Girls Night out, By Ron Arthur

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A Girls Night Out

By Ron Arthur.

I was sitting home brooding. I had just broken up with my boy friend. The phone rang, it was my girl fried Betty.
“What are you doing this evening ?” She asked.
“Nothing, you know I just broke up with John?”
“Yeah I know, that’s why you need to get out, maybe you’ll feel better, there is a dance tonight down at the hall, why don’t you go.?”
“Oh I don’t know, I’ll think about it, then we hung up. I walked the floor wondering what to do, then I thought what the heck, why not, so I undressed, and got in the shower. I let the water run over my body, soaping up a lot of lather, rubbing my breasts, running my hand down over my pussy. I don’t know why I’m getting myself all worked up, John is not here to put out the fire.
I dry off, do my hair, then I look to see what to wear. I pull out the sheerest dress I have, it clings to your body with every move, it has a nice satiny feel when you run your hand over it. This should be nice to wear to a dance, I thought.
I looked in the mirror, wow not bad! I’m not beautiful, but I think I’m good looking enough to turn the heads of most men.
I drive to the dance hall, go in, I see a lot of the same faces, they wave to me and I sit down, cross my legs. The dress drops down over my leg, the feeling feels good.
I was looking around the hall, when the door opened, and this gorgeous hunk came walking in. I had never seen him before, nicely dressed, neat, and a smile that would melt an iceberg. Finally his eyes found mine, and our eyes locked, he came striding towards me, with that gorgeous smile.
He came up to me, “Do you care if I sit down?” He said, with his words dripping with honey when he spoke. Smelling like a man, with just the right amount of after shave. Oh you smell good “ I said, he takes my chin in his hand, “thanks sweet heart,” he said, then kisses me on the lips. I could feel his kiss all the way to my toes. What is this man doing to me? I haven’t felt like this for a long time. I could feel my breasts swelling under his gaze.
“I melted,” sure sit down,” I said.
He reached out and took my hand, “I’m Steve, what’s your name?”
“I was lost for words for a moment, his soft touch, and warm smile went to my head, “Why, why, It’s Beth,” I finally manage to say.
“Care to dance good looking?” He asked.
‘I’ll bet you say that to all the girls you meet?”
“No just the pretty ones,” he said grinning
The band started playing a slow dance, he took my hand, and led me to the floor. He pulled me close. To close I thought for just meeting him, so I pushed him back a little, and he had his hand on my butt pulling me forward, so I gently pulled his hand higher. He pulled his head back and smiled, “you can’t blame a guy for trying,” he said.
But as the dance moved on, he pulled me closer, I didn’t resist him this time. He pulled me tight, my hard breasts were rubbing his chest, and his hand dropped lower to my but again. For some reason I didn’t try to stop him this time, I was starting to feel hot. I hadn’t felt this way for some time, and I was enjoying it. He pulled me close, I could feel his hard cock against my stomach, then I find myself grinding my pussy against him.
I can’t believe I’m doing this. I just met the guy, but something about him, just makes my pussy melt, and I grind against him more. If I don’t sit down pretty soon, I feel like I might screw this guy right here on the dance floor.
I looked up into his eyes, ’I think I had better sit down for a few minutes, I feel kind of weak and hot,” I told him, as I waved my hand in front of my face trying to cool off.
He led me to the table to sit down, “your not sick or anything are you?”
‘Oh no, it must be the heat in the dance hall or something,” I couldn’t tell him my pussy was dripping wet from touching him. I still can’t believe I was doing that.
He pulled his chair close to me and pulled me close, kissing me on the cheek. I could feel my legs quivering. My pussy started twitching, I felt like I wanted him to touch me between my legs.
He took his hand, and started running it up and down my leg on my shear dress. I felt my legs widen. I didn’t try to stop him, then he put his hand under my dress, and ran it up to my pussy, I just about peed my pants. I didn’t want to, but I pulled his hand back. I was afraid some one would see.
He was breathing hard, and so was I, I could tell he wanted to put his cock in me, he had that look in his eyes that most men get when they’re hot.

I said I think we had better leave, it’s getting hot In here,” I said.
He took me by the arm and led me outside. Once we got out side, he took me in his arms, and kissed me hard, running his tongue inside my lips, turning me on more. Then he put his hand under my dress and started rubbing my pussy, I just about passed out.
“Is there any place we can go?” He asked, panting.
There is a grassy spot on the other side of those tress over there.
He took my hand and hurriedly moved to the spot .
He laid his coat on the ground, and laid me down on the coat.
He laid down beside me, running is hand up and down my legs, then to my pussy, which was already sopping wet. He pulled my pants off, and then pushed my dress up past my beasts, which were already hard as a rock, so I just took it all the way off, laying naked.
He surveyed my naked body, kissing my breast, rubbing my pussy. I was so hot, I couldn’t believe this guy was doing this to me, my boyfriend never got me this hot,
I reached over and unfastened his belt, he unzipped his pants and pulled them down, exposing the largest cock I had ever seen. My pussy was aching for it. I kept arching my body against his fingers, finally I took his cock in my hand , and pulled him forward. He got on top, put the head of his large cock against my pussy and shoved it in, I spread my legs wider, I felt his large cock tearing at the walls of my vagina, as it pushed deeper and deeper. I rose to meet his thrust I never had such wonderful feelings before.
Then I had one, two three orgasms, one right after the other. I just about pulled out all his hair, as I let out small screams and moans.
’I’m going to come,’ he said, he let out one great push. I could feel his hot sperm hit the bottom of my cavern. I wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to hold him in. He kept hammering his half hard cock in and out of my pussy, it was driving me nuts.
He kept working is cock in and out. I cold feel it getting harder, then I started moving my pussy up and down. He stared pounding harder and harder. I felt like I was in heaven. I let him have his way for the next thirty minutes or so, he stopped once to lick my pussy. I don’t remember much after that, I was so hot, I just let my body take over, I was in a stupor. The next thing I knew, he was wiping my pussy, tying to clean me up.
I wasn’t much help, every time he would wipe my pussy I kept raising my pussy up to him.
‘What’s the matter little lady, didn’t you get enough?”
A gave him a silly grin, ”No I didn’t, if you want the truth, but I don’t know what happened to me tonight, for some reason you really turned me on, I just couldn’t help my self. From the first time I saw you in the dance hall, I knew I had to have your cock in side my pussy
The first moment I saw you, my pussy started to twitch and ach, no man has ever down that to me before, and I liked it, even talking about it now makes me hot, rub it some more,” she asked.
Steve reaches down, and rubs his fingers along the lips of her pussy. She starts moaning and gyrating her hips. Raising her pussy up and down. Steve bends down and licks her clit with his tongue. She lets out a moan as she orgasm’s. He can see her liquid running down her pussy lips from her orgasm.
He is on his knees beside her, is cock hanging down half hard, she has been thrusting her pussy up to him, but his cock is not getting hard. She reaches over and takes it in her hand, then raises her head, and licks his cock, then she puts it in her mouth, driving it deep down her throat.
Steve leans back, throwing his head back in delirium, ’Oh !” He said, “that feels so great,” he moans. She reaches under and feels his balls, working them with her fingers. She feels it getting hard in side her mouth, she gets it rock hard.
‘We had better stop, or I’m going to come right in your mouth,” he said.
Beth keeps sucking, taking it deep throat. Steve feels his balls starting to draw up.
He feels his cock start to jerk, he knows what is about to happen,
He grabs Beth by the head and pulls down, then his cum spurts down her throat. He feels her swallow, but at the same time, she sucks that much harder. Bobbing her head up and down, drawing all the sperm she could get from the end of is spent cock. He lays on the ground breathless panting.
’I’ll say one thing little lady, you’re the best fuck I ever had.
What did you say your telephone was ?”

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000