Hiding From The Apocalypse

We barricaded the girl's dorm room door with Kinzie's dresser as our infected dorm mates had began running up and down on the hall beating on doors and trying to push them open looking for uninfected males to feed on. After we finished that chore we worked on tying the girl's sheets together to make a rope that would allow us to climb down out of their window which was about a story and half off the ground. I looked around through the girl's room trying to find some sort of weapon to use and I came up empty. Hopefully, Nichole's Jeep might have something in it we could use.

The girls packed their bags, we threw the rope out the window and then we tossed our bags out the window. The noise didn't seem to attract any attention so I presumed it was safe as it was going to get to proceed. I had Nichole unlock her SUV and fire it up with her remote start. She also popped her hatch. I climbed down first to make sure it was safe with my laptop bag, but if somebody came at me I didn't really have a weapon to defend myself with. I started tossing the bags into the cargo area of the SUV as Kinzie made her way down the rope. It looked like Nichole had one of those typical over protective father's as she had all sorts of emergency gear including a nice pry bar which I took for a weapon. infosantioana.hi2.ro/mydildopussy.jpg/

By the time I had the SUV packed Kinize was already down on the ground and Nichole was almost there. When Nichole hit the ground I said, "let's go," and I headed towards the driver's door.

Nichole said, "hold on Kinize needs to feed so you need to get in the back seat with her. I will drive just tell me which way to go."

Kinize was getting awfully jittery and was talking 100 words a second so Nichole was right. Kinize got in the back seat of the SUV and I joined her.

Nichole asked, "where are we going?"

I gave her directions and we got on the road. The main thoroughfare through campus was lined with people. In the most congested area there was a bunch of guys gathered together and girls were standing in line to suck them off. The guys that were taking a break from getting sucked off guarded the group of guys getting sucked off with guns and makeshift weapons. Of course the real horrors where when people got caught away from the groups and several of the infected had literally torn them apart trying to get at their sperm. I suspected the guys that were lined up getting their dicks sucked were soon going to get overwhelmed and torn apart by infected males and non-attractive infected females in search of their sperm. If they were smart they would get the fuck out of town or at the very least hold up somewhere safe. Standing out in the open like this was a sure death, but how many guys were smart enough to put their safety first when there was a line of attractive female codes that were willing to suck you dick? infosantioana.hi2.ro/mydildopussy.jpg/

As we got on the main road and headed away from campus there was lots of vehicular wreckage, the occasional body and of course people having all sorts of sex right out in daylight. I saw a couple of girls holding up signs that said "free blowjobs." I couldn't help but watch the bizarre spectacle that was unfolding in front of us as we made our way out of the city.

Kinzie put her hands on my face looked at me and said, "look I know there is a lot of shit going on, but I need you to focus on me otherwise you won't be able to get it up or cum."

I nodded my head yes as she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

She said, "look at me focus on what I am doing or if your too distracted about what is going on outside the Jeep close your eyes and focus on the physical sensations. I should be able to give you a better one than I did the first time as I am not as far gone."

Kinize started stoking my cock and as I looked up I realized we were being watched as Nichole was looking in the rear view mirror. I chose not to focus on that because Kinize was giving me one incredible blowjob and as I looked down at her she would look up at me and do something to visually stimulate me like take my cock out of her mouth and run her tongue over it. As her head bobbed up and down I stroked her hair. I realize this was a matter of survival for her, but fuck if I couldn't help but develop feelings for her. It took her all of 4-5 minutes to get me to pop she was just so good looking and her beautiful face and mouth were all over my dick. So I pumped her mouth full of cum. After I was finished she brought her head up near mine, opened her mouth so I could see my cum in her mouth and then she swallowed. I pulled her close and snuggled, but that was short lived.

Nichole said, "Kinz now that your done why don't you sit up here with me."

Kinzie got up and crawled up front between the two passenger seats and sat down in the front seat. I said, "hey turn on the radio and see if anything has changed."

Kenzie turned on the radio and there was a repeating message from the CDC.

This is Samantha Walters with the CDC based in Atlanta. I want to alert you to the latest developments on the Zed virus. We now calculate that an infected person will eventually need three doses of non-infected sperm orally in a 24 hour period. In addition we have learned the sperm can be administered rectally. Each dose administrated rectally is the equivalent of two doses administered orally. Finally the sperm can be administered vaginally, but that is the least effective technique as it is the equivalent of only one half dose administered orally. infosantioana.hi2.ro/mydildopussy.jpg/

Then Nichole turned off the radio and said, "great this keeps getting better and better."

Kinzie chuckled and said, "at least we are alive."