Sex with a sex story fan

I had started posting stories on this site and I started receiving mails from girls. I had heard lot of stories of guys pretending to be girls and robbing guys and black mailing them. My affairs were always with women known to me and I never had any one night stands with unknown women. I replied professionally to my fan mail but one girl was persistent and bold. She wanted to be friends with me. Though I did not encourage her she persisted and I finally gave in and we started to writing to each other. She seemed to be a sensible young lady who wanted fun on the side and a no strings attached relationship. I also wanted the same. Pure lust and sex and no emotional attachments.

As our interaction increased my comfort increased and felt comfortable that the girl was not a guy.
We decided to meet up at the food court. I asked her to wear a Saree and Sonam was taken back and she said it sounds stupid.I told her just do what I say. Sonam asked if I was kinky on Sarees. I told her I was not. We met up at the food court and she looked absolutely divine in a blue saree. She looked like a Diva and was the most beautiful woman in the food court. All the men were jealous of me and the women were asking their husbands not to ogle at Sonam. After 5 mins every one went back to eating and left us alone. Sonam looked a bit disappointed and said that she was expecting someone younger and I also told her that I was expecting a younger woman , not someone as mature and sensible like you.

I tried to put her at ease and told her that she can just have a coffee and leave if she does not find me interesting enough. This put Sonam at ease and she gave me a big smile. I got coffee and fries and she remarked that she loved fries.

We started talking and were soon chatting like old friends . She was working and was in her mid 30s and looking for some fun on the side. I have her introduction and she remarked that she found me interesting but not from the Sex point of view. She liked Hunks only when it came to sex and did not like husband types when it came to sex flings.

Sonam : what do women like about you

Harry: Women like the fact that I am like Duracell battery

Sonam was absolutely confused and could not understand the relation between sex and battery, it took a while for her to understand and when she understood she burst out laughing …

Sonam ; How long do you last 5 , 10….15 mins

With a straight face I told her it’s a minimum 20 mins and I can go upto 45 mins…

Sonam practically fell from her chair and now she was definitely looking at me with a different perspective…
Sonam: You are bull shitting , most men don’t last 5 minutes

Harry : Do you want a sample

Sonam: I am not going any where with you and you cannot do anything here

Harry: Go to the washroom take off your bra and panties and come and sit opposite me.

Sonam: You are whacko , but I will do what you say , I am curious to see what you will do to me in public.

I liked Sonam she had a kick ass attitude. I was not sure how I would make her hot in a food court without embarrassing us. While I was lost in thoughts , Sonam and came and sat opposite me, I pulled her chair closer to me. She opened her purse and showed her lacy bra and panty. I gave her a big grin. I took her hand in my hands and caressed them. Sonam remarked that my hands were soft and sensual. I asked her to turn her pallu into a gujarati style and cover her breasts. I felt her soft arms and Sonam was enjoying my touch , a moan escaped her lips. Her breathing was becoming fast. I moved my arms on her stomach and felt the soft buttery flesh. It was a divine feeling. Sonam moved her hands over my thighs and stopped over my crotch. She started rubbing slowly over my zip. I moved my hands slowly to her breasts. I caressed them slowly and I tried to figure out the location of the nipples. Sonam started squeezing my cock. Her nipples were becoming hard and I could now feel them over the blouse. I squeezed and pinched her nipples. She asked me to stop and gave me a big grin and said that I was really good and this was the best experience and she wanted me to fuck her . I told her whats the rush , there is more to come…

Sonam gave me a confused look , what more do you plan to here ? I smiled and slowly pushed my hand under the saree. I felt her milky soft thighs and my hands reached the garden of eden. I was pleasantly surprised to find a silky smooth pussy. I felt the area around her pussy lips and entered her slowly. It was my turn to be surprised , Sonam was soaking wet and and as soon as I started stroking her , Sonam covered her mouth and she gave out a loud moan. I continued stroking her for few more minutes and she released her juices. She asked me to stop and asked me to take her to a hotel. I asked her if parking lot was okay. She said , You Bastard you have thought of everything…I told her my planning my impeccable.

I turned my car back seat into a horizontal position and it became a haf bed.I switched on the AC and the clock showed 4.15 pm. The parking lot was full and I had parked in the car in a corner and the chances of being disturbed were low.

I moved in the backseat and took her in my arms. I gave her a long wet kiss. She pulled me down on top of her and she said cut the foreplay and give me your cock . I cant wait any more. I felt her body , her body was superb and I was ready to die after fucking her. I felt her body from head to toe and kissed every square inch of her body. I removed her blouse and cupped her beautiful big firm breasts. I kissed her breasts and then her nipples. I pushed her Saree to her waist. I caressed her beautiful ass. It was big and soft like her breasts.I couldn’t believe my fortune. Sonam puled my trousers and grabbed my cock. She started stroking it hard and I could feel it becoming hard. She pounced on my cock and started sucking it. She licked it like an ice cream cone and swallowed it completely. She said its not big but you are too good. I asked her to turn around and started licking her pussy . Her moans increased and my cock was now as hard as steel.

This sudden sex encounter was wild , hot and passionate. Her juices were now flowing like a tsunami. Sonam got up and pushed me down , she grabbed my cock and sat on top of it. She pushed my cock near her pussy lips and after making few circular movements, she pushed it inside. She was fairly tight and she gave lot of pressure and as my dick tried to adjust in her pussy she gave lot of force. I entered her completely . Sonam started moving up and down and she bent down and kissed me. She dangled her fruity breasts in front of me. I kissed her breasts and bit her nipples. She gasped at the bite. She increased her pace and was kissing me passionately. She was playing with my balls and the feeling was sheer heaven. After some time we changed position, I made her lie on the seat and placed her legs over my shoulders. I pushed myself inside her and increased the pace. I pushed my fingers in her ass and she started screaming that she was loving the feeling and I should not stop. Her orgasm was fast approaching and I changed our position. I started fucking her doggy style and we both came to gether in one big explosion.

Sonam;: This sex was the best , fuck me at least once amonth.
Harry: I will fuck you thrice a week.

Sonam asked me to drop her to her office. I looked at the clock it was 5 pm.