An Interesting Turn of Events Chp. 2

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It was about midnight by the time I pulled my truck into my driveway. I looked sideways at Audrey snoring softly in the passenger seat, fast asleep. After unlocking and opening the front door, I returned to the truck and retrieved Audrey's sleeping form. She stirred slightly as I carried her in my arms into the house but remained asleep. I carried her small, soft form up to my bedroom and after stripping off her jeans and t-shirt leaving her in her bra and panties, I tucked her into my bed. She moaned softly and rolled on her side before settling down comfortably in the middle of the bed and resumed snoring softly. I left her sleeping there and went back outside and proceeded to wheel my ATV into my garage. I backed my truck onto the side lawn next to my garage and left it and the trailer hitched on there, knowing I would need it eventually to retrieve to abandoned 4-wheeler. It was one o'clock by the time I stumbled back into my house and promptly passed out on my living room couch.

When I woke up, the sun was just peaking over the horizon and sending bright orange rays of light through the big bay window in my living room. The cable box beneath the TV said that it was almost six o'clock in the morning. I yawned and stretched, still tired but knowing that I would be unable to get back to sleep. I went upstairs to check on Audrey and found her in a deep sleep. She had kicked the blankets half off her during the night revealing her bra encased breasts and one of her deliciously smooth legs. I left her there, my crotch stirring and grabbed a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast. It was Sunday so neither I nor Audrey had to worry about being late for college classes. Entering my garage, I hurriedly packed up a few tools in a tool bag and grabbed an ATV chain from the several extras I had hanging on a hook. I threw everything in the back seat of my truck and pulled out of the side lawn, careful not to catch my trailer on the side of the garage.

In the daylight and with some rest in me, the drive back to the property of my friend took only about half the time that it had last night. I drove my truck straight through the grassy fields until I located the trail we had taken the day before. Just barely squeezing onto the narrow trail, I crept along at only a few miles per hour and kept a careful eye on my mirrors and the trailer I was pulling. The clearing where we had abandoned the 4-wheeler wasn't far down the trail and I arrived within ten or so minutes. I pushed the 4-wheeler out of the bushes where we had stashed it and retrieved my tools from the truck. It was a fairly simple task to replace the busted chain and in a few minutes, the replacement was securely on and fit into the teeth of the gears nicely. I lowered the gate on the trailer and drove the ATV up onto it. I secured it with ratchet straps and then proceeded back down the trail and through the fields to the open road.

It was about ten o'clock when I pulled back in my driveway. I removed the 4-wheeler from the trailer from the trailer and put it parked it next to the other in my garage. I backed the trailer next to the garage and un-hitched it, leaving it there and went inside. I didn't find Audrey in the kitchen or watching TV so I headed upstairs to my bedroom where I had last seen her. I opened the door and found her still sleeping in my bed.

'Damn,' I thought to myself. 'She must be real tired. She's been sleeping for a good twelve hours.'

I paused in the doorway and studied her. She was lying face down and had kicked the blankets further off of her until they only covered half of her right leg and her right foot. She was still wearing the bra and panties that she had gone to sleep in the previous night. My gaze fell to her large, firm butt and it held my attention for more than a few seconds. I could feel my cock waking up in my pants. I walked quietly over to the bed and sat on the edge next to her. She looked so cute while she slept that I couldn't help sliding my hand up her smooth leg towards her ass. I climbed onto the bed next to her, careful not to wake her up and began placing gentle kisses on her soft thighs, slowly climbing higher and higher until I reached her panties. I hooked my fingers in the waistband of them and slowly pulled them down. Inch by inch, her beautiful, curvy ass came into view until her panties were fully down and around her thighs. I groped her ass softly, kneading the smooth flesh. Audrey moaned and stirred a bit but didn't wake up.

I spread her ass cheeks revealing her tight little butthole and remembered back to yesterday how incredible it had felt fucking it. I was eager to fuck her again but wanted to go slow this time. I stuck my index finger in my mouth and coated it in saliva, lubricating it. With my finger now lubed, I spread her ass with my other hand and began to slowly insert my finger into her tight hole. Audrey let out a soft gasp in her sleep but otherwise remained still as the tip of my finger slipped in her. I slowly pushed in to the first joint of my finger and then to the second. I began to gently fuck her ass like this, loosening her up a little bit at a time. I pushed a bit deep until my finger slid all the way to the knuckle and proceeded to loosen Audrey up more.

My erection was raging in my jeans and I was tired of waiting. I got up and pulled off my jeans and boxers. My shirt followed soon after and they all ended up forgotten in a pile on the floor. I went into the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of lotion. After spreading a generous amount on my throbbing boner and some on Audrey's asshole, I pushed Audrey's legs together and straddled her big butt. Barely able to contain myself any longer, I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight hole and began applying pressure. With Audrey asleep this time, her muscles were relaxed and not tensed up and the tip of my cock slid in much easier this time.

Despite my earlier attempts to stretch Audrey out a bit, she was still incredibly tight. I knew I wouldn't be able to penetrate her any more without her waking up. Leaving just the tip in, I gently pulled both her hands behind her and held her wrists against her back with one hand. With the other hand, I grabbed my shaft to keep it in line with her butt. Then, with a quick, hard piston of my hips, I thrust my entire length into Audrey's tight, firm ass.

Audrey's eyes flew open immediately and a look of shock flew across her face. She opened her mouth to scream but I used my now free hand and covered her mouth. She struggled to free her hands but my grip on her wrists was sufficient to keep her hands pinned. Unable to free her hands she wriggled her butt and kicked her legs in an attempt to slide my member out of her ass but the weight of my body straddling her butt was more than enough to keep her in place. Realizing that struggling was futile, Audrey stopped moving and silently pleaded me with her eyes.

I quickly removed my hand from her mouth and took her chin in my hand, turning her face further back towards me. Before she could make a sound, I lunged my head forward and smothered her mouth in a kiss. Her green eyes, now only an inch or two away, widened even more in surprise. I held my hips still allowing her ass to stretch and relax and continued to kiss her. As she began to loosen up and become accustomed to my thick cock in her, she began to kiss me back, softly at first but then with the fervor of a bitch in heat. As she and I fought for domination of each other's mouth, I began to slowly move my hips back and forth. Audrey moaned into my mouth as I slowly fucked her ass. I let go of her wrists and reach under her in search of her beautiful breasts. My hands found them and I kneaded the soft flesh of her big tits through the material of her bra.

I was fucking her ass hard now, slamming my hips into her butt and pushing her into the mattress with every stroke. I broke off the kiss and held my face in front of hers, looking into her eyes. She was moaning out loud now that nothing was covering her mouth. Her hands, which were now free, gripped and twisted the sheets as the sensations rolled over her and the adrenaline of sex filled her veins. Reaching down, I snaked my right arm in between the bed and her body and wrapped my arm around her. I climbed off of my straddle position on her butt and pulled Audrey up into a doggy style position. I positioned myself behind her on one knee with my other leg up beside her in order to gain greater leverage. Audrey's head hung down, half delirious from the intense fucking. She absent-mindedly swayed her hips back and forth, further accentuating her curvy backside.

Bursting with sexual energy, I guided my cock back to her tight little ass and speared her with my hard shaft. She gasped at the penetration and groaned as she was once again stretched out. I plunged into her as far as I could. As I resumed fucking her, now in doggy style, I used my free hands to roam about her shapely butt. I groped and massaged her curves, savoring the feeling of her soft, smooth flesh beneath my fingers. Taking things one step further, I allowed my left hand to remain groping her ass, but my right hand I raised up to shoulder level and then brought it down on her ass cheek with a resounding 'smack'. Audrey yelped at the sudden and unexpected sting that came from the spank. Excited by the sound she had made and the slight reddening of Audrey's cheek, I repeated the motion once, twice, until I was spanking her repeatedly and she was moaning and crying out beneath my grip. After a good twenty or so good spanks to both cheeks, Audrey turned back towards me. Her eyes were tearing up a bit and so full of lust that I was turned on beyond belief.

"Fuck my pussy John. Pleeeease fuck my pussy. I need it so bad." She managed to get out. Her voice was dripping with lust and sexual need.

In answer to her request, I took hold of her and flipped her onto her back on the bed. I lay down in between her legs and took my cock in my right hand. I guided the tip to her hot pussy and began rubbing the head up and down her slit, teasing her. She bit her lip and whimpered from the touch. Every couple of seconds one of her muscles would respond involuntarily and her arm or leg would flinch from the stimulation. Eventually the teasing became too much for her to wait any longer.

"God dammit John just fuck me already!" she exclaimed.

More than happy to oblige, I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy. The rest of the shaft soon followed and I bottomed out in her. My cock head hit her cervix and stopped. Audrey's eyes rolled up in her head and she opened her mouth in a noiseless scream as she came. Her vagina muscles contracted as she had a mind-shattering orgasm. I groaned audibly as her walls squeezed and massaged my shaft. As she continued to cum, I began to fuck her pussy at top speed which only furthered her orgasm and lengthened it. I could see it in her face as she felt me pick up speed. The pleasure she was feeling was so intense that it was almost incredibly painful and her inexperienced body couldn't handle all the conflicting data her cunt was sending her brain. She wrapped her arms around my neck and began babbling nonsense words. Her finger nails dug into my back.

"Oh my god John!" she finally managed to piece together. "Please for the love Christ stop fucking me. It feels too good! I can't stop cumming! I'm going to go insane if you don't stop!"

After a few final cervix smashing thrusts that made her scream with each hit, I reluctantly pulled out of her dripping pussy. Audrey was in another world at the moment, lost in her post-orgasmic bliss. Her eyes wandered the ceiling and her hands massaged her breasts gently. I climbed up beside her and sat against the headboard next to her. I gently pulled her limp body onto me in a straddling position. She was too weak to do anything on her own right now so she just collapsed against my chest. I took her chin in my hand and guided her face up to mine where our lips met. I kissed her gently for many minutes until she finally had enough of her thoughts and strength in order and she began to kiss me back, just as gentle.

I broke off the kiss and she sighed, wrapping her arms around me, her head resting on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and held her close rubbing my hand up and down her warm back. I could tell she was trying to fall asleep but something was obviously bothering her.

"What's poking me?" she asked in an annoyed voice.

I laughed, suddenly realizing what had been bugging her.

"That's just my dick, Audrey. What else would be there?"

"Why are you still hard? How much stamina do you have?"

"Well I never there's that."

At this she looked up at me with a different light in her eyes.

"You mean to tell me that you just gave me the most incredible orgasm a woman could ask for, and you weren't even going to ask me to help you finish?"

Her face was a picture of disbelief.

"I never thought I would meet a man who cared more about my sexual pleasure than his own." She said quietly.

Before I could respond, she had attacked my mouth with her own, kissing me with renewed energy that hadn't been there before. We swirled our tongues together for a minute or so. When she pulled away, she looked me straight in the eyes.

"Thank you for this, John. Thank you for the sex, thank you for taking care of me last night, and thank you for caring."

Having said that, she slid down my chest and positioned herself on the bed on her stomach between my legs. Her large breasts kept her propped up as she took my cock in her hands. Her eyes showed a renewed look of sexual desire as she leaned her head down and wrapped her full, soft lips around the head of my penis. I moaned as she began to give me her most sensual and pleasureful blowjob she could. Her right hand stroked the base of my shaft lightly while her mouth sucked and massaged the head and first inch of my shaft. She wasn't an experienced blowjob giver by any means, but the passion with which she delivered it I had seen in no other girl before and that made it all the more intense. I only lasted a few minutes in her mouth before I could feel my balls tightening.

"I'm gonna cum, Audrey." I informed her.

She nodded her understanding but instead of pulling her mouth off of my cock, she increased the suction and continued stroking the shaft. Unable to hold out another second, I groaned and released the flood gates. Audrey's eyes widened a bit as the first jet hit the back of her mouth, but she caught herself and resumed milking my balls of their cream. I filled up her mouth several times over but she just kept dutifully swallowing it and sucking out the rest. When I was finished, Audrey licked clean any traces of cum on the head of my penis and kissed the tip. She smiled up at me and crawled up the bed next to me. She snuggled against me and I held her close until we both fell asleep there in the tangle of sheets.

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