My Aunt Teaches Me 9 - The Wedding; The End

The period following my sessions with Mary and also with Taleesha and Fiona marked a watershed in my relations with my Mistresses. The demands on my cock and balls were something I found I could handle and I got to the stage where I could control the flow of sperm from my body. My cock grew in size and girth to the extent that women gasped at its size. My balls also grew to the size of oranges, and as a result, walking normally became quite difficult. I would walk with my legs well apart, so allowing my over-sized and low-slung cock and balls to hang loose. Each day was roughly the same, with Ellen appearing for her daily quantity of sperm for the sperm bank. After trying different ways of extracting sperm from me, she found a thick cream, which was guaranteed to have no effect on the sperm whatsoever. I would lie on the bed plugged into a fat breast and she would smear quantities of this cream over my huge engorged cock. She would then milk me to a climax, whilst another woman would massage my balls, to ensure the maximum flow of sperm. I would orgasm heavily, shooting huge quantities of my seed into her waiting container, after which I was always allowed an hour’s sleep, normally whilst suckling on a nipple.

The sperm bank went from strength to strength and the demand for my sperm rose every week. In the evenings Ellen would often arrange ‘games evenings’ for which the participating women had to pay handsomely. I enjoyed these, particularly if I was expected to service a series of women, all of whom had paid a huge sum to have me sex them up and then shoot huge quantities of sperm into their hungry cunts. I loved the gasps of amazement at the size of my cock and the worried looks on their faces, when they wondered if their tight pussies could accommodate my thickness. I would plunge into them, filling them to the hilt with rampant cock and they would climax immediately screaming at the sensation of being filled with my rod, which would then pump large quantities of sperm into their sucking tubes.

The money, which we made from the sperm bank, ensured that not only were all our living expenses covered, but also each month saw a healthy surplus. My Aunt oversaw the finances and she kept me informed as to how wealthy we were becoming because of the demand for my sperm.

About two months after our visit to Taleesha, events were suddenly set to move on. The day had started normally enough. I was plugged into Maria's soft breast drinking down huge quantities of her sweet warm milk. She cuddled me close and massaged her big tit to ensure an even flow of milk into my mouth. Sharji was sitting astride me, with my cock embedded deep inside her. She was expertly massaging the length of my cock, which I knew would end with me spurting huge gobs of sperm into her. Sandra was busy expressing her excess milk into a container, which would no doubt end with me drinking it at some stage during the day. My aunt was downstairs making tea for the ladies.

The ringing of the telephone did not startle anyone - in fact I did not hear it as my head was encased in Maria's dark flesh. However the sound of my Aunt running up the stairs caught everyone's attention as she burst into the room.

"Well that was Ellen on the phone, and you will never guess what?!!" she panted. “The news is the very best - both Mary and Grace are pregnant!! Mary is over the moon and the cheque for the full amount is already in the post. Ellen is hoping for a double dose of sperm today, as the news has already leaked out and she has been inundated with calls from ladies asking for quantities of Peter's sperm."

Maria drew back so that her big nipple plopped from my mouth.

"Ooooh you clever darling!" she cooed. "But when did you get to spurt your seed into Grace? I thought that Mary had you close to total exhaustion and I never guessed that Grace was getting her share of sperm as well!"

I was too amazed to say anything, for the fact that Grace had had only one night being spermed was not lost on me.
The fact that I had managed to impregnate both the females who had been with us some month’s back was also not lost on me. I knew that now the demand for my sperm would rise and that my life with my Mistresses was secure. In my newfound state of sperm production, I felt confident that I could handle almost any demand placed on my balls by these sperm-hungry women.

"Well, little spermer, when did you get to impregnate Grace?" My aunt was massaging my balls and in so doing was caressing Sharji's sensitive outer lips, which had the dusky girl gasping.

"It was during the last night," I said. "Mary felt that she had extracted enough from me and wanted to give Grace a chance to be spermed. During the last night Grace spent most of the night on top of me and I climaxed inside her three times."

"You really are the most virile boy I have come across," Sandra said. "We will have to be careful, as for the normal woman, one spurt of sperm inside her and hey presto! She will be pregnant."

My aunt clapped her hands to gain everyone's attention and said:

"Well ladies, I now have something important to tell you. I had been waiting for a special time to give you this information and I reckon now is as good as we will ever get. In about a month's time, Peter will be 18 and although I am pretty sure he cannot ever escape us, I wanted to make sure we had him tied legally to us. We now have total proof that his sperm is extremely valuable and will keep us nicely in funds for many years to come. So, I have made all the arrangements for Peter to marry both Maria and Sharji a week from today. As he is still now 17, he is legally bound to do what I say as I am his guardian. Once he is married, then by law we can keep him with us for evermore! I have made the special arrangements for Peter to be legally married to two women and my solicitor has all the necessary papers drawn up. She has discovered a loophole in the law, which allows boys to be married to two women simultaneously, provided this has the blessing of the boy’s guardian.
It seems this was made law in the Middle Ages, when boys were in short supply and no one has ever got around to altering it"

"Bravo!" cried Sandra. "Just one thing, can we stay with you also for evermore?"

"Delighted my dear," my aunt replied. "Both you and Sharji are now members of our extended family and we both want you to stay with us for as long as you would like."

"I will second that!" Maria exclaimed. "Also as from this time next week, we will be the legal owner of this lovely little boy. I will draw up a legal document, which ensures his favours are shared equally between the four of us. We can then settle down to live a lovely life, funded entirely by the proceeds of Peter's sperm."

Both she and Sharji then turned to me. "So my darling, we are to be married. How quite gorgeous - to think I shall have you with us and under us for the rest of our lives!" With that she turned down to me and thrust her wide tongue into my mouth. She wrapped me into her bulk and smothered me with kisses. She kissed my eyes and ears and then once again pushed her tongue as far into my mouth as she could.

I had been totally unprepared for all of this and my mind rocked at the thought of being bound to these women forever. Although I had never really thought about my future life, I had always assumed that in the end they would tire of doing nothing but extracting sperm from me and that I would be able to lead a normal life and perhaps even get married to someone like Fiona. But now, suddenly it was made clear. I was to be bound to all four of them forever, with my life concentrating on sperm production to the exclusion of everything else.

Although it would take time for me to get used to the idea of being tied to these rampant women for the whole of my life, I was secretly delighted that I was to be married to Sharji as well as Maria. For all the months that Sandra and Sharji had lived with us, I had become totally entranced by her cool beauty.
Her olive skin, clear dark eyes and even white teeth were crowned by her mass of shiny black hair. However it was her large firm breasts with the surrounding wide, almost black aureoles, full of milk which kept me tied to her. I was never happier than when I was engulfed in her warm breasts, or when she was sitting astride me, with her tight little cunt milking the last drops of sperm from me.

The next week passed in a flash, with my aunt in particular enjoying making all the arrangements for the wedding. The wedding itself was to be held in Tara’s mansion, where I had won the sperm shooting competition. Tara herself was delighted to be part of the organisation. She informed my aunt that her present to the wedding arrangements would be to produce two wet-nurses who would be on call for the wedding day, as well as the honeymoon, which it was decided would be spent in the mansion.

Maria and Sharji spent much time with my aunt drawing up the necessary legal documents, assisted by a female solicitor who agreed to give her services for free. Her only condition was that after the wedding, she could spend a whole night with me, with her cunt gripping my cock.

My aunt spent much time with Tara, making the necessary preparations. Tara’s contacts proved invaluable. She knew of a female justice, who had herself owned a boy-slave for a short time. She said she would be more than happy to perform the ceremony. Invitations were sent out to all the Mistresses in the area and Tara’s present to me was the availability of 2 wet-nurses to act as my ‘hand maidens’ on the wedding day. They had agreed to stay with us for the duration of the honeymoon and feed me milk at any time of the day or night. The replies to the invitation poured in and everyone accepted, so a major party of upwards of 100 people were going to attend.

The day of the wedding dawned bright and sunny. It had been agreed that the 'wedding' would take place at 3 o'clock, so the morning was spent preparing. I was shaved and oiled, so that there was not one hair on the whole of my body. After an early lunch, during which I was put to Sandy's swollen tits, they both came to dress me. A new outfit had been ordered and when it was unpacked, I saw that as tradition expected, it was all white. The inner coat was white leather, with a soft fur lining. It was short and quite loose, coming down to just below the waist. The arms were long with huge fur cuffs and the neck was high at the back, again with a surrounding of thick fur. A zip down the front completed this part of the outfit. Next there were huge thigh level boots, again made out of white leather. The inside of the boots were soft fur and like the jacket, there was a huge fur collar at the top of each boot. Finally there was a full length white coat, which would go over the whole outfit, and which I would wear for the journey to Tara's. It was not lost on me that once the full-length coat was removed, my genital area would be exposed, with my cock and balls free for all to see and fondle. The full-length coat had a thick hood attached, which when raised would have the effect of hiding most of my face in deep fur.

My aunt wore a bright red halter neck blouse, which seemed several sizes too small for her. Her breasts jutted out through the thin material and the buttons strained to contain the heavy mammary flesh. She wore no bra, so her nipples were clear to see through the thin material. She wore an extremely short red leather skirt and I noticed that she had no knickers on at all. Finally her feet were encased in extremely high heels and her hair was piled high on her head.

Sandy wore a conventional, if tarty outfit. Her huge breasts were encased in a heavy nursing bra, so that her milk did not leak out and spoil her dress. The dress itself was a masterpiece, with all of her back and much of her waist exposed. She wore thigh level boots, with such high heels that she towered over me. Both women wore heavy make up and liberally sprayed themselves with heady perfume.

Both then helped me to get dressed. I had not been spermed once since before midnight the night before, as my Aunt had told Ellen that I would not be in a position to furnish the sperm bank with any product on my wedding day. My cock and balls were therefore in good shape - my balls in particular enjoying the ability to store sperm, rather than having it extracted as it was made. First to be pulled on were the boots. They were a snug fit and the tops came right up into my crotch. This meant that my balls nestled comfortably in amongst the thick fur that surrounded the top of each boot. As I stood up, so my cock twitched as it too rubbed against the thick fur. Then the jacket was produced and I found myself immersed into the thick furry inside. The waist was elasticised and once the zip was done up, it was clear that the jacket was a perfect fit. The thick fur cuffs rubbed dangerously against my genitals, when my hands were at my side and I made a mental note to ensure these were kept well away from my front. As there was still a little time before we had to leave, my aunt used the time to rub oil and powder onto my cock and all around my exposed front and rear. She also powdered my face and the whole of my head. The effect was that my rampant cock in particular shone with health and even my backside looked highly presentable in its powdered state. Finally just before we left, I was put into the huge white full-length coat, which was done up to the neck.

We entered the drive slowly and immediately I saw Tara with other women waiting at the top of the steps into the house. Tara was superbly dressed in light blue chiffon, which hid none of her special features, but it was the 2 other women who caught my attention. One looked middle aged, whilst the other was young. They were all dressed identically in tight dresses, which accentuated their full hips and heavy chests. The dresses were made out of heavy brocade material and came up to the neck. They had short sleeves, and were full length. However I noticed that in each case holes had been cut into the front of the dresses, so that their nipples poked through and were exposed to the air. I had an excellent opportunity to inspect this as when we got out of the car into the sunshine, my aunt and Sandra proceeded to have a long conversation with Tara. I found myself with these 2 women, who informed me that they were to be my handmaidens for the duration of the wedding and for the remainder of the day and night. As each introduced themselves to me, I was able to see that their nipples were leaking milk. Small dribbles of breast milk flowed down from each nipple, which was absorbed by a padded area sewn into the dress just below the opening. I also noted that the openings were large enough, so that it would be quite possible for me to suckle on these nipples without the women removing their dresses. As they introduced themselves to me, each looked at me in a sexy way, wiping their fingers over their nipples and sucking off the milk that poured out onto their fingers. I blushed at the way these women approached me, in the sure knowledge that they would be seeing and probably fondling my cock and balls.

Their intimate conversation finished, Tara and my aunt turned to me.

"Hello, darling," Tara whispered as she wrapped me in her strong arms and thrust her tongue deep into my throat. "So, you are to be married? How nice and nice for the rest of us to know that your sperm will be in safe hands and ready for any of us that might need it."

I blushed furiously at the lewd way she referred to my sperm and in the presence of these women who did not know me at all.

We all then went into the hallway and my long coat was removed. I heard the women behind me gasp when they saw the size and thickness of my cock and balls. Having been encased in deep fur, my cock was stiff and thick, with blue veins standing out along its length. Tara came over and stroked my member, making me buck through the sensation. My aunt searched in her bag and produced a small tin of ointment, which she proceeded to rub all over my cock. The effect was electrifying. The nerve endings on my cock screamed and my member grew visibly. Soon it was fully erect, thick and straining, with the knob a bright purple colour. I noticed how the women who were my attendees moved around me brushing against my cock with their hands. One actually grasped it as she went by, but released it before anyone else noticed.

Meanwhile Tara was forming us up to enter the wedding party. It suddenly became clear to me that this was to be a proper wedding, with a dignitary heading up the ceremony and that I was going to "walk down the aisle” to be married to my two Mistresses. In all respects, I was to be the bride whilst Maria and Sharji were the grooms. The order of entry was to be Tara leading, then myself on my aunt's arm, with the 2 wet-nurses following behind. The wet-nurses were in effect my Bridesmaids.

We were formed up and then Tara opened the double doors to the main ballroom. She strode forward to the sound of the music and I immediately saw a room packed with people. All turned to gaze upon the entering column and in particular I could see that they were looking at my aunt and me. I nearly passed out at the thought of all these people - I could only see women - gazing upon my exposed cock and balls. My aunt held me firm, for she too was taken aback at the numbers. She whispered to me to hold myself upright and be proud of my attributes. As we passed through the audience, I could not help but hear the murmurs and gasps as the women strained to get a better view of my cock and balls. My cock was still straining at full mast and my over-sized balls were easily visible as they nestled in the deep fur bed formed at the top of my boots.

Then to the sound of beautiful music we progressed through the crowd to a raised stage, where Maria, Sharji and the celebrant were awaiting us. I looked up at Maria and Sharji and was amazed at their staggering beauty. Both girls were heavily made up and looked cool and lovely in their green and blue identical dresses. The dresses had a halter neck, which came down in ropes, which surrounded and accentuated their breasts. The ropes then attached to a full skirt, which had a split at the front right up to the waistline. The effect was to allow their breasts to be completely free and yet to give the feeling that they were superbly dressed. The celebrant was an older lady, with short iron-grey hair who was formally dressed in a tuxedo. By this time our party had arrived at the stage and we climbed the steps to join those already there. The celebrant was standing behind a table, which was covered with a dark blue cloth. As we ascended the stage, so Tara stood to one side beside the celebrant and my aunt came over to my left hand side. Maria and Sharji were standing to my right. Both smiled excitedly as we all came into line. My aunt continued to hold my hand tightly and the celebrant smiled at all of us.

"Ladies!" she intoned. "We are gathered here this afternoon to witness the marriage of slave-boy Peter to his Mistresses Maria and Sharji. This ceremony will be witnessed by you all and will be effective in law. The ownership of Peter will transfer from Susan Stocker to a joint ownership shared between Maria Evans and Sharji Ramdas. But first, who gives this slave-boy in marriage to these Mistresses?"

"I do," my aunt replied.

"Peter, in deference to the respect and honour in which you hold Susan Stocker, and in the presence of these witnesses, you will now give Susan the kiss of submission."

My two handmaidens came forward and took me by both hands. They lead me to a central position, where there was a low narrow slanted couch. They laid me on my back on this couch and my aunt moved over me. By parting her legs, she was able to straddle the couch and come directly over my head. I raised myself up onto my elbows and buried my face into her crotch. I knew what was expected of me and I started to tongue my aunt's cunt. In no time she started to juice and her clit swelled under my attention. Her hands came round the back of my head and she pressed me deeply into her cunt. I knew exactly how to bring her quickly to a climax by expertly tonguing her clit; I soon had her gasping and crying out in joy. Then with a shudder she had a perfect orgasm and I was released from her grip. The two handmaidens came back to me, wiped my face clean of my aunt's cunt juice and helped me to my feet. I was then returned to a position between Maria and Sharji.

"Ownership of the boy-slave will pass from Susan to Maria and Sharji upon the completion of this ceremony," the celebrant announced.

There then followed a series of formal questions to each of us. Maria and Sharji were asked to promise to take care of me, to love and exercise me and to ensure that my sperm was kept in the very best of condition. I was then asked to promise to give my whole body to my new owners, to produce sperm as they wished and to service them entirely to their desires for the rest of my life. I happily agreed.

"We now come to the part of the ceremony where the ritual mixing of fluids ensures the bonding of the three parties for the rest of their lives," the celebrant went on.
"Maria, will you show your agreement to this bonding, by expressing milk from each of your breasts into this crystal bowl?"

Maria nodded in agreement and went round behind the table to stand over the bowl. She grasped one breast in both her hands and proceeded to express huge quantities of milk into the bowl. Her hands grasped the body of the dark globe and she moved her hands down towards the nipple. The dark flesh puckered as she exerted pressure and the body of the breast swell as she massaged down towards the nipple. The nipple itself swelled hugely as milk was down into it and then streams of white milk poured from the orifices in her fat nipple. Orifices in the nipple seemed to appear from everywhere as the milk gushed into the bowl. Once the bottom of the bowl was well covered, she transferred her attention to the other breast and she only stopped when the celebrant nodded that she had proved her agreement.

Then Sharji went through the same ritual. Her beautiful mounds of tit flesh were exposed and she squeezed the milk from the body of the breast. Her nipples were also enormous and dark against the dusky colour of the body of the breast. She expressed milk into the bowl from both breasts and by the time she was finished, the bowl was half filled with breast milk.

"Now Peter, will you now sperm into the bowl, to mix your fluids with those of your Mistresses?"

I guessed that I would now be expected to sperm in front of this huge crowd, but again I knew that there was no turning back. My aunt gripped me firmly by the arm and led me round the table so that I was standing facing the crowd. A high stool had been moved to beside the table and I stood on the stool, so that my cock was above the level of the bowl and in full view of the crowd. My two handmaidens then came around to my side and wound my arms around them. Each of my arms went around their back and under their arm and my hand was placed on their damp nipples. The girls themselves linked arms around my back, so supporting me from behind and ensuring I could not move at all. The celebrant came around to my front and took my cock in both hands. She fell to her knees and took my cock completely into her mouth. I gasped at the sensation of her tongue, which was working over the sensitive glans around the tip of my cock. The celebrant moved one hand around to my backside, so that she could ensure she was able to get the whole of my cock into her mouth. The other hand cupped and caressed my balls, as she started working on me and bringing me towards a climax.

I threw my head back and sighed deeply as I knew that in no time I would be shooting my sperm into the bowl. I looked down at the iron-grey hair of the lady who was sucking me off and suddenly the enormity of the situation in which I found myself struck me. Here I was, semi naked in front of a crowd of strange women. I was being sucked off in public my a woman I had only met a few minutes ago and who was old enough to be my mother and quite possibly my grandmother. I looked down into the crowd of eager faces in front of me. I saw Ellen, the lady who was responsible for marketing my sperm and who now would control most of my income. Behind her were Mary and Grace, both in maternity dresses, as it was some time since their pregnancies had been confirmed. I was the father of both these unborn ren. My aunt – my guardian - was next to Ellen, beaming in pride at her ward who was about to be brought off in front of all her friends. It was she who had determined that I should be married to Maria and Sharji, two women who themselves were larger than life and who not only extracted huge quantities of sperm from me, but also ensured I always had a milky breast on which to suckle at all times of the day and night.

The celebrant had been working on the length of my cock and I knew that I would be pumping sperm into the bowl in just a few minutes. Suddenly her head came back, my cock popped out of her mouth, and she looked up into my eyes.

“Ladies,” she called out. “It will not have escaped your notice the difference between the male and female of the species. Notice how easily and freely the two ladies gave of their milk. Warm milk gushes from their breasts, with just the slightest touch of their hands. Notice by comparison how we have to work to extract sperm from young boys. I hope that there will come a time, when such exertions will not be necessary and we powerful females can extract sperm from boys by merely touching his member and fondling his balls!”

There was a general murmur of agreement from the body of females in the crowd. With that the celebrant dived down and gobbled up my cock into her mouth once more and swirled her tongue over the length of my shaft. I grunted at the sensation and felt my cock bulge in answer to the caressing and also the sperm began to boil in my balls. I suddenly caught the eye of Fiona, who was in the crowd with Taleesha, her Mistress. She smiled directly at me and I knew she understood what I was going through.

By now my breathing was becoming coarse and heavy as I neared my orgasm. Suddenly the celebrant came off my cock, which bobbed out thick, red and shiny with her saliva. Another of the handmaidens was close with a small silver jar of cold cream. The celebrant took a large wadge in her hand and transferred it to my member. She started to rub violently and my cock bulged under her ministrations. The crowd leaned forward to get a better view and then suddenly I was there.

“OH MY GOD!!” I screamed. “I’m coooooommmmming!!! URGH, URGH, URGH,” I grunted as sperm streamed out of my cock and splashed into the bowl to mix with the breast milk. The celebrant massaged my balls and squeezed the last few drops of sperm from me, whilst I was panting and gasping at the exertion. The two handmaidens on either side of me supported me fully as my knees began to buckle under the effort of producing so much sperm. The girl, who had been holding the jar of cream, produced a large white cloth and the celebrant wiped my cock clean and then turned her attention to the bowl. She lifted the bowl high for all to see.

“You in this room have now witnessed the mixing of the fluids from the Mistresses Maria and Sharji as well as the slave-boy Peter. By this mixing I pronounce them joined together in matrimony. The final act, which will seal this union for ever, will be that of Peter giving each of his new Mistresses the three tiered kiss of submission.”

With that the two handmaidens lead me over until I was standing in front of Maria. She was facing the audience, and I had my back to them. Maria smiled down at me and took my face in her large hands. Her mouth came gently down onto mine and her fat tongue its way into my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my slender torso and she kissed me as I had never been kissed before. Once we were done, she came off me and I went down on my knees. Then I was to do homage to both her big breasts. I gazed at the mounds of dark tit-flesh and then moving up to the warm mounds, I sucked and licked the fat nipples, whilst milk streamed from them down my face. I sucked hard on the nipples, so bringing a sharp gasp from Maria and I drank fully of her warm breast milk. Then I was pushed down between her legs and I knew this was the one action that she had been longing for.

I squatted back on my heels and surveyed the thick black bush, which formed a V between her legs in front of me. Very gently I parted the thick hair to reveal her dark outer lips. I leaned forward and as I had been taught, very slowly gave the long outer lips a wet lick. I distinctly saw the muscles in her legs go taught and a small squeal came from her lips as the sensation shot through her. As before the dark outer lips opened like a flower to reveal the pink inner lips. They were shiny from her cunt juice and as I watched so a small droplet of juice formed at the bottom end of the pink lips. I noticed how the pinkness of the inner lips contrasted with the darkness of the outer lips, and I gave the inner lips a lingering lick, so sucking up the drop of juice that was threatening to run down her leg. Looking at my handiwork, I also noticed
The very tip of her clit appearing between the inner lips. I then fastened my mouth to the body of her cunt and started to worry her clit with my tongue. Soon the familiar taste of her juices started to flow into my mouth and I knew that in just a few seconds she would be climaxing. Sure enough, in just a few seconds there as a shriek from above me, and her hands clamped my head to her crotch. She shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her and then I was being pulled away as the tenderness of her inner regions could not take any more of the massaging I was giving them.

The two handmaidens pulled me to my feet and the celebrant wiped the streaming juice from my face with a warm damp cloth. I was moved around the table, where our mixed juices still stood in pride of place until I stood in front of Sharji. I was able to drink in her incredible beauty and I wondered how I could have been so fortunate to marry such a wonderful girl. The ritual was the same. As she kissed me, she whispered: “Mmmm, I can smell and taste Maria’s juices all over you – how lovely!” Her eager little tongue explored around my mouth and then I was being down to her breasts. Again I was able to marvel at the firm olive body of both breasts, with the incredibly dark nipple at the extremity of each. I sucked hard on each nipple, drawing out mouthfuls of sweet warm milk.

On being put down to her cunt, I performed exactly the same routine as I had with Maria. Again I marvelled at how different Sharji’s outer lips were to those of Maria. Her lips seemed to pout and ask to be sucked. I took the whole of her outer lips into my mouth and worried the area between them with my tongue. A rush of her sweet cunt-juice rewarded me and in no time I was suckling on her engorged clit and bringing her to a gritting orgasm.

Once Sharji had come down from her climax, I was once again removed and wiped down by the celebrant. As a final act, I was made to stand again on the high stool, on which I had climaxed and Maria and Sharji came to stand on either side of me. The celebrant then moved their hands until they were clasping my cock and she then wound a ribbon around my cock, balls and the hands.

“I now pronounce these three Mistress and Slave, to be bound to each other until death do them part!” At this the audience broke into spontaneous applause. I was then brought down from my stool and the three of us processed around the room between the rows of females who had witnessed our marriage. The procession consisted of Maria, Sharji and myself, with my two Mistresses on either side of me. Following us was the celebrant with my Aunt and then the handmaidens. We moved through the crowd and every now and then either Maria or Sharji would stop to have an excited conversation with one of the audience. I noticed how many of the females gazed down at my red and thickened genitals and I thought I detected quite a few sighs and whispered comments on the size and heaviness of my cock and balls.

The procession moved out into the main ballroom, which was set up with drinks and eats for the many guests. I also noticed a huge bed on a raised platform in the centre of the room. However for now all the women were circulating around us, congratulating Maria and Sharji on their marriage. Many women, as they were talking, caressed my straining cock and balls. Hands were everywhere on my genitals and I thought that I had never been so touched up by so many in such a short time.

Two of my handmaidens came over to me and signalled that I should go with them. Maria nodded and the girls took me over to the large raised bed in the centre of the room. I was made to lie on the bed and the first hand maiden sat with my head in her lap as she offered me a swollen nipple to suck. I took the puckered peaking flesh into my mouth and sucked. I saw her nostrils flare as the sensation of my sucking transmitted itself her. She snuggled me into her bulk and massaged the breast to ensure an even flow of milk. I looked up at the woman who was feeding me, taking her in for the first time. She was a slender girl of probably about 30 years of age. She had a round shiny face, with soft brown hair framing her head. She smiled down at me and gently kissed my forehead. She shifted her position to get me more comfortably into her lap and squeezed her breast to bring the flow of milk to a maximum. I suckled and drank gratefully noticing how sweet and warm her milk was.

Her companion had clambered onto the bed and again I was able to take in this new girl. She had bright red curly hair, which fell down, onto her shoulders. Her torso was thick and heavy and her breasts were massive in comparison with the wet-nurse who was currently suckling me. I also saw the size of her nipples, which were some of the largest I had ever seen. Her aureoles were so wide that they completely filled the wide holes in the front of her dress that allowed the nipples to poke through. Milk was dribbling from each nipple and I could see that she was in a terrible state, with her breasts taut and hot from the pressure of milk inside them. My current wet-nurse also saw this and offered to change places, as her breasts were by no means full of milk. So the girls changed places, and the red head sat down crossed-legged leaning against the head of the bed. She moved me round until my head was in her lap, and I was looking up at the underside of her breasts. She shrugged the top of her dress off, so allowing her huge breasts to swing free, directly above my face. I was plugged into the redhead's nipples. I had to open my mouth to its widest extent to allow the full nipple to enter, and then her milk streamed into my mouth with such force that I almost d on the quantity of fluid. Light was blotted out as my face was encased in the warm soft flesh of her breast.

After a few minutes, she unplugged me and moved me away from her torso. I was aware that most of the women seemed to have crowded around the bed, and the celebrant was standing on a raised stool at the end. She raised her hand for quiet.

“Ladies”, she called. “We now come to the final part of the ceremony, which is the witnessing of the consummation of the marriage. As in olden days, the marriage is not fully biding by law until others witness the consummation. So I will now ask Sharji to step up and ride her boy-slave to a climax.”

Sharji had been standing by the raised bed and swung her lithe body over mine. The wet-nurse who had se recently been feeding me, held my head firm as Sharji straddled my waist. I sensed a hand covered with cream sliding over my rampant cock and then Sharji was sliding down onto my member. The purple head nosed into her crack and then her dark outer lips spread over the shaft as she slowly sank down onto me. He shiny dark hair swung loose as she settled onto me with the entire length of my cock encased in her tubes.

Ever so slowly she started to ride me, pulling up until just the head of my cock was nipped into her lips and then plunging down, so that I could feel the head of my bulging cock clipping into the neck of her womb. On and on she went, and I could feel new sperm surging in my balls. Suddenly a new sensation came into me as I felt my balls being gathered up and stuffed in to a mouth. This new woman swirled my balls around her mouth and licked the underside of the base of my cock. The sensation was too much for me and I screamed as a massive climax surged through my cock and balls. Sperm streamed out of my cock into Sharjji’s eager cunt, as she was racked by a massive climax.

I pumped and pumped until I thought links of my spine would be dragged out of my cock by Sharji’s sucking and then panting and moaning I was done. I collapsed into the lap of my wet-nurse and felt warm milk dripping from her exposed breast onto my face.

Sharji meanwhile had clambered off my cock and stood over me. She raised one leg up onto the end of the bed, so exposing her cunt for all to see. A huge gob of sperm slid out of her pouting lips and trickled down her leg, before splashing onto my waist.

“So Ladies” the celebrant said. “You have now witnessed the formal consummation of Sharji’s marriage to Peter. We will wait e few minutes and then witness Maria’s sperming.

I lay panting on the bed, but suddenly I sensed a mouth closing over my tired cock and a gentle sucking sensation coarsed through me. It was Fiona and she smiled up at me with her clear blue eyes.

“Don’t worry my sweet”, she whispered. “I intend to find a way for you and I to be together. I want to drain those balls of sperm and I know how to do it!”

I gasped at the sensation and also at the feeling of Fiona’s long blond hair over my body. My red-haired wet-nurse also noted that I was back into consciousness and she plugged a leaking nipple into my mouth.

In no time I heard the sound of the celebrant clapping and I knew I would need to sperm Maria. Fiona stopped her sucking and my cock stood erect and shiny from her mouth.

“We will now witness Maria being spermed by the slaved-boy”, she announced.

Maria’s dark bulk came over me and her breasts hung down over my face as she manoeuvred herself into a position over me. Then I felt the familiar feeling of her wiry bush against the head of my cock as it probed into her cunt. Once she was in position she sank down heavily on me and swallowed my cock deeply inside her. Her cunt muscles started working over my cock as she sat quite still over me. Her eyes were tight shut and she was biting her lower lip, as she enjoyed the sensation of being filled with my engorged member.

Soon I could feel the sensation of new sperm seething in my balls and in response she started a slow grinding up and down motion. Her slippery tubes moving over the length of my shaft was too much and suddenly I was there.

“I’M COOOOMMMMMING” I wailed and sperm shot out of my cock into her sucking tubes. She vacuumed the sperm out of me in huge quantities as I struggled to keep up with her demand. A hand grasped my slackening balls and shook them violently to extract the final spurt of sperm.

As Maria fell off me, so the celebrant gobbled up my tired cock and proceeded to start sucking voraciously. I bucked and keened to try and escape, but other women fell over me and held me secure. I huge breast was into my mouth and my continued. Soon my cock began to respond to the sucking of the grey-haired lady and then suddenly I was shooting into her mouth. She drank down every last drop, leaving me drained and exhausted.

Maria meanwhile had opened her cunt wide for all to see and allowed sperm to dribble onto the bed. It was agreed by all that the marriage was well and truly consummated and in no time my two wives, my Aunt and Sandra were ensconced in the luxury of Tara’s guest wing. For the following week, I was kept very busy draining milk from breasts, as I had 5 wet-nurses looking after me.

So my life continues and I am supremely happy. My two wives pamper me and keep my balls drained at all times. Money from the sperm bank continues to flow in. In all I am secure and well looked after in return for constant servicing of my female companions and their voracious friends.


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