3 true public sex stories

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The club is busy. We have been there a while, have had a few drinks. Well, a lot of drinks really. U are wearing a black, sheer, mid-thigh length dress with an open back, heels. U look amazing.

We r having fun with 5 guys who r watching as U dance. I say Im getting more drinks. U ask Shall I come with? No, keep the guys entertained :} To which U just giggle and return to dancing by urself.

I dont return right away. Instead I go 2 the balcony. The guys have formed a circle around U. U glance up. U c me. U give me a WTF gesture. I mouth I want to watch U. U smile back mischievously.

U dance with more energy directed at the guys. U hold the hem of Ur dress and lift it slightly. U start actively teasing, backing into them b4 dancing on. U keep looking at me 2 make sure its OK.

Still dancing, U take Ur phone, call me. U ask R U happy? Very. How far can I go? Remember our agreement? Yes. Go 4 it. U lift Ur dress higher, grind Ur pelvis in the air. This melts me. I tell U I love U.

U say Im gonna put on a show U wont forget. U hang up. I raise my glass to U. U start placing guys hands on your hips, grinding on their outstretched legs. Ur dress rides up. The guys can c Ur panties.

U take the hand of the guy Ur dancing with, put it btween Ur legs letting him brush Ur mound. U touch his crotch, feel his stiffness. The circle of 5 closes in. No one else on the dance floor can c U.

U change partners, take the new guys hand, this time put it fully on Ur cunt, feel his fingers pressing against your lips. He feels Ur wetness. Wilson Pickett starts singing Ride Sally, Ride.

Other guys join in, humping any part of Ur ass and hips that they can get access 2. Some r groping Ur beasts. U r panting now. U move up and down on some guys leg.

U feel Ur dress being lifted over Ur waist. 1 guy lifts Ur arms and pulls Ur dress over Ur head, leaving U in just black panties and bra. U faintly protest then feel a hand slide into Ur panties.

U go 2 stop the invading fingers but Ur arms r held by others. U dont try resist. Fingers work U into such a state of ecstasy U dont notice Ur bra being removed until U feel Ur nipples being caressed.

Ur panties r pulled 2 Ur ankles, Ur feet lifted out. U spread wide, hump the fingers that have entered from front and behind. U cum visibly, losing the rhythm then fall into the coat Im holding 4 U.

I lead U away, grab Ur clothes. We escape the club, get a taxi. Did I put on a good show? Baby, you put on a great show. U start 2 dress, cant find Ur panties.

U say Whoever took off my panties kept them. I know they did I say, as I pull them from my pocket. We hug until U fall asleep on me in the taxi exhausted by the events.

One Saturday nite my husband and I went out 2 dinner. I wore black heels, a slinky black dress cut high up the side, the top low cut and loose. If I bent forward U culd c my tits. No bra, no panties.

Nice restaurant. The waiter got lots of peeks at my tits. After dinner, drinks. Ready 2 catch a cab, I went 2 the ladies room, took my dress off, put it in my purse. Now I was naked under my coat.

Husband was shocked but loved it. As we walked U cud c my legs almost 2 my crotch. The looks from others waiting for cabs were priceless. Getting in2 the cab, the doorman stared at my shaved pussy.

When we got 2 the hotel I sat alone at the bar. My husband sat in a booth near me so he cud watch. When I crossed my legs people cud c my pussy. Didnt take long for a cute guy, maybe 25, 2 buy me a drink.

His name was Tom. We chatted, Tom staring at my tits when I bent forward. I made sure he saw my pussy. After the 2nd drink, he rubbed my legs, asked if I was a call girl, wanted 2 know my price.

I laughed, sed I did this bcause I liked 2. Told him Im married, that my husband likes 2 watch, pointed 2 him. He waved backed. Asked Tom if hed join us at the booth. Sure. We sat, me btween the 2 men.

Hubby played with my clit. No 1 cud c xcept Tom. Told me 2 kiss Tom. As we kissed, Tom worked his hand 2 my pussy, stuck his finger in me. I rubbed his cock thru his pants. I came, biting my lips shut.

Tom licked his fingers clean as I continued to play with his cock. Hubby whispered that I cud do better. I unzipped Tom, pulled it out. He was rock hard, oozing pre cum. I was still horny as hell.

Tom played with my tits. Hubby was pushing 2 fingers in and out really fast. I luv this and usually cum quickly, which I did. Tom was ready 2. I put a napkin over his knob, milked his jizz in2 it.

Tom sed he had 2 clean up, wud be right back. Hubby was ready 2 fck, so we left the lounge while Tom was gone. This was the 1st time we had done anything like this, but not the last.

I’m so proud of U 4 starting Ur own business. I want 2 share a story, written by a woman, who helped her husband grow his business. Know that if U need me, I can help keep Ur clients happy.

We took my husband's biggest client, Mike, out 4 having dinner and drinks. Mike always pays a lot of attention 2 me, looks me up and down, touches me, makes me feel a little uncomfortable. This night was no different.

Joey always tells me 2 b cool, not 2 upset the client. A 3rd of Joeys companies $$ came from Mike. He cant afford 2 risk that relationship. After dinner we went 2 a club, classy and very dark.

At a table, my husband put his hand on my thigh. This makes me feel a little sexier. When we dance, he plays with my butt, makes no secret of it. Hey, it's OK, we've been married practically 4ever.

The client asked me 2 dance. Being a good corporate wife, I accepted. A slow song came on. He pulled me close, hands on my hips. When we got back 2 the table, Joey was in the men's room.

Joey went 2 the mens room. While Mike and I talked he put his hand on my thigh. Right around the hem of my skirt. He moved down my nylons 2 my knee, back up. Casually, he went under my skirt 2 my thigh.

Thankfully, when Joey returned Mike moved his hand 2 my knee. When Mike went 2 pee, I told Joey about Mikes wandering hand. So?, my husband sed. Let him. Please. I was more than surprised.

Honey, he sed, he's my biggest client. U want him 2 feel me up? If he wants 2, yes, I want him 2 b able 2 do that. U want me 2 let him touch me anywhere? It's just playing, he sed, not real sex. I dont mind.

My dear husband wanted me 2 engage in sex play 4 money, indirectly. Well, I get that money, 2. More indirectly, but I still get it. I downed my drink. And ordered another round.

Mike came back, asked me 2 dance, pulled me 2 him. I didnt resist. I cud feel his erection against my belly. His hands dropped to my butt and I didnt resist that. Every1 culd c him massaging me.

He traced the outline of my bikini underwear with his fingers, knew exactly what I was wearing. When we sat down again, both men put their hands on my legs. Jesus, what is this, a 3sum? I thought.

Joey xcused himself again, Mike moved his chair closer 2 mine. He whispered how beautiful I looked, what a good dancer I was. I gulped my drink 4 courage. Next time we danced we put on a show.

During fast dances, he put his leg btween mine so that I cud hump it, which I did. During slow ones, he felt all of me outside my clothes. I was getting turned on, brushed my hand against his prick.

Joey came back with drinks, watched us intently. We came back 2 the table and both mens hands went 2 my legs again. Then Joeys cell rang. He had an emergency, had 2 leave. Mike wud b driving me home.

We had another drink. Mike moved his hand under my skirt. This is it. Either I stop it here or let it continue. My instructions are not 2 upset the client. So I uncrossed my legs 2 gave him access.

He leans in, kisses me! If I werent drunk, Id be shocked by the public nature of it. His hand brushes my crotch. I jump at the touch. What Im shocked at is that Im not angry, I dont want him 2 stop.

While we’re making out, the bouncer comes behind us, whispers 2 me ‘I havent seen U in here b4, honey, but if U arent more subtle, U wont be allowed 2 work in here again.’ OMG he thinks Im a hooker.

I was so embarrassed. Mike paid the bill. We headed 2 his car. He had 2 help me walk. We got in2 his car, turned on the radio and the a/c, but didn't drive away. He turned 2 me and kissed me again.

His hands were all over me. The electric feeling in my nipples went rite 2 my pussy. How cud I stop now? The seats reclined til he was nearly lying on top of me. He took my blouse and skirt off.

My God, now I'm lying here in just a bra, slip and underwear. He pulled my breasts out above my bra. Then he knelt btween my legs, kissed my breasts, ripped my pantyhose off, tongued me til I came.

Mike moved 2 his seat, lay back. He put my hands over his cock. I unzipped him, pulled his pants below his knees, straddled his hips. We kissed while I placed his penis at the entrance 2 my vagina.

I f
cked him til I his cock got super-hard. He tensed, lifted his hips, shot his sperm in2 me. I collapsed on him, cud feel the fluid running out of my hole. Leather seats dont stain, fortunately.

He kept my panties as a trophy. He had conquered me. He kept his hand on my crotch as he drove me home naked. I didnt mind. I was still feeling warm and gooey and satisfied from the fucking.

I ran in2 my home naked. Thankfully, Joey was asleep. Next morning he asked me what had happened. I was embarrassed. He had 2 drag the details out of me. Joey went nuts, fcked me like a beast.

We spent the next 3 months reliving my nite with Mike. Joey made me describe what happened in ever more detail as he f
cked me. After we came, like a mantra, Joey wud say Cant wait 4 the Xmas party.

Next time I saw Mike was at the company Xmas party at Joeys office. A big shindig with all the major clients invited. Mike was delighted 2 c me, touched me a lot, hands on my arm, waist, back, butt.

Mike was discreet but Joey noticed and, with his eyes, encouraged it again. At 1 point, Mike steered me 2 a dark office. He was all over me. I resisted a little, but knew I cudnt make a fuss.

Any scene wud b a disaster. At the club, Mike and I were anonymous. Here every1 knows Mike, knows Im the wife of a partner. Its not like I can slap him, yell Stop, run away with unbuttoned blouse.

While I pondered my predicament, Mike really turned it on. He kissed me hard, mauled my breasts, got under my dress 2 the skin above my stockings moved his hand toward my crotch.

Joey made me go with no panties. Had he and Mike discussed this? Was I the company whore? Mike's hand cupped my vulva, felt my wetness. I stopped struggling when Mike put his fingers inside me.

Btraying any good judgment I had left, I pushed my cunt down on his hand, fucking it. After a couple minutes, he pulled out, licked his fingers, sed We cant stay away 2 long. Later. And he left.

And he left me hanging, a burning urn of churning cnt. I rearranged my clothing, fixed my hair as best I cud, returned 2 the party feeling like I wanted 2 put every cock in the room in2 my pussy.

Joey noticed my rumpled hair. I told him about Mikes groping. Joey was mainly concerned about appearances, rather than what Mike might do with my body. B careful. We cant afford even a rumor.

Mike found us, introduced his marketing VP, Ken, younger than me by 10 yrs. I was in a corner, so no 1 cud c Mike rubbing my ass while telling Ken about about how sexy I was. Isnt she beautiful, etc.

I shuddered visibly, Mikes caresses releasing the orgasm waiting in me. Jesus, I had just cum standing b4 3 men. Did they notice? My juices dripped down my legs. Cud they smell my sex vapors?

I turned 2 Mike as he started pulling the back of my skirt up, xposing my bare ass. It was then I realized there was a mirror bhind me, that Ken, leering, was staring at the reflection of my ass.

Ken moved2 my other side, squeezed my other naked cheek then squirmed his hand btween my legs, put a finger up my pussy. Joey obviously knew what was going on, his cock tenting his trousers.

I met this man 10 mins ago and his finger is in me? Had Mike told him that I was a sex toy for clients? Am I a perq 4 his favorite VP? I look at Joey uncomfortably. His eyes plead 4 me not upset these men.

Ken asked me 2 dance. I thought I wud b getting away from the groping. Boy, was I wrong. He slipped his hand up on2 my breast. When I didnt slap him for that, the hand went under my skirt.

He danced me 2 the darkest corner of the room, out the door in2 another empty office. Joey and Mike both watched us slip in2 the office, close the door. I had enuf 2 drink I didnt even try 2 struggle.

Ken stripped me naked, pushed me on2 a sofa, f
cked me 4 minutes, spunked in2 me, zipped up and left, just like that. I found my dress but my bra was gone. I guess he took it as a trophy.

Joey was still with Mike, who gave him an Id like a dance 2, wink, wink brushoff. Mike danced me in2 the same office, started making out, got incredibly xcited when he found my breasts were loose.

He put his fingers in2 me, gently, then roughly, then gently, thumbed my clit until I I came and came, screaming my pleasure in2 his mouth as he kissed me hard. No one else heard, I think.

When he lay down on the sofa, I knew what he wanted. I lowered my pussy onto his cock, just like I had in his car, fucked him slow and fast til he came hard. I got off him, sraightened the dress, left 2 find my husband.

As Joey and I left the party, the cum of 2 men started 2 run down my leg. It tickled. And it shamed me. Joey didnt notice til I had to wipe off cum that had trickled below my knee. Omigod! Is that..?

I grabbed Joeys lapel, pulled his face to mine. Yes, Joey. U wanted me 2 b nice 2 Ur clients. Well, I was. U saw their hands all over my body. U wanted me 2 let them do it. U even enjoyed it, U bastard.

The cum of 2 men is running out of me. I think U ought 2 clean me up since I was so nice 2 your clients. He almost threw me in the back seat. He pulled up my dress and licked my legs clean, my pussy 2.

I came again, screaming in the parking garage. It echoed all over. Im sure that anyone else in the garage knew exactly what was going on. But that was okay, because this time it was with my husband.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000