Eric & Angel 2

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Eric's naked body flashed in my head over and over and over again. I decided not to go to the football game. Going to the game , watching Eric play , get all sweaty woudnt help at all. My sister Alicia still went though. Eric would enjoy her more than me. I laid on my bed staring into the ceiling , then I heard the door unlocked and laughter. I knew it was Alicia but there was a second voice , I tired to pin point on who it was. But I coudnt so I got up and headed for downstairs. As I was stepping down , I stopped dead in my tracks. There in my living room was Eric sitting on the couch. My sister Alicia called to me.

" Hey how are you feeling"? she asked me.

Still looking at Eric , Eric looking at me he smiled and waved off to me.
Oh Im feeling fine I replied back.

I scurried back upstairs there was a stiffness developing in my pants. After about 10 minutes there was a knock on my door. The door knob turned and Eric peeked in. Hey wassup ? How you feeling ?. He entered my room looking around.

"You gotta nice room here Angel"

Eric sat on the bed next to me. So how you feeling your sister told me you fell sick and coudnt come to the game.

"Yeah sorry about that I answered back"

" no problem we won anyway" Eric threw his arms around my neck.

Your sister went to the store she said she will be back in a little bit. I'll be here for a minute so yo u wanna watch t.v or something , chill , watch a movie ?.

"Sounds good to me" I popped in a quick movie nothing special. Eric was lying on the floor while I was on the bed. I scoped Eric's body his boxer briefs was showing. Revealing his once again perfect fit ass. It looked so tight and fat in his boxer briefs. It made me wanna go down there and squeeze if , put my face in it , eat it.

After an hour the movie was over , Eric was on his phone texting and I was reading a magazine pretending to read it , when I was using it as an excuse to stare at his Ass. He finally broke the slience , what you reading over there some porn shit. He laughed. Het got up stretched i gazed at his cock , then I had another flash back of him in shower jerking off plopped next to me on the bed. Damn Im bored as hell and Hott. This is a boring as friday night I tell you that much.

Where your boys at ? I asked him .

Who knows , he laid his head back on my bed and shut his eyes. I was beginning to think he was trying to get close to me , but I shut that thought out of my head really quick. He sat up and looked at me. I looked at him.

" I know it was you earlier today in the locker room"

At that moment my whole body felt like it has shut down , I got weak.

"What are you talking about , you mean in gym ?"

"Nope I mean after school ,you know what Im talking about."

" Yeah it was me but it was accident "

"Did you like what you saw" ?

His statment caught me off guard completely . My eyes widened and I shouted WHAT!

Eric laughed "Im just fucking with you" He rubbed my head and smack it.

" So if you had a chance to fuck me would you do it ?" Eric laughed again.

Confused I was , I tell you that much. I just looked at him and thought I'd joke around too .

"Yeah I'd bang your pretty ass , then you could bang my pretty little ass too" I laughed.

Eric leaned in and kissed me soflty on the lips.

I looked at him surprised.Eric looked at me with straight face and said then let me bang your pretty little ass then. He pulled me by the neck close to him and kissed me . We locked lips for about 5 mintues. I didnt know what was going on but I didnt care at the moment , I was finally going to have Eric's sexy ass to myself.

Eric reached down and found his way into my basketball shorts , I was hard from the moment he walked in the room. He slowly stroked me up and down. "You like that he said" Damn your so big Angel , you about to make my tounge ring go to work. He stroked me faster sucking on my neck. He pulled my shorts down and kneeled down in front of me he started to lick the pre cum of the head of my cock. His tounge felt so good i looked down at Eric as he slowly lowered his lips onto my cock. They were so warm i felt his tounge swarm around and around and around. His tounge ring added extra intensity. He lifted his head back up.

Damn you taste so good Angel , just like how I imagined. He lowered his head again and started bobbing up and down faster. Slurpping and moaning. " You like when Daddy sucks this cock dont you". The feeling was so good I coudnt reply back. Within minutes I came in Eric's mouth. He swalloed all of it.

Damn you taste good he licked his lips and sucked his fingers. I sat up on my bed and began unzipping his pants. So Anxious to see that size 8 dick I saw earlier today in the shower. As soon as I unzipped his pants his cock flew right out and smack me in the face.

Eric grinned "Sorry he's just excited to finally meet you" I took Eric's cock as far in down my throat as possible. I made sure the whole thing was in my mouth. "Damn Eric said" I didnt think you would fit the whole thing in ya mouth. Eric placed his hands behind his head and shut his eyes. I sucked his cock so good , just like I said I would. I could suck this big shit all night it tasted so good. Eric grabbed my head and started fucking my throat. Suck Me Baby , Suck Daddy Eric off. Got damn this shit feels so good , Im bout to cum Angel. You ready to taste daddy , Eric released what felt like buckets of cum in my mouth. I swalloed some. He pulled his cock outta my mouth and jerked off his cum squirted all of my face.

Eric collasped on the bed lying on his back I crawled up on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. Both breating hard , like we just fucked the place down.

Damn he said if it was that crazy by just sucking each other off, can you see how crazy its gonna be when I blow your fucking back out. He laughed ! Damn Finally got what I wanted. ..I was saying the samething too..

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000