Shy and Divorced

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The sun shown down upon two naked bodies making love creating a heat unparalleled to the heat of passion.

Linda is 35 year old divorced mother of two small s, she is a saleslady at a department store in Rockwall.
She is very attractive petite woman about 5' 4", slim hot sexy body, small breasts the size of naval oranges,
long blonde hair, and sparkling dark eyes. I seen her in the fragrance dept. when I stopped by the store. Ihad my aide find out about her ans sent her a dozen roses and a bottle of expensive perfume with a note. Call your baby sitter tell her you will be late, there will be a car waiting for you after you get off. Tell the driver your favorite restaurant and he will bring you there. That was how I met Linda, she was shocked that a man would go to so much to meet her. In our conversation she told me her ex-husband was abusive so she and the s left and she got a divorce. She has not dated since her divorce two years ago, she has tried to date but when men learn she has two small s that is the last time, she hears from them.

It's late Saturday afternoon, and she is taking a bath. The sunlight outside the bathroom window is actually yellow; a warm, buttery color that she didn't think existed anywhere outside of novels. The water is warm as butter, too, and slick with bath oil that makes her skin feel like smooth, soft fur. Sighing, she floats slightly in the water, and she almost asleep when I knock on the door, once, before opening it. " I thought you'd gotten out by now," I say. " I thought you were getting dressed?" " It's only been-" She checks the delicate clock across the room and she is surprised at the time. " Almost an hour," She finishes sheepishly. She stands, the water running down her sides, and I offer my hand to help her out of the tub. When she takes hold, however, instead of standing still, I yank her towards me. Off-balance, She slides in the slippery residue at the bottom of the tub and plunges into my arms, ending pressed against me with her wrist held behind her back. " Whoops," I whisper, my breath soft and hot, and she is about to pull away and apologize for wetting my shirt front when I put a bit more pressure on her arm, enough to make her rise slightly onto her toes. Her skin is so hot from the water she feels as though she is steaming, and now all of that heat is rushing to her clit. I pin her arm firmly, and with one movement, my leg between her thighs, lifting her to the very tips of her toes. She rocks slightly, looking down, as the flush moves into her cheeks.

" Look at me," I say. She can't. She shakes her head. " I'm shy," She blurts out. In response, I press my hips against her hard, and she feels the bulge of my cock in my pants. " Don't you ever say no to me," I say, and those words bring her head up like a puppy's. Her clit throbbing against my thigh, my words like an arrow of tension moving through her. She catches my eyes and fights the urge to look down, ashamed as she is of her reaction to my words. Instead, she keeps looking and she is rewarded by the intense lust she sees there. With two quick steps, I move her backwards against the counter top. She leans both hands back behind her for balance, and I catch her wrists and hold them together. My other hand moves quickly between her legs, two fingers thrust inside her, holding her rooted as I bend her backwards. I nuzzle her neck, kissing, then harder kisses, then a little bite. " No hickeys," She whispers, breathless. " I told you not to say no," I say and bite her hard, holding the flesh between my teeth like a wolf proving who's in charge. In a swift move, I fling her forward, sending her out of the bathroom and into the hallway, so much colder that it's almost dizzying. Then we're in her bedroom, then her bed. I all but throw her onto the bed, where she bounces slightly, and then I'm on top of her, pressing her down. She ends up face-down, her ass high in the air like a classic porn pose.

" If I want to fuck you, I will," I say, and without any warning, thrust two fingers into her pussy again. I lean close to her ear and say, " If I wanted to pierce you, here, I would, but I won't." and I flick her clit with my thumb. " I want you to always carry something of mine with you, so you know who owns this." A third finger joins the first two, and she can't help pushing back against my hand, even as she cringes at the idea of her sensitive clit with a ring through it. As quickly as they went in, the fingers are gone, and her clit throbs with an invisible piercing. She feels me pull away from her, and start to sit up, but I push her down. " Don't move," I say. I gently trace the inside of her thighs with my fingertips, making her shiver. " If I wanted to tattoo you, I would, but I won't." I say. " Here, where the skin is so soft, and I can look at it whenever I fuck you." With that, she lets out a low moan and the dripping juices from her pussy reaches my hand. I laugh and gently tap her clit. There is a rustling as I remove my clothes and position myself behind her. Teasing her with the head of my cock, only just barely touching the empty, aching space where she wants it to be, I say, " Do you want to say no to me now?"

" First," I said, starting to spread the pre-cum around my cock head. She wants to force me inside her, or scream, or cry, but instead she does nothing, holding very still, and I will reward her by sliding into her. She gasps, anticipating feeling my cock inside her tight unused pussy, she is a little fearful not knowing the size of my cock, I push my weight forward, sinking her into the bed. I start to thrust my hips in little jabs, slowly easing my cock into her. " Uh! Unh! Uh!" She gasps with each small thrust, as more of my engorged cock head pushes into her. " Oh, you're so big, John!" " Oh, you're so tight, Linda!" I said, straining to go slow as her thick vaginal walls grip my cock, trying to accommodate the largest thing that has ever been put in her. Her ex-husband was small in comparison
she thought. Her whole body had frozen as I start to thrust into her, and now she remembers to rub her clit, trying to counter the painful stretched feeling of my big cock with waves of pleasure from her clit. My eyes are glued to where half of my thick, red cock is disappearing into Linda's pink pussy. One hand is on the bed near her shoulder, while the other hand grips the base of my cock, trying to hold myself back from thrusting completely into her or cumming too soon. " You're so hot, Linda," I growled, " so hot around my cock. You're going to take all of me," as I thrust harder into her pussy, pushing in another inch.

" Ah! John! It's too much!" She cries, but I'm not stopping at this point. Sliding out a little, I thrust back in another two inches. " Oh god!" She cried. " That's it, Linda," she suddenly hears my voice in her ear. " You're doing a great job, being so good, taking all of my big cock inside you. Keep playing with your clit, baby, keep making yourself feel good. Once I'm all the way inside and fucking you, I'll make you feel so good, just like you're making me feel." My voice starts to calm her down, as I keep whispering in her ear, I thrust my entire cock into her small pussy and hold myself there, shaking with effort of not cumming. " Oh, John," She said, looking back at me, feeling my pelvis pressing against her pelvis, her legs spread wide to receive my body between them. " Good Linda," I said. " What a tight pussy. My pussy," I growled. " I'm going to fuck you now." Pulling almost all the way out of her, and then gently sliding back in, building up a steady rhythm. " Oh! Oh! Oh!" She gasps with each thrust back into her stretched pussy, the pain starting to go away as my cock works its magic.

The size of my cock made her look back in shock as I continue my assault on her pussy. Her eyes pleaded with me not to hurt her, not to be so rough, but the next push is just as hard and deep. She sees lust in my face as I fuck her like a run away train, my balls slapping her clit with each thrust. He grab her hips as a loud slapping attack starts on her pussy. At first she is just trying to hold on and not get hurt, but as I keep slamming into her, she found that she is bucking back towards my cock with each thrust. Her pussy is on fire and her legs feel wobbly with all of my weight slamming down into her pussy over and over. She is shocked at how fast and hard a older man like me is hammering her. She lowers her head as the first orgasm hits her. I never stop or slow down as her body twists in front of me. She thinks it turned me on more to see her, cumming because I grab a hold of her shoulders and fuck her like she has never felt before. She looks up into the mirror and sees that I was replaced by a grunting powerful animal. She feels my cock swelling inside of her and the head of my cock is banging on the entrance to her womb. When she feels my cock hit her womb again another orgasm hits her and as she feels it come up from her toes, she feels me unload my sperm into her. I grunted as load after load filled her. I pull out of her then rub my cock head up and down her ass crack.

Linda panics " No...Please no...not my ass...John." I force her chin up so she is looking at me, she hears my panting turn hoarse as I whisper to her, my eyes wild and dark. " This is mine," I say. " This belongs to me. Do you understand?" Lydia nods furiously, and as I pull her face to mine for a kiss. My hands laced through her hair and she feels my fingers shaking. We stay pressed against each other for a few seconds until falling exhausted sideways. Sticky and sore, she trails a hand along my side and I shiver, then roll towards her. Gathering her into my arms, I push inside her again with a gentle dreaminess, and she can feel me getting harder. " Mine," I whisper contentedly, and my cock says the same thing inside her. She can't help the moan that slips out as I go deeper, and her pussy opens to take me in again.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000