My Rocky Relationship with Sheila--Part 4 of 4

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We drove into Lahaina for the final time to pick up a big box of pineapples to share with friends and for dinner. We walked into Kimo’s right on the harbor, Nan wearing her black pearls over a Hawaiian floral blouse with a neckline just low enough to show her cleavage. We toasted with mai tai’s and as I looked into Nan’s eyes she whispered, “I love it here almost as much as I love you, Tom. It’s so peaceful. I only hope you’ll be successful on Sunday.”

“I’m sure I will. Jim told me he has a secret weapon. We’ll rescue Sheila, for sure. Now, what do you say? Let’s enjoy the last minutes of our vacation.” I leaned across the table and she met me half-way. Our lips touched and, as they did, our server destroyed the moment by bringing our salads. We enjoyed the rest of our meal before driving in silence to Kahului and the airport for our long flight home.

It was just past eight EDT when we pulled into the driveway. Jim Perkins was already there leaning against his car, casually dressed in jeans, a short-sleeved shirt, and sneakers. He helped us carry our bags into the house. I made some drinks, but only ginger ale for Nan as I began my lengthy explanation. I described how Sheila had tried to make me a slave, how she and Ronny had beaten me and shocked me. I told him how I had escaped and taken my revenge and then I told him about Rita. “I can’t believe how she has changed. When I released Ronald Marlowe to her I thought she might beat him up a bit in order to get a better settlement, but she’s held on to him as a permanent slave. Worse, she’s made him into her she-male maid slave. You should see her tits—they’re huge. Last time I saw Rita she was having his nasal septum pierced for a huge ring. She also had Sheila pierced—her nipples, her labia, and her clit. She locked a shield over her clit and a wire that closed her vagina. Rita also told me that Ronny—now Veronica—was going to be castrated that afternoon.”

“Think you can get me in to see all of this?”

“I don’t see why not. Can we lie about who you are?”

“Duh—if we never lied we’d never make any arrests. Can you set it up for tomorrow morning?”

“Let’s see.” I picked up the phone, a plan already forming in my brain. I called Rita, “Hi, Rita I just got back from a trip and my cousin Jim is here for a brief visit. I must tell you how much he hates Sheila…always has. He asked if he could see all the piercings you gave her to control her. Truthfully, he doesn’t believe me. I’d like to show him Veronica, too just so he can see the extent of our revenge.” I listened for a few minutes as she laughed, bragging about the changes to Veronica and Sheila, too. “I’d love for us to stop by in the morning. I doubt we’ll take even a half hour of your time. Okay, ten it is. Thanks. See you then.

“Okay, I guess we’re set.”

“What are the chances Sheila will be naked?”

“I’d guess about ninety percent, Jim.”

“Then I think you might want to bring a coat to cover her. We never know who will show up. The local TV stations and the newspapers all monitor our radio transmissions.”

“Tom, you can take my raincoat.”

“I think that will be perfect. Oh…like my glasses?” He took a pair of black-framed eyeglasses from his pocket. “This is my secret weapon. There’s a camera here and a radio transmitter that’ll send to a nearby squad car. Everything I see will be recorded there. I’ll be here between 8:30 and 9:00.” Jim rose, we shook hands, and I showed him to the door.

Nan and I emptied our suitcases, dumping all the dirty clothes onto the floor. “I’ll take care of the laundry tomorrow, but not until I know you’re safe.”

“I don’t think there’s any danger. All I want is to get Sheila out of there. God, I hope she isn’t too messed up.”

“Me, too, but there’s nothing you can do about it, Tom. She made her own bed. Now, let’s get a shower and to bed. I’m exhausted and I’m sure you are, too.” She helped me to undress and we walked together into the shower. It’s amazing how dirty one can get while traveling. We were also tired even though our biological clocks told us the time was five hours earlier. Nan and I dried each other and I knelt to kiss her abdomen twice—once for her and once for our unborn . It was something I’d begun on our vacation for luck. I knew it was silly, but Nan enjoyed it, and so did I. We climbed into our bed, Nan’s fine ass nestled into my abdomen, as we tried to sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep eluded me. The change in time didn’t help and my mind was racing over tomorrow’s impending events. I moved around a lot, disturbing Nan in the process. It was just after one when she turned to me and whispered, “I’m not surprised you can’t sleep. Let me see if I can do anything to help you.” She rolled me onto my back and sat up as her left hand found my sensitive balls and her right wrapped itself around my cock. “I’m sorry this is all I can do for you, but I am really wasted. I haven’t slept well since I knew what you were going to do. I know you said you’d be safe, but I still worry.” She leaned forward to nibble on my nipple as she stroked my cock.

Faster and faster she stroked me while she massaged my swollen balls. She knew I was close when tiny tremors ran through my abdomen. Her mouth moved suddenly to my cock head, her lips locking over the head, as I blew and blew. Nan sucked every bit of semen into her mouth and throat. She finished by licking a final drop of semen from my cock. I lay back temporarily sated. “Thank you, Nan. I needed that. I love you.”

Nan kissed me and whispered, “It always means more after cumming.” She kissed me again and I was gone. Next thing I knew she was shaking me. I could hear the alarm—it was 7:30. Normally, I’d just sleep in. It was something I loved now that I had Nan to cuddle with. I loved rubbing my cock into her butt crack and, best of all, she loved it, too. This morning, however, I had important work. I could just ignore Sheila’s plight, but my humanity wouldn’t let me. Nan had been so right—it wasn’t in my nature to hate.

Nan pushed me from the bed then followed me to the bathroom. I knelt again to kiss her abdomen before she sat to pee. I always did it twice, once for her and once for our . I washed my face, shaved hurriedly, and brushed my teeth, quickly running my fingers through my hair. Nan went to make a quick breakfast as I pissed into the bowl and dressed hurriedly into golf shirt and khakis. I had just finished eating when I heard the doorbell. Jim Perkins sat with us in the living room while we reviewed a few details of our lives as “cousins.” Things would be easier to explain if we had met only occasionally, separated by distance, but good friends when we did meet. It would be our mothers as our link, allowing Jim to use his own name. Further, he would be like the big brother I’d never had. He explained that we would have two squad cars as back-up. They’d be able to see and hear everything through his glasses. We left my home, driving in his car at 9:35.

We pulled into Rita’s driveway at 9:55 and knocked on the door just a minute or two later. I wasn’t surprised to see Veronica answer the door, but I was shocked by the huge ring hanging from her nose. It was so big that her lower lip was obscured. I felt nothing but pity for her, but this was not the time to show it. Her breasts were even bigger than I recalled and the ankle chain looked to be not more than four or five inches in length. Staying in character, Jim laughed at Veronica as we were led to the living room.

I walked over to greet Rita, introducing Jim to her. “So…you’re not a big fan of Sheila, eh?”

“That’s putting it mildly, Ma’am. She turned me off the very first time we met with her arrogance. She always thought she was better than everyone else and her father was even worse. So, I guess this is the ‘lover.’”

“Yes, although her ‘lover’ days are far behind her.”

“Mind if I take a look?”

“Not at all. Those are really heavy frames you’re wearing.”

Jim removed his glasses and held them up, but not offering them to her. “There’s a hearing aid built in. The vibrations are amplified and carried through my skull into my ear. I suffered an accident when a cannon—I was in the Army at the time-- went off too close to my head destroying those little bones that normally carry the sound. I’ve been almost deaf ever since, although this gives me virtually normal hearing.” He returned the glasses to his head as I summoned Veronica to stand before us.

“I think you know what to do, Veronica; blouse and bra off now!” I watched silently as Veronica bared her mammoth breasts. “How big now, Rita?”

“All the way to FF. I’ve been thinking of turning her into an exotic dancer. She could make a fortune.” Jim and I laughed although I thought the whole thing with her was pathetic and I was sure that Jim agreed. It was about to get worse.

“Drop the skirt, Veronica. Let’s see what your Mistress has done recently.” The skirt found the floor; my eyes couldn’t stray from the sight before me. I was repulsed, but still felt compelled—my eyes were glued to Veronica’s crotch. The scrotum ring and tube were gone and in their place was only a stub of a penis about an inch long. It was oozing a mostly clear fluid that reminded me of pre-cum although I couldn’t fathom how that would be possible for behind that tiny organ was…nothing! There wasn’t the slightest hint of a scrotum. The skin was smooth and tight all the way to her puckered asshole. Finally, Jim broke the silence.

“How on earth did you ever get her consent to that surgery?”

“Consent? Ha! Veronica is just a slave—nothing more. The only thing she consents to is to follow my orders. Care to guess what happened to them? It was one of my rare culinary moments. They were quite resilient even to my sharpest knives. It must have taken me an hour to dice the two of them into small cubes. I sautéed them in butter and fed them to Veronica and Sheila for their dinner. I thought it was the perfect ending for them. Notice that oozing liquid? I had the doctor sew a vibrator onto her prostate. She can’t cum, but she’ll ooze pre-cum every single second until the day she dies.”

“I have to agree, that was the perfect ending,“ Jim said as he laughed. “You really are something, Rita. Where do you get your ideas? Everything is so appropriate for a couple of cheating scumbags like your husband and Sheila. Where is that bitch, anyway?”

“She’s being punished down in the playroom. She wasn’t beating Veronica’s tits hard enough to satisfy me yesterday so I strung her up down there by her own tits. Next time I tell her to beat them she’ll do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes Veronica . I’ll release her around four when her twenty-four hours are up.”

“Mind if I see her? This has been really informative. You are one tough woman.”

“Go ahead, and thank you. I do try!” She laughed then and I thought it was a laugh from hell. I rose and walked with Jim, Nan’s raincoat over my arm, down to the playroom. Jim’s hand on my arm steadied me and I needed it when I saw Sheila. There were thin ropes tied to each of her nipple rings up to the ceiling and down to the lock on her clit. The ropes were tight—tight enough to force her to stand on tiptoes or risk ripping either her breasts or clit from her body. Her hands were locked behind her back. I could see her shaking as I reached into my pocket for my knife. It was just then that Jim told me he had seen enough. “Okay, Team A--Team B, come on in; time to do our duty.” He clapped me on the back and returned upstairs to arrest Rita Marlowe.

I held the blade against the rope as I looked into Sheila’s eyes. What I saw there was the most terrifying thing I’d seen since meeting with Rita. Sheila’s eyes were empty. It was as though I was looking straight into her soul and there was nothing there. I severed the ropes, taking Sheila into my arms. “You’re okay now, Sheila. You’re safe now. I’ll take care of you.” She looked up and she obviously didn’t recognize me, but she collapsed into my arms. I was crying as I wrapped Nan’s raincoat around her body, tying the sash to keep her body from undue exposure. I was just about to help her up the stairs when a female officer entered.

“I think you should let her lie down. We’ve called for an ambulance. Dear God, how could one human being do this to another? I saw that woman’s crotch. That was inhuman.” I had to agree; Rita Marlowe was a monster.

My thoughts about Sheila’s modesty were well intentioned, but meaningless. I stood by silently as her piercings and the attached cords were photographed from almost every conceivable angle. Her was already recorded through Jim’s eyeglass camera. Luckily, I remembered to phone Nan. I told her almost everything, but some of it would have to wait until we were together. I felt I should be with her when she learned all the details—that’s how much I was sure she would be affected. I knew I was.

Jim came back about fifteen minutes later to tell me that Rita had been arrested initially on charges of slavery, assault, and sexual assault. “Wait until tomorrow when the District Attorney learns about this. Then I’m guessing there’ll be more than a hundred counts—all felonies. How’s your ex doing?”

“I don’t know. She looks like she’s been , not that I’m an expert. She doesn’t even recognize me.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s a big bottle of barbiturates up in the kitchen. The doctors have already been told to test her for drugs.” We stood aside as Sheila was wheeled away and carried up the stairs by the EMT’s. A minute later the siren could be heard piercing the quiet Sunday morning.

“What will happen to all those piercings?”

“We’ll have a surgeon remove them as soon as she’s stable enough. They’ll be evidence although I doubt this case will ever see the courtroom. Can you imagine how a jury would react? It would be like putting Hitler or Stalin or Idi Amin on trial. No attorney, even the world’s worst, would allow it. There’ll be a plea bargain—no question, but there’s also no question that Rita Marlow will be an old woman by the time she’s released from prison.” I thanked Jim for his help and left, catching a lift home in one of the police cars. I was clearly shaken when I walked into the house. Nan could see the shock on my face as I cried like a baby. She led me to the couch then sat next to me, holding and comforting me until I could speak.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” I was gasping, the words barely escaping my mouth as I dealt with the horror I had just experienced. “Veronica’s tits are all the way up to FF, and remember how I told you about her nasal septum being pierced? Well, there’s a huge ring in there now and it looked to be glued in place. She looked more like a bull than a human being. Rita had her...uh…his cock cut down to an inch and her balls and scrotum are gone—there’s nothing there, nothing at all. She actually cooked the testicles and fed them to Veronica and Sheila. I tell you, Nan that woman is sick. That’s the only way to describe her.”

Nan drove me to the hospital after a lunch that included a large strong drink—after I had calmed down. I doubted that I could have done it without her. There was a guard on Sheila’s room, but we were admitted immediately. I could only assume that Jim—Sgt. Perkins—had arranged it. Sheila lay quietly in the bed. At first I thought she was asleep, but she stirred slightly, turning her head toward us. “Tom…is that you?”

“Yes, Sheila it’s me and Nan. How are you feeling?”

“A bit better--they gave me something to counteract the drugs I was given. I didn’t even know she was drugging me. They said it was how Rita was driving me into submission…making me her slave. There’s something wrong with her.”

“I know, Sheila. Please rest while I tell you about your new job.”


“Yeah, you will have to support yourself, you know. I’m going to call Stephen tomorrow morning and ask him to represent you. You need to sue Rita. He’ll come up with plenty of reasons once you’ve spoken with him. You can stay a while with Nan and me when they release you. You’ll be working with us, too. We’re going to need a secretary as soon as you’re able.”

“Oh God, I’ve made such a mess of my life, haven’t I?”

“I won’t lie to you, Sheila—you really fucked up. Even working for Rita was a huge mistake. I tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen. We can’t change what’s happened so let’s look forward and promise to do better.” I leaned down to kiss her forehead, but that was all. Nan’s love had made me forget about hating Sheila. More than that, I felt a responsibility to help her. After all, without Sheila’s fuck-ups I would never have gotten together with Nan—the woman I’d love for the rest of my life.


We were back home later in the afternoon once Sheila had fallen asleep. The doctor had told her that she could have the piercings removed tomorrow and go home the day after that. Of course, Sheila had no insurance so she’d be a non-paying charity patient. Accordingly, the hospital would want her out as quickly as humanly and medically possible.

Nan sat me on the couch with her, held my hand and asked, “Okay, Tom can you tell me what was missing from our vacation?”

“I thought it was perfect.”

“Oh, it was, but there was still something missing. Think a bit while I get you a beer. Here’s a hint; I’m having a Coke.” I sat on the couch while Nan walked into the kitchen. She was back and seated before I had even a hint about her comments.

“I give up. What was missing? As I said, I thought the trip was perfect.”

“It was perfect. We made love every day—several times a day--just as we had for the three weeks before leaving. That’s another hint, by the way.” I turned to Nan and she was smiling. She had the biggest grin I’d ever seen. Then it hit me.

“Your period--you’re late, aren’t you?” I pulled Nan to my body. “I love you.”

She laughed. “It always means more after cumming.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you then, too. I’ll tell you every day. This began as a really shitty day, but you’ve just made it the second best day of my life.”

“Second best?”

“Yes; the best was the day you told me that you loved me. Call your doctor first thing tomorrow.”

“I will; I want to celebrate, but I’m afraid I’ll put a jinx on us.”

“Then we won’t celebrate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do the same things we’ve done every other day, does it?”

“Tom, you have a one track mind.”

“I know, and that one track is named Nan.” I leaned forward and kissed her. We held the kiss for more than two minutes as our tongues swirled and our lips mashed together. Our faces were covered with spit when I broke away to sweep Nan into my arms and carry her to our bed.

“You know, we could have made love right there in the living room.”

“Yeah, I know, but we’ll need privacy when Sheila stays with us. You sure you really want that?”

“It was my idea, wasn’t it? She’s been severely traumatized, Tom. She’s going to have a lot of trouble readjusting to normal living. That’s where you come in.”

“Me?” I had begun to remove her blouse and bra.

“Yes…you. You were the last stable thing in her life. I think she’ll relate to you better than anyone else and I think she’ll trust you, too. What are you doing? I’d think by now you’d be better at getting me naked. Here, let me help you. I bet I can get your clothes off in half the time.”

I laughed. “No bet—you know I’m going to help you. I can’t wait to show you how much I love you.”

“Okay, no more talking—just fucking.” I pulled Nan to me, her head and mouth up to mine. Our kiss was incredible as our bodies meshed with each other. We fell onto the bed, rolled over several times until Nan straddled my hips. She leaned forward until my mouth found her hard nipple. I sucked and nibbled until Nan arched her back in her lust. She rubbed her wet slit into my erection. I pushed it into her tunnel and watched, amazed as always, as it disappeared slowly into her body.

My hands gripped her butt as I myself deep into her core. We moved together as one—like a well-oiled machine. God knows, we’d had plenty of practice. When Nan spread her legs her hard clit was into my abdomen. Our movements accelerated until we were fucking like dogs—humping each other as fast as humanly possible. We were covered in sweat when we finally came, Nan collapsing onto my chest. I kissed her head as I whispered, “I love you.” She raised her head to tell me, “I know…I know how much you love me and how much I love you.” She returned her head to my chest as her hips continued to gyrate on my cock. I rubbed her back and butt until I fell asleep, making up for what I missed last night.

We went to work early the next morning. We had more than enough to do and I had cut four pineapples into cubes to share with the rest of the office. I had placed about a dozen succulent pieces into a plastic bowl for Mary Ann when I walked in to meet with her.

“Oh, thank you Tom. It’s nice to have you back at work. Any idea when Sheila will be able to come on board?”

“Right now she’s in the hospital. Sgt. Perkins and I rescued her yesterday morning. Rita Marlowe is looking at a minimum of a hundred felonies in his opinion. What she did to her husband is beyond description.” I went on to briefly describe the castration and virtual removal of his penis. Mary Ann cringed at my descriptions. I finished by telling her how we had found Sheila.

“I know you hate her, Tom, but nobody deserves to be treated like that.”

“I agree, but I’ve learned that I don’t hate her. I don’t love her any longer, but Nan has shown me the way to forgiveness. Besides, I would never have found Nan if she hadn’t cheated and d me so I guess I really do owe her. We’d like to leave a bit early tomorrow to get her from the hospital and take her home. She’ll stay with us for a few weeks until she has her life under control. It’s Nan’s idea. She is even more incredible than I ever realized. I’ll keep you in the loop.”

I reviewed some irons I had in the fire for upcoming contracts and left. Nan had already been in touch with her doctor by the time I was back in my office. I took careful note of Alice as I passed her desk. I could see her illness for the first time. She seemed to be exhausted and it was only Monday morning.
The day moved forward quickly. It was noon before I took a second’s break. Nan ordered take-out from a nearby restaurant and we ate together at my conference table. We returned to work early and left at five for the hospital. We brought a pizza and were pleased to see Sheila sitting up and smiling. She told us all about her day, especially her relief at having the piercings removed. “You have no idea how horny you can get when it’s impossible to get any relief. I’m sore as hell, but want to guess how I spent the last hour?” I was terribly embarrassed, but Nan just laughed. Then I asked if Stephen had been by to see her.

“Yes, he came early this morning before going to his office. He already has the police report and all the photos they took. He thinks I’ll be able to get millions from Rita. Best of all he thinks it will be settled quickly and quietly. I don’t want the world to know everything that’s happened to me even though I deserve to be punished.”

“Don’t say that, Sheila,” Nan interrupted. “You’ve had more than your share over the past month. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Why don’t we eat?” I broke out the paper plates, the pizza, and the sodas. We spent more than two hours with Sheila, agreeing to take her home after work tomorrow.
Sheila returned with us, a stranger in what used to be her own home. We put her into the small bedroom because it was directly opposite the bathroom. Nan gave her a robe, promising to take her shopping tomorrow. She had nothing—absolutely nothing after being with Rita. We put together a quick dinner and Sheila went to bed. We were only a few minutes behind her.

I followed Nan into the bedroom, spinning her around and bringing her to me. “You’re incredible, you know that?”

“Of course…think I could land a big hunk like you by being ordinary?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. There aren’t many women who would take her husband’s ex-wife into her home, especially under these circumstances. Now I think you deserve a reward.”

“Oh, goodie—reward time is even more fun than having dessert. Is this where you make me cum and cum?”

“Yeah…just like every other night.” We laughed together and then we kissed. I undressed my wonderful wife, washed her lovingly, and returned her to the bed. I placed her carefully and was just about to kneel between her legs when….

“Not a chance; If I’m getting a reward I’m choosing to have your big fat cock in my teeny weeny pussy and I’m also choosing to ride. We’ve done so much missionary lately, although I like the results. I think we should get a home pregnancy test, don’t you?” I nodded my agreement as Nan rolled onto the bed, pulling me behind her. I lay on my back, my rock-hard cock pointing at the ceiling, as Nan climbed over my body. “I love doing this, you know. I love the sensation of your hairy chest against my sensitive breasts and nipples.” She pushed her breasts into my chest as though to prove it. I could feel her nipples harden so I moved my hands from her firm butt to worry her sensitive areolas.

I was harder than hard when Nan lifted her hips, rubbed my cock into her slit and sat down, my organ into the core of her womanhood. My cock isn’t huge, but it is almost eight inches long and it’s also nice and thick, almost six inches in circumference. I know that because Sheila had once insisted on measuring it, using a tape measure from her sewing basket. Nan sat perfectly still, looking down at me. “This is my favorite part—the part where you stretch me. My little cunny just tingles and tingles.”

“Nan! Why don’t you just fuck me? I already know how much you enjoy my cock—almost as much as I love losing it inside you.” Nan laughed then she gave me the fucking of my life just as she did almost every other day since we became a couple. She rode me with a fury until we both came so hard I thought my cock would break. She laid her head next to mine telling me, “You don’t need a blanket; I’ll keep you warm all night. I closed my eyes and slept, savoring Nan’s body dd over mine.

We had originally planned to have Sheila with us for a couple of weeks, but she had a harder time than we could have imagined. The first week she awoke screaming every night. Nan and I began to wear some minimal pajamas—a tee shirt for her and gym shorts for me—so we wouldn’t waste time getting to Sheila. The expression on her face that first night would have scared a witch. I pulled her head to my shoulder as she wept and wept. We were with her almost an hour before she returned to sleep. All she could do the following morning was apologize. We refused to even listen.

We left work early the following afternoon, picking up Sheila at home en route to the mall. I sat in one of those massage chairs with a big supply of quarters while they brought bag after bag of clothes from the stores. They were finished by eight so I drove them to a favorite Chinese buffet. We were back home by 9:30 and in bed by 10:00, and back up at 2:00 in response to Sheila’s nightmare. Nan and I were back in our bedroom when I remembered—I pulled a small box from my suit jacket and pointed Nan to the toilet. She returned a minute later with a huge smile on her face. I took one look at her home pregnancy test and I joined her. It was still too early to celebrate. We’d see her doctor next Wednesday afternoon.

Sheila was unable to pay us for our kindness so she insisted on cleaning the house, everything other than our bedroom. “You deserve some privacy,” she told us. “I know what a sacrifice it is to have me here.” Nothing we said could change her mind. So it was that we settled into an uneasy relationship with my ex-wife. She came with us to work the following Monday. Alice showed her around the office while Nan and I put the finishing touches on another sizable contract, this time with a major national hardware chain. Even better than supplying a dam or major building this contract would run for five years with a clause to renew three times. It could produce revenues in excess of one hundred million dollars. We left early Wednesday afternoon for the doctor, promising to return by closing to pick Sheila up, hopefully for a celebratory dinner.

We hadn’t discussed Nan’s pregnancy with Sheila or with anyone else, either. We didn’t think it was anyone’s business. Of course, that would change as soon as her doctor confirmed. I kissed her abdomen several times each and every day—once for her and once for our . Now we sat on the OB/GYN office. I tried to run through a contract proposal I’d packed in my briefcase, but my efforts were futile. I was so nervous and, of course, we waited and waited. It seemed that we had waited for hours, but a check of my watch showed it was only twenty minutes before we were shown to an exam room. A nurse weighed Nan as I peeked over her shoulder. She elbowed me, but I already knew exactly what Nan weighed. I stood by silently as her pressure and pulse were recorded. A minute later we were alone in the exam room.

Dr. Meyers greeted Nan and then me. “A big day for you two, hopefully; let’s see if we can confirm for you.” Nan peed on three different pregnancy test strips and the nurse took a sample. All the tests were positive. “The will make certain, but it’s extremely rare that all three urine tests are wrong. Congratulations to both of you. Nan, my nurse will give you some literature on diet and exercise. I’m sure you already know about alcohol and smoking.” She left after giving Nan a hug and shaking my hand.

We were back in the office at 4:55. I led Nan into Mary Ann’s office. “Well, is it official now?” I looked at her in amazement. Mary Ann laughed as she hugged and kissed both of us. “You may not have said anything, but it’s been as obvious as can be. I’m so happy for both of you.” We left to collect Sheila after another round of hugs and kisses.

“C’mon, Sheila we’re going out to eat. Nan and I are celebrating.”

“Congratulations, do you know when you’re due?” We looked at each other and laughed--so much for our secret.

Sheila’s nightmares diminished the second week and were gone by the third. She was working out well on the job, a big improvement over Alice whose primary qualification was her friendship with the boss. We found a small, but decent, furnished apartment nearby at a price that Sheila could easily afford. I helped her buy a used car and we moved her out over the weekend. Nan and I were alone again. We celebrated by going naked the rest of the weekend and making love in every room. I was exhausted by the time we returned to work.


Detectives had visited several times while Sheila lived with us. She was questioned so many times I thought that perhaps the police did not believe her. Jim Perkins explained, “There are so many charges against Rita Marlowe that it’s almost impossible to check on all of them at once. We’re taking a very systematic approach. The grand jury will get the case by the end of the week.” We learned that Rita was indicted on 154 counts including attempted because of her final twenty-four hour attempt to Sheila. Because of her flight risk—we learned that she had more than forty million dollars-- she was denied bail.

I thought that everything was back to normal three months later when I answered the door one evening. I stood there, mouth agape, as I opened it. “I don’t want to cause any trouble, but may I speak with you…please?”

“I guess so, uh…Veronica or Ronald, which is it? Come in.”

Hefting her breasts in her hands she replied, “I think it’s going to be Veronica. I can’t function as a male any longer, can I?” She followed me into the living room, sitting in one of the chairs facing the couch. I joined my lovely wife there. “As I began to say, I can never function as a male after the way I was butchered by Rita’s doctor. I am going to have my breasts reduced to double-D’s and I’ll have an artificial vagina installed, too. I’m not terribly tall as you know so with hormones I’ll be able to be a woman in most regards, but that isn’t why I came to see you.

“The courts have restored my money and the dealership is mine again, too. One look at me and the judge realized I was under extreme duress when I signed everything over to Rita. Rita is broke which is perfect considering how much she needs an expensive lawyer. I want you to know that I never struck her—not even once. Actually, it was the other way around. I could never understand how a person could be so angelic on the outside and so inhuman inside. She fooled me as badly as she fooled you.” Nan and I sat silently as Veronica continued. “I know that Sheila is suing Rita, but now that Rita’s broke that lawsuit is dead in the water. I don’t want to get involved with Sheila again, but I do feel that I owe her. Would you please give her this?” Veronica rose and handed me a large manila envelope then she turned and walked to the door. “Thanks for seeing me. I often think how different everything would have been if only I had the guts to divorce Rita instead of sleeping around. She swore that everyone would find out that she had beaten me up on a regular basis. I was afraid…a coward.” She was gone a few seconds later.

“Well, that was quite interesting, wouldn’t you say? Are you going to open it?”

“It’s not addressed to me. I’ll give it to Sheila tomorrow. Now, Mrs. Hamilton, I do have something I’d like to give you.”

“Oh goodie. I hope it’s what I think it is. Is it big and hard and hot?”

“It certainly is hot for you. The only question is where.”

Nan pulled me up to the kitchen. “I’ve always wondered how it would be with me sitting on the counter and my legs over your shoulders. Want to find out with me?” I couldn’t help myself; I laughed and laughed. Nan joined me a few seconds later. She stripped herself and then me before climbing with agility onto the counter. I could see the appeal of this as her pussy was only an inch or so higher than my cock, a position that virtually assured I’d rub her sensitive G-spot with every thrust. I leaned forward and pressed home. I had to try several times—nothing new—until I was seated fully within her.

Nan sighed as she lifted her legs onto my shoulders, her hands moving only inches to my neck as I drove into her with ever increasing passion. I knew I was striking her cervix with every thrust so I was concerned about hurting her. Nan, however, just spurred me on, moving her hips in encouragement. Her face showed only ecstasy and desire—and love. Making love with Nan this way reminded me of doing it in the shower except that I didn’t have to support her weight. It had been a funny idea that had worked out beautifully. It ended just as beautifully as we came together, a massive convulsion punctuating Nan’s orgasm as her cunt gripped my cock fiercely. We were drained; it was all I could do to lift and carry Nan, my cock still embedded in my wonderful wife. It was still there when we slipped under the blankets for a merciful sleep.

I called Sheila into my office the following morning. “Veronica came to see us last night. I guess she’s going to become a full woman with surgery to reduce her breasts and create an artificial vagina.”

“That’s probably best. That cock was never going to make it.”

“That’s not the real reason why she came. She’s been trying to locate you.” Sheila showed fear until I continued, “She doesn’t want any involvement with you, but she told us that all Rita’s money was returned to her so your lawsuit’s going nowhere. That’s why she gave me this. It’s for you.” I passed the envelope across the table.

Sheila sat for a few seconds seemingly afraid to touch or open it. “Would you like me to open it for you,” I asked. Sheila nodded meekly. I tore the envelope apart to reveal two typed copies of what appeared to be a legal document and another smaller envelope. “This seems to be an agreement in settlement of your lawsuit, but you’d better ask Stephen to review it for you; I’m no lawyer. This should be a check.” Opening the envelope I removed the official bank check. “Dear God, Sheila—it’s for five million dollars. You’ll need to check with Stephen about his share and whether you’ll have to pay taxes on it. Whatever happens I’d say you’ll be a millionaire once everything is done. You’ll even be able to retire if you wish.”

“No, I’m not retiring. I’m so grateful to you and Nan that I even have a life. I know how much I owe you. I’m staying for life unless I can find someone stupid enough to marry me and knock me up. I’m so jealous of you and Nan. I think you’ll be wonderful parents. Thanks, Tom…Nan, for everything.” Sheila excused herself and returned to work. I reviewed a new contract with Nan and a minute later she was gone, too.

We worked hard all week. We planned to take Friday afternoon off. Nan had an appointment with her doctor for a sonogram. We had just finished lunch on Friday when I answered the phone. There was a problem with our shipment to Africa. Once I got into it I could tell it was going to take hours to resolve. I shrugged my shoulders at Nan, but she understood. She scribbled a short note and held it under my nose—“I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. I love you.” She leaned over to kiss me and strolled out the door. I returned to solving this problem which in the eyes of the customer was virtually insolvable.

I was still hard at work finishing up a phone call to Customs in Liberia when Nan strolled in looking like the cat that ate the canary. I finished the call then dialed the contractor to tell him that his supplies would be delivered within seventy-two hours. I sat back and took a deep breath, surprised when Nan walked over and sat in my lap. I was surprised because our normal practice at work was to be extremely businesslike.

She leaned down to kiss me. “Am I ever going to learn the sex of our baby?”

“Um…no; Dr. Meyers wasn’t able to tell. The heads got in the way. Do you want a big family, Tom?”

“I think I’d like that if it’s something you’d like, too.”

“Um…how long have you been kissing my belly?”

“I think ever since we got back from Hawaii and I learned you were pregnant—one for you and one for the baby.”

“Hmm…that’d be a little over three months—about a hundred days. You’re roughly two hundred kisses short. Would you like to kiss it now?” I nodded my agreement with a smile before bending down to kiss her. “You’d better make it four.”

My eyes lit up like saucers when I realized what she was saying. I leaped from my chair still holding Nan tenderly as I kissed her with incredible passion.

“EEEEEEEEK,” she screamed before I covered her mouth with mine. Seconds later Sheila and Mary Ann ran into the office. We could see the concern on their faces until they realized that all was okay.

“Sorry,” I said, even though I obviously wasn’t. “I just learned my beautiful wife is having triplets!” They grinned ecstatically as I pulled Nan back for another wonderful kiss. I broke the kiss to look into her sparkling eyes. “I guess I’d better get busy if I’m two hundred behind.”

“I can hardly wait,” my wonderful wife responded. Neither could I.


I had always thought our house was big, but now that we were looking at three babies it seemed terribly tiny. I called a friend—Brian, a contractor—Saturday morning about how to best expand it. He suggested expanding the attic to include a big bedroom and bathroom. Perhaps in the future I thought, but I cringed when I thought of Nan and I carrying our babies up and down the stairs. We looked instead to the back of the house.

My office was back there. If we extended the hallway through the left side of the room we could add another big bedroom and bathroom there. My office would be small--roughly ten by eight--but that would still be plenty of room. Brian finished the job within four months, about two months before we’d need it.
Nan and I went shopping for baby furniture, storing the three cribs, dressers, and supplies in the garage until I was able to put the pieces together. Brian volunteered to help over the weekend which was great because I wasn’t all that handy with tools. Nan gave us moral support, plenty of beer, and hot dogs for lunch.

Nan’s parents were ecstatic to learn that she was pregnant and when she told them about the triplets I though her dad would faint. They came to help out two weeks before her due date. Having house guests was always problematic and this was no exception. Nan and I couldn’t make love, but she still serviced me daily with her mouth or hand. Of course, I always reciprocated, taking time to kiss her belly before and after—always four times. We were always behind locked doors and made every effort to remain silent, something that often proved impossible.

My in-laws and I were relaxing and watching a ball game on Saturday afternoon when Nan had her first contraction. I ran to get her bag while she telephoned Dr. Meyers. We were in the hospital almost an hour before Dr. Meyers told us it was a false alarm. “Not to worry, it’ll happen soon enough.” She left with a smile as though spending your weekend chasing non-existent emergencies was an every-day occurrence.

Sure enough, that day came the following Thursday while I was at work. Sheila came running in babbling as though she was having the babies instead of Nan. I rose and kissed her forehead calmly before driving home like a maniac. Eight hours later I was the father of three beautiful and healthy girls. We’d discussed names for both boys and girls and agreed to Arianna Nanette even though Nan hated her given name, Katherine Marie, and Brianna Elizabeth. It was more than a year before I was able to tell one from the other.

We had been parents for just about a month when Mary Ann and Sheila came to visit, see, and hold our daughters. Sheila had just finished feeding Brianna when she produced three legal-sized envelopes from her purse. She handed them to Nan with a smile. Nan’s jaw dropped when she opened the first. Inside each was a gift—a $250,000 college fund. She explained that Stephen had taken a fee of only $100,000 in lieu of his usual thirty-five percent because he claimed to have done next to nothing. Veronica’s lawyers must have been pretty sharp because Sheila wound up owing not a cent to the IRS. Sheila had 4.9 million dollars which Stephen had helped her to invest.

Work was crazy without Nan to help me and she obviously had a full-time job handling three infants even with the nurse I hired to help her. It was with regret that we looked for Nan’s replacement. I came home one afternoon weary from interviewing in addition to doing my normal work. “I hired your replacement today,” I told Nan as she handed me Katherine or was it Arianna?

“Oh? What’s her name?”

“Robert…he’s about a month or so younger than Sheila and pretty good looking. Hopefully, I’ll need another secretary soon.” Nan took one look at me then sat on my knee, her arm around my neck.

“Does Sheila know what you’re up to?”

“Of course, I could never fool her either.”

“What about Mary Ann? She still has that no fraternization rule.”

“I wouldn’t be too concerned; it was mostly her idea.” Nan laughed and a few seconds later I joined her. I looked up into her face and told her how much I loved her. Then I looked down at my daughter and told her. I said “I love you” a minimum of four times a day every day for the rest of my life and I meant every word.

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