Party Night

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I never told her that I saw her that night.

Hell, she was plenty drunk and I’ve done stupid things when I was that loaded. We had been invited to a party at my friend Jims’ house. Everyone had known each other for years and the sexual talk that had been going on all evening was nothing new.

What was new was that someone acted on it and it was Julie, my wife, who acted upon the talk.

I don’t think anyone noticed that she and Jim had disappeared but I did and without saying a word to the rest of the group I also snuck away to see where they might be. I noticed the basement door was open just slightly and went down the stairs quietly not knowing what I would find.

What I found/saw was my wife of 15 years down on her knees sucking the cock of Jim, a very good friend of mine and hers.

She seemed to be enjoying it as well and I could tell by the look on Jim’s face he was also. Her blouse was open and her tits were pushed up over the top of her bra. Jim must have gotten a hand or mouthful before Julie dropped to suck him. I had a pretty good angle for watching and watch is what I did. She looked so trampish I couldn’t look away.

Jim had his hands behind her head and was really giving her a good face fucking. Jim was a well built guy that Julie had more than once told me she found attractive. His cock was not huge but it wasn't small either. Julie seemed to be totally enjoying the way he was face fucking her, as she could be heard moaning with each stroke of his cock into her mouth. This went on for a time after I got there when Julie pulled her face from his dick and said stick that big fucking prick in my cunt you bastard.

I knew she was really drunk as she only used the word cunt when she was wasted. Jim said fuck yes I’d love to. Julie stood up pulled down her pants and panties in a fairly quick motion for a drunk and bent over and said here it is baby all wet and juicy for you.

Jim stepped up and slid his cock into my wife’s wet pussy and began to fuck her hard. As his cock pounded into her pussy she moaned fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. The sight of another mans cock slamming into Julies’ pussy was turning me on in ways I had never suspected possible. I loved her with all my heart and thought that if she ever cheated on me I would be devastated. The opposite was true. I was enjoying this more than I could have ever imagined. My cock was now fully erect in my pants and I was rubbing it as I watched.

In a short time Jim was announcing that he was going to cum and to my surprise Julie said yes fill my cunt with cum you prick fill my cunt! Jim grunted and it was obvious that he was shooting cum deep inside of Julies’ pussy. Julie came at the same time and I thought the rest of the group upstairs would hear her as she moaned loudly YES YES YES as Jim filled her.

After a couple more awkward strokes inside of her Jim stepped back and his cock popped out of her. She turned around dropped to her knees and licked his cock clean, She then told Jim to lie down.

Jim asked why and she said I want you to eat your cum from my pussy. Jim smiled at her and said that sounds wonderful.

He then lay flat on his back as Julie lowered her dripping pussy onto his face. Jim ate and sucked her pussy as Julie moaned I love it eat your cum from me baby eat it all. She soon came for a second time and Jim moaned in obvious approval of the face washing he was being treated to.

After a few moments Julie suddenly jumped up and said not a word to anyone about this and it is never going to happen again o.k? Jim reluctantly agreed after asking her are you sure? Yes she said with firmness in her voice that told me she meant it. They both buttoned up and went back up stairs never noticing me standing off to the side in the shadows.

No one else at the party ever missed them and they and I slid back into the group without a word being mentioned.

On the way home that night Julie, still feeling no pain, asked me what I thought of the party. I told her that a couple of the women that were there looked good enough to eat. She laughed and said I felt the same way about a couple of the guys, pull over for a second and I’ll show you She then reached over and undid my belt, pulled down my zipper and said I don’t think I’ll have the energy to fuck you when we get home so this will have to do.

She then proceeded to suck my cock. I was plenty horny from what I had seen her do earlier that evening and was soon cumming violently. It was too much for her to swallow and she ended up with a face full of cum.

WOW she said after pulling her cum covered face up from my crotch those women you mentioned must have gotten you really hot. I leaned over to her and licked my cum from her face before spitting it into her mouth. Yeah I said there was one there that I would eat my own cum out of I said with a grin.

Like I said before I never mentioned her and Jim and never will. I liked what I had seen that evening and was lucky enough to see Julie please another friend at a party months later in much the ame way. You may think me weak for allowing her to continue to cheat on me in this manner and that's fine with me. She is still the hottest woman I have ever had and continue to have on a regular basis.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000