Debt To Pay : Intro (Rough Draft)

This is the introduction to a story that I will be writing more of later. I am posting it early to see people's response and to test the system, it is not a final draft of the complete introduction but there is a word of warning. This story will have ABSOLUTELY terrible events happen in it, ONLY read the whole story when it comes out if you are OK with the themes posted and NEVER COPY ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS. This is meant as fiction and just a way to express a fetish, not an excuse to do anything with in. these are things that SHOULD get you thrown in a dark pit with rabid dogs, or prison, don't do them!

Again this is a rough draft and honestly this is a porn site, does grammar really matter? please comment and get in touch if you have any ideas that will be useful for the story. useless criticism does nothing and ill just ignore that kind of thing. There will be NO SEX in this version of the introduction but expect some terrible things in the first chapter, if it ever happens, who knows, shrug, authors come and go on this site all the time.


The names Jagger.

I am not a good man. I lost the right to call my self that ages ago, after I met my boss, and if you think I am a bad guy, just imagine how bad he is. He runs the show and I do the work, but hey, at least I like my job. I worked my way up with the Boss, a few years of grunt work here and a few years of… oh, whats the mundane word for this part, I guess “managing” will do... managing one of the side operations there, this all made me very well off. My position within... well, lets just call it, “The Company” doesn't even require much effort on my part anymore, so its a very relaxed job. Doesn't hurt that it pays well and can be very fun, too.

The Boss has got his hands in just about everything, I think he wants to look into some si-fi shit next but, that's besides the point of my story. My boss is a very generous man, the money that he has loaned to out aspiring entrepreneurs over the years has funded some of the biggest corporate power houses out there, and his loans always comes back with interest.

I am the head of the loan returns and repossession side of the Boss' work. When a lone comes to my desk for investigation its my job to find out the current status of any collateral that was offered and reclaim the value of the lone. My “official” title is private investigator, and while technically true, I guess, it doesn't do my job justice.

You know that one super massive tech company, yeah THAT tech company, Boss put up most of the start up on it, off the books of course. That loan never had no problems and is still paying off. Hes got an eye for those things my boss, but not every loan my boss has given go as cleanly as that one. Most people who take a loan fucking suck with money and can never payback the money the Boss gave them, but that's where I come in, to get what is owed to the Boss, with interest.

But lets get to the good part. The job I enjoyed the most was out west. Some brilliant guy showed the Boss his “get rich easy” plan and the Boss decided to give him the loan. The amount was huge and the idiot put everything up as collateral, his house, his company, the designs of his plan, his family, ya know standard stuff everyone puts up as collateral.

Well the “get rich easy” plan of this guy failed miserably and so I was sent his information and I got in touch with him regarding recovering the Bosses assets. The amount I needed to collect wasn't even that bad after everything was calculated; just all land owned by him and his immediate family, any car and goods attached to his house hold, a daughter and his life. Could have been a lot worse, all that would happen was his wife and 2 of his s would be homeless with nothing but the clothing on their backs, one would serve “the company” and he would be dead, nothing big. Well the dumb ass ran.

We like it when they run. Any expense gets added to the amount that they owe. That means the tabs of any bounty hunters and computer specialists we hire to track them down was charged to the runner.
All of this is with interest I might add, and any thing I want for myself is also added because I can. I haven't looked at the going rate on bounty hunters lately but the good ones cost a lot. I almost feel bad for the families of the people who run, but I don't. That's the job.

Well this dumb ass, I'm just going to call him Dumbass from now on, was “lovingly” married with three daughters, perfect for us, terrible for them. Miriam, his wife, was a super hot Milf in her mid 30's, who only seemed to have that motherly shape in her breasts and ass, even after giving birth to 3 s. Men would for a lover with that figure, women would to have it. She had started dating Dumbass young, like real young. He was in university almost graduated and she was most definitely was not. An early drop out of high school school, she had never worked a job in her life, excepting Dumbass to do that part for her. She was kinda stuck up over all but, to her benefit, she loved her family and would do anything for her daughters, something I used from day one.

The oldest daughter was named Anabel. Definitely the sexiest of the entire family. Long legs, gorgeous face, good B cup boobs, with her skinny ass she could have been working as a model if she wasn't so lazy. She realized early in life that men would do anything for her and so long as she kept her pussy as an unobtainable prize for them to fight over, they would keep trying to woe her in more and more elaborate ways. After high school she stopped doing anything, instead lounging at home waiting for one date or another to come and take her to the next party or event. Some how after all this, when I got to her she was still a virgin.

The middle daughter, Becky, was the opposite of her older sister. Any thing Anabel liked, Becky hated and vice versa. Becky worked very hard at everything she did and the inquiries that we sent out all came back as her being a straight A student running for student counsel president.
The only things that the sisters had in common were commanding attitudes and amazing figures. She didn't have the potential to be a model like her sister, a little shorter and with a more full figure but, Becky was no push over in the looks department. That little extra volume she had on her bones only made the curves of her body more fun to watch. She had an energy around her that led others to listen to what she said, which led to a small bonus for us.

The last daughter was the youngest. Callie was an adorable student who's body fell some where between her two sisters but was no less of a catch. Her body was soft in all the right places and tight where it counted. Her chest was smaller then that of the mother and Becky but, had already surpassed the eldest daughter by a cup size or two. Of all of them, only she seemed to be actually happy, perfectly happy to receive praise and attention from those around her. She a girl surrounded by strong women and a doting father, her family had done a great job of creating a pure and obedient who was a pleasure to be with. She is still my favorite now.

The day that I first approached the family was a great day for me, and the end of their comfortable little home, but it wasn't going to happen all at once, no, I was going to let the debt pile on before I ripped them from their homes. Until the “caring” father was caught by our men I would have to stay close to his family, to make sure they didn't run. Till then, I was going to enjoy this experience to the fullest. All expenses paid vacation on Dumbass' dime, hell yeah!


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