New Beginnings Ch01 My first Try at Erotica boy/boy

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New beginnings': Day 01

A little about me, my name is Tim and I am now 15 and starting high school. I have always been a skinny undefined young man. I was always told that one day I would blossom and grow, and it never happened. I have always been the little shy and quite boy with only one good friend who was my next door neighbor Bobby and he was a little older than me but small and quite like I was and now he is moving away although after he started high school he seemed to mature more and become more outgoing, he said it was his new friend and asked me after telling me he was leaving if I would like to take his place. I was very apprehensive at first and ask why would your older friends want to have anything to do with me? I figured if anything they would be my new bullies. I told him I would try to find them once I started school, just to appease him. I had actually planned to keep my head down and try to survive high school and maybe by some miracle make it to college and maybe then I could maybe find a girlfriend and maybe even explore other things because I was certain that I was bi. With absolutely nothing to base this on I only had my thoughts and fantasies of scenarios I would masturbate to. The last night before he was to move we had a sleepover and he seemed way more confident in his body and his manners where much more that of a completely confident person. He undressed right in front of me and walked around the entire night in his tighty whiteys and neither of us had ever been this comfortable around each other. I was still wearing my short and underwear when went to bed because I was still very unsure of my body, as I lay there that night after hours of video games and just talking I wondered if high school would make me a confident and less shy weakling. Maybe I should try meeting his new high school friends.

First day of High School:

My first day as I walked into this huge school full of people and the hustle and bustle was very unsettling, I was in a whole new world and feeling very afraid. Half way down the hall I was grabbed from behind and it was a familiar face, my lifelong bully and then he socked me in the stomach and called me a little bitch and as I dropped to my knees crying he continued to call me names and laugh at me, by this time a crowd had gathered and all I could think was my life sucks. As he continued to berate me, I noticed the crowd suddenly dispersed and I heard a loud booming voice, what the hell are doing? Great a teacher I can get out of this go home and never come back again. The bully quit laughing and started stammering when I realized this was not a teacher, he grabbed him by the collar and held him against the lockers and said apologize to him now, and if you ever bother him again I'll you. He then dropped him to the floor and turned to me and offered me a hand to get up, he said you must be Tim I'm Adam, Bobby told me you would be taking his place in the club. I’m glad to meet you, where is your schedule I'll help you get to your class. I was overwhelmed by his generosity. I said thank you very much Adam. He laughed and said no problem Bobby was the best member we had and if he vouched for you and you pass your initiation you will always have protection at this school. He walked me to my class and was referencing my schedule and said wait come with me to the office, we gotta change your classes. I was unaware that was possible, he said he wanted me in his gym class and his math class and he wanted me on same lunch as him. As we walked into the office it was obvious this guy got his way at this school. We stopped at a desk with a rather attractive blonde woman and she asked what he wanted, and he explained the situation and she smiled and said no problem. A few clicks on her keyboard she stood up went to the back and returned with my new schedule, smiled and said you two better get to class now. We left the office and returned to the door we had originally stopped at science class he walked me in and looked over the class and it was full of scrawny little guys and girls like me. He said your next class is down the hall on the right and then I'll come get you for math. As I walked in and took a seat all eyes were on me and then came all the hay's and what's your name, glad to meet you. It was looking up for me, could this be the life I kept fantasizing about. The rest of the day was just as good as that class and I was happy although gym class turned out to be the athletes training time, so I was in there with jocks and very fit masculine jocks at that. I forgot about my happiness and fell into a little despair and self-conscious of my body was overwhelming and unnerving. Lucky for me we didn’t do anything that day but sit on the bleachers and listen to the coaches talk about training and eating right and take care of your bodies. I kind of hid back and was waiting for the bell to ring so I could get home. Adam came over where I was sitting with a couple of other guys that he introduced me to at lunch and we sat and talked a little when one he was looking forward to having me in the club, the club I had forgotten about that what the hell kind of club was this. Just then the bell rang and we jumped up and headed out, Adam said hold up I’ll walk with you, as we exited the school he said lets go and started toward my house and told me he lived a couple blocks behind my house. Great let's go. As we approached my street he asked if I wanted to come hang at his house, I said I would have to ask my mom, and he said great, mom’s love me. As I entered the house my mom hollered from the kitchen how was your day sweetie, a little embarrassed I said it was great, she replied really, did you make any friends as she came into the living room and then seen Adam and smiled and said you did, hello I'm Tim’s mom, nice to meet you I’m Adam, nice to meet you ma'am. I chirped in and ask if I could go to Adams house and hang out and again was embarrassed when she replied yes sweetie you made a new friend, I said be back later mom and run out the door and waited for Adam on our front porch, he exited smiling and said she is nice I like her, you have a great mom. Let's go and we headed over to his house.

We arrived at a long drive leading to a big brick home and was very well maintained and lovely yard. We walked up onto the porch and he told me to come on in and as we entered, I heard rock music coming from the next room and some humming. We entered the room, and he says Tim this is my mom Mrs. Davis, I said hello Mrs. Davis, nice to meet you. She looked at me and smiled and then said to Adam, so this is the new one, my son has been anxious to finally meet you. Welcome to our home, hope you make the cut because my son has been a little depressed since Bobby said he was moving. I could not tell if Adam was embarrassed or not, he just said we are going to my room mom. Have fun you two. We headed to the back of the kitchen he opened door and said come on. Entering the door, we descended stairs to the basement, and it was dark, I was afraid I would trip and fall. I ran into him at the bottom and he said damn lights are out again. Give me a second and ill fix it. He turned on the light on his phone and went in and quickly had the lights on. I entered and was amazed, all I could say was wow, he giggled and said yeah, it's nice, I basically have my own apartment down here in the basement. There was a couch, love seat, coffee tables, a huge TV, he even has an office set up in there. He says this is not all and said let me give you a tour, he showed me a kitchenette, a huge bathroom and he even has a little work our area. I was blown away and a little envious of him. How could all of this be real, I must be dreaming, not only did I make a new friend who was a cool jock, he was beyond anyone I had ever met, has I been raised wrong, did not taking chances in life lead me to being this timid little shit I now live my life as. I then realized Bobby’s new confidence this must be where it came from. Adam was staring at me in a daze and said calm down Tim, we got a lot to do today to get you ready for your new club membership, gotta go over the rules and what is expected of you as well as the other members, which you will meet soon. I said ok let's do it with no idea what laid ahead but at this point I may have ed someone to be in this club.

OK, first things first, this is a very private club, if it happens in the club house or between members it stays private. You will have task and chores you must complete without hesitation or complaint. Disobedience and refusal of a request will result in punishment, and we will go over those later today. I want to tell you about the benefits of this club. You will always have protection, you will always have friends, you will always have fun and be pampered. I kind of was only half listening when I heard always protected and always have friends. Adam said are you good so far, I immediately chirped yes, he smiled and said Bobby was just as eager as you, let's hope you make it past the interview just as he did. Let’s get started I beamed. He asked what time I would have to be home. I told him my mom would be leaving for work soon so no hurry. Good call your mom and tell her you are eating with us tonight. I happily called and let mom know and she was fine with it and told me to not be out to late I needed to get some sleep and needed to fold the laundry. I said ok mom no problem. As I handed his phone back to him, he said good now let's get started Tim. He said remove your shirt and pants, I stammered what, he said you heard me, remove your shirt and pants, and you now have one demerit, I'll explain the demerits soon. He said two demerits and I do not like repeating myself. I started by removing my shirt and then my shoes slowly, he said you now have 3 demerits I would hurry if I were you, I’m not sure why but I complied and yanked my jeans down and I was in such a rush I fell over trying to get them off. I stood there as he looked at me and he said I am going to get a closer look. He approached me and looked me over good, I was shaking from my nerves and being scared. He then touched my chest and arms and said you are kind of frail, but we can work with this. He then told me to put my hands-on top of my head and keep them there once I did, he grabbed the waist band of my white briefs and pulled them away from my body then he pulled them down slowly. He said well that’s a well-defined little butt for a scrawny boy he then turned me around and said not bad, I was afraid you were going to be one of those skinny boys with a big dick, but you got a little pecker. I immediately turned red and he obviously noticed and said it’s ok Tim that is a good thing. You passed this part of the interview. Now keep your hands where they are he then knelt down and said just relax, and then he said your still a virgin so this may feel weird at first but just bear with me and do as told. He engulfed my little pecker and balls all at once and began to work his tounge and I almost fell to my knees, in doing so I grabbed at his head and was immediately brought back to reality when he yelled demerit 4 and 5 for moving your hand and touching me. I quickly placed my hands back on my head and gained my balance as he went back to work on my little pecker. I did not last long and shot into his mouth and he was not happy I did so, so quickly. He then stood up and motioned for me to remove my hands, then he placed his hand under my chin and pushed my head back and then planted his mouth on mine. He used his hands to open my mouth and kissed me deep my own cum into my mouth. He then stepped back and said let's get to your demerits, you now have 5. I was nervous and once we get that out of the way you will have one more task and you will be the new club member and replacement for Bobby.

He said pull your briefs back up and have a seat on the love seat. He then joined me on the love seat and said your demerits will be payable at end of each week, normally right now we are just showing you how they work. You understand? Yes, Sir immediately came from my mouth, very good he said. A demerit is for non-compliance or reluctance. Do you understand? Yes, sir. He said you have 5 each demerit equals 10 licks. There are exceptions to this rule but you will learn that later. You are at 50 licks and they will go up for not doing as told, do you understand that? Yes sir. Since you have 50 I’m going to show a couple different kinds, you will not be in charge of what you get, it will be the punisher's choice. You understand that? Yes sir. Good stand up and remove your underwear and bend over my knee. I had no idea what to expect, I had never been paddled or spanked in my life. As I lay over his knee my bare ass in the air, he said first is bare handed. I want you to count as I go. I was tensed up awaiting the first blow. I felt him relax and it relaxed me a little and then out of no where came the first smack and loud echo of flesh. I yelped one, it burned and stung, but I must take it, I cannot miss out on this chance to be in this club and have friends. The next blow came and I counted out two, three, each blow stinging my bare ass, he stopped after I counted to 10, he said ok now the next one, same position but I’m going to use a paddle, which turns out was a hairbrush. Remember to count the first smack was painful and I yelped one and he stopped and said no, that was eleven, now again we are starting at eleven, again he delivered the lick and I yelped eleven then twelve and then thirteen, all the way to 30, I was sobbing, my ass was on fire and the breeze from the ceiling fan was making it worse. He instructed me to stand and face the coffee table. He was obviously looking at my red stinging ass. He says that is a beautiful site your cherry red ass, but no time to indulge. Now go get your briefs and meet me in the kitchen I have to get some things out of the closet. My mind was stuck on the fact that I had 20 licks to go. I was wondering why would he want my underwear? I stood in the kitchen tears have left my eyes now as I stood on the cool tile floor. In the kitchen I noticed the counter had only a microwave and small sink, a canter counter top in middle of kitchen, only a few cabinets on wall. I was feeling a little anxious standing nude rubbing my sore ass to no avail it only hurt more when I touched it. My ass was feeling much better most of the soreness is gone and the burning is almost gone. He stepped into the kitchen area and said give me your underwear and bend over the island. I handed him my underwear and looked around and he followed with this is an island. I moved to the island and leaned over the counter top was cold on my bare chest. He then moved in front of me and took my arms and said here and here as he guided them to the corners of the island. He then produced some black Velcro straps that he used to secure my hands to legs of the island. He then moved behind me and secured legs with the same type of straps. Once again, I was feeling nervous, he told me this is the next to the worst punishment and is reserved for very bad behaviour or repeated bad behaviour. The worst is by far the worst and is only done in the club house. He added it will probably be awhile before I got to see the club house. I heard him drag a bar stool behind me and heard it creek as he sat down. He said this is going to let you this club is serios business and we expect perfection but follow the rules and you're going to be fine.

He continued telling me more about following rules and doing as I was told and do it without hesitation. He added I would like to say this will be your last time since you should learn your lesson from this interview. Unfortunately, there will be future instances you will have doubt or hesitation until we get you trained to be more confident in yourself. I thought is this why Bobby seemed much more confident and assertive. If he can make it so can I. I heard him as he stood up and he walked to my bare cold body and caressed my sore red cheeks, but it felt nice and sent a tingle through my body. He moved his hand up my back to my shoulders and then slowly back down to my buttocks and then into my crotch and gently brushed my little nuts I was already hard and it was actually hurting under the weight of my body against the counter top. He then stepped back and I heard the jingle of belt buckle. He then said remember you are on 30 licks. So what is your first number? I said 31. Thirty-one what? 31 Sir. Correct he said. He stepped to my side and gently stroked my face and said raise up and look at me. As I did, he said open your mouth. As I did he shoved my underwear in my mouth and he said bite down on this. He then stepped behind and to the side. I could hear the belt as it sliced through the air and bit the skin of my tender ass. I managed a muffled 31 as my eyes swelled with tears. I heard another slice as he swung down, 32 I yelped out. I heard him slide back a little and the next blows came quick 33, 34, 34, 36, 37. He stopped and rubbed my red burning ass. I winced in pain. Now it’s the worst you ‘ll get this session. I heard the belt cutting through the air but the pain was new and far more this time as it was my inner thigh I cried out 38, 39, 40, he then switched sides and got the other thigh 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. I was barely able to call out the numbers. I was balling like a little baby. He said your last five are going to be a little lighter at first then harder each time. He moved in front of me and pushed his crotch into my face and reached out with hand and rubbed my back. This time I never heard the belt as it gently slowly wrapped down the crack of my ass just tipping my balls. 46, again no sound but a little harder 47, 48, the next one made a hollow slap sound on my tender ass and popped my little sack good. 49 and then I head the belt swinging hard as it hit the small of my back and unfurled with a snap on my sack and legs gave out and I almost got sick to my stomach.

He then moved beside me dropping the belt on the floor, he started rubbing my body slowly and carefully. I was in pain, but it was easing of with his touch and comfort. He stood and released my legs and then my hands. I stood up and just stood there tears streaming down my face. I looked up at him and he smiled and stepped to me and removed the underwear from my mouth and put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. I had an overwhelming feeling come over me of safety and trust. He held me for a while and then pushed me back a little and asked if I was ready to eat. Sure, I said with a little smile. He beamed a huge smile back and said let's get you dressed and cleaned up a little. Once I was dressed back in my undies, jeans, and t shirt, he ushered me towards the bathroom where he washed my face and said let's go eat then we will see how your final test goes. I smiled and said sounds good to me sir.

We entered the main house, and he led the way to the kitchen and his mom did you boys wash your hands? Yes, ma'am we both replied. Your plates are on the bar, that way you can stand up to eat Tim since its going to be uncomfortable for you to sit down for a while. I flashed red with embarrassment, I had forgotten we were not alone in the house and I know she had to hear all that happened in the basement. I stood frozen when Adam said come on Tim you got to eat. I was not able to keep my mind on eating. I was thinking about how his mama heard me getting spanked in the basement by her son. What if she had come in with red bare ass swinging in the wind and being whipped with a belt. Adam had finished eating and said come on Tim I'll put your plate in the sink and we can go finish your test. As we left the kitchen his mom said good luck Tim I know you can do it and hope to keep seeing as my sons new friend. Adam pushed me down to the basement as I was frozen. Adam turned me toward him once we entered the basement and said it’s ok my mom is cool and she won't say anything to anyone. Modesty is a good thing, but you are going to have to lose that trait while you are hear. One more test and then you're in the club, I noticed you did not eat much at supper and that is understandable, but you have to keep your strength up you are still growing after all. Now next test is simple and straight forward. Drop to your knees and undo my pants. I dropped down wincing as the jeans material rubbed against my sore butt. I unbuttoned his top button and then unzipped him and spread open his fly. I knew what he was going to ask. I reached in and pushed his pants down grabbing his boxer band and pulling down on them as well. His cock fell heavily against my face. I looked up at him and he said you know what to do just go slow. I was trying to size up his cock and guessed it had to be every bit of 10 inches. I was in awe. I had no idea they came this big. I felt miniscule next to this monster meat log. I licked the head and then took the head in my mouth and tried to swallow the whole thing and gagged and d. He said whoa you gotta go slow it takes practice to take all of me. It took bobby a month before he could take half of it down his throat. Just suck the head and stroke the shaft until I cum and spilling my cum is a waste and a big no no. I want you to swallow it all. I continued sucking the head of his cock and stroking the shaft, the taste was actually exciting to me and after tasting my cum I wanted to know if his was any different. He was moaning as I sucked, he said seeing my little pecker, my tight little ass red from the belt I have been about to cum my pants for a while. I felt his hands grasp the back of my head and I could feel his cock twitching and swelling even larger. I finally realized he was about to cum when my mouth filled with cum. It gushed forward and down my throat and I was trying to swallow and not lose any, but some dribbled down my chin. Once he released my head, I quickly licked my lips trying to catch what escaped he look down and pulled me up and to him. He licked my neck and chin and cleaning his cum from me and then deep kissed me and then held me a minute before looking into my eyes and saying congratulations you did it. We will get started on your training tomorrow. Does your mom work tomorrow? Yeah, she works noon to 8 pm tomorrow. Come here as soon as she leaves. Yes, sir will do. I got a kiss goodbye and headed up to the main house and heading to the front door I head his mom so did you pass. Yes, ma'am I said, then I'll see you tomorrow then, with a coy little smile.

I arrived home still in a bit of a daze from the most eventful day of my life. I was brought out of my daze by a ringing telephone, it was my mom. Hey honey did you have a fun time with your friend? Yes, I had a blast, I ate supper at their house and just got home. I’m fixing to fold clothes and go to bed. That’s great honey im so glad you made a good friend I know It was hard on you Bobby moving away, you be on your best behaviour and do as your told while at their house. Love you honey goodnight. Goodnight mom love you. I went to laundry room and folded the clothes and hurried to bed as I undressed and was looking at my sore ass in the mirror, I noticed I was smiling ear to ear and the happiest I had ever been. Off to bed to see what was in store for tomorrow.

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