughter's face. She licked her lips, grinding harder, driving herself to another orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fuck our daughter. Cum in her. Breed her. Plant a grand into our daughter. Do it!”

“Oh, fuck,” I panted.

My wife grinned. “I can see it in your eyes. You want to breed our daughter.”

My hips fucked harder. I grunted, unable to speak, overcome by the bestial desire to impregnate my daughter. I slammed deeper and harder into Tiffany. I savored the tight grip of her cunt as the pressure swelled in my balls.

“Breed our daughter,” moaned my wife, tossing back her head. Her breasts heaved. Her face twisted with passion.

“Cum on our daughter's face,” I panted. “Let her wake up tomorrow morning tasting your cunt on her lips.”

“Oh, God, you're such a wicked father!”

My wife screamed out loud, always so vocal when she cums. Her body heaved. She grips my shoulders as she cums on our daughter's face again. Her passion makes my balls tightened, bringing me closer and closer to flooding my daughter's cunt.

“Daddy!” my daughter sequels in her sleep.

Her pussy convulsed on my dick. My eyes widened. Such hot, tight rapture massaged my cock. Her flesh sucks at me as I draw back. She wants my cum. Her sleeping body wants to be bred by her daddy.

“Yes, baby girl,” I groaned, answering her plea and thrusting forward.

My dick buried into her depths, reaching for her young womb. My balls boiled. The cum erupted down my cock. I grunted with each blast of uous seed spilling into my daughter's depths. My back arched as the pleasure screams out of me.

And then the final spurt and the settling bliss.

“I bred her,” I panted to my wife. “I bred her as she came.”

“She wants her daddy's ,” my wife moaned. “Even in sleep she knows.”

My wife climbed off our daughter. Tiffany's face is shiny, reflecting silver, a smile on her lips, her breathing settling down as she returned to her normal dreams. I leaned over my daughter and kiss her slumbering lips, tasting my wife's tangy pussy.

“Now we need to get her cleaned up,” purred my wife, “or she might be suspicious.”

I laughed as I pulled out my dick. A flood of my seed poured out, tinged with the pink of her virgin . “Yeah, she might.”

“But she enjoyed herself.” My wife beamed. “She pleased her daddy, and every little girl wants to do that.”

To be continued...

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