Master's Women

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Master has brought a woman for us to share. She is dark haired, slightly smaller than me but very similarly built. She stands slightly behind Master, almost cowering as he hands me her leash with a grin. “She’s yours,” he says to me, “Like you are mine”.

A steady pressure on her leash brings her forward to me until we are chest to chest, and I command her to kiss me. She is hesitant, but a finger under her collar keeps her where I want her and I kiss her. She and I share a long passionate kiss as she presses her body more tightly to mine. My hand finds her breast; I cradle and squeeze it with my palm while my fingers play with the nipple. She raises a hand to my breast, and I tell her she is not allowed to touch until I say so.

I feel Master step up behind me, his hands begin doing to me what I’m doing to her; one hand holding me close by my collar, the other playing with my breast. I kiss and lick down her neck and across her shoulders, then down further to her hard nipples. They are so sweet, just the right size for me to catch them with my lips and teeth and nibble on. I take a few minutes to really work them with my mouth as my hand travels down to the velvety softness between her legs to find her already wet.

I draw away from her and tell her she will now please me by eating my pussy. I lead the way to the bedroom after catching a pleased smile on Master’s face. I lay down on the bed and she gets between my legs, her lips and tongue already busy. Master straddles my face and as she eats me, he fucks my mouth and plays with her pussy. We are all getting hot, everyone moving faster as the passion rises.

Then Master pulls his rock hard cock from my mouth and releases my head from his groin. I tell her that she is to lay flat on her back, and I straddle her face and lower my pussy to her mouth. She starts to lick and nibble as I smile at Master and glance meaningfully at her dripping pussy. He grins again and slides between her legs, his cock aimed to sink into her to the hilt.

Master is fucking her pussy and she is eating mine as I lean forward so Master can play with my breasts. We are all getting close to that first climax, everyone enjoying the sensations being generated by our bodies. She is first to cum, whimpering into my pussy as her body jumps and twitches, her mouth clamped on my clit, tongue lashing it furiously. My orgasm begins and Master rolls me off her as he gives a final powerful thrust into her and pulls out to send his hot cum splattering all over both of us.

I lick Masters cum from her breasts and belly and have her do the same to me. We turn as one to Master to lick and kiss him clean from either side, and then snuggle in close to him to rest for a few minutes; all three of us cuddled together.

Master lay between her and I, his hands busily stroking us as we stroked him, her hand playing with his balls while mine was wrapped around his semi-hard cock. We were each licking and kissing a nipple gently, occasionally stopping to flick them with our tongues, or nibble lightly with our teeth. Master was becoming harder, his hands finding the nipples of each of us and pinching them until we whimpered at the pain and pleasure. He whispered instructions in my ear, and with a grin, I ordered my girl to get up and stand facing against the wall. She rose shakily from the bed and stepped to the indicated wall, where master had had me install several hooks high up, and eye bolts at certain heights and distances.

Reaching into the nightstand beside the bed, I removed a set of silken cords, and rising from the bed, moved to her side. I had her stand facing the wall as I placed a cord around each wrist and secured them over her head, had her spread her legs wide apart and tied them to the wall as well so she was held in place, and then blindfolded her. While I was tying her in place, Master had reached into the same drawer and brought out his cat-o-nine tails. He handed it to me after giving me a swat on my ass with it, and grinned at her hanging helplessly against the wall trembling. She had heard the swish and slap as the whip had sliced through the air and landed against my ass, as well as my squeal of delight.

Whip in hand, I stepped up behind her, standing silently and letting her wonder where and how I would strike her. Her trembling increased as the seconds went by, and Master and I watched her. Suddenly I reached out and very gently flicked the cat-o-nine up between her legs, causing her to jerk as she felt the soft touch of the tails against her pussy lips and clit. Before she could take a breath I laid the cat-o-nine across her buttocks hard enough to leave red streaks. Glancing at Master, I counted to five slowly and at his smile, gave her another slap with the whip, and quickly followed it with two more. Then there was a longer pause as she hung there anticipating the next lash of the whip on her ass, which was red from my attentions.

I took one step forward and began to massage her ass cheeks gently, then again flicked the whip between her legs, causing her to moan in pleasure as she felt the sensations it caused. I heard movement behind me, and felt Master’s presence as he took my arms and moved me to stand beside her against the wall. He tied me in the same fashion I had tied her, and I thrilled to the knowledge that he would now do to me what I had done to my girl. The whip teased and struck me, just as it had her, and I felt my body irresistibly excited by the sensual spanking Master gave me. When he caressed my ass cheeks, Master gave instructions for me to release her after he untied me, and for us to perform for him in the 69 position, me on top of her.

I untied her and had her lay down, and lowered my soaking pussy to her lips, her eager tongue already licking and seeking my clit. I leaned forward and found her to be as wet and hot as I was. I took a moment to admire the beautiful glistening folds of her pussy lips, and then swiped my tongue the full length of her from clit to asshole, tasting her sweetness. She was working her tongue back and forth, in and out of me, and I was getting so hot that I couldn’t think. My fingers pulled back the hood covering her clit, and I flicked it with my tongue, and then started nibbling gently with my teeth. She moaned into me as she felt the sharp little nips, followed by my tongue, and then my mouth sucking on her.

I felt Master’s hands on my hips, and knew that he was going to fuck my ass while she and I ate each other out. His hard cock eased into my tight ass, he filled me completely, and I thought I would go crazy from the feel of the two of them. I buried my face in her, tongue lashing her to a frenzy to almost match mine, as Master fucked me with long steady strokes. He laid an occasional slap on one cheek or the other as he rode me, and it increased my attentions to her pussy. She was moaning steadily, her hips bucking up to meet my mouth in time to my hips meeting Master’s thrusts.

Suddenly Master pulled out of me, leaving me feeling so empty, and made me get up and lay next to her. He pushed his huge hard cock into her mouth, making her suck it as I got settled next to them. Then he had her do as I had done and lower her dripping pussy to my mouth as she settled above me to eat me at the same time. He appeared above my face as well, his cock aimed at her asshole, and I made sure that she was ready for him by using my tongue to excite and wet her before Master settled the head against her asshole and began to work it into her inch by inch.

She and I were moaning as we used our tongues on each other, and as she felt Master enter her, she let out a scream of pained pleasure. I sucked harder on her clit, and slid two fingers into her pussy, tickling the walls and pushing them in as far as I could. I began to match the rhythmic strokes of Master’s cock in and out of her ass, my mouth fastened greedily on her clit. She was shrieking and shaking with one orgasm after another as we fucked her, and I was getting close to one myself. Master was fucking her ass faster and harder, driving in and out, and I knew that he would soon be ready to cum as well.

Master pulled out of her and ordered her to turn around. She turned so she and I were lying pressed together side by side and watching Master. With a few fast strokes, he began to cum, first in my mouth, then across our breasts to her mouth. We swallowed, enjoying the taste and then with Master’s approval, licked him and each other clean.

We rested for a short while; again cuddled up together and letting our hands roam all over each other. I had her get up and bring damp warm cloths to wash Master with, her on one side me on the other, and we bathed him head to feet. He lay there with a pleased smile on his face as we ran the warm cloths over his body, planting little kisses in the damp left behind. We paid special care and attention to Master’s cock and balls, running the cloths over and around him gently, our lips meeting at the head of his cock as we surrounded it from both sides, both of us sucking and kissing it, tongues flickering against the shaft and the sensitive underside. One of her hands massaged his balls while I gently teased the rim of his asshole with the lightest of fingertip touches.

Master was getting aroused again and pushed us away from his crotch, so we finished washing him, and then at his nod I had her rinse out the cloths and wash me as we had done to him. Master moved off the bed to a recliner that sat at a good angle in the corner of the room, where he could see everything that happened, scooping up the cat-o-nine tails as he went. I had her use her mouth on me as we had done to master, sucking first one nipple and then the other as I relaxed and enjoyed her attentions. I wouldn’t let her continue downward until my nipples were erect and aching, hard enough to bore into stone. I twined the fingers of one hand in her hair and began to guide her willing mouth where I wanted it, trailing kisses slowly down my torso to my waiting pussy. The first touch of her lips to my clit sent shocks tearing through my body, and I held her head pressed close while she licked and nibbled it into throbbing hardness.

I was enjoying her attentions, but wasn’t ready to cum yet, I wanted to have my fun first. I had her switch places with me, lying with her legs spread wide as I tied her down spread eagled on the bed. Just as I finished, Master tossed the whip at my feet, I picked it up with a grin and watched as her eyes widened in consternation as they followed the long slow arc of the swinging whip. I reached to the bedside drawer and pulled out a blindfold, sliding it on her so she could no longer see what was coming. She trembled a moment as she realized that she was completely helpless and at our mercy yet again.

I swung the whip just hard enough to sting a little, bringing in down on her exposed pussy lips and watching her jerk from the unexpected sensation. I trailed the lashes over her breasts and along her torso, then another flick to the pussy. She was wet and just too tempting to pass up as I took the smooth handle end of the whip and slowly slid it into her, the knob at the very end rubbing her vaginal walls as I pushed it in up to where the wrapped part of the handle began.

She whined and squirmed as I worked it in and out of her, and I again dipped into the drawer, bringing out a vibrator. Taking some oil, I lubed the vibrator and slid it into her ass before turning it on high. She jerked and shook as the multiple sensations washed over her, whimpers and little screams coming from her as I worked the whip handle in and out. I turned around and settled my pussy over her mouth, allowing her to lick and kiss frantically in an attempt to please me, her teeth nibbling at my clit, tongue flicking it and then diving between my pussy lips to taste my juices.

Master sat watching and stroking his hard cock as I once again reached into the drawer, this time pulling out a strap on dildo of close to Master’s size. I climbed off her and proceeded to put it on, then removed the whip handle from her dripping pussy and put it to her lips, telling her to lick it clean. As she began to clean it with her tongue, I again moved over her, settling between her legs and setting the tip of the dildo against her exposed opening, sliding it up and down in the moisture pouring out of her to lubricate it before beginning to work it into her a little at a time on each inward stroke.

Very soon I was fucking her fast and hard as she laid gasping and moaning under me, unable to move to meet my thrusts, able only to feel the sensations of the vibrator and dildo in her ass and pussy. Leaning forward, I grabbed a nipple with my teeth, chewing on it just hard enough to make her arch the little bit that her restraints allowed. She was starting to jerk and quiver as she felt her orgasm building, her moans and whimpers changing to screams of pleasure while her body shook and vibrated with the force of the waves of wild satisfaction rolling through her. I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and the vibrator from her ass, took off the dildo, and handed it to her to clean with her mouth and tongue while I washed the vibrator. When I reentered the room from the bathroom, she was wearing the strap on and lying on the bed with it pointed straight up, a big grin on her face.

I walked over and climbed onto the bed, wetting the dildo with my saliva before straddling her and easing the tip of it into my hot pussy. Slowly I lowered myself stroke by stroke until it was buried as deep into my hungry pussy as I could get it. Her hands found my breasts, squeezing them as her fingers pinched and pulled at my nipples, and I began to ride her and the strap on, each stroke coming harder and faster.

I felt the bed behind me move as Master joined us, moving up behind me, and I knew what he was going to do. I arched my back and presented him with a perfect view of my ass as his fingers played in the juices running from me. He slid a finger in my ass as I continued to slide up and down on the dildo and she sucked on my nipples, and then I felt the head of Masters rock hard cock nestle against the puckered opening of my ass. He pushed steadily and entered me, bringing a deep moan of satisfaction from my throat. Master and I matched strokes, his cock driving into my ass as I pulled up to the tip of the dildo, then sliding out til just his head was inside me as I plunged down again.

We were moving faster, the strokes harder and harder as we neared our climaxes. I began to shudder as waves of rapture roared through me, screaming out my pure pleasure as I felt master pull out completely and move to her head to shoot his hot cum into her mouth, with orders not to swallow. She held it as I bent down and kissed her, sucking some of master’s juice into my mouth, enjoying his taste on my tongue. I pulled off the dildo and rolled onto my side, she got up and took it off, handing it to me to clean as she had done before.

We all collapsed in a tangle on the bed, all three of us satisfied for the moment, and drifted off to sleep the sleep of contentment.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000