Sex tutor

“Thanks Mr Lee, I really owe you one.”

“No problem Jessica, Thanks for coming. Do you have any other questions?”

As Jessica leaned down to pack her bags, I couldn’t help but notice her nice full perky boobs inside her loose jumper. But, Jessica was certainly a stunner, which made it worth it. She was equipped with luscious curly brown hair, big round eyes and light coloured freckles. She had a nice round butt to compliment her tits that sat so well on her chest. She reminded me of Nina Dobrev, but she was only 17, and quite shy. She was known around the school as ‘the girl’, and boy did I wank over her.

As she started to walk for the door, she suddenly turned with a puzzled look on her face.

“Actually, I want some advice, if you can.”

“What is it?”

“It’s quite embarrassing.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing, go ahead.”

“Well, you’re, quite old, and I’m sure you are quite experienced.. with girls?”

She was trembling, this was obviously hard for her, but I was startled by her question. I simply answered with a sound.


“Yeah, anyways, I started dating a guy at school, you may know him. Matt?”

Oh yeah, the school jock so I like to think. I instantly hate him. Jealousy builds inside. But I try hard not to let it out.

“Yes Matt. Is there a problem?” I quickly interject.

“Yes well, I really like him, and I want him to like me, can you give me some advice.”

I couldn’t help but feel I wanted to Matt. I was about to say that there was no way Matt wouldn’t like her back, until I thought of an idea.

“Well, there’s a few ways to ensure he likes you back. The way you dress is one. Don’t be too slutty, but I don’t think that will be a problem with you.”

She smiled, and my cock instantly rose at this sight.”

“And obviously, don’t keep him waiting.. sex wise. Be a good kisser aswell, so you should learn all of this.”

All of her sudden, her mood changed.

“I don’t have any experience, can you just tell me what to do. Like how to approach it.”

“First, you want to have a dark setting. Keep everything romantic, talk softly or whisper in his ear, then just slide your lips onto his.”

“But how do you kiss?”

“I think the trick is to make it nice and long, maybe slide your tongue in there.”

“Can I try it on you, and you tell me how can I improve?”

I knew this was wrong, but the sight of the small girl with lovely tits in her red jumper meant my mind wasn’t on what was right. I was determined to make this happen, but not force her on me

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, only if you are sure.”

“Yes, it will be quick.”

She walked towards me and we stood next to each other. She rubbed my arms and her round eyes pierced through mine. She closed her eyes and leaned in, planting her lips onto mine for a short kiss.

“How was that?”

It was wonderful, her lipstick tasted of strawberry. but I wasn’t satisfied with the little peck.

“Loving how you touch the arm. He will definitely enjoy that. The kiss though, was a bit quick. Maybe slip a little tongue in there.”

She closed her eyes again and tilted her head, kissing me quickly before returning to my mouth with her tongue. Our tongues connected and she planted a large wet kiss on me.

“Good, but maybe more saliva and tongue.”

This time, she went in straight with the tongue. We kissed five tongues and we exchanged our saliva.

“Nice. He will definitely like that.”

“Great” She seemed very happy with her work.
“I also wanted to know what techniques to use when we sleep together. I’ve seen blowjobs but there isn’t really any flow to it.

Instantly, I took my dick out and exposed myself to Jessica. There was no turning back now.

“All you have to do is suck it nice and slow, give it a shot.”

“OK, but I’ve haven’t done it before, tell me if im doing it wrong.

She proceeded to kneel down and put my cock into her mouth. The feeling was unbelievable. I began to do some little thrusts in and out of her mouth.

“use more tongue.”

And she did. Saliva began to drip as my orgasm built.

“Another good thing to do here is strip your clothes so Matt can get a good look at you.”

“Ok sure.”

Without hesitating, she pulled her jumper off and took off her jeans and exposed her tits and nice round butt. I reached down and caressed her full tits as she sucked me my cock. I pinched her massive nipples hard.

“Tell Matt to do this, I’m sure it feels good for you.”

“yes, good idea, I definitely enjoyed it.”

Almost reaching orgasm, I quickly took my cock out to prolong this activity.

“That was great, just remember how you did that. Why don’t I show you where Matt should lick you? Lie down here.”

Hesitantly, she lay, looking puzzled. I went in for her lips and French kissed her.

“Return the kiss Jessica. Make sure you build up the saliva.”

And she did, as out saliva built up I slurped it up. She tasted amazing.

“After kissing, he should kiss your neck, like this, then your boobs.”

I proceeded to her neck and then her titties. God they were soft. I bit them and licked them all over.

“Your boobs are great Jessica, he certainly will like them.”

I placed my cock between her tits and asked her to squeeze her tits onto my dick.

“Then ask him to grind your tits, he will love it. He should do it like this”

I grinded her hard. The softness of her tits meant I almost reached climax within 30 seconds. But this was going so well that I didn’t want it to stop.

“Ok good job.”

She smiled again

“Ok, now ask him to lick your vagina, you have to demand it. Try it.”

“Ok. Lick my pussy Matt, Lick it!”

She grabbed my head and pushed it all the way to her crotch. I instantly got her scent. She was already quite wet on the outer and briefed her on what I was going to do.

“Ok, Matt should look you here and place a finger in your vagina. He needs to hit you up here.”

I inserted two fingers and pushed her upper wall, trying to find her g-spot. At the same time I licked her clit, the place I pointed to.

“Oh yeah, I see. SHIT that feels good.

I began to lick her juices out of her pussy. She leaked heavily, and suddenly she entered orgasm.

“Oh my god, what is this feeling.”

Her body began to spasm and rock hard. Her movements increased, before she squirted all over my face and relaxed. Her pussy was now covered in vaginal juices and I proceeded to lick it all off. Jessica had lost it. Her breathing was very heavy before I calmed her down by sucked her breast.

“Wow. Can you just show me where you did that?”

I quickly pointed out her clit and pushed my finger up her again.

“Don’t do it again please, I don’t think ill be able to handle it.”

She lay there, hand on her forehead, still trying to regain her composure.

“After you do that, all you have to do lie down, and spread your legs slightly apart.”

She did just as I asked

“Like this?”

The view of this angel lay just in front of me, fully naked. Her tits were wet from my saliva and her pussy was still covered in her juices. It was shining.

“Ok, just hold that position.”

She looked at me, still quite dazed from her orgasm.

“Like this?” she repeated.

“Yes baby, just like that.”

I lined my cock up next to her, still pulsing vagina. I rubbed my cock against her clit for a few moments before slowly inserting my penis into her. I began to thrust.

“Oh, yeah, just like that. Just lay there for Matt.”

Her tight pussy clamped down on my dick. It felt as though I had put my dick through a tiny pipe. Watching her tits effortlessly sway through my thrusting, encouraged me to increase my speed. I began to moan hard as her pussy began to make a sound every time I entered her. It was so wet that her pussy was popping every time I thrusted.

Almost reaching orgasm again, I pulled out, planting kissing onto her lips.

“Don’t forget to continually kiss him and touch him. It will make him go mad.”

“Ok, sounds easy.”

I rolled onto my back and my penis was pointing straight up.

“Ok, now, ask Matt to roll onto his back like this. Then jump onto him and put his cock into your hole. Why don’t you try it. He will love you after.”

“Yes, that is what I want.”

She stood up and guided my cock into her hole.

“OHHHH” I screamed.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes it does. Matt will love it for sure.”

I brought her down by her tits and sucked them passionately.

“Now, while he sucks your boobs, just bob up and down on his penis.”

“Like this?”

She began to thrust up and down on my cock.

“yes, Jessica JUST LIKE THAT!”

As my orgasm neared again, I grabbed her ass and began to thump into her pussy on my own terms. Each thrust came a loud slamming noise as our bodies collided and each thrust ejected some juices out of her vagina.

I lost all touch of reality at this point. The sight of her boobs just swung like a pendulum and I fucked her silly with her on top.

“Ok, what you want him to do is wear a condom and have him cum in your pussy. He will love it. Ill show you.”

I slammed into her again, and violently, before my cum burst into her vagina.

“Oh my god, Jessica. Keep bouncing, KEEP BOUNCING.”

And she did, for another minute before my cock began to soften.

“Now kiss him after he finishes.”

And we embraced for the last time. I her lips onto mine and licked her, trying to taste her as much as I could.

She jumped off me after my cock had softened all the way down.”

She got dressed. “Thanks! Ill try all those things you just told me.”