Connor And Claudia

This is partially based on a true story. The sexual part and the second half are pure fiction.
this is my first story, it's not perfect, please don't use the comments section for ads.

When I was nine years old, my twin brother and I loved to play games. A favorite game was called Naked Boy. We would both go into my parents bathroom and undress. The two of us would strip naked and ignore our clothes for the rest of the game. He would go into the shower and stand behind the glass door. I would pretend he was an animal at the zoo or something.

That all changed one day when we were playing. I had to go to the bathroom--badly, and I was supposed to stay naked. I was terrified about going to the bathroom in the same room as him, with him so close to me! But I didn't want to go on the floor, so I did. He noticed me peeing and came closer, looking straight at my pussy, as close as he could. His eyes were wide. As I finished up and reached for the toilet paper, he stopped me. "No Claudia, I'll do it." The idea of my brother wiping my pussy right after I peed disgusted and excited me. It was so wrong, so ...inappropriate. He wiped me so gently and then flushed. We were both blushing and made a silent agreement to not discuss this.

A week passed and we decided to play again. This time we ripped our clothes off even before we shut the bathroom door. I looked at him all naked, average-sized cock for his age, his handsome body... He looked at me. Later he told me that he was staring at my budding breasts, and what he could see of my pussy. Then we played the game. But while we were playing, I'd find myself staring at his cock, and catching him looking at my tits. I made the first move, "Connor, do you know what sex is? Do you know about masturbation and that kind of stuff?" I asked really quickly, feeling embarrassed. He looked at me strangely and said, "Yeah I do, for both, but don't tell mama and papa.

" I was shocked that my angel of a brother wasn't perfect.

"You wanna try some stuff?" I asked. "Sure. Why not?" He replied. A dozen reasons why flew through my mind but I didn't mention them. "Ok, give me your penis." I gestured for him to move closer. When I thought he was close enough, I leaned down and put it into my mouth. It tasted strange, not like I was expecting. I thought it would be horrible. I bobbed my head up and down, getting used to it. I began going faster and faster, sucking it as well. I stopped. Normally guys cum, but Connor was too young. I took a break as my mouth was tired. Connor took action by making me lay down with my legs wide open.

He opened his mouth and I realized what he was going to do. He licked my entire pussy, including my clit. It felt so great, I loved it. We then took our separate showers and dressed. Swearing that we would never mention what happened ever again.


"Mom! I'm home!" I yelled as I got home from school. She walked in from the next room and said, "Hi Claudia, did you have a nice day?" I nodded. My mom was in her late forties- I think she was forty-seven. She was a bit wide and had large breasts. She was actually shorter than me. At the age of fourteen, I was sixty-six inches, or five-foot six. I was pretty slim with B-cup breasts and long brown hair.

Mom then asked where my brother was, and I simply said, "at a friend's house, and he'll be there for dinner". I then ran upstairs into my bedroom and shut the door. My pussy and I need some quality time together. My friends and i were at the school library watching porn and i couldn't rub myself there. I stripped my clothes off onto the floor and lay on my bed, legs wide open. I rubbed my pussy with my fingers, occasionally going in. As soon as I was soaked again, I found my vibrator. I turned it on and began to rub it against my pussy. My body became even more heated and I grabbed my left tit with my open hand.
Slowly I began to to fuck myself with it. Faster and faster I moved. "Oh fuck! This feels so good!" I moaned. And then I orgasmed. It felt so great. I was exhausted, I decided to just sleep like this until dinner, until I felt it.

A pile of cum had landed on my leg. I looked up in surprise. It was my brother of all people! I grabbed the blanket to cover myself. Connor didn't cover himself his hard cock in his hands was much larger than when I last saw it. I yelled at Connor, but not loud enough for mom to hear, " What the fuck do you think you were doing Connor? Do you know what you did!? You violated my privacy by coming into my room without knocking, and you jerked off on/at me! You also watched me and didn't say a thing! How could you?"

"Listen Sis, I'm sorry if I freaked you out. I came home because it turned out that Elliot's family had guests over. I came up here to tell you that we were going to have spaghetti for dinner. I walked and saw your naked body masturbating and stuff and I got so turned on I just had to jerk off! I'm sorry." Connor told me. I just couldn't stay mad at him, so I told him that all was forgiven, if he cleaned up his mess. He moved forward to wipe his cum of my body, but I said no and pointed to the floor. His cum had managed to land on the floor as well as me. I walked to the shower that joined Connor and my room-together. After I washed myself, paying special attention to my tits and pussy, I went into my room, where I saw my room cleaned up, but Connor smelling my last pair of panties. I rolled my eyes. I was no longer shocked by Connor because i read in magazines that guys use the nearest woman for fantasies, and smelling panties were usual on the list.

The fact they were mine kind of made me feel wet, having a hot, muscled guy take interest in my body and such was flattering. I just cleared my throat and Connor jumped up guiltily. He then left.

Dinner was awkward, but we got through it.
But the next day was different. It was Saturday and I had nothing planned, so I slept in. Suddenly I woke up to the strange sensation of being watched. I sat up and noticed my naked brother staring at me. He just grinned and said, "You look adorable when you're asleep. Oh, and Mom went shopping with her friends, she'll probably be gone for a few more hours. Bye!" And he went to his room. I was shocked by his boldness but thought that maybe to have him stop doing...this would be giving him a taste of his own medicine. I would walk downstairs to breakfast in the nude.

After him seeing his own sister naked, I was positive he would stop being so attracted to me. I would miss his cock, though. So I went washed myself, paying extra attention to my body rather than my face. I went downstairs, my nipples rock hard. Connor wasn't there yet. I decided to make breakfast-his favorite. PANKAKES.

"WOW! Sis, you're making me pancakes, naked!" It was my brother, his slacks at his knees and his cock out in his hand. "Hey Connor, what do you think?" I spun around, did a jump, and put my foot on the kitchen counter so my pussy was open. His mouth was open wide. He reached his hands toward, slowly. The moment he touched my skin felt electrifying. His hands glided up to my tots where he massaged them. "Fuck! Your tits are so soft and firm!" He cried out. Then he put the right nipple in his mouth and started to suck and bite it.

I began moaning. The feeling was intensifying. I wanted to reach between my legs and rub my pussy but Connor beat me to it. He also finger-fucked me. I was wetter than water-if it's possible, and I wanted him in me. But Connor had some other ideas. "Lay down on the table Claudia." He commanded. I did so, hoping it was to fuck. He kneeled on the closest chair and brought his face to my pussy, inhaling the scent. "God I love your smell Claudia!" He whispered. He began by kissing my clit.
Just little ones, nothing too intense. Next he licked me. It reminded me of our hood. In fact, it was pretty much the same. The difference was my horniness and that he learned some tricks, like kissing my clit. After a while, he got up and put his cock in me. I was a virgin, but my cherry was broken out of the need to use tampons.

The feeling of him in my body, filling me up was so amazing. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed back in. Over and over again. Faster and faster he went until he just exploded inside of me. That's right, my twin brother, the age of fourteen, had sex with me and cummed in me! "I love you Claudia! I always have! And lately seeing you naked and such, I couldn't control myself and I started peeking at you in the bathroom and shower and while you were sleeping. I've loved you since we were nine. Remember?" My brother had just started talking after cumming. "I love you to Connor. Now let me clean your cock." I grabbed his cock and kissed the head repeatedly with big, passionate kisses. Quite unlike what Connor did. I then began to lick it. Cleaning off his and my cum from his cock.

After I was positive that it was clean, I slowly covered it with my mouth. It wasn't pornstar size, six inches or so, but I managed to get him all in. I heard him gasp and moan, he started moaning words. "Claudia...oh wow. Feels so great." I take pride in my blowjob ss. And then he cummed again, right in my mouth and I swallowed it. It was strange and thick, but I liked it.

I got up from the kitchen table and smiled. "We better clean this and ourselves up before Mom gets home." Connor went upstairs to shower and I was tasked with cleaning the kitchen. I then went upstairs to the shower and found Connor still there. Thinking that he wouldn't mind, I slipped into the shower. I was behind him and reached to grab his flaccid cock from the back.
"Yep it's me!"
I washed his body carefully, washing every little corner. I spent the most time on his cock. Then it was his turn. He got plenty of soap a massaged my tits so gently. It felt so nice. He also washed my pussy very carefully. It got me so heated up that I wanted to fuck again. And we did. Somehow Connor's cock managed to get in me and he started to move. Soon he cummed, a lot. And then we got out. He padded me dry with a towel and then we split. But before we did, Connor asked a question, something to change our future, "Claudia, you're on the pill, right?" I wasn't, and I'd been cummed in with no rubber! "No..." "That's not good, you might get pregnant!" He cried. "I probably won't, don't worry, everything will be ok." I tried to reassure him. "I'll tell you if I have news."

We'll see if Claudia becomes pregnant, if the twins' relationship continues, and more in the next story.


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