troi in trouble

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Counselor Deanna Troi paused as she walked along the jungle path and
irritably tried her communicator again. “Troi to Enterprise.”

No response.

“Troi to Riker.”

No response.

“Troi to anyone!”

No response.

She had beamed down from the Enterprise on an away mission led by Will Riker
two hours ago. Somehow, she had gotten separated from the rest of the party.
One minute she was following behind Riker and Worf down a jungle trail much
like this one and she stopped to listen for a second when she thought she
heard someone calling. When she looked back up the trail, there was no sign
of Riker or Worf and she had been unable to raise them or the ship on her
communicator. Giving up on her communicator, Troi stopped to listen with both
her ears and her empathic powers. Once again she thought she heard voices,
but very faint. Her empathic powers seemed to be tuning in the emotions of
someone or something and the prevailing emotion was....well a bit on the
lusty side.

Unable to pinpoint the voices or the emotions to any particular direction,
Troi gave up and continued to follow the trail she was on. A little further
on it widened out into a clearing and she was a quarter of the way across it
when another woman stepped out of the jungle on the other side of the
clearing. Troi stopped in surprise. The Enterprise’s sensor had picked up no
signs of intelligent life and the away mission was here mainly to survey the
apparent abundant mineral wealth that this unnamed planet possessed. Troi was
not sure what to do next. The Prime Directive would seem to apply as the
woman in front of her was dressed in fairly primitive, not to mention skimpy
clothes. She was nearly two meters tall, blonde and wearing what might best
be described as an animal skin bikini that hid very little of her well
muscled body. Troi could not help but notice the jiggle of the woman's
breasts as she took another few paces toward the startled Star Fleet officer.
Troi turned around and was about to try slipping away back down the path she
had come in order to avoid contamination of the natives but she found herself
facing another amazon of a woman.This one was a red head, but otherwise
matched the other native woman in size, dress and abundant breasts.

Perhaps it was because of their striking appearance that Deanna did not
notice at first that the women carried lethal looking spears, but that fact
sank in when the red head gestured towards Troi with hers. Troi gulped. Well,
maybe her best bet was to use her phaser and stun the two women. It would
get her out of danger and might save the Prime Directive. When the two women
woke up, they would hopefully write off her presence as some type of
hallucination. Smiling for the benefit of the two women, Troi pulled out her
phaser and pointed it at the nearer of the two and pulled the trigger.


Frantically, Troi checked the weapon and tried it again. Nothing. Ooops,
time for plan B. “Umm, take me to your leader?”

The two women marched Troi down the path on the far side of the clearing.
They never said a word, just gestured with their spears and Troi got the
point, or rather she didn’t want to get the point so she kept moving. After
15 minutes of walking, they emerged from the jungle and Deanna found herself
in a fair sized village. As she was led through the dirt streets to the
village square, Deanne couldn’t help but notice that all the inhabitants
were women. And not just women but WOMEN. The kind that Will Riker would
drool over. They were all tall, muscled, and stacked. If any of the women
were less than a 38DD, Troi would have been surprised. When they got to the
village square, Troi found herself surrounded by a half dozen of the women
warriors in a semi-circle while the rest of the village gathered around.
Directly in front of Troi was a large house (or at least larger than the
others in the village) with a porch in front of it.On the porch was a large
wooden chair in which sat a chocolate skinned woman who was the biggest and
most well endowed of all the women Troi had seen so far.

The woman stood up and glowered down at Troi.“Outlander, you have come to spy
on my people.”

“No, your ummm your....” Troi trailed off.“I come in peace and friendship.”

“I am the Queen of these people,” said the woman harshly. “Address me as

“Of course your majesty,” said Troi with a bow that she hoped would soothe
the Queen.

“Much better,” said the Queen somewhat mollified. “You say you come in peace.
Perhaps you would be willing to prove that?”

“Of course, your majesty,” replied Troi smoothly. “How may I prove that?”

The Queen smiled down at Troi. “First, remove your clothes so that we may see
you better.”

Troi blushed slightly, but Betazoids were more used to nudity than humans so
stripping was not such an ordeal as it might be for a human woman. Still,
Troi glanced around uneasily. This was rather strange, asking her to strip in
the public square like this and all the women seemed to be watching her very
intently. With fingers that shook just a little, Deanna unsealed the front of
her uniform and pulled it open. She had expected hot weather and had not worn
anything underneath so her breasts were immediately exposed to the view of
the women around her and Troi sensed their lust increasing rapidly. Certain
that this was not such a great idea, but not having any real alternatives,
Deanna removed the rest of her uniform and stood there naked in the village
square. She wondered in an all female village whether or not lesbianism was
not common, but where were all the men? Locked away for breeding purposes
only? Troi didn’t see any sign of males whatsoever.

“Very nice,” said the Queen stepping down from the porch and walking towards
Troi. “Are you still willing to prove you come in peace and friendship

Deanna nodded and was not surprised when the Queen undid the string holding
her top in place and let it fall to the dirt. The Queen’s enormous brown
boobs swayed as she came up to Deanna and ran her hands lightly over the nude
counselor. “Kneel outsider whore then so you can service your Queen.” Troi
sank slowly to her knees knowing she had no choice and felt deep shame at
being to do what she was sure was coming. Troi’s head was at crotch
level, but it took her several seconds to realize that there was something
strange going on. There was a definite bulge in the Queen’s bikini like
bottom. The Queen looked down and saw the look of puzzlement on Deanna’s
face. Then before Deanna realized what was going on, the Queen pulled down
her bikini bottom and a huge monster cock popped out and brushed against
Deanna’s lips. It was clear now where the men were hiding in this village
.... in plain sight. The Queen was a she-male....a true hermaphrodite with
both cock and pussy.

“Suck me you alien slut,” commanded the Queen. “Please me and I will believe
you come in peace.”

Troi gulped and then did what her Starfleet training demanded of her. She
gave her all for the Federation and opened her mouth wide to let the Queen
slide her 12 inch dick into her mouth. The Queen pushed forward quite
relentlessly until all 12 inches were buried in the counselor’s mouth and
then she began to slide it back and forth fucking Deanna’s mouth. Deanna
felt the Queen’s hands close on the back of her head, trapping her...
impaling her face on the huge cock. Back and forth the Queen pulled Deanna’s
head on her shaft and started to moan and writhe with pleasure at the warm
feel of the mouth on her cock. Deanna’s eyes bulged out as her face was
fucked. The sight of the Queen’s massive tits jiggling up and down was so
incongruous with the cock filling her mouth that she felt overwhelmed by the
sensation. She could feel the Queen’s lust and all around her the other
warriors were very aroused and intently watching the scene in front of them.
Deanna was not sure which she dreaded most, not being rescued or having some
of her crewmates show up now and find her sucking the cock of this gorgeous
black she-male. What would her friends think if they found her naked in the
village square blowing this dick? Not that she had any choice in the matter
any more as the Queen continued to pull her face back and forth over her
cock, fucking Troi’s face with a near animal ferocity. With her empathic
powers, Deanna could feel the Queen’s orgasm approaching and she began to
anticipate the warm spurt of liquid that she would soon feel in her mouth.

The Queen paused just briefly and locked eyes with the cock sucking woman
kneeling in front of her. “You will taste my cum alien whore to prove you
mean peace and friendship. If you spill one drop of my seed then I will know
you are not sincere.” With that the Queen resumed her face fucking of the
counselor and then gave a great cry and began to spew her cum into Deanna’s
waiting mouth. Desperate to not let a drop spill, Deanna wrapped her lips
tight around the spasming cock and swallowed down every drop of the thick
creamy load. “Ahhhhhhhhh,” moaned the Queen in pleasure and finally she
pulled her drained cock from Deanna’s mouth with a loud pop.

“Not a bad job for an alien cock sucker,” commented the Queen.

“Do you believe me now when I say I come in peace,” ask Troi still kneeling
naked in the dirt.

“Perhaps,” said the Queen with a leer.“Perhaps not. Now you will satisfy my
royal guards and maybe that will prove it!”

Troi gasped in shock and looked around at the six women looking at her. No,
make that six she-males corrected Troi mentally as she saw the bulges in
their bikini bottoms. She tried to control her panic as hands grabbed her
and thrust her onto her back.She looked up to see the six she-males removing
their clothes and six hard cocks, hardly smaller than the Queen’s, pointing
at her and already dripping with pre-cum.

“Pleasure my guards bitch,” commanded the Queen if you would prove you come
in peace and friendship.

Deanna Troi swallowed hard, plastered a smile on her face and spread her
legs. With a grin, the blond woman that Troi had first met in the clearing
climbed on top of the counselor and with a deft thrust pushed her throbbing
cock into Troi’s pussy. Troi gasped as the huge member entered her and began
to fuck her. As Troi threw her head back and moaned, she found the redhead’s
dripping cock above her face. The woman crouched over Troi and rubbed her
cock over the Deanna’s face, letting the precum ooze out. As the other woman
continued to fuck her cunt, Deanna reached up with her hands and grasped the
hard cock inches from her mouth and guided the huge cock head between her
lips. Greedily, Troi began to suck on the huge meat while her hips bucked in
time to the cock driving between her legs.

There was a gentle wet touch on her nipples and Troi looked down to see a
pair of identical twin brunette she-males licking at her tits. Each woman
was lightly nibbling at a nipple while stroking their hard cocks. Deanna was
making loud moaning noises now around the cocking fucking her mouth as the
four she-males took her body. In the back of her mind was the nagging fear
that her crewmates would find her like this, but the pleasure her body was
feeling soon drove that fear away and the counselor concentrated on enjoying
the sensations of her body, heightened by the raw sexual emotions she was
sensing from those fucking her and the rest of the village who were watching

Some time later....minutes? Hours? The red head fucking Troi’s mouth gave a
great cry and emptied her load into the counselor’s waiting mouth. Deanna
lapped up every drop like a cat drinking cream and as she savored the taste
of the cum, she felt the blond climax and send a gusher of cum into her
pussy. Her own climax came and Troi fairly screamed as she came and in that
same moment, the two brunettes showered her with massive loads of cum that
splattered her face and tits. Still shuddering with pleasure, Troi grab the
two cum slicked cocks and jerked the last sticky drops of cum from them onto
her tits.

There were still two of the royal guard who had not had a chance with the
Betazoid and they now stepped forward. Dark skinned like their Queen and as
Troi later learned, the two were the younger sisters of the Queen. One of
the pair lay down with her massive black cock pointing straight up into the
air. Her sister picked up Troi and lowered her onto the waiting cock and it
slid into the counselor’s ass. The second woman then climbed on top of Troi
and made her the meat in their cock sandwich as she slid her equally
impressive member into Deanna’s pussy.

The two women began to thrust their cocks in and out of the helpless
counselor. Troi felt almost like the cocks were going to drive straight
through her as the two women worked her over like they had done this before.
Back and forth they drove Troi, their cocks buried deep in her ass and cunt
until finally as one they came, spilling their seed into the exhausted Troi.

When the women had climbed off of her, Troi lay there on the ground, naked
and covered in drying cum. “Do you believe I come in peace and friendship
now?” she finally gasped to the Queen when she caught her breath from the
terrific fucking she had taken from the last two women.

The Queen looked down at the nude off worlder and then looked up at the
people of her village. “What say you my people? Do you believe this whore has
come in peace and friendship?”

“No,” cried the people in unison. “Let her prove it to us!”

“So be it,” laughed the Queen and she pointed to the naked Deanna. “Take her
and do with her as you will until dawn.”

With a wail that was cut short by the surging mass of villagers, Troi was
pulled from the village square into the nearest hut where the inhabitants
promptly started to fuck her brains out. They fucked her face, her pussy,
her ass, her boobs, everywhere they could stick a cock. Deanna was showered
with load after load of cum and then passed onto the next hut where her
ordeal continued. Hour after hour this continued until Deanna lost count
of how many cocks she had sucked, how many orgasms she had had, how many
big soft pairs of tits she was to lick, how many loads of cum
exploded over her body. At one point she passed out, only to wake up the
sight of a young teenaged she-male ramming her cock into her mouth. The
girl gave a giggle, caught up in her first fuck and when she saw the
counselor’s eyes open she pulled her dick free and shot her steaming load
of sticky cum onto the counselor’s face then stuffed it back into Deanna’s
mouth so she could lick it clean.

Finally, dawn came and Deanne jolted awake. She found herself alone and
naked by a pool, her clothes lying beside her.The village and the “women”
were nowhere to be seen. Troi bathed in the water and cleaned the cum off
her body and out of her hair then put her uniform back on and staggered
down the trail. Less than an hour later she ran into a concerned Will Riker
who whisked her quickly back to the Enterprise. The communicators had
mysteriously started working again around dawn, after the away team had
spent the night searching and calling vainly for Troi.

“What happened to you?” asked Will. “Did you run into any problems?”

“I am fine Will,” she reassured him.“I just had a long hard night is all.
”Obviously the villagers did not want to have contact with the offworlders
and the Prime Directive indicated that was the way things should be. Still,
thought Troi, maybe the next time she had some time off, she might just
borrow a shuttle and come back to spread a little more peace and friendship,

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000