PMQuest: Chapter 01 - Some kind of Prank

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This story / fanfiction contains sex between a Human Ranger and all sorts of Female Pokemon. This story includes Femdom, Reverse , , Sex, Female Pokémon x Male Human Ranger. Sex Scenes will be starting from Chapter 2 and onward.

Full Introduction

A young man wakes up to find himself no longer in his cozy bed back at Fiore, instead rising from a soft patch of dirt with nothing but his socks, his underwear, and a vague memory of his training as a Pokemon Ranger. The rest of his past is a blur, but he'll soon find that he won't have much time to rediscover it. Female Pokemon on this island seek him out with dark, lustful intentions, planning on capturing him for both their own satisfaction and the pleasure of one they only refer to as "The Mistress". His only saving grace is a female Espeon by the name of Oriel, a native of these lands that doesn't seem to be infected by the same mind-twisting corruption as the other females. She grants him the power to fight off their advances with his own weaponized will, and implores him to help set the land right again by travelling with her to the volcanic peak standing tall above all of Mirage Island.

But with every encounter, the human will have his willpower tested. Will he and Oriel combine their strengths to cleanse Mirage Island of this amorous plague and help him return home, or will that infectious desire make its way into his mind as well, and have him see that, perhaps, finding his way home is far less important than a willing, eager, voracious harem of females aching to satisfy him for the rest of his days...

Chapter 01 - Some kind of Prank

Everything ached. I was cold, there was a draft blowing over me, and neither my boxers nor my socks were doing anything to shield me from the breeze.

This is not how I remembered my bedroom feeling.

I went to take a fistful of my sheets, only to feel cool dirt sift through my fingers. My nostrils finally registered that earthy scent that’s been surrounding me, and the little panic at the absurdity of everything finally me to open my eyes and accept the truth.

This was not my bedroom at all.

My bedroom had a bed, for starters. I also remember a floor not made out of dirt. There was roof as well. None of that here. All I saw around me was grass, soil, and a beautiful blue sky.

I ran my dirty fingers through my hair as I sat up, trying to shake some sense back into my brain by ruffling my scalp. This wasn’t home. Not by a long shot.

I cleared my eyes a bit, the brisk air on my bare chest further jolting me from any semblance of sleep. I was in a large field, tall grass surrounding the little bowl of dirt I seemed to find myself in the center of. I should have been terrified at this point, but I was strikingly calm. Either the back of my mind was still hoping that this was a dream, or something told me I had nothing to fear about this place. Most likely, however, was my Ranger training finally pulling its weight. We’re all about pouring our thoughts and emotions into Pokemon to gain their trust and aid. Having those feelings gummed up by panic would be counterproductive.

I did wish, however, that I had more clothes. It was a chilly morning.

I stood up and brushed myself off quietly. Now that I had had a chance to think about it, this was probably just some sort of elaborate prank. Some mischievous Pokemon must have teleported me into the nearest Route. Well, I wasn’t being attacked, so whatever it was likely just wanted to watch me squirm a bit. Best not to give them the satisfaction, wherever they are.

I took better stock of my surroundings, only to come to the painful realization that I had no idea where I was. The route had no town in sight, just dirt, tall grass and a few trees that grew denser and denser the closer they got to a massive forest nearby. The leaves didn’t look familiar, but, I thought, perhaps I was simply on the side of the woods I haven’t had a chance to frequent. Regardless, it was dangerous to go wandering in without prepping my Styler. I could use it to ask some of the locals for help in finding my way back.

It took my waking brain a few moments to process that my Styler was next to my now-absent bed. All I had was my wits my boxers and a new pair of socks. Not a good start to this sudden foray into the unknown, that’s for sure.

But standing here wasn’t going to do me much good. I took a breath, looked to the forest and began to walk towards it. Even without my Styler, I thought, I should be able to find some way to communicate with the locals. I figured some of them would likely recognize me, with how much I’ve done in that forest. Whatever teleported me out of my bed couldn’t have yanked me too far from home. I was sure of it.

Just… not as sure as I would have liked to be.


I was right about one thing, at least.

The trees definitely weren’t familiar. The leaves were broader than anything I’d seen near my home, and none of them had any flowers or berries to help me identify them with. This would be bad if I started getting hungry, but, since I woke up, I hadn’t felt hungry, thirsty, tired or even all that cold despite still only sporting a pair of now-dirty socks and hopefully-not-dirty boxers. I felt… calm.

Unnaturally calm.

I continued into the woods to do a bit more recon, the fear that should be gripping me also nonexistent. Everything around me still felt like a dream, despite how real it all was. Perhaps my mind was meddled with as well by whatever prankster decided to plop me out onto the open field without a shred of decency and allotting me only half a shred of clothing!

...But what happened, happened. Staying out in field and waiting to be found would have taken too long, and I was much more likely to find a Pokemon in the woods here. At least, that was the idea. But the sun was starting to go down, and I hadn’t seen a tuft or feather of any critter. Everything was eerily still. Eerily quiet.

Another reason I should have been concerned.

I wasn’t, of course. Whatever had been done to me also made my head much more susceptible to going with the flow of whatever had happened to me. Well, suppose if I can’t find a Pokemon to interact with, I might as well start interacting with myself!

I’m a male. I have a penis.

Alright, strange place for my thoughts to start, I admit, but apparently that’s what they wanted to think about. That one was pretty easy to confirm with just a casual glance, so I knew I was on the right track. It was funny, but I urged them on to other thoughts. I have brown hair, naturally spiked. The others used to joke about how I must have given my mother a hard time when I was born, and I just started getting that joke recently, much to their amusement. I have reddish-brown eyes, the better to see you with my dear.

That emotional deadening still allowed me to smile at my own Mightyena-in-Grandma’s-clothes joke. Afterwards, stepping over a rather large root as I made my way deeper into the woods, I rattled my mind around a bit more.

I am a Pokemon Ranger. I use my ability to touch the hearts and minds of wild Pokemon in order to work together with them to solve the problems in both Pokemon and Human communities. I’m good at my job, though have been called reckless for approaching Pokemon without a Styler. I do not have a partner Pokemon… because….

...The thought didn’t come to me. I can sense that it wasn’t a pleasant thought, like a bitter memory trapped in a book that’s been glued shut. Maybe I’d simply forgotten, but it felt odd. Was that symptom of what brought me here? A side-effect? Is there anything else I’d forgotten?

I stopped, my palm on the trunk of stout tree. I closed my eyes and felt my face scrunch a bit. I strained to think. Something simple. Something easy. Something that there’s no way I could have forgotten it.

My name… is…


That was not a fun thing to forget. I immediately started thinking back to my friends and family, hunting for sentences in my memory in which they called my name, but I soon discovered I didn’t know their names either. Nothing. Even their faces were a bit blurry. I wanted to be scared, but all I could muster was light concern. I couldn’t even be angry about not being able to be terrified!

There was something wrong. And I only had a second to think about it before a bright, green light flashed on the other side of my closed eyelids. The sound of what I could only describe as a roaring flame mixed with a distant chime filled my ears as I opened my eyes just in time to watch a blazing star fall into the tree line.

...Uh oh-

The impact pushed me against the tree by my side, and I immediately steadied myself to hide behind it. Branches and rocks clattered against where I was standing as the ground quaked, the sound of loud chirping, squeaking and frantically beating wings revealing that, at the very least, I was not alone in the forest.

Everything settled a few seconds later, the air hissing as the trees swayed back against the impacting wind that had unsettled them. I rounded the tree and looked into the distant wood, noticing a faint green glow with a light, pinkish tint buried within it.

If there were Pokemon in these woods, then it’s possible that someone was hurt near the impact site. My duty as a first responder kicked my arms and legs into action, bringing me without a second thought closer and closer to the heat of the impact. I was bounding over roots and using the trees to boost my next burst of speed, staying focused on that fading glow in the darkness of the woods before me.

I’m a Ranger. If someone needs my help, this name business can wait.


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