The School Marm

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The School Marm

by Lubrican

Livvy Tyler hummed to herself as she got the room ready for school. It wasn't much of a school house, to her mind, but it was all she had. It was about halfway between the "towns" of Red Rock and Lone Elm, as neither town could afford its own school. That put the school about seven miles from each, which, in 1843 meant she had to get up in the dark, saddle her horse and ride hard to get there before her students did. All of them were from farm or ranching families, and they were used to getting up at four in the morning.

She wasn't.

But, she didn't have much choice. She'd been lucky enough to land a good husband after she finished college back east, and unlucky that he'd died within a month and a half of the fever. Now, a 22 year old widow, she had to teach school to live. It wasn't really all that bad a life, she thought to herself. She loved the lonely plains around her, and had a nice house the mayor had said she could live in. It was built of sod, but tight and cozy.

She wished the school house had been built of sod too, but the two towns coughed up enough to build a frame building, twelve by twelve feet, with a window in the west wall and a door in the north one. Three homemade tables, three chairs and two nail kegs comprised the furniture, if you didn't count the old pot bellied stove. She smiled at the horse blankets on the walls. That was the one bright spot. She'd been introduced to the local friendly Indians when she got there and had fallen in love with their weaving. She had collected, so far, eight blankets, four of which she'd brought to school to brighten the place up. It had taken the last of the few pieces of jewelry she'd owned to get them, but, then, she didn't need the jewelry anyway. There wasn't much market for a widow in these parts, except for the cowboys, and they didn't have anything to offer.

Well, nothing she was interested in, anyway. Of course they were all interested in HER. But all they wanted was to climb in the saddle and ride a while. They weren't interested in setting up house. Not to say she didn't miss her "saddle time". Before Jim had gotten sick she'd had three weeks of intense and extremely enjoyable sex with him. Then he wasted away and died and she was so devastated she had pushed all thoughts of pleasure out of her mind.

That was two years ago. She still thought about sex once in a while, but decided she didn't miss it all that much.

Unfortunately, the times she had been thinking about it lately involved one of her students.

That would be Josh Wilson, she thought to herself. At 18 he was long past school age, but as one of nine ren, and the eldest, his father had dreams of him going to college back east and becoming a lawyer who could then support the rest of the family. Or at least supplement the ranch. Anyway, he was a good looking boy, strong as a bull, with an even temperament who was unfailingly polite to her and helpful with the other ren. He often helped her by explaining things to them in terms they were familiar with. He taught math by asking combinations of numbers of cattle in a herd, the gestation period for a heifer, the number of cows a bull could service in a day and things like that. The first time she'd heard him talking about such things she'd started to upbraid him for being crude, but the he was talking to "got it" so quickly she held her tongue. Now she knew the value of his techniques.

This year she had four more students. There were Rusty Powers and his sister Jean. They were both approaching the normal marriage age in these parts quickly, though neither had yet reached sixteen years. There was Timmy Spencer, who had only recently received his very first pistol and could hardly lift it, and Donna Malone, who was the Banker's daughter and held herself to be better than the others. She was somewhere around eleven or twelve.

Livvy put two more logs in the stove. It was bitterly cold, being January on the plains. About all they supplied to burn was Cottonwood logs, which burned fast, with little heat, but it was better than nothing. At least she had plenty stacked up on the north wall, just outside the door. She'd been given a buffalo coat by the store owner after she audited his books and found several discrepancies that made him some money, and now she was glad. Without that she'd have frozen in this country. She couldn't get away with wearing men’s pants, which she'd learned to love during her short marriage, wearing them in the house, where no one could see her. They were easy to take off for her husband, which had been one of her favorite hobbies. Wearing proper dresses was OK in the summer, but in winter, when she had to ride in the cold and wind, it was a real problem. She'd taken to wearing a pair of her husband's leather pants under her skirts to ride to school, which she then took off and hid in the wood pile so the ren wouldn't know about them. That left her naked under her skirts during school, but who would ever know?

The door to the school opened and Rusty Powers staggered in. The wind blew the door closed behind him.

"Wow, Miss Livvy, that north wind's picking up something fierce," he said as he shrugged off his quilted coat and huddled up to the stove. The door opened again and his sister jumped through. Her face was red and she had her hands stuck in each armpit, trying to warm them. "Rusty, we just GOT to talk Pa into letting us ride one of the horses to school. It's too blamed cold to walk." She too was wearing skirts and a thick quilted coat. She huddled up to the stove, elbowing her brother out of the way. A pushing match started and Livvy cut it short with a simple "Stop that, ren." They did so immediately, and without comment, a testament to how highly they held her in their opinion.

There was a sound outside and the door opened again. Josh came in with a huge load of wood in his arms. The wind blew the door closed as he dumped the load on the floor next to the stove.

"Starting to snow" he said. Livvy had noticed the large fluffy flakes through the open door. "Looks like it might be a bad one." Josh went on. He too was dressed in a coat made from buffalo hide, and it made him look like a bear or something. At least from the knees up. "Must be near zero" he said. "Creek's plumb froze over."

That made Livvy think of the canteen tucked away in her saddle bags. She'd better go get it before it froze. She shrugged into her coat and started for the door. The wind hit her like a fist when she pushed the door open. Her horse was tied out back, where the wind wouldn't hit it directly. There was already snow collecting where it was blowing up against the building. She got her canteen out of the saddle bags, along with the lunch she'd packed. She was about to go back in when the wolf howled. It was close. She looked at the horse. She should take it inside, since it would be helpless out here. She'd just untied it when the wolf howled again, closer now. The horse gave a snort and jerked it's head, jerking the reins out of her hand. She lurched for them, but the horse backed away, wild eyed. The wolf called again and the horse bolted.

She stomped into the school in a foul mood. Josh was there and took the things from her hand. "I heard the horse bolt" he said. "You want me to go after it?"

"No, Josh. Thank you. It'll come back. This is the only place in ten miles where there're people. I've never heard a wolf that close, before."

"It's the cold" he said. "They get hungry in this kind of cold."

She started in the lessons, even though the other ren hadn't shown up. In this weather it wasn't surprising. They were talking about history today, and she spun them a story about the Kings of old, and the Middle Ages, serfdom and what life had been like. Rusty pointed out that some things were still done that way even today and they had a pretty good discussion about it. By the time any of them thought to look outside it was already too late.

The storm had hit with a vengeance, and it was a blizzard of immense proportions. In just the two hours they had been engaged there was already over a foot and a half on the ground. It took both her and Josh to push the door open due to the snow that had piled up against it. They brought more wood inside.

"Maybe you all should go on home." Livvy said.

Rusty laughed. "My boots have holes in them. I ain't walkin' eight miles in snow that deep. My pa'll bring a sleigh for us when he sees we don't come home. Jean just lifted her skirts high enough to show bare calves and Livvy realized the snow would come way past her shoes. For that matter, Livvy wasn't going anywhere without her horse. Her pants were already buried in the snow at the end of the wood pile, and they'd be frozen stiff anyway. She looked at Josh. He just shook his head. "I can't leave you all here in this weather alone. We'll just wait for the sleigh."

But the snow didn't stop, and when the light began to fail and they went out for wood, they almost couldn't get the door closed again because of the snow clogging it. They had to shovel snow inside the school with a flat piece of firewood to get the door closed.

"Looks like we're here for the night" said Josh, like it was no big deal.

It WAS a big deal for Livvy though. Something had told her to save her lunch, and Rusty had a whole bag of jerky, so they had something to eat. There was plenty of snow to melt for water. But there wasn't enough wood to last the night. "We've got to get more wood," she said.

She and Josh went out in it. They passed logs through the open door to Rusty and he passed them to his sister. By the time they had what Livvy thought was enough, she was frozen through and caked with snow. Josh was too. The snow had gotten under their coats. When they got back inside and it inevitably thawed, they were both wet. Livvy began to shiver almost immediately. Even standing next to the stove didn't warm her, because that part of her that wasn't facing the stove was cold and wet. Jean had been around the frontier long enough to know what needed to be done.

"Miss Livvy, you have to get out of those wet clothes. You'll catch your death of pneumonia if you don't get dry and warm."

Livvy glared at her. "And just how on earth am I supposed to do that? I have no dry clothes to put on. Just build up the fire. I'll be all right."

Now Rusty chimed in. "Miss Livvy, my sister's right. You'll get pneumonia for sure if you stay wet. But we can't build up the fire. For one thing the stove won't hold a lot more, and for another we can't afford to use up all the wood. We don't know how long we're gonna be stuck here. If we run out of wood we might ALL die."

"So what am I supposed to do? Take my clothes off in front of you ren? And then what? How will I ever get warm?" Her teeth were starting to chatter now.

"Miss Livvy" said Jean. "I know you came from back east, but this is the west. Out here you do what you have to, to survive, and if that means getting naked then that's what you have to do. I expect there isn't anyone here who hasn't seen what someone of the opposite sex looks like without clothes. And then we'll bundle you up anyway, so no one will see you for long."

Livvy glanced at Josh, who had a decidedly blue tinge to his face. He too was grinding his teeth to keep them from clacking together. Looking at him convinced her they might be in real trouble.

"Turn around" she ordered them firmly.

While they faced away from her Livvy undid the buttons and hooks and clasps of her dress. Oh my goodness, what if they see I'm not wearing any underwear? she thought to herself in panic. "Don't any of you turn around until I tell you to." she ordered again. Rusty snickered, but she was too cold to scold him. At last she was naked. She felt exposed, even though no one was looking at her. She darted to the wall and tore down an Indian blanket. It only covered her from her knees to just above her breasts, but that was better than nothing. She scurried back to the stove, trying to get near it's warmth.

Josh was in agony. He hadn't been this cold since he fell through the ice on the fishing pond when he was 14. He hadn't wanted to say anything, because he was a man and all. But he knew he had to do something soon or he might lose some fingers and toes, if not worse. He was distracted by movement on his left and, without thinking he glanced that way. It was Miss Livvy, getting a blanket off the wall.

He forgot the cold for just a few seconds. She was beautiful! Her skin was so pale it looked ghostly white. Her breasts looked like those of a twelve or thirteen year old girl, rounded, but not bulging. The only color on them were the pink of her nipples. Between her pale legs was a thatch of pure black hair that matched that on her head. It wasn't thick and bushy, but seemed to be made up of short straight hairs that lay down against her skin as if they had been combed. She was slim and boyish in appearance, but at the same time all woman. He felt his penis twitch and his mind back to the cold. He couldn't afford to lose any from his extremities.

Livvy was still cold, particularly on the bottom of her feet, but it wasn't as bad as when she'd been wearing wet clothes. Maybe they were right. She thought about Josh, and how he had looked. "All right, now Josh, you must do the same thing. Off with those wet things and get yourself a blanket.

Josh didn't wait another minute. He started stripping down. First his shirt came off, displaying his heavily muscled chest and shoulders. Then he dropped the homespun pants. He wasn't wearing underwear.

Livvy had completely forgotten to ensure his modesty as she had demanded hers be honored. As a result, no one in the room turned away from Josh as he disrobed. Rusty didn't think a thing as Josh's adult cock sprang into view.

Not so with Livvy and Jean. Both stared openly at what made him male. Jean had seen plenty of horse and bull cocks, which is immediately what she thought of when his flopped free of his pants. For Livvy it was something more personal. The only penis she had ever seen was her husband's. She'd assumed that they were all about the same size, since men were generally about the same size as each other in other ways. Her husband's cock had fit comfortably in her hand, with a little sticking out when she grasped it. It had reached inside her and felt wonderful when he made love to her with it. It had brought her much pleasure, and she had adored it.

Now, seeing Josh's, she wondered if she had married a boy after all. She felt sudden heat in her loins as she stared at a penis that, if she had BOTH her hands around would still stick out at least three inches. And that was if she could actually GET her hands around it. It was the size of some saplings she had seen! Why, that thing could a girl if he wasn't careful with it. She felt her jaw shaking and realized her mouth was hanging open and she was still shivering. The heat in her loins was welcome in one way, but she felt ashamed that it was there. He was one of her students, after all.

She turned away, but not without some difficulty, and did not look at him again until she was sure he had a blanket wrapped around him. Then she almost laughed. In order to cover his organ he had to have the blanket under his nipples. She felt better when she saw that Jean's mouth was also hanging open.

"Jean, don't stare. It isn't proper," she said automatically.

Jean snapped her mouth closed, grinned ruefully and said "I'm sorry Miss Livvy. I thought somebody had let one of the horses in here." Rusty snickered. Josh sent a glare Jean's way, but ended up smiling.

It was still cold, and night was coming on. Livvy and Josh couldn't do much except keep their blankets wrapped around them, so the others tried to hang up wet clothing in an attempt to dry it. Jean was hunting around, obviously looking for something. Livvy felt a chill go through her that wasn't from the temperature. She knew what Jean was looking for. Sure enough, Jean announced "Miss Livvy, I can't find your under things. Where did you put them?"

Livvy's face assumed a more normal coloring, which in any other weather would have been flaming red. "I .. ah ... I didn't ... have any."

Both boys turned and looked at her, and then, as if they had planned it, they looked at each other. Great she thought. Now they think I'm some sort of hussy.<br/> <br/> Jean was oblivious of the discomfort she was causing as she dragged a chair over by the stove and hung Livvy's sodden dress on it. "I hate em my own self. My ma tries to make me wear em. I hate being all bound up. It's uncomfortable. I go without too." She didn't notice that both boys turned and looked at her too.<br/> <br/> Livvy tried to change the subject. "What's it look like out the window Rusty?"<br/> <br/> He went to the window and rubbed his sleeve on it. Then again. He peered through the glass. "I can't see a thing. I thought it was too dark, but now I think it's covered with snow. Must have drifted up over the glass."<br/> <br/> Livvy's heart sank. "What are we going to do?" she moaned. "They can't come for us in the dark. We'll have to stay here all night! How are we going to sleep? I'm still freezing. There's no bed. I can't sleep THIS way." She indicated her scantily clad body.<br/> <br/> Rusty spoke. "We'll just have to sleep Indian style." He said it like that explained everything.<br/> <br/> "What's that?" Livvy said, dreading the answer.<br/> <br/> Jean filled her in "Well, the Indians sleep two to a blanket. They say the two bodies warm each other and the blanket keeps in that heat. Course in this particular situation, we'll have to use clothing for a bed, do keep us off that cold floor, and then use the horse blankets and coats as blankets to cover us. That and the stove ought to get us through the night."<br/> <br/> Rusty looked nervous. "I ain't sleeping with Josh" he said. "I ain't sleeping with no man. If any of the other s heard about that I'd be done for."<br/> <br/> Josh spoke for the first time. "That wouldn't work anyway Rusty. The two bodies need to be about the same size, so they'll warm each other all the way from head to foot. You're too short to sleep with me."<br/> <br/> Jean opened her mouth "But that means I'm too short to sleep with you too Josh."<br/> <br/> Livvy looked blankly at all three of them. Then she set her mouth. "It won't be all that bad, Jean. Just imagine that the two of you are riding in a buckboard, lying next to each other."<br/> <br/> Jean looked horrified "I can't imagine riding anywhere with my brother naked!"<br/> <br/> Livvy's head jerked up. "What do you mean ... naked?" She looked at Josh.<br/> <br/> He looked back steadily. "It doesn't work if you have clothes on. It has to be skin to skin contact. The clothes block the heat. Besides, we need the clothes to lie on top of ... to protect us from the floor."<br/> <br/> Livvy felt panic. She'd have to lie ... NAKED ... with Josh ... and with that ... thing .. between his legs? She couldn't. She'd just die of shame. And to allow Rusty and Jean - brother and sister - to lie NAKED together. The town would have her head on a stick. "No!" she said "No! We can't. It wouldn't be proper. No, we must find some other way."<br/> <br/> She had to admit later they gave it the best they had. First she tried lying on one blanket with another over her. But her legs and shoulders were exposed and soon she was freezing. It worked OK if she lay on TWO blankets, with TWO blankets over her, but that left nothing for Josh, except for his buffalo coat to wear, which didn't cover his legs and feet. Her coat could be wrapped around his feet in a way that worked, but that left Rusty and Jean in only their clothes. They could stay warm in those if they kept moving, but if they stopped they got cold and began to lose feeling in their feet and hands.<br/> <br/> The only thing that looked like it might work was if Rusty and Jean lay on top of their own clothing, with a blanket and Livvy's coat covering their legs and feet. That left two blankets for Livvy and Josh to lie on, with one blanket and his coat covering them. Even then it was cold. And it felt like it was getting colder all the time.<br/> <br/> Then there was the problem of having to feed the fire all night. Someone had to be close enough to reach out from under the covers and feed the fire. If someone had to actually get up it would cause problems for both of them, because all the carefully hoarded heat would escape from under their coverings.<br/> <br/> Finally, because Livvy could see no other way to survive, they decided to put all the wood in a pile right in front of the stove door. Josh and Livvy would lie on one side of the pile while Rusty and Jean would lie on the other side. That way someone from either pair could reach both the wood and the stove door without getting out from under the covers.<br/> <br/> It also meant that neither couple could see the other.<br/> <br/> Finally everything was ready. Livvy couldn't put it off any longer. She was already nervous and embarrassed, but there was nothing for it. She announced it was time. Wordlessly she handed her blanket to Josh, uncovering her nakedness. The only light was from the open door of the stove, but she felt horribly exposed. She also felt the bite of the cold without the blanket. She glanced at Rusty and Jean while Josh made up their bed. Both youngsters were stripping their clothes off and laying them on the floor, trying to get them as thick as possible. They didn't seem to be shy in the presence of each other. Jean's breasts were bigger than her own, but then most women's breasts were bigger than hers. She had been embarrassed about them until she married and her husband told her he loved them. But Jean's were larger. Her hips were bigger too. Jean looked like she was built for having babies. Livvy felt a pain in her heart at the thought. Livvy had wanted to have lots of babies. Now she never would. She made her eyes go to Rusty and gasped. HIS penis was bigger than her husband's had been too! It wasn't thick and gnarled looking, like Josh's, but it was long. She thought it might be semi hard at the moment. It looked like a spear, being very pointed as it swayed between his legs. She saw Jean stealing looks at it too. Josh touched her shoulder and she jumped. "It's ready" he said simply.<br/> <br/> Now was the moment of truth. "I'm sorry it has to be this way" she said to her student.<br/> <br/> "Miss Livvy, it's the frontier. You do what you have to do to survive. No one will ever have to know, and even if they did find out, they'd understand. Just think about getting warm." He lay down on his side and held the covering up for her. Sighing, she knelt and slipped in beside the naked youth.<br/> <br/> Immediately she felt two things. First was warmth. It was coming from his chest. It was sinking into her breasts, where they touched him. Second was his hands, sliding all over her back and buttocks. "What..?" she started to say, but then the answer was obvious. The friction of his hands caused her skin to warm.<br/> <br/> Warmth. Glorious warmth! For the first time in hours she felt warmth. She sagged into his arms and pressed her body against his. It suddenly occurred to her that she should be doing the same thing for him. Her hands started moving slowly, feeling the knotted muscles on his back. He felt smooth, but hard at the same time. Her hand slipped to his buttocks and even they felt muscled. She moved her hands faster, generating more friction. As they moved against each other, her nipples rubbed against his skin and the friction caused them to stiffen. She'd been proud of her nipples when she was married. Though her breasts were small, her nipples were huge. Her husband had joked that she could feed a calf on those nipples. When she was excited they grew until they were an inch or more long, and nearly half an inch across. They were extremely sensitive. They hadn't gotten hard in nearly two years.<br/> <br/> They got hard now.<br/> <br/> Livvy made a sound "MMmmmmmmm" in her throat. It was the sound of a woman who was freezing, and now felt warmth. It was also the sound of a woman whose extremely sensitive nipples were being stimulated by the skin of a handsome man. She was concentrating on the warmth, and, at first, her tired mind thought the feeling in her nipples was merely that - warmth. Now her upper torso was relatively warm, and, instinctively her leg raised up and slid up on top of Josh's thigh, creating friction that way.<br/> <br/> It also, for all intents and purposes, spread her legs.<br/> <br/> Josh also felt the warmth when Livvy slipped into his arms. Well, to be more nearly correct, he felt her ice cold nipples stealing the warmth from his chest. Those cold points caused him to move, to get them off of one place and move them to another. He began to warm her back, like he had been told to do in these situations, and was surprised to feel her reciprocate. She smelled good. Clean, womanly, with a scent that was faintly like flowers. Her hand went onto his buttocks and he clenched them. Her hands on his skin felt nice. Now that her nipples had warmed up a little bit THEY felt nice sc across his chest too. He felt the monster between his legs stir. He'd never really thought much about his penis. It was just there. He used it to piss through, and when he got excited he rubbed and pulled it until it spewed what seemed like a quart or two of thick white stuff. Other than that he didn't pay it much attention. His mother had seen him naked last year and had leaned over to his pa, saying he'd been blessed the same way pa was. His pa had laughed and said it was the girls who would be blessed. He knew what they were talking about, but he hadn't met any girls he thought might be interested in what he was blessed with. He hoped it didn't get all the way hard. He didn't think Miss Livvy would appreciate that at all. Then her leg lifted and came down on his thigh. She snuggled up to him and pushed her abdomen against his. And she went "Mmmmmmmmmmm". There was something about the sound of that that made his dick get much much harder.<br/> <br/> It began to move from between his thighs.<br/> <br/> On the other side of the wood pile Rusty and Jean had gone through much the same kind of ordeal. Rusty had watched as his sister disrobed. He hadn't seen her naked in probably four or five years, and this was very interesting. He'd caught just a quick glimpse of Miss Livvy when she handed Josh her blanket. He'd stopped breathing, thinking she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Then his sister had stood naked in front of him and he'd stopped breathing again. She had large round breasts and a little bit of baby fat still on her stomach. Her hips were wide and, where her legs came together there was hair the same reddish blond as what was on her head. It occurred to him that his sister was also quite beautiful, and that lying next to her was not going to be an unhappy thing at all. His penis agreed, swelling to half it's size when hard. He hoped she wouldn't notice.<br/> <br/> Jean DID notice. She had been awed by the huge club that swung from Josh's groin. If THAT was what cocks were like, she wasn't at all interested in having one shoved in her. But when her brother dropped his drawers she saw something much less intimidating. Rusty's was long and thin. That wouldn't be so bad.Be so Bad?!she thought to herself.He's my brother for pity's sake.But when she looked at it she felt a funny warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad being up next to him. She climbed in with him and pressed her body against his. She wondered if his stiffening penis would touch her. Part of her hoped it would.<br/> <br/> Josh's cock was getting harder and harder as Livvy rubbed her body against his. "Ohhh" she said softly "You're soooo warmmmmmm". She had a purr to her voice that made his balls get tight. Was this what all the older boys had laughed and joked about, bragging that when they'd been to town they'd "done it" with the girls in the saloon?<br/> <br/> Livvy was actually warm. She couldn't believe it. Her euphoria masked the fact that it felt GOOD to have a man in her arms again, and to be in a man's arms again. She ignored that and thought only about the warmth.<br/> <br/> Until she felt something touch the portal to her sex.<br/> <br/> At first she thought he must have moved his hand where it did not belong. But both of his hands were still sliding delightfully all over her back and buttocks. Then, like a ton of bricks, the realization hit her. Her mind rebelled. Her body betrayed her. She felt a flush of warmth in her pussy as it was touched by a man's cock for the first time in years. She knew that flush of warmth was fluid, seeping from her innards, making her wet. Now her nipples ached, needing to be squeezed, sucked, pinched. Unconsciously she ground her chest into his. Her pelvis thrust, of its own accord, against his. Her mind screamed "You hussy!"<br/> <br/> "Josh" she whispered, as softly as she could.<br/> <br/> Josh was thinking of other things. As his penis got hard it pressed into something warm and wet. He wasn't stupid, and he knew what it had to be. It felt ... good. But he knew his penis shouldn't be where it was. He tried to think of a way to get it somewhere else, but couldn't. Not without making it obvious. Maybe she didn't feel it. Her head moved. It strained up and her mouth was by his ear.<br/> <br/> "Josh" she whispered again.<br/> <br/> "Emmm" he murmured back.<br/> <br/> "Josh ... your ... your ... organ. It's touching me."<br/> <br/> She knew. "Yes ma'am" he tried to whisper "It's an accident. I can't help it. I'm not doing it on purpose."<br/> <br/> "Could you please ... move it? It shouldn't be touching me ... there." Her body was screamingyou idiot. It's EXACTLY where it belongs ... leave it alone!

"Yes ma'am. I'll try." Josh knew that it wouldn't go back between his legs. It was fully hard now, and that meant he could almost pound nails with it. The only place it could go now was up against his stomach. He reached down between them and got a good grip on it. She rolled back from him just a little and raised her leg higher to give him room.

All this did was open her up even more.

Josh pulled on his dick, trying to swing it up against his stomach. In the process he dragged the plumb shaped head of his boner right between her slick pussy lips and across her engorged clit.

Livvy gasped. A lightening bolt stuck her without warning. It hit right in her pussy and flashed to her nipples. "Awwwwwww" she groaned.

On the other side of the wood pile, Rusty and Jean were mashed together. His penis had gone stone hard as soon as those wonderful soft breasts had pressed into his chest. It had immediately lodged right between her legs and was now trapped between her closed thighs. Jean felt it. There was no doubt about what it was either, but it was warm and it made her feel ... good. The warm ball in the pit of her stomach was expanding now, and the feel of her breasts against his chest, along with his hands sliding all over her back was making her feel .. naughty. That was all she could call it. But it felt good, and she wasn't freezing any more. She decided that his cock could just stay right where it was. They heard voices coming from Josh and Miss Livvy. It was a small room but the wind was loud outside. They could hear the voices, but not quite make out what was said.

Rusty put his mouth right by his sister's ear and said "I wonder what's going on over there?" His breath in her ear sent a shiver down Jean's spine. For some reason she felt like pushing her abdomen against her brother's.

She moved her mouth to his ear. "I expect they're doing exactly the same thing we are." She snuggled against her brother and decided it WOULD feel good to push her loins against his.

She did.

It did.

"Rusty?" she breathed in his ear.

"Yeah?" he breathed back.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Rusty wasn't stupid. Seconds later he and his sister were swapping spit and tongue like long lost lovers.

When Livvy gasped and moaned Josh thought he had hurt her. He froze. This left his cock head in contact with Livvy's clit. Her involuntary jerk from the first contact rocked her back and then forth, which rubbed her clit all over his cock head. It slipped off her clit, sending another bolt through her, and settled into the opening of her pussy. Josh was so surprised to feel the wet heat of her pussy mouth kissing his cock head that he let go of his cock.

Instinct is an amazing thing. It causes us to do things without thinking, without even knowing why we do them. In this case it caused Josh to thrust his hips forward. This drove his iron hard prick an inch into Livvy's starving pussy. That, in turn, stimulated Livvy's body to thrust back, which drove her pussy another inch onto his rod.

Suddenly, Livvy had a cock in her.

Livvy had always been a very physical love maker. When her husband had made love to her she wiggled and shoved and thrust, and once had even rolled on top of him and ridden him like a horse.

Apparently making love is like riding a bicycle. Your body never forgets what to do. Before Livvy could control her body, she found herself wriggling and shoving itself onto that lovely stiff cock, getting it just as deeply into her as she could.

Livvy's mind was completely fragmented. She knew that somehow Josh's penis had gotten into her pussy. She couldn't remember exactly how that happened. He wasn't moving, though, so she had a suspicion - a horrible suspicion - that SHE had something to do with the fact that she was stuffed full of hard student cock. She was stretched farther than she'd ever been with her husband, but it was a nice kind of stretch.

Her hand left his back and snaked between them. She had to take it out! This was wrong! Her hand closed on it and she almost swooned. She could feel at least as much in her as her husband had ever put there, but her hand easily wrapped around what was still outside her. If he pushed it all the way in it would go clear into her womb! She grasped it firmly and tried to roll backwards, to get off of it. as she did her buttocks rolled off the blanket she was lying on and onto the floor of the school room. Her buttocks actually stung from the cold and, without thinking she rolled right back toward him.

She literally fucked herself, and this time his dick went clear to the back of her channel. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned. Damn but that felt good.

Josh couldn't believe what he was feeling. His dick was clear inside a woman for the first time. It was HOT inside her. She felt like velvet, and was slippery and hot and he wanted to shove it even further into her. But he knew he'd hurt her if he did. When she rolled back and forth and her pussy slid along his cock he thought he'd just die from the pleasure of it. He wanted to roll on top of her and drive his cock all the way to her throat. He knew he couldn't do that. Instead he held her tightly to him and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top. He adjusted the blanket and coat over them so they were still covered. Now she was lying fully on top of him, with her knees on either side of him.

Livvy felt herself being picked up and moved like she weighed nothing. She suddenly found herself on top of Josh, impaled on his prick, lying like a rag doll. Her pussy felt sooooo good. Now that she was on top of him, though, she could pull off of him. She started to do just that, sliding her pussy up ... and up ... and up as his thick cock slid out of her. As she got to the point where all that was left in her was the knob, however, she knew she was going to slide right back down on it. It just felt too good. It just had been too long. She was going to get fucked this night, and she was suddenly looking forward to it. She slid back down on him, pushing hard, trying to get just as much of his meat in her as she possibly could.

Josh lay stiff, almost paralyzed under her as she began to slid forward and backward along his shaft. This was the most amazing thing he'd ever felt - could ever feel. If he froze to death tonight, it was worth it for this feeling. He felt the familiar tingle in his balls that meant he was going to spew. He wished it hadn't happened so quickly.

Rusty and Jean heard all the groaning and moaning going on across the woodpile. They had been doing some of their own, but it sounded different over there. Rusty couldn't take it any longer. As a pretense he opened the door of the stove, threw two logs in, and took a peek before he closed the door. There, in front of his startled eyes, was Miss Livvy, ON TOP of Josh, moving back and forth. There was a liquid squishing sound coming from under the blanket.

He ducked back down to his sister. "They're DOING it" he whispered Jean's ear. He'd ended up almost on top of her after his peeking mission. She was about half under him. His sister didn't say anything, but her hands came to his hips and she tugged, pulling him more and more on top of her. Now her legs were spread, and he was between them. Jean leaned up and kissed her brother long and hard as his own hard penis dangled, just half an inch from her open and waiting sex. Rusty didn't know for sure what to do. Jean's hand came between them, grasped his woody and brought it to her opening. She pulled, trying to get it into her.

Rusty helped.

He shoved.

He was a little overzealous and he shoved hard. It was a good thing Jean was soaked from their play and kisses, because in one long lunge Rusty destroyed her hymen and fed her all of the six inches she could take. Jean, for her part, yipped at the stinging pain of her deflowering, but decided that that long slip prick was going to feel really good in just a few more seconds. Without waiting for any further instructions, Rusty began sawing in and out of his sister's pussy just as fast as he possibly could.

Livvy heard Jean cry out and automatically looked over at the siblings. Part of her was horrified as she saw Rusty obviously on top of his sister, and obviously giving her the fucking of her young life. The other part of her felt herself start to tumble into an orgasm from the multiple stimulation of having Josh's immense rod in her belly and the erotic thrill of seeing Jean's hands come up to her brother's buttocks and PULL him into her as she began to whisper "Yesss, yessss, yessss Ohhh yess."

Rusty was beyond control. The feel of his sister's hot velvet pussy clasping his magic wand made him wild. Now her pussy was clamping down on him and rippling like what he did with his hands to milk the cows. And his own milk was about to be delivered. Breathing raggedly he pounded into her buttery depths one last time, battered between her cervical lips, sliding clear into her womb, and relaxed as his prick gushed his seed into her most private place.

Jean felt battered and bruised on one hand, but so wonderfully full and satisfied on the other. She'd somehow known that her brother's penis would feel fantastic inside her and didn't care a whit that he was her brother. She loved him. And now, after the amazing feeling she had had when she had her very first orgasm, she felt him go even deeper into her body. Then the rush of heat as his sperm was deposited inside her womb. She sighed "Ohhhh Rusty, Darling, I love you so much."

Livvy heard noises from across the wood pile. Since she was on top of Josh, all she had to do was turn her head. She watched as Rusty lunged forward and froze. He grunted and jerked and she knew his long thin prick was pumping his sperm into his sister's vagina. She shook her head once, gave up and let herself cum.

Josh heard Jean's statement of love for her brother, and heard Rusty's grunt. He knew what was going on over there. The idea of Rusty shooting inside his own sister caused Josh's balls to give up their own precious load of sperm. As he felt the first ribbon of silvery thick cum roar through his penis he saw one of Livvy's long thick nipples hanging in front of his face. He leaned up and sucked it in.

Livvy was having a nice quiet orgasm, stuffed full of Josh's cock when she felt her nipple being chewed on. Suddenly the top of her head felt like it was going to fall off. Her pussy muscles spasmed and began rippling up and down Josh's prick, like fingers playing a piano. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she flopped forward, crushing her breast into Josh's face.

Rusty was frozen. Only his prick moved. It swelled as each rope of thick sperm rushed through it. Then it jumped as that rope exited his cock head and flooded his sister's womb. He shot so much into her that it filled her and bathed his own cock head in his own warm liquid. He collapsed on top of his sister before slowly rolling sideways. Jean went with him, dragging the covers over them.

Josh felt Livvy fall on him just as the first blast of his cum shot into her pussy. "fucking teacher's pussy" he said to himself and his cock went off again. Long greasy ropes of sperm leapt out of his cock to splash all over Livvy's vaginal walls, clogging her cervix and leaking into her womb. It seemed to Josh that he'd never ever shot this much. Her weight felt good on him.

Eventually it was dark and quiet. Two men slept, their cocks still buried in their women. Two women slept, comforted in the arms of their men.

It got colder that night. Livvy's canteen froze solid and burst. But the small circle of warmth around the stove made the difference.

Livvy woke. Her cheek, which was exposed to the air was cold. The other, which had been lying against Josh's chest was warm. The rest of her was relatively warm too. She heard a noise and lifted her head. It was dark, though there was a faint diffused light from the window. She could barely see. Was it daylight? She heard noises again. They were coming from where she knew Rusty and Jean were sleeping. Suddenly she remembered seeing them ... Just as suddenly she realized that she was still full of ... Josh. He was still hard!

The memory of how she'd felt the night before came rushing back. It had been glorious. It had been so wonderful she couldn't stand it. She looked down at his still sleeping face. He was so handsome. Another noise, this time Jean's voice. She was chanting softly "Ohh Rusty ... Oh Rusty ... Oh Rusty." Livvy raised her head higher and felt cold air rush in around her breasts. In the dim light she saw Rusty, just as she had seen him the night before. He was on top of his sister, and his buttocks were making the blanket over him rise and fall. Her face grew hot as she realized they were fucking again.

She started to say something. To make them stop. Then she remembered what SHE had done. Who was SHE to tell them they were wrong. She had had sex with her own student. His no doubt potent seed was still trapped in her body. She wondered if Rusty had spent himself inside his sister, or had been wise enough to withdraw. Jean was chanting something different now. "Oh yes Oh yes Oh Rusty I can feel it. It's sooo warm." Rusty was grunting softly and had stopped moving. Well, she knew now. Rusty was indeed fertilizing his own sister. What would she do? What on earth would she do?

Josh woke up. He didn't move because he was warm. Everywhere except his chest. He opened his eyes and saw Miss Livvy above him, raised up and staring across at the two youngsters. He marveled at how lucky he had been to be caught in these circumstances. He'd had his first woman, and she wasn't a whore in the saloon. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen as far as he was concerned. He felt his cock twitch and realized he was still inside her. She looked down at him.

Livvy felt Josh's penis move inside her. It was just a tiny movement, but it made her look at him. His eyes were open. She looked away. She couldn't face him. She was a slut and couldn't face him. Tears filled her eyes and one ran down her cheek, landing on his chest. She had to pull herself off of him immediately.

Just as she put her hands on the floor to do that one of his hands came to her chin. He swiveled her face to his. "I'm sorry," he said softly.

What in the world was HE sorry for? she thought.

"I didn't mean to dishonor you," he said. She was staring at him now, like he was from another planet. He kept talking. "I would never have hurt you on purpose. I think I love you."

Now the tears came fast and furious and she dropped her face onto his chest, sobbing. His hands came up and stroked her back. He was so sweet. His hands felt so wonderful on her skin. He kept murmuring "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry." She relaxed as she cried out her frustration and shame.

Finally she raised head and said "Josh, you have nothing to be sorry for. You didn't do anything wrong."

"I shouldn't have had my way with you" he said.

She giggled and then hiccuped once. "You goose. You didn't have your way with me. I practically d you. I'm such a slut."

His hands stopped suddenly, came to her head and gripped her hair. He jerked her head back painfully. There was an ugly look on his face. "Don't you EVER call yourself a slut again. Not EVER." Her face grimaced with pain and he relented, releasing her hair. "I couldn't love a slut" he said. "And I think I love you."

Livvy didn't know how to feel. "Oh Josh, you're just a boy. You wouldn't know what love is."

Now his hands went to her buttocks and he grabbed them. He pulled her forward, partially off his cock and then slammed her back down. Her eyes bulged as the base of his cock scd her clit. "Does that feel like something a boy would have? Did you view me as a boy last night?"

She realized how serious he was, and it made her serious too. "No, Josh, you weren't a boy last night. And you're not a boy now." She paused. "Speaking of which ... are you always ... like this?" She clenched her pussy muscles around his cock. She couldn't believe she'd been so brazen, but it seemed pretty silly to pretend it wasn't where it was.

"Well, it's always like that in the mornings. I imagine it's probably morning."

Livvy felt a stab of fear. The townsfolk could be right outside. They could open the door any second. "We've got to get up!" she said. She pulled herself off his marvelous penis, part of her wishing she didn't have to. She bounded out from under the covers and the cold air hit her like a fist. It had to be below zero! She opened the stove and saw that the fire was almost out. She quickly threw in several logs and was shivering so badly by the time she was done that she had to make two tries to pick up her dress.

It was still damp. She knew this because it was frozen solid. She looked around wildly. She saw Rusty's surprised face gaping at her naked body. She shivered violently. Suddenly she felt Josh's hand on her wrist, pulling her. "Get back here" he demanded. "You'll freeze."

She moaned "But we can't. We have to get dressed. They'll be here soon. They can't find us ... this way."

Josh stood up, his muscled body rippling in the fire light. Livvy felt weak in the knees as she saw his boner sticking straight out from his body, bobbing gently with his movements.

Jean's voice came from under their covers. "Wow! Would you look at the horse cock on that boy?"

Livvy thought she'd just go mad and scream. But she watched as Josh went to the door, pulled the latch and leaned into it with his shoulder. It didn't budge. Not an inch. Then he went to the window and opened it a few inches on rusty hinges. He picked up a chair and, like it was built of match sticks, slammed it against the table, knocking it into pieces. He held the leg in his hand. He began digging in the snow outside the window, pulling the snow into the room. Soon he had a cave as long as his arm cleared. Then, abruptly he closed the window and went to stand by the stove. "The snow is drifted up clear over the door and window. There must be seven or eight feet of it covering those two sides."

Livvy felt panic stealing her ability to think. "What are we going to do?" she yelled.

Josh grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. "Miss Livvy, they'll be coming for us soon. We'll have plenty of notice when they get here, and we can straighten things up then. Right now we need to stay warm. You need to come back to ... under the covers. It won't do anybody any good if you're frozen to death when they get here."

"But we may be completely covered with snow!" she moaned "How will they even be able to find us?"

Josh was steadily pulling Livvy back to their makeshift bed. "Miss Livvy, the stove is still burning. That means the stove pipe is clear of the snow. They'll see the smoke, ma'am. They'll bang on the pipe when they get here. We'll be just fine, Miss Livvy, just come back to bed."

Livvy began laughing hysterically. She'd heard what he said, and realized he was right. They probably WOULD be just fine, and there would be plenty of time to make themselves presentable as the townsfolk dug them out. But what she keyed on were his words of address. She was "ma'am" and "Miss Livvy" to the boy who had fucked her brains out only hours before. The absurdity of it overwhelmed her. She collapsed back on top of Josh as he pulled the covers back over and around them. Almost immediately she felt warmer and knew she was behaving foolishly.

"Josh, you dear dear boy - no man!" she said as she snuggled up to his chest. "First of all, thank you for thinking so clearly. Secondly, you must call me Livvy from now on. And if you address me as "ma'am" again I think I'll have to punish you for making me feel old.

Josh's hands slid down her back to her buttocks. "Begging your pardon, Ma'am, but you don't feel very old to me."

Her look of amazement turned to a peal of laughter, which turned to a kiss. A very long and passionate kiss. With not a single thought of remorse, Livvy reached between them and found the treasure she sought. She scooted up with his help, and, with a sigh of contentment, lodged herself once again on his pole. She squeezed it with her muscles as hard as she could.

"Josh" she whispered "I believe I need warming again."

He warmed her ... inside and out.

By their reckoning they were there for two nights and a day. Their wood was running very low and there was some worry about that, though there was still the furniture that could be burned. Jean and Rusty had stopped fucking each other long enough to get dressed and re-arrange Livvy's and Josh's clothing so it was against the stove, where it steamed and finally dried out. They used the burst canteen to melt snow in to drink. All of them were very hungry by now.

Neither Livvy or Josh decided to get dressed.

As soon as their duties were fulfilled, Rusty and Jean wasted no time getting naked again and back in bed. Neither Livvy or Josh said a word to them about their behavior. For the rest of their time trapped, there was a general abandonment of cultural rules. Rusty and Jean couldn't seem to get enough of each other, and stopped trying to hide what they were doing. Jean was loud when she was satisfied, and neither Livvy or Josh minded a bit. For that matter Livvy and Josh stayed busy in much the same way. Josh again apologized to Livvy for failing to control himself, and offered to remove himself from her before, as he put it, it was too late. Livvy silenced him with a kiss and said simply "This is the frontier. You do what you have to so survive. When you ... finish" - she blushed a little bit - "it warms me inside, and I find I ... like that warmth."

Hearing that Josh rolled them over until he was on top of her. Livvy thought she would die from the pleasure of it as her young bull rutted in her. She thought she'd taste him any minute as his over-long shaft touched her places she didn't even know she had. He never could sheath his organ in her completely. It was just too long. But it did the job and she loved the feeling of being plumbed so deeply. She learned she was loud during her own orgasm too.

The only time either couple gave any indication that they knew what was going on across the room was one time after Livvy had wailed out her pleasure as she felt Josh's seed flushing into her.

In the silence after that she heard Jean call out "Miss Livvy? Are you OK? He didn't you with that monster did he?" Livvy had to laugh.

At last they heard the stove pipe rattle, and a voice calling down it to them "Anybody in there? You all OK in there?"

There was a general shouting match as all four of them yelled, and the voice told them to "sit tight" and they'd be out in "no time". It still took several hours.

When the door finally opened all four were dressed and as presentable as they could make themselves. There were only three logs left on the floor by the stove. The first person in was Sheriff Black, followed closely by Rusty and Jean's worried looking mother and father. Josh's father was there too, along with six or seven others. There was hot coffee and food that had been hot, but was no longer. No one cared. Livvy watched tensely as her students were reunited with worried parents. Sheriff Black stood, glancing around. She saw his gaze linger where the blankets were still lying crumpled on the floor. He looked at the corner they had had to use as an outhouse, and at Livvy's burst canteen. He looked at the three logs on the floor. Finally he looked at Livvy. "Ma'am, I suspect you all had a rough time of it in here. I believe you were lucky to have made it through. We had a hell of a time getting out here."

Livvy smiled tentatively. "I feel we were very lucky, Sheriff. Very lucky indeed."

It was May before it became painfully clear to the townspeople that the school marm's belly was swelling - and that it wasn't just good eating that caused it. A self appointed delegation of the women in town made it their business to inform her that they had no need of an unmarried full time teacher any more, and that she needed to find work elsewhere. One woman took particular care to note that the house she was living in was actually owned by the town, and that there were plans for someone else to become the tenant. Livvy had known it would happen. She didn't fight it. The only thing that hurt was when she tried to say goodbye to her students. When she got to Josh's ranch his father came out with a shotgun and told her women like her weren't welcome on his land. When Josh tried to break in his father growled that he had better things to do with his time than talk with sluts like her. She turned heel and left.

As she boarded the stage coach, Sheriff Black approached her. He held out his hand and said "Ma'am, I reckon that all of us have bad luck occasionally. Not all the folks hereabouts are as pig headed as some. They've took up a collection, seeing as how you've never been paid. We hope it'll help you get started wherever you go." He handed her a small cloth bag that clinked when it went into her hand.

"Thank you Sheriff" Livvy said.

A woman nearby sniffed and Black addressed her "Move along Lindsey, there ain't nothing to see here." He turned back to Livvy. "You done OK last winter Miss Livvy. Some of us know how dicey it must have got. You done just fine, considerin' what you had to work with. I'm sorry it had to turn out like this." Then he turned and walked away. The only other passenger on the stage was a snake oil salesman who couldn't wait to get back to civilization.

Six hours later the stagecoach came roaring back into town. The driver was shooting his pistol in the air and yelling at the top of his lungs. Indians had attacked the stage. The only thing they seemed interested in was the young pregnant white woman on board. They had taken her. The last thing the driver had seen was her, screaming and fighting with them as they hauled her off. He'd come back to tell the town so a rescue could be mounted. The snake oil salesman confirmed the story. Neither of them could understand why no one seemed to want to go save the poor woman.

Sheriff Black led a posse of six men to the scene. He noted that the hoof prints of the Indian horses were both shod and unshod. He noticed that the shod horses appeared to be the same horses that had been stolen from the Wilson and Powers ranches several days before. One horse, the one missing from the Wilson place, appeared to have been ridden by a mighty heavy rider, for an Indian. It seemed strange that the Indians had brought along an extra horse for the missing woman too. They usually just slung captives across the pony in front of the Brave who made the snatch. They followed the tracks for a mile and he noticed that all the horses slowed to a walk. After another mile the shod horses went one way, and the unshod ones went another.

Sheriff Black didn't think any of this was important enough to mention to anyone back in town. He just reported that they had "Got clean away."

The only other thing that happened in town that summer that caused a lot of gossip was that The two Powers ren up and ran away from home. The strange thing was that they left on foot, and the searchers who went looking for them couldn't find anybody within walking distance of the ranch. The searchers stayed out for three days and nights, looking for signs of the fleeing youths, but found no evidence, either of passage, or camps.

Two months later, Josh Wilson was enrolled in Law School in Philadelphia. With him was an obviously pregnant young woman he introduced as his wife, Livvy. She was seeking employment as a tutor, and was found to be eminently qualified. The bursar assisted Mr. Wilson in finding modest lodgings - the Wilsons had some money - that would accommodate not only them, but Mrs. Wilson's young cousin, Jean, and her husband Rusty. Jean was great with herself, not far along, and was going to be the nanny for both ren. Rusty proved to be an instant hit with the city folk, who were constantly amazed at his Wild West ss and deportment. He was hired by a local newspaper to write columns on the West and what was happening on the frontier.

Generally, the people of Philadelphia were quite happy to welcome them as citizens.

The End

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