Secret Must Be Kept

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Secret Must Be Kept


Nobody shall ever deny or refute the excessive ability of the boys entering college around the age of 18 or so, to grab the attention, fall in love with many sexy girls at the same time. Julio Adams was no exception. He had Cora, Andrea and Blythe but that was not all, there was Jeanine, Ms. Vanessa; the Math teacher, who had all the sweaters, knit so tight to push up her breasts for him only to look and enjoy. Julio had a very active sex life, actually very, very active. He was in love with all of these girls with a little problem that none of these girls ever noticed him or gave him a moment of their time. After his junior year in high school, Julio had not kissed a girl and all he ever did was a little quick peck on their lips or a very basic kiss on their cheeks. College had not proven any different so far. His sex was of course often but 100 % on the late nights with his own hands while lying in the bed and being very concerned of the dorm roommate Muniz.

As far as Julio, it was love at first sight, whenever he looked at a pretty girl and he had no control, if they did not notice him. Thankfully, both Julio and Muniz admired some of the boys who were always seen down in the parking area or the nearby grounds of the well-known rendezvous and joy mountains with huts and hide away surroundings. All of these boys claimed to have bedded far more than their share of girls. Someone would suggest to try harder while some suggested to go easy but any which way, both Julio and Muniz tried, the girls thought they were after only one thing. Probably that was true but still it drove the duo crazy. Luckily, Muniz did not live far away from the campus and it was much easier for Muniz and Julio to go to his house to spend time with the video games and the stash of girly magazines of Muniz’s father. They both let their fantasies run amok riding the beautiful, nubile girls living in the dorm and screwing their brains out.

Surprisingly, when they went home, Muniz’s mom, Mrs. Gomez, who was in her very early 40’s at the most, gave a lot of time to Julio and she also made into the list of his fantasies. She would always ask the boys about the college, their studies, their love for the games and sports like a good mother. Particularly, when Muniz was gone for shower or something, she would talk about the girls with Julio as she served the cookies, crackers and some beverages with a big smile, words of wisdom and good advice. Julio found himself lost in her sexy body when she was not looking. It was amazing that having 2 boys Muniz and Nunez had not much changed her adorable body wrapped in the modest skirt and respectable blouses. She did not have large breasts and perhaps that was the reason that they had not sagged and were still very curvy, full and firm with the ing legs that were slim and long but strong.

One afternoon as Julio and Muniz were hanging around and they arrived at Muniz’s house, it seemed that nobody was home and they ran up to Muniz’s bedroom after grabbing some soft drinks to enjoy some of those adult magazines that Muniz had shifted to his room from the stash in the garage, couple days ago. After a while when Muniz was still getting a dose of the aphrodisiacs from the nude pictures of girls, Julio got up to stretch and lose his erection. He just happened to look down in the backyard to find Mrs. Gomez stretched out on her belly on a beach towel, soaking up the sun. She was wearing a very tiny flimsy bikini bottom but she was lying on the bikini top that was unfastened and she was getting a tan on her full back. As he watched, she pushed her neck up to ensure the coast was clear and flipped over fast to bring a pair of most beautiful and wonderfully sculptured breasts for Julio to see.

“Oh, no! Oh my God no”. He bend down getting the attention from Muniz asking him, what was wrong. Julio could not speak and Muniz got up to look out the window. They were both speechless for a moment. They knew, it was wrong to stare a naked woman but they did. Now afraid to be caught, they very silently moved downstairs and out the house. Muniz made Julio to promise, never to reveal to anybody, what they saw that afternoon. Right or wrong, Julio could not help but that night, Mrs. Gomez was the focal point of his masturbatory deed. This subject never came up in any talk between Julio and Muniz, no wonder, they were good friends but for Julio Mrs. Gomez got to be a true fantasy since that afternoon. He asked and got the permission to visit Muniz’s house on weekends or breaks from the college, even if Muniz was not planning to go home.

Now He was seeing Muniz’s mom in a new light. His eyes always followed her, he guessed she knew but never said anything. For once or hundred times, if he was there alone; he never got an opportunity to catch Mrs. Gomez in that minimal or unclothed position as on that special afternoon.

After being back from the spring break for about a week, he was getting bored alone in the dorm room because Muniz told him that due to some previous tie-ups, he had to go for a fishing trip that afternoon and was gone home. It was almost mid-day when Julio called but the home phone was not answered. Feeling that he would be welcome anyway, he went to Muniz’s house. As he rang the bell couple of times, it was not answered but he checked and found the door unlocked. He walked in on to Muniz’s room upstairs, hoping that his mom must be gone to the neighbors and shall be back soon. In his room, as he stood behind the ds and looked down in the backyard, he was treated once again the exact same scene to view Mrs. Gomez tanning herself. This time though, Julio could not even hide himself or bend down as she opened her eyes and looked up in the window to see him gazing at her naked body.

She simply shrieked, grabbed her towel and ran in the house nearly pushing into Julio at the bottom of the stairs as he almost tried to make an escape out of the house.

“Julio, What do you think, you were doing”? She said with a loud tone. “I must call your parents to tell them about it”. Julio just stammered some apologies. Mrs. Gomez still looking very angry, told him to go sit on the sofa in the living room. Julio rushed as directed. He was thinking of million things to tell his parents as his response. Mrs. Gomez came back after a while. She was wearing a short shorts and a mini blouse. She sat by Julio and asked for his answer. Julio was shivering with shame. A college aged boy caught like a little with his hand in the cookie jar. “I am sorry, Mrs. Gomes. I did not mean to do anything wrong. I only looked out the window and you were there. Please do not call my parents”. Pleaded Julio.

“Julio I think, you wanted to look at an old woman like me. You must see a lot of young girls roaming around”. She said with a smile. “OK, let this be our secret. I shall not tell no one but you never should be peeping on anybody. You know it”. He looked very happy that she was not going to tell on anybody. “I am sorry, I know, I should have looked away but…”

“But what”? She said angrily.

“I had never seen a woman, I mean like this, you know what I mean to say”. Julio could not utter the ‘naked’ word, to her.

“You mean, you have never seen a naked girl ever. What about your girlfriend, Muniz told me, you have one”. She was very calm and concerned.

“Oh yes, but that was for couple of dates and then she left”. Said Julio. “I have actually never seen or touched a naked girl”. Now Mrs. Gomez looked very perplexed and then she smiled, a very wicked smile. “Oh, that’s why you were looking at me”. She said.

“The girls at college are so arrogant and snobby, but you are so real and beautiful”. Julio’s voice trembled but he said it to her. She whispered something about Mr. Gomez but Julio could not hear it. After a few seconds of quiet, she spoke, “Can you keep a secret”?

“Yes, surely I can”. Julio had some hope. Mrs. Gomez stood up, went and locked the house entry door and returned to living room. “Close your eyes”. She ordered Julio and then asked him to open in about a minute or less. Julio was looking at her naked breasts, so perfect size, curved upwards and looking very proud before his eyes.

“You must be happy, this is what you wanted to see”. She asked Julio in a slightly unsure voice and he could only nod his head. She held her breasts in her hands and pointed them to Julio, “Mind you, they are very delicate and sensitive too. When you get a chance to hold them, just do not grab them, caress them in your hands softly. Make sure she likes it”.

Julio nodded once again as a nipple popped through her fingers and the ried to reach for it but she stepped back fast. “No, no touching”. She said and Julio looked desperately. It was great. Now as she began putting her top back on, Julio’s disapproval was very obvious and then her eyes fell on his crotch. “Oh, is that for me”. She pointed at his crotch, “I can keep a secret as well. I guess, you liked what I showed you”. She said.

Julio could not understand until he looked down to have the biggest tent ever in his jeans. Mrs. Gomez quickly sat down by him muttering, “I caused this problem and I should fix it also”. She was suddenly caressing Julio’s cock through his jeans and then told him to unbutton and unzip it, which Julio did and she pulled it down for him. His very, very long, fat uncut cock stood upwards. Julio looked in her eyes as she raised them from the pulsing swollen cock of at least one foot length. She was totally mesmerized. “You must know, you are heavily blessed”. She said. “It could seriously hurt when girls would wiggle on it. You be very careful”. Julio did not know what to say.

Now, once again, she told Julio to close his eyes. He did but quickly opened back feeling a burning sensation on his cock. He was unable to see clearly, but he could see, she had unfastened her top again and her breasts were wrapped around his pole. It did not take him time and he was pushing in the fleshy mounds to squirt a series of creamy ropes from his manly dick in about one minute. Rocking against the breasts became much easier due to the slick residue of his cum as he spilled more and more in the channel. Soon as he drained completely, she pulled away, giving him a clear view of her glazed breasts, covered with plenty of sperm. Awesome first fucking, Julio thought. She rubbed the semen all over her boobs and told Julio to button up. Julio obeyed.

Mrs. Gomez got up and left the room but returned in about 5 minutes, dressed in shorts. First thing she reminded him was, this afternoon activity to stay a secret. “You must know”, she said; “you have a donkey dick hanging in front of you between your legs. Soon you will be dating a lot of girls and having a lot of sex too. You should be absolutely sure, this fucking size hurts and hurts a lot. You better promise me that you will be careful, never hurt anyone and also use protection”.

Julio sat there like a log, listening to her and making sure, she saw him nod to her every demand. “You are a very sweet boy”. She told him and then something literally shook Julio. Once again she was gazing at his crotch. “How true”, she said, “A grown up cock has a mind of his own”. She signaled that only after 10 minutes of spilling more than a gallon of his balls brew, Julio’s cock was once again hard as a rock. “What am I going to do with you”? She looked kind of bewildered. “I cannot believe this”, she said couple of times while looking at Julio’s flag pole. “Never brag or say anything about us to anybody”, she said once again.

“I cannot say, what had taken me over. I have no control over myself”. She muttered as she sat very close to Julio and again started stroking his hard stretched sex muscle asking him to get naked once again. While Julio took his jeans off, she took her shorts and panties off revealing her pussy, graced with nicely trimmed hair. Kneeling in front of Julio, she began kissing his cockhead. Julio felt almost Cumming in her mouth once again but she grabbed the cock very close to the fat base, tightening her grip and started caressing the bull sized balls. The urge to blast his lava subsided quickly and he heard her asking him if he had a condom? Julio denied and Mrs. Gomez showed a slight anger, telling him to get in the habit of keeping at least one condom in his pocket or the wallet. “If you cannot do that, you better forget fucking a girl in her pussy and must go to the next choice of fucking her in the ass instead”. She gave a very practical advice.

She told Julio to remove his hands away and not start jerking himself as she got up and went upstairs to bring a condom, returning quickly and rolled it over his manhood with a precision making the cock look even more beautiful and stretched longer. She lay down on the living room floor taking the cushions from the sofa under her hips and told Julio to take more cushions down. She did not need to say anything more and Julio knelt to take a position over her targeting the wet pussy. Mrs. Gomez held his cock in her fingers, bent it a little onto her silky slit. Sliding it up and down couple of times at her dowsed, damp cunt, she brought the tip to her entrance and asked Julio to push. With few moans and groans, he was soon inside her wet twat. The feeling was awesome.

Mrs. Gomez arched and began pushing back to start the fucking. Reaching around, she placed both of her hands on his ass and pulled him inside, allowing him to pull back and then shove in with a zeal. Although he had spilled his cum, minutes earlier at her breast, his orgasm started to cascade rather quickly once again, ready to jump out from the depths of his balls. Feeling Julio, starting to heave and his knotted balls knock at her labia, Mrs. Gomez began asking for his cream. “Give it to me, please cum now for me and stretch me with your powerful spasms”. Her face was frowning but with lusty passion and not the pain. With the rise and fall of the urge to cum, they continued to fuck with force and power, making loud moans until she suddenly yelped that she was Cumming and with that, Julio also felt his cock squeezed and he shot in the snug tight condom inside her cunt.

Over the years Julio had some very sexy relationships with the girls but he could never forget fucking Mrs. Gomez and also the advice given by her. On occasions when he forgot to replace a condom in his wallet, he fucked the girls in their ass to enjoy the same warmth but a very welcoming and far deeper cavern for his big cock. He also remembered to use the lube, and fucking the girls with care and caution without much hurting them. That afternoon with Gomez ended with she sucking him out twice more before, she let him go back to the dorm and return many times back when Mrs. Gomez got the coast clear for their secret sex fun.

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This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000