Night games (3)

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For my 13th birthday my parents got me a 4-wheeler. There were a lot of empty fields close to my house and the woods were only about a mile up the road from my house, giving me plenty of fun places to ride. Riding around the neighborhood caught the attention of one of the neighborhood girls my age and she started talking to me around the neighborhood when she would see me, but mostly ignored me at school. Her name was Lisa, she was also 13, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, stood about 5'5" and had the biggest tits of any girl our age, at least a c-cup if not bigger.

One day, seeing me riding she asked if I would take her for a ride. I did, and it became a regular thing. Sometimes I would even let her drive. I liked letting her drive because I would be on back, arm around her stomach, and when we would hit bumps, her tits would bounce on my arms. I would always get hard. At first I would try to back away and not let Lisa feel it, but one day she was driving, I got hard from feeling her tits bouncing and I noticed she was pushing her butt into my crotch. She was purposly hitting bumps and we were basically dry humping. We hit a big bump and my hand bounced up to her tit. She didn't say anything so the next bump I grabbed her again but left my hand on her firm tit. Within about a minute, between grabbing her and her bouncing on my hard dick, I came in my pants. It was really embarrasing and I told her we should be done for the day.

I thought about Lisa constantly. Definately every time I jacked off. Our rides continued and when she drove I wouldn't even pretend not to grab her, I would just go straight for her tits. The 3rd or 4th ride after the first time I grabbed Lisa, I was driving, only wearing basketball shorts and when we hit a bump her hand went down to my crotch and she gave my cock a good squeeze. I was hard almost instantly. She held onto my dick as we rode and with so many bumps it was like getting a hand job. I didn't last long and came with her holding me.

"Did you just cum?" she asked.

"Yeah, it felt so good."

"Can I see it?"

So I stopped, she got off the ATV and I pulled my shorts down far enough for her to see the head and the sticky mess it had made. "Can I touch it?" "Sure." I said thinking she meant my cock. She reached over and put her finger in the glob of cum, rolled it around her finger for a few seconds then put it in her mouth. I was amazed. "Mmm. It tastes good." "Maybe next time I could just cum in your mouth then." I said trying to be funny. "Ok." she replied. I was shocked. I hadn't expected her to say that at all. "How about tomorrow?" I said. "Ok." My mind was spinning. We hadn't even kissed and she just agreed to let me cum in her mouth. I jacked off 3 times that night thinking about it.

The next day around noon I went riding and Lisa was outside. I stopped and she got on. I felt like my heart was going to explode it was beating so hard. "Where do you want to go?" I asked. "In the woods. I'll show you." So we started going. When we got into the woods she grabbed my dick.

"I've been waiting for this." she said.

"Me too."

"Go right."

She was taking me somewhere I hadn't gone much because the path gets hard to ride. "Where are we going?"

"Stop up there on the right. I followed my brother one day and found a hut he made." she said. "I thought it would be a good place."

We stopped and after a short walk I saw the little shack. Inside there was only a cot and a stack of magazines.

"I found it last week, pretty cool huh?" she said.

"Yeah it's awesome."

She picked up one of the magazines, it was a hardcore porn. "Have you ever seen one of these?"

"Yeah, a couple times."

"I only have once, they're pretty cool." she said "Want to look at some?"


She opened it and there was a man and a woman. It was a series of pictures that started at kissing then went to him eating her out, her sucking his dick, them fucking, then him cumming on her face and her licking it up.

She handed it to me. "You can hold it."

I started turning the pages and it was more hardcore stuff. After about 10 pages she put her hand on my leg and slid it up to my cock, and started slowly rubbing it.

"It made me really hot yesterday touching and seeing your dick. I've never seen one in real life."

"You want to see it again?" I asked.


I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers off.

"It looks so big."

I sat down next to her and looked at her staring at my cock. She was breathing hard, obviously turned on, and slowly reached for my dick. I could see her hand shaking. She slowly wrapped her hand around my hard cock and started rubbing it.

"It's so soft and warm." she said.

I was already getting close to cumming when she kneeled in front of me and took me into her mouth.

"Oh, that feels so good."

"Mmm." was the only reply.

"I'm going to cum." I said within a minute.

The only response from her was going at me harder and I started to cum in her mouth.

"Ah, ah."


She kept her mouth on my cock until nothing else would come out.

"God that felt good."

"It tastes really good too."

I put my shorts back on and we left. "We should do it again tomorrow." she said.

"We can everyday if you want."

She laughed and I took her home.

The next day when we got to the hut, we went in and sat next to each other.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked.

"Of course."

I grabbed her head and kissed her. While we were kissing I put my hand up her shirt and grabbed her tits. They were amazing. Big, soft, firm and rock hard nipples. She started playing with my cock. After a couple minutes I pulled her shirt off. She didn't resist so I unlatched her bra. To this day those are the best tits I have seen in my life. Her nipples were dark pink between the size of a nickel and a quarter, and stuck out a little over 1/4 inch. Absolutely perfect. I started sucking on her nipple. She grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into her boob.

"Oh my god." was all she could say.

As I continued my assault on her tits I slipped my hand down her shorts. "Ahh." she screamed when I made contact with her clit. I focused my attention on that hard little nub. "Ah, Ah, Ah." she screamed. I knew she was good to go so I pulled her shorts and panties off. She covered her pussy, "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm naked in front of you." "Just lay back and enjoy." I said. Hesitantly she laid back with her legs still off the edge of the cot.

I knelt between her legs. I had never gone down on a girl before but by the reaction from touching her clit I knew that was the place to start.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed as I started licking her clit. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" as I continued my assault on her clit. In a couple minutes she started squirming and bucking. All I could do was keep licking and sucking her clit. After about another minute her legs slammed together and about smashed my head. "AAAHHH!" when I got my head out I looked at her laying there chest heaving, eyes closed, "That was awesome." she said. I pulled my shorts off and knelt back between her legs. "No, you can't fuck me, I don't want to get pregnant." she said. She reached down by the stack of magazines and grabbed a bottle of lube. "You can fuck my ass, not my pussy."

Shocked I grabbed the lube, rubbed some on my dick, and lined up to fuck her ass. "You have to put some on me too." she said. so I squirted more out and fingered her ass with it. "That feels good." she said.

I grabbed my dick and started rubbing it on her hole. I started to push it in. She was tight. "Go slow." she said.

I slowly started pumping in and out of her tight little ass. It was about 20 pumps before I got all the way in. When I was all the way in I just held it there. "You ok?" "Yeah just go slow." I started slowly pumping again. It felt amazing.

She started rubbing her pussy as I sped up a little. I couldn't believe I was fucking her in the ass. I was in heaven. I had to stop a few times because I wanted to last as long as I could. It wasn't long though until I couldn't hold off any longer and I came in her ass.

"Was it good?" she asked.

"Really good." and I bent down and kissed her again.

We started dating officially and we fucked almost every day for the next 4 months, always in her mouth or ass, never her pussy. She was my first real girlfriend and she was amazing.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000