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Monday morning came again, but all I could think about was the night in bed with Sharon. It was getting close to taking them both home, but I so wanted to touch her again, but knew I couldn’t suggest it as she may wonder why I asked for her to sleep in my bed again, and even tell her brother or her Nan which I couldn’t risk.

When I got home from work the two of them would be playing on the grass and I sat and watched as they played, I even caught the odd glimpse of Sharon’s panties as they played, which only made me want to touch her again as I did those few nights before, but couldn’t figure out how. Wednesday after work when I got home mum and Daryl had gone round a neighbour’s house. Sharon didnt want to go, and was lying on the grass when I arrived home from work. I got myself a cold drink and watched her from the kitchen window as she lay there. Her small dress had ridden up and I was able to see her panties again, which I had become to look forward to.

I got my drink and walked into the garden, I sat at her feet, and just stared at the “V” in her panties where her legs joined, her pussy was just below the surface waiting for my tender finger to touch. She didn’t move so I assumed that she was probably asleep, so I kept moving for a better view, wishing that her legs would open more, or better that she hadn’t got any panties on at all. But there they were and I wasn’t able to see anything more then her white panties.
I lay on my front watching her, she must have sensed it as I saw her eyes open, and look down at me,” hello uncle Chris” she said as she sat up, pulling her legs towards her chin, I could now see the thin material just covering her pussy lips and make out the slit in the material, which showed me exactly where her young pussy was, I couldn’t help but stare. We didn’t speak for a few moments, and when I did finally looked up at her face she was watching me, she must have known I was looking at her panties, and there was no mistaking it.

I offered her a sip of my drink feeling totally embarrassed,” they are new,
Nanny bought them for me today, she got me 6 pairs, did you know we are going home Saturday?”
My heart sunk I didn’t realise they would go this weekend and I was hoping she may have come to my bedroom again, but Sharon told me Nanny had phoned Alan and arranged for us to go up either Friday or Saturday.
She then said “do you want to see them my new panties” I nodded, and she gave me the drink back and run into the house. She returned with the other pairs and laid them out on the grass, pink, blue, red, black, pale yellow and another white pair.
“Which do you like best?”

I picked up the red pair and said “these are very sexy”, which I thought after was probably a mistake. “Would you like to see them on?” I nodded. But instead of going inside. She sat in front of me and removed the white pair and began to put the red pair on, opening her legs as she did so. There in front of me at last was that young smooth pussy, opening up for me to see. She pulled them on and stood up again, from where I was I had a perfect view, “yes I said red is the nicest”.
She sat back down and to my surprise said to me “then if you want uncle Chris ill wear them for you in your bed tonight” I was taken back, and she must have noticed my surprise as she added “that’s if you want me too” I was hoping I wasn’t acting to eager when I answered yes to her, but in fact I couldn’t wait. But told her not to tell her Nan as she wouldn’t approve.

A few moments later Daryl and Mum returned and nothing more was said.

We had dinner and Sharon and Daryl bathed, then it was my turn, and we sat watching TV for a while before Mum told them it was there bed time. They both said good night and off they went. I sat there for what seemed like ages not really watching the TV, just waiting for bedtime. I hoped Sharon wouldn’t fall asleep and not come, also I hoped that Daryl wouldn’t come too, and that he would be asleep if and when she did come to me
I went up to bed at almost 11pm and crept pass there room, stopping for a second to listen, but I heard nothing and assumed that they were both sleeping. I undressed and climbed into bed wearing only a t-shirt. As I lay there in the bed I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been and I began playing with my hard cock. I was almost on the verge of cumming, when there was a tap on my back, I turned in surprise to see Sharon standing there smiling, I looked down at her and she had her red panties on as she had promised.

I moved over and with out a word she got in, and we just lay there looking at each other. I had the urge to kiss her lovely face and threw caution to the wind, and kissed her soft lips; she didn’t shy away but seemed to return the kiss, although at her age I wondered if she knew how. She then took me by surprise when she asked “will you touch me like you did the other night” I didn’t know what to say whether to try and make out it was an accident or just say yes to her, but with the week end fast approaching and she would be going home and I wouldn’t see her for at least a year I threw caution to the wind, and replied “if you want me too”. She nodded.

I kissed her again and my hand slipped inside the waist band of her panties till I could feel the soft hairless pussy that I had grown to love some much. I rubbed up and down her slit as she lay there. I then pulled the covers off us and looked down at her, with out a word I slid down the bed and gently opened her legs wide, and my fingers moved her panties so I could see it once more. Then with out a sound I moved my head between her legs and began gently licking her slit. I could taste the pee on her pussy that she must have earlier, but I didn’t care it just added to the taste of her.

She seemed to enjoy this as she opened even wider for me and I was able to open those lips wider with my fingers then I had hoped for, as my tongue darted inside as far as it would reach.
I was in heaven at last, although I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care she loved it, so did I. As I was tonguing her I was also pumping my hard cock, which didn’t go unnoticed,and she looked to see what I was doing. I saw her look and I moved without a word into the 69 position, hoping that she may use her tongue on me. I carried on tonguing her, but after a tiny lick from her on my erection she stopped, but was gently wanking me, following the movements I had made.
Within seconds I was cumming, and when I did it was all over her hands and chin. I stopped for air and kissed her forehead, and told her thank you.
“I didn’t like the taste “she told me.
I noticed some of my cum on her chin and I went down and kissed her where it lay, getting it on my tongue I was able to push it into her mouth, which she didn’t seem to mind, so I got some on my finger and put it onto her lips which she sucked into her mouth. “Did you like that?” I asked her, she nodded, “and me licking you?”
“I liked that bit the best” she said. We lay there talking for a while as if she was an adult, she told me she didn’t want to go home, and would Nanny let her come down next year. I told her she would have to wait till next summer as she may change her mind and not want to come.
Before she went back to her bed she wanked me off once more and tasted even more then she did before, and I licked her for what seemed like an age.
We kissed and she went back to her bed. I knew then that given the chance next year I would have intercourse with her should she come down, and I knew that my Sharon had come of age.

That weekend I drove them all home, but when I kissed Sharon goodbye before leaving I knew we much more the uncle and niece.

All I needed to do was to wait till next year, GOD what a long time to wait.
Oh I didn’t tell you she left me the red panties.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000