Drafted Into Service Chapter 1

Today would be the first day, my first “encounter” as it is now known.

I was nervous and barely slept last night. All I could think about was the months and months that had gone into making today happen. I would say there are many jokes about this service in the media. But I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to give up ten years of my life, no matter how thrilling it may seem. I reread the email confirming my drafting into service multiple times last night.

Dear Michael,

Congratulations, you have met all of the qualifications and are now drafted into the United States Repopulation Expansion Procreation Obstetric Program. Due to very tight resources, there is no exception for men who meet all qualifications and are drafted. You must participate or face criminal trial.

As you know, we have endured 5 years of tremendous loss and 2 years of rebirth, due to the Alabama Flu. The flu caused untold loss of life and has devastated the world’s population. We in the United States lost 75 percent of the male population and 40 percent of the female population. In addition, those stricken face long term and irreversible damage to the male reproductive anatomy. Currently only one percent of men globally are still able to reproduce. That is why you are so important to the long term health and strength of our country. You will be part of our country’s regrowth through the REPOP program. Without you we may never recover.

Now that you have been drafted you are to be isolated from the general population to protect you from potential future infection and need for inoculation. The infection is under control, and a vaccine will protect the general population. But, the current vaccine has severe side effects impacting the male ability to reproduce. This, in addition to the catastrophic loss of male life, has left an estimated 3,000 men across the United State who are capable of reproducing.

For the next 10 years you will live a life of service to your country by participating in your own harem.

We have drafted 75 women who will live in isolation with you and will be at your beck and call. Fifty women will be active in the harem at any given time, with the other 25 women waiting for their turn to be active in the harem. Inactive women will provide care to all active members including but not limited to house work, cooking, construction, teaching and care.

We have chosen women who fit your ideal sexual parameters. We are sorry, due to the small number of potential candidates, age and race could not be a disqualifying factor. You will be partnered with women ranging in age from 17-40.

This will be a rigorous endeavor for you. You must inseminate two women each day. We have found that long term success is best accomplished when the female and male REPOP’s have some level of connection, so you will be expected to sleep with all members of your harem, on schedule, prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and then again after delivery.

Each woman will be allowed to sleep with only you - to ensure the health of all participants. The female participants have also never had the AF virus or been inoculated. This ensures the protection your sexual health. All female participants were drafted into the program like you. But there are multiple exemptions and conscientious objector options to ensure all female participants in the program are willing and consent to all activities. Each REPOP participant understands that this program will not work without you, and acknowledge the unique strain put upon you. Each REPOP female was put through a rigorous training program to prepare them for the hardships of participation. They have been taught to allow you to enjoy the sex act as you see fit.

All female participants can choose to keep up to two of their ren to raise. All additional ren will be given, through adoption, to families around the country. The only exception to this rule is if a mother delivers more than two ren, combined, during her first pregnancy.
She may be allowed to raise all ren delivered in her first pregnancy. Currently it is both impossible and unsafe for most Americans to conceive and carry a to term, so the demand for ren is very high.

You will not be allowed to watch any pornography from this date forward to ensure you are able and ready to have intercourse with at least two women each day.

All participants will be compensated well and as a community.

You will receive a monthly salary of $5,000 a month and a stipend of an additional $4,000 a month as hazard pay due to your ongoing isolation. All food, clothing expenses and quartering will be paid for during your time in the REPOP program. In addition, during the first two months of participation you will be paid $1,000 for each unique woman you inseminate. You wil alsol receive a $1,500 bonus for each woman you have impregnated and an additional $1,000 per when mothers are impregnated with multiples through your time in the program.

All female participants will be taking a hormone pill to enhance their sexual appetite and the likelihood of impregnation. Studies show that nearly 60 percent of women on the hormone treatment experience pregnancies with multiple births. Younger women are more likely to experience pregnancies with twins or triplets. One side affect of the hormone is that within 8 hours and up to 3 days after impregnation the mother’s breasts will swell and lactate. This does confirm pregnancy very quickly.

All female participants will be paid the identical amount you are paid, to encourage a communal objective and reward. In addition all participants may enroll in fully subsidized online college programs. College classes cannot interfere with the main objective of this program.

You will also be on a drug regimen that enhances your virility and sexual appetite. The hormone treatment will cause you to produce unusually large amounts of semen. If you do not ejaculate multiple times a day you will experience great pain from build up.
You will begin hormone treatment 5 days before you begin the insemination protocol.

You will be expected to participate in daily exercise with a trainer to ensure your likelihood of ongoing breeding ability. You must pass quarterly PT tests to remain in the program. If you fail two PT tests back-to-back you will be put on probation and will no longer be eligible for cash bonuses. PT has been shown to enhance male virility.

You will have a dedicated medical team monitoring all aspects of the program and all REPOP participants health.

You may continue to work your current job if it is possible to work remotely from the isolated community. You will be allowed to use video calls to maintain your relationship with family. Unfortunately, at this time, you will not be able to visit with your family face to face, to protect you and your harem from infection. For national security purposes, you cannot tell anyone that you are enrolled in the REPOP or the location of the REPOP site.

If you complete 10 years of service and 1,000 births you will be awarded a large financial bonus and be given an honorable discharge from the program. If in that time you complete 10,000 births you will receive an additional financial bonus and lifetime pension. At that time you can choose to volunteer for up to two additional five year deployments. Depending on need you may be stop lossed without the choice but to continue in the program.

Our most successful male REPOP’s have lead to more than 150 births a year while breeding with all 75 women in their harem. In such cases we continue to expand the harems. If you are this successful we will send new inactive women into the community who are expected to become breeders themselves over time. Presently, in theory, it is believed the maximum women that can be adequately impregnated and supported annually in a harem is 700. With the expected number of multiple births, a harem this side could produce up to 1500 ren in a given year.

If you fail to produce 50 unique pregnancies in the first 12 months you will be removed from the program as a breeder, inoculated and serve the remainder of your service time in a support roll for other men.

Stay quarantined in your home, we will send a exfiltration team to your home to move you. Failure to participate will be met with severe penalties including up to a life sentence to prison.

We thank you for your service!


Karen Kjlgaard

Adminstrating General

United States Repopulation and Expansion Program


In the short time since I received that email I have been whisked away to an isolated community in the New Mexico desert. It looks like a regular suburban neighborhood, if not for the patrolling military personnel. I was given a large house, pool, cars and medical team. I watched from my window as the United States military moved women into the houses surrounding mine. I was told to isolate myself for one month. All participants would be retested for the virus before we had any interactions.

One week ago I started receiving hormone treatments. The treatments have had a significant impact on me. I have had to masturbate multiple times a day to relieve the pain and to get my dick to settle down. I can feel a greater level of aggression building within me as well. I don't like the feeling even a little.

Last night I received a short email saying simply, the program would begin today. My first insemination would begin at 9 am and my second guest would arrive at 3 pm. My first two participants were named Kara and Dana Samspoon. I was scared to have sex with two sisters concurrently on the first day but I am growing accustomed to not getting to make my own decisions.

When two women knocked on my door at the same time I was floored. One woman was much older than the other. The shock on my face was obvious because the next thing that happened was Dana introduced herself and then introduced her daughter Kara.

“I hope you don’t mind if I come along for Kara’s breeding,” Dana said. “She turned 17 last week and has never had sex. She is a bit scared. I am scheduled to be inseminated this afternoon, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem if I arrived early.”

I just nodded.

Dana then dropped her robe to the ground and began to remove Kara’s.

“I apologize that I don’t fit your exact sexual preferences,” Dana said. “I know you prefer tall skinny girls with perky tits. I am a bit older and have a bit more weight than my daughter. But if you wanted to size me, I am a tight size 6, and my breasts are maybe a fun C Cup. I guess we all have to sacrifice, considering the circumstances.”

I was stunned by her straightforwardness and stood ocmpletely still.

“My daughter is of course to your tastes - as you can see. Now let me get you ready,” Dana said, as she dropped to her knees and pulled out my penis. I was shocked by her aggressiveness and that she wanted to get everything started five feet from my door. Dana took me into her mouth and I became hard in the fraction of a second. She wasn't ready for my quick growth and gagged as my dick expanded and it way down her throat. Her eyes bulged briefly as she adjusted to my size in her mouth. Dana continued to suck my dick for a few minutes carressing my prostate with her finger. I was juolted at first when she began to move her hand toward my ass, but the pleasure was overpowering. And just like that I began to cum.

To say I came buckets is and understatemnt. I blew my first few spirts down Dana's throat before she was ready. I herd her chocke and gag as I filled her gullet with semen. She instinctively withdrew from my cock and I continued to spray her face and hair with ounce after gooey ounce of semen. I ejaculated for nearly five minutes like I was a cum sprinkelr and Dana tried to block my ejaculate with her hands, but it was no use. When I finally finished Dana looked like twenty men had blown their loads in her face. She had slipped in the puddle of cum I produced and laid on the floor glazed in semen.

I wanted to apologize, but I was turned on seeing Dana coated in so much spunk. Before I could say anthing I shifted my gaze to Kara. She stood before me skinny and nearly six feet tall. She was using her skinny arms to try and cover her perky breasts and pubic region. And she was clearly upset by what had just happened to her mom.

Dana stood and tried to shake as much of my goo off her body as possible. My semen dripped from her chin, her nipples, her hair, her back, her knees even her eye lashes.“Why don’t you go lay down on the bed," Dana directed her daughter, as she tried to remove my cum from her eyes, "and let Mike climb on top of you.”

I was still extremely erect, so much so it hurt. I hadn’t masturbated for days and the chemicals the military fed me were having a profound effect. The gallons of cum I had just ejected all over Dana was a drop in hte bucket of what my body was ready to release.

Kara was so beautiful and so young. I raced behind her as she sauntered up the stairs and to a bed room. I climbed on top of her and kissed her gently for several minutes. My kisses were having an unreal impact on her. She squirmed and moaned. I slid my hand to her pussy to help her get turned on, but to my surprise there was no need. Her pussy lips were literally dripping wet, despite the minimal foreplay.

I looked at Dana shyly who had slipped in behind us.

“It is the hormones,” she said as she used a towel to try and clean herself off. “We are walking around wet and turned on all the time. Some of the girls carry extra panties with them so they can change when it gets too uncomfortable. On the bus ride to this place you heard dozens and dozens of orgasms from the vibration of the road. I ahd 5 in the 90 minute drive. When I do the dishes I lean against the machine and have the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life.”

I arched my hips and slid my dick across Kara’s pussy lips. She lost control, started screaming and her body convulsed.

When her body stopped shaking Kara said, "Oh my god, that is amazing!"

"That is an orgasm honey," Dana said. "Youll have many more once he pushes inside you."

It was clear it would take very little to get these girls off.

When Kara’s body calmed down I looked her in the eyes and asked, “Are you ready?”

She maintained eye contact and whispered, “I think so.”

I slid my cock inside her and came to rest on her maidenhead. I slid my cock slightly in and out waiting for some sign she wanted me to break on through.

Instead her mom grabbed my hips and pushed with all her weight while saying, “Just do it already.”

In the blink of an eye I had torn into Kara's body. Kara winced in pain, a tear dripping down a cheek. Then she started to howl with pleasure. Her whole body took off, gyrating and convulsing. I was on top of her thin body, but she was driving the ship. She screamed louder and louder with every thrust, and before I knew it, the ride was over. I ejaculated deep inside of her and I couldn’t believe how much I was cumming for the second time today. Thrust after thrust I deposited more and more and more semen inside of her. It took several minutes for me to finish. I goofily smiled as I finished inside her.

When I finally pulled out of her a stream white cream poured from her body washing away the pink dripping from her pussy lips. It looked like I had spilled a bowl of milk all over her and the bed. It looked like ten men had cum inside her body, but it was all me and it was all from one shot.

I rolled off of her and Dana was there to kiss me. I was tired, but it didn’t matter. Dana slid her hands down to my dick and caressed me so gently. Then she swalloed my dick for the second time today. It occured to me that Dana was tasting her daughter's pussy that still lingered on my dick. The thought made my dick jump back to life. It was all the rest I needed and my cock was ready to go again.

Dana straddled me and guided me inside of her supple body. She leaned back and moaned as I went deeper and deeper inside of her. She put her hands on my chest and slid her hips back and forth as though she were riding on the leather of a bucking saddle. Her lips purred louder and louder - and just like her daughter she creamed rquickly. Unlike her daughter she sprayed and squirted during her orgasms. I couldn’t last any longer and came deep inside her. When Dana rolled off of me and onto her back my fluid flowed from her pussy drenching me, the sheets and herself. I thoguht to myself, "This is going to be a very emssy endeavor."

The three of us spent the day together, fucking over and over like animals, before retreating for the night to the last clean bed in the attic. Dana tried to fuck me more often than her daughter, probably trying to protect her daughter in some way. But I loved that skinny little body and made sure to give Kara the same attention I gave her mom.

We slept a deep sleep and woke with the sun. Immediately I could see a change in them both. Kara’s breasts had grown from a tiny A Cup to something much much much bigger. She looked almost comical, a wisp of a girl, over 6 feet tall with enormous cartoonish tits. Her aureolas had changed color too and her nipples were giant and dripping a yellowish liquid.

Kara screamed, “They hurt, momma. They hurt so much. Make it stop,” before running to the bathroom.

Dana rolled over. Her breasts were larger to, and her nipples and aureolas had darkened in color, but not to the extent her daughters had. Still theu dripped colostrum. I instinctively reached for her breast and began to suck the sweet liquid. She held me close to her bosom and began to talk.

“I want to warn you, Michael, the women here aren’t here because they want to go through this. I certainly don’t. I had one and the process nearly tore me in two. I don’t want any more. And Kara certainly doesn’t want to be a mom right now. She doesn't want to have a new pregnancy each year for the next ten years. She wants to grow up and find love and have the fairy tale. But there are no fairy tales any more. So here wew are, baby factories for you to fuck and fuck.”

“When she was drafted,” Dana continued, “they told her to join the program now or be inoculated. We knew if they gave her the vaccine she would likely never have a . So she left high school, and her friends because she wants to raise a - your . And here we are, on day one - both knocked up - already in pain. And based on the size of her breasts, you likely pumped two, or three or god forbid more ren into her. So be kind to us women. Treat us well. We are sacrificing greatly to be here, just like you.”

Dana gently moved me from her breast, got up and walked out of the room to find her daughter. I laid in bed thinking about what Dana had said. She was a strong beautiful woman and I felt myself falling in love - even though I knew that was forbidden.

After thirty minutes I started walking toward the kitchen. I walked past an open bathroom and saw Kara hooked up to what looked like an industrial breast pump. I didn’t want to stare so I kept moving, but I heard Dana’s words as I walked away, “You’ll need to do this multiple times a day to ease the pain.”

“For how long, Momma?” Kara asked.

“I’m afraid forever, dear. I think the hormones pumping through us will keep your breasts like this forever. I hope this is all worth it.”

Her words made my dick come to life. I would change these women's lives forever. Still, I was rethinking my decision to do this. The whole program would come at a great cost. But when I got to the kitchen I found breakfast waiting and identical twins standing naked, their breasts hidden only by their long blonde hair.

“Where have you been,” the one on the left asked? "We were supposed to get started an hour ago."

“We’re here today to get knocked up,” The one on the right said with a giggle.

And just like that my dick was rock hard, ready to go and leading me away from all of the difficult words I had just been thinking about.

I heard Kara and Dana walk out the front door, Kara still crying, just as I deposited my third load into the twins.

In the morning both blondes woke with comically stretched tis. One of the twins ran to the bathroom with morning sickness. Whether they wanted it or not, both would now be mothers before they were 19. I wasn’t sure what my service would be like, but I was already having an impact one a few women.


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