Chapter 1: Netflix and Chill

“Teacher,” Sumin said, suddenly. “What is ‘Netflix and chill’?” She looked across the desk at me with an expression of open curiosity.

Caught off guard, I hesitated trying to figure out how to answer this. My gut instinct is to always be honest but I also know that in the classroom there are certain boundaries, even if this was a private lesson and not in an actual classroom. We were sitting in her apartment’s study room with a piano against one wall, bookshelves filled with books along another wall, and her desk with me on one side, and her on the other. Sumin was framed by the large window behind her looking out over a landscape of other high rise apartment buildings. The textbook was open before her and her scratch paper next to it. I had been guiding her through some exercises with de**ive adjectives when, mid-exercise, she sprung the question on me.

“Well…,” I began slowly. “You know in Korean people say ’would you like to go eat ramen together’?” I said this part in Korean.

Sumin grinned. “I know that.” Good. Bullet dodged. Suggesting to your Korean date to go eat ramen together was essentially do you want to come up and get your freak on.

“It’s like that but in American English. I don’t know if they use it in Australia or England, but we use it in the US. for the same reason. It’s kind of a joke now, I think.”

She pressed on with a little too much interest in her expression. “Did you say to girl before?”

“Eat ramen or the watch Netflix?” I said, cautiously.

”Either one is okay.”

“English, please.” She repeated the correct phrase in English back to me and waited, her expression expectant.

Sumin was a very intelligent young woman. She was not yet out of high school and she excelled in most of her subjects. (She said social studies bored her to tears.) She was planning to go to the US to attend university after she graduated in a couple of years and a lot of our conversations had centered around American culture and what to expect. High school can be brutal in South Korea but Sumin managed to keep in high spirits and genuinely seemed to enjoy learning new things. She was bright and inquisitive.

In addition, she was an exceptionally cute girl. It wasn’t all natural as most young Korean women and many of the men go under the knife for plastic surgery. Image is king in South Korea. And even though she was still in high school, that didn’t stop her or many other students from having a little work done. Many got it as a birthday present, or as a reward for good test grades. Her wide, expressive eyes had been worked on, and her nose was just a little too perfect to have been natural. But she didn’t look too far off from what you might see in a kpop video. Her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders and her perfectly smooth cheeks and slim jawline accentuated a full mouth. She often had on makeup for our classes since she usually met up with friends after we finished, and today was no exception. Her lashes were long around her brown eyes so dark they were almost black, her lips a deep crimson. Most schools in Korean didn’t allow the girls to wear makeup so they tended to go all out on the weekends when they were able to get away from the classroom.

I enjoyed our classes together and we often had good conversations. This was the first time anything remotely sexual had come up beyond some questions about dating American boys in university. It’s not like I’m in the habit of probing about the sex lives of my students, after all. Usually our conversations centered around Korean cultural issues, news topics, or school drama when they weren’t about cultural differences between our two countries.

“Um…” I paused. “No, I don’t think so. I used to joke about it with my ex-girlfriend but we were already dating before I learned about eating ramen.”

She seemed a little disappointed but then asked “Is it okay? Can girl say to boy?”

“In the US, sure. As we talked about before, relationships are a little more relaxed,” I informed her. “Women are a little more free to express themselves. Do girls say that to boys in Korea?”

“I think no,” she replied, her normally smiling mouth tilting down into a small frown. “Girl say to boy then maybe people say girl is bad

“Bad,” I corrected.

“Bad,” she repeated, this time in English. Then she pushed on. “If girl say to you, you think girl is bad?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I responded. “I think girls can do that just like boys can.”

Sumin nodded her approval, her glistening black hair catching the fluorescent lights that are used in every Korean apartment. “Me too, me too!” I arched my eyebrow in a very teacherly fashion at her regression back into her native Korean. “Me, too!” she quickly corrected, with a little smile.

“Where did you learn that?”

“I hear that. In Youtube video they talk that.”

“Ah. Did they explain what it meant?”

She nodded, grinning mischievously. “Little.”

“A little,” I corrected, pretending not to notice the wicked glint in her eye.

“A little. But I a little don’t understand.”

“Do you understand now?” I asked her.

Yes” she piped back.

“Anyway, back to the lesson,” I said, pointedly. I wanted to steer the conversation into safer territory. “Find the adjective in this sentence and then make your own sentence with it.” Was it just my imagination or did her eyes linger just a little too long on mine before going back to the problem?

The rest of the lesson went on without any such riske´ topics and before we knew it, the hour was finished. I assigned her some light homework to help better familiarize her with de
**ive adjectives and we said our goodbyes.

In the elevator down to the ground floor of the high rise apartment where she lived I replayed the conversation in my head. With Youtube being what it was and students exposed to language and ideas from all over the world, it was probably nothing but honest curiosity. I was just imagining the longer looks she seemed to be giving me or the fact that her shirt seemed tighter today.

I put my headphones in and tried to put it out of my mind. Hers was my last class for the day and I had the rest of Saturday to myself. I wanted to go home and relax. I didn’t want to be thinking about nubile high school girls asking about Netflix and Chilling. And I most certainly didn’t want to be thinking about what she looked like under that t-shirt that was only coincidentally tighter than normal.

Chapter 2: The Message

I’d been teaching in Korea for about six years at that point. I came to the country on a whim, not having anything big going on at home, and figured I could put my Master’s degree to some good use. Free housing, easy access to other Asian countries for travel, decent food, and a relatively low-stress environment. My main job was at an after-school education facility called a hagwon, or what we’d call an academy in English. s of all ages go to academies for all sorts of different classes to try and give them an edge when it comes to their school testing. (Or for fancy babysitting if the mother wants to get them out of the house for a few hours so she can meet her friends at a coffee shop and bitch about their husbands and mother-in-laws.) They even have Lego academies where s go and play with Legos.

The pay isn’t stellar at most academies so a lot of teachers like myself supplement our incomes with classes on the side, which are usually referred to as private lessons, or just privates. Technically they’re illegal under the rules of my work visa but immigration doesn’t check up on teachers and as long as no one reports me then I’m fine. It’s a nice way to pad my income and save money. Most months, I can live off the income from my privates and barely touch my salary. Not a bad life. So what was initially just a let’s-see-what-it’s-like scenario quickly became a multi-year deal. I didn’t have any plans for returning to life back in the US and was content to bank cash, take a vacation once in a while, and enjoy the tail-end of my twenties. And the women were easy on the eyes as well.

Sumin was a relatively new student that I’d picked up through a referral, which is how I got most of my extra work. I couldn’t advertise because of the law, so new students came when a mom recommended me to another mom, and I’d get a call. Sumin was an only living with her mother, who was divorced. But of course Koreans never talk about that, her father was just “away” working in another city. Code for divorce. Her mom ran her own moderately successful hair salon and wanted her daughter to attend university in the US so they sought me out to improve her communication ss and as a bit of a cultural education. Korean schools focus heavily on English grammar education but not so much on the speaking part, especially once they hit high school, so that’s where I come in.

Sumin was my last class on Saturdays and we finished up at around five o’clock. She lived in one of the large, multi-building apartment complexes that grow up from the urban Korean landscape like weeds. Towering edifices of concrete and rebar built to the gods of efficiency and mediocrity, many with absurd portmanteau names that blend Korean and English into something unholy and wrong to native English speakers, all in an attempt to sound high class.

Names like Luxtige, a merger of Luxury and Prestige. Or Ricenz, which is the name of an apartment along a river. It’s the bastard offspring of river, center, and zenith. Why? Because fuck English, that’s why. But it’s trendy here.

My accommodations were much more humble. I lived in a decent enough place, two bedrooms, in what Koreans call a villa. But if you’re thinking of some beautiful home in the Italian countryside, you’ve got the wrong idea. It’s in a bland brick building, five floors and no elevator. Calling it a villa almost seems like an insult or some sick joke. I live on the third floor. It’s nothing to get excited about but the kitchen was big enough for an oven, a luxury for many westerners here, and the neighborhood was quiet. And did I mention it was free? Paid for by my academy.

Most days it’s just a regular job, a regular place to live. Except most conversations sail over my head and I never turn on my TV because I can’t stand most Korean TV shows, even if I can understand them. My Korean ability is intermediate, at best. I can have halting conversations and my grammar is passable some of the time.

At about ten o’clock that evening, with dinner consumed and with some deep relaxation setting in, my phone buzzed. It was a Kakao notification. Kakao is a messenger service that almost all Koreans start using from birth. It was from Sumin. I don’t normally give my number to students but for older ones who take more complex classes, I will sometimes make an exception. Sumin was one of those. Normally the chat was reserved to double checking lessons or canceling and rescheduling.

Sumin: Teacher what are you doing? k k k k

(Koreans use a letter in their language that corresponds to an English K sound. It has the same meaning as ‘lol’ or ‘hahaha’.)

Me: Hey. I’m at home watching youtube. Did you have trouble with the homework?

Sumin: No I finish already. But now I’m very boring so I am watching a movie.

Me: Is your mom home?

Sumin: No she is eating dinner with coworkers. Maybe she will be home late.

Me: Oh, okay.

Sumin: Teacher…

Sumin: I’m watching Netflix k k k k

And then she sent a photo. In it I could see her television, a huge 72-inch OLED beast of a tv mounted to her living room wall. She was laying on the recliner section of her couch and she had included her legs in the photo. Her very bare legs, which were very visible up to her upper thighs. Thighs that looked very long thanks to the camera angle and lithe. Oh my.

I was so caught up in those legs that it took me a moment to notice what was frozen on the television. It was the sex scene of some movie. It was out of focus since she had focused the camera on her legs, but in it a woman looked to be in the middle of raising herself up over a man she was clearly riding. She was topless and fully on display.

Me: I don’t think you’re old enough to watch that movie.

Sumin: k k k k k k k k k (blushing emoji)

Sumin: Teacher, this movie very sexy.

I let that hang for a minute. This was really happening. The conversation from earlier came back to my mind. Her tight t-shirt came back to my mind. And her legs came back to my mind. So smooth and...

Sumin: will you say to my mom??? ㅠㅠ (scared face)

I thought about that for a moment. I wasn’t a prude and it was none of my business what she watched on TV. And it was only netflix, so it’s not like it was hardcore stuff. And I’d certainly seen much worse by the time I was her age.

Me: No, I won’t.

Sumin: (smiley face) (smiley face) Thank you teacher!! You are best teacher! k k k k k k k k k

I paused for several moments. She was flirting with me. It was obvious now. The questions, the legs, the frozen scene on the tv screen. And what should I do about it? I knew that line was very close, that line that teachers aren’t supposed to cross. Thoughts ran through my mind of Korean prison, or of losing my visa and getting deported. But then, In the back of my mind, a dirty thought whispered, “The age of consent is different here…” So… not illegal. Definitely not ethical, but not illegal. This went around in my head for several seconds until I sent a response.

Me: (smiley face) (thumbs up)

Sumin: Goodnight teacher!!!! (happy face) (happy face) (kissing face) k k k k k k k k k

And she sent me another photo. This one a close up of her face lit only by the light from the television, her eyes gleaming and some of her long hair coming down across her face. It was supposed to look casual but she was a savvy Instagram veteran and she could make those “casual” poses in an instant. She knew just how to tilt her face, just how to arrange her hair and where to direct her eyes. She had her thumb and forefinger up against her smiling cheak in the shape of a little heart.

Me: Goodnight.

Oh boy.

Chapter 3: Driven to Distraction

The messages throughout the week both excited and terrified me. She’d message me, usually late at night. And there was always a photo. Sometimes it was of her laying in bed with bra straps clearly visible. Or the top of her bra. Sometimes it was a bathroom mirror shot with her wearing a long t-shirt and no shorts or pants, with the shirt just long enough to cover her panties.

During all of this I was still trying to go about my regular job. I worked afternoon to evening at my academy. I’d show up at about 1:30, prepare for my classes, then teach until 8:30 or so. It’s safe to say that I was not bringing my A game to my classes that week. There was a constant running dialogue about if I was really going to do this. I was running the cost benefit analysis of taking advantage of the situation or putting a stop to it and quitting the class. I would reply politely to her messages, sometimes giving her a smile or a ㅋㅋㅋ in return, but I made no attempts to stop her or get her to abandoned her course of action. I didn’t comment on the blatant sexual nature of her pictures. Part of me hoped that if I ignored what she was doing, she would stop. The other part of me didn’t want her to stop. And that part was winning. By Wednesday I had given up any pretense that I was going to try and curb this behavior. And Sumin, not getting any sign that I didn’t like what she was doing, kept raising the stakes. I had to admire her boldness.

Sumin: Teacher send me picture of you

Me: I’m in bed. k k k k

Sumin: k k k k k k k k k it’s okay…

I snapped a head shot since I really was in bed and sent that to her.

Sumin: Teacher’s eyes are so pretty. Do many American guys have blue eyes?

Me: Some.

Sumin: Teacher it’s only your face picture. I want see your body too. k k k k k k k k k

Me: I’m in bed. I don't have any clothes on… k k k k k k k k k

Sumin: (shocked face)(shocked face)(heart eyes) that’s okay k k k k k k k k k

I stared at the screen, my cock hardening and forming a literal tent in my blanket.

Me: Goodnight Sumin…. k k k k k (smiley face)

I’ve always found a certain amount of aggressiveness attractive in a woman. A woman (and in this case, a young woman) who is not shy about expressing what she wants in bed. Where and how Sumin discovered this about herself, I never thought to ask, but the more she tried to seduce me, the more I wanted her.

I did my best to focus on my work but her messages were always in the back of my mind. I found myself opening up the messenger app constantly during the day reading over our conversations and looking at the photos.

The one she sent on Friday, the day before our next class, was a shot of her standing in front of the full-length mirror in her room. The camera was focused on her face, showing a lot of her hair and she asked me if I liked her new hairstyle. But the camera was angled in such a way the mirror clearly showed she was only wearing a bra and panties and you could see everything in the reflection. She had on a black bra and matching panties that hugged her ass exquisitely. Korean women aren’t known for having those plump asses like girls back home but what they have they know how to accentuate.

I was in trouble.

Chapter 4: Confessions

By Saturday, I’d worked myself up into a near constant state of arousal. Just her and me, alone in her house. My mind raced with the possibilities. As I entered her building, using the passcode Sumin’s mother had provided to allow me entrance, I was filled with dread and excitement and my cock was once again hard in my pants. As I got in the elevator and pulled out my headphones, I tried holding my breath. This is a trick I’ve often used to get the out of my dick when it decides to stiffen at inopportune moments. I hold a breath for a minute or so, letting my body run low on oxygen, and then repeat as needed. It generally works and by the third breath my body has decided it needs the in my dick for other things and I don’t have to deal with the tent in the front of my pants. Which is good because I wasn’t alone in the elevator. There was a little old Korean woman on her way up after walking her little dog. I gave a polite greeting and then avoided her gaze as she looked me up and down and her rat dog sniffed my feet. Koreans are not at all shy about staring. She got off on the 18th floor and I continued up to 23. I exited the elevator, heart pounding, and approached the door.

The bell sounded its sing-song rhythm and from the other side of the door I heard the pounding feet. Sumin opened the door in a rush and I had to remember to breathe for a second. Her hair was up in a ponytail exposing a long slender neck and she was wearing a thin white top with no bra. Her nipples were poking out firmly through the fabric. The bottom of the shirt barely went to her waist exposing a taught pale-copper midriff and navel, and slightly flaring hips. And her tiny pink shorts were only shorts in the technical sense. They covered only the bare minimum to be qualified as an article of clothing. I couldn’t be sure she was wearing panties but if she bent over a little in front of me I knew I would find out.

“Hi, teacher!” She smiled at me and I knew that she knew the effect her clothes were having on me. I could hold my breath until I passed out and I think my dick would have stayed hard.

I should leave, I told myself. I should tell her this was unacceptable. I should tell her to put a jacket on because her house was clearly freezing. I should have done a lot of things other than what I did.

“Hey,” I managed to get out. “You look nice.” I looked her up and down and I let her see me look. In for a penny, in for a pound, after all. My gaze stayed on her nipples for a few seconds and she blushed. Blushed but didn’t try to cover up.

Come in,” she said. So I did. I took off my shoes in the entrance and followed her around the corner and back into the family study. Her book and papers were on the table with the obligatory pencil case next to them. At the end of the desk was a small white bag of the kind you get at make up shops or clothing retailers. It was a thick white paper rectangle with a black border and black cord handles that were dd over one side.

As I sat in my usual spot and her across from me, I couldn’t take my eyes off the swell of her breasts. They were a little small by American standards, but most Korean women have smaller chests. At least until they pay for breast augmentation surgery. And while Sumin had had her eyes and nose done, she hadn’t gotten her breasts done. No doubt it was on the list for some future date, but not too many high school girls were getting boob jobs.

Her breasts were a small B cup but her little tank top looked about two sizes too small and you could see every curve. Her nipples protruded about a half centimeter and it was hard not to reach out and touch them. Again she saw me looking and she let me, and we both smiled at each other. How far was this going to go, I asked myself as I subtly tried to rearrange my dick in my pants. It was so hard I ached.

“So…” I began. “How was your week?” A standard opener.

“Gooood,” she said, drawing the word out. “I watched a lot Netflix.”

“More movies like the one from last Saturday?” I tried to ask, casually. My bag sat at my feet, unopened and I let it stay that way. I had a feeling we weren’t going to be using the course books much today.

“Some. But I don’t find many movies like that. And when mom come home I can’t watch it.”

“No,” I chuckled. “Probably not. You could watch on your phone, though.”

“My phone is the other movie. I watch in my room.” she said in a conspiratorial tone. Sumin leaned forward in her chair, coming in closer. The smell of her lotion and body wash was strong and I traced a line with my eyes from her left ear, down her long smooth neck to her collarbone and then to the thin strap of her top. She was trying to be confident but I could see her trembling. Not that I wasn’t trembling, too. I was. I think we were both seeing how far we would push this envelope and who would break first. I had more than a decade of experience on her, though. No matter what sort of fumbling around she might have done with some high school boys and I knew that, if it came down to it, I could wait her out. If I wanted to. But damn, was it difficult.

We both knew what she was doing, and I had a good idea of what she wanted. And I was pretty sure I was going to acquiesce. We had the house to ourselves and her mother wouldn’t be home until at least 9:00. Her father hadn’t been around in more than a year and she only saw him on major holidays. He didn’t even live in the city.

I leaned in, too. “What movies?”

She tried to be cool but I could see the flush come over her chest thanks to the low cut of her tank top, and her nipples hadn’t softened for an instant. “I show you,” she said, and the tremble was evident in her voice. She picked up her phone, fingers fumbling a little, and opened it. Then after a few taps and a little typing, she flipped it on the side and placed it on the table between us.

On the screen a video began to play. It was clearly taken with a cell phone and showed a twenty-something naked Asian woman laying on a bed that was recognizable as something you’d see in one of Korea's many many “love hotels”. Places that you paid by the hour for and were frequented by young and old couples alike for quick hook-ups away from prying eyes. She was looking at the camera and smiling, and the man was saying something to her that was a little hard for me to make out. They were speaking Korean, though, that much was obvious. She nodded her head, grinning, and he panned the camera down so we could see him slide his fingers through her impressively hairy pussy before pushing inside her. Not many Korean girls shave or wax. It’s a newer trend and has been slow to catch on. She let out a whimper as he began to finger her. I glanced up at Sumin to see her watching the video intently. She was squirming in the chair a little and I could imagine her squeezing her gorgeous thighs together.

The guy fingered her for a minute or so, then mumbled something else in Korean. The camera jumped several times and then settled on a shot of him on his back with the girl moving between his legs. The girl pushed aside his ample pubic hair (manscaping isn’t really a thing for guys here, either) and pulled out his rather small dick, which she took in two fingers and started sucking into her mouth, trying to get him hard.

Leaning back in my chair, I asked “Do you like that video?”

“I want try that.” she said, a little breathlessly. She tapped the phone to stop playback. Her eyes met mine and she looked at me with a mixture of fear and anticipation.

“Did you do anything like that before?” I probed.

“I had boyfriend. He did hand to me but I not do mouth to him.” Her posture was still tense, she was afraid to talk about these things. I could read in her expression and body language that she expected a reprimand, either for admitting to her make-out sessions with her boyfriend, for the video, or both.

“Buuuut… you want to use your mouth?”

Sumin glanced down towards my crotch and then back up to me and nodded. “I want try that, too.”

“How did it feel when your boyfriend used his hand?”

“A little hurt,” she admitted, “but a little good.”

I could only imagine the haphazard pawing she would have received from her ex-boyfriend. Can’t blame him, really, we all start somewhere. She’d mentioned him before in passing and I knew that they had broken up about a month before we started taking a class. He smoked and apparently was always trying to get her to smoke with him. It had never been very serious.

“Sumin,” I began, cautiously. “Do you want to do those things with me?”

There was a long pause, then in a cautious voice, she said, “네.” Yes. Her confidence was mostly gone now and she very much looked like the teenager she was. A teenager that was trying very hard to be a grown woman but who didn’t really know how.

“Why do you want to do that with me?” I pressed.

She fidgeted a little bit and I could see her trying to sort out her answer, working out how to get her thoughts from Korean to English. After a moment or so she answered.

“You are handsome guy and I think American guy more… soft? than Korean guy.” I think she meant gentle. “Korean guy manner 없어요.” Korean guys have no manners. “I think teacher is gentleman and have manners and know about…. And know about sex well. Korean guy not know about sex well. I read many blog on Naver and Korean women say their boyfriend finish very fast, like rabbit and not care if she feel good. And other girls say foreign guy more better at sex and have bigger...” She trailed off. “고추" Literally translated, 고추 meant pepper, a Korean variety of spicy pepper not all that dissimilar from a jalapeno, but a little longer and thinner. But it was also slang for penis.

So she thought foreign guys have bigger dicks. Which might be true on the average, I guess. I wasn’t going to be starring in any pornos, that’s for sure. So if she was expecting some sort of monster hog, I was going to have to disappoint her. I know a lot of Korean guys--and asian guys in general--labored under stereotypes back in the States about not being manly enough, or of having little dicks but there are plenty of white guys, and black guys who have micro dicks, so I figured guys who tried to one-up Asian dudes on dick size were just looking for some way to feel superior. But the sentiment existed here, as well, probably because of Western media and, maybe even worse, Western porno.

This also wasn’t the first time I’d heard about some Korean guys finishing well before their partners. They even had a name for it. They called it rabbit sex. The guys piston like mad for a minute or so, then cum and call it a day. My ex had told me about a friend of hers who was married and said her husband’s dick was so small she couldn’t even feel it when they had sex. He did his rabbit humping, came, and that was it. Somehow he managed to get her pregnant, the poor girl.

On another occasion I’d gone out drinking with a Korean friend and the mother of one of my private students, a woman in her late 40s, but still very attractive. She confessed that she had a boyfriend on the side, a young Korean guy who lived in a neighboring city, who had an excellent body. She bragged about how many times he could get it up. The timing seemed off as she relayed the story and after a couple more questions she admitted that yeah, he cums in like two minutes, but then he’s ready to go again a few minutes later. And in her mind, that was good sex. And the longer you live in Korea the more stories you hear like this from unsatisfied girlfriends and housewives. So I had no doubt that the internet was filled with the complaints of disgruntled women.

I smiled at her, trying to put her at ease a little. “I like to think I’m a gentleman but if I was I wouldn’t do the things in the video with you. You’re much younger than me. You’re still a high school student. I’m almost thirty.”

“High school girl can do sex!” she insisted. “At my school some girl talk about that.”

“But was it with someone almost thirty or another high school boy?”

She paused again and fidgeted, twisting her fingers into little knots. “I think boy at school. She say he very fast and not soft.” Again, I interpreted that as gentle. “Then later he not talk to her.”

“Sounds like an asshole.” She cocked her head, not understanding the word. I gave a rough translation in Korean..

Right! She exclaimed. “Teacher, do you do like that to girl?”

“No,” I said. “I never did like that to a girl. But he was just a high school boy. They don’t always know how to be good boyfriends and they aren’t good at sex. They might think they are, but they aren’t. I wasn’t any good when I was seventeen, either.” I could get hard at the drop of a hat, though. Ah, to be seventeen again.

So, I want to sex with you!” she exclaimed, a little of the excitement coming back into her voice. The longer the conversation went on, the more reassured she became that this was not going to end up with me reprimanding her or telling her mother. She was regaining a little of her former assertiveness.

“Sumin… If we do this and you tell anyone, I could get in very big trouble. I could lose my job, I could have to leave the country. Go back home. Do you understand?

She nodded. “Yes. Understand. My privacy. Secret.” She held out her hand and offered to link my pinkie finger with hers, which is the way Koreans will sometimes make promises. You link pinkies, then curl your index finger up, knuckles touching, and wrap it around theirs. I looked at her face--her beautiful, teenage face, and reached up my hand to link my fingers with hers. Let’s do this.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked her, after our fingers came apart and she looked into my eyes with an excited smile.

Oh, right!” she exclaimed and a nervous smile split her face. Oh, right! “I will show you. I go shopping today.” She reached for the bag, then got up grinning. “Just minute please.” And walked out of the room. I heard her bare feet slapping the wood floor and her bedroom door close.

Oh boy.

Chapter 5: Class Time

I grabbed my water bottle out from the side pocket of my bag and drank greedily, wishing it was a shot of Jagermeister. My hand was shaking. There was no going back if I did this. And who was I ding, I was going to do this. “Isn’t that why you canceled your 2:30 class so you could shower before coming over, and stuck a condom in your pocket?” I asked myself.

From behind me I heard a click and Sumin’s voice called down the hall. “Teacher, come my room, please.” This was it.

There was no room for guilt, I had committed to having sex with Sumin and, decision made, didn’t second guess myself now. I’d run through all the scenarios over the last several days and knew that legally at least, I was safe. I don’t think that would stop me from getting kicked out of the country if this ever came out, no school would hire me again, but I wouldn’t be arrested and tossed in jail.

I got up, not really caring about the tent in my pants anymore, and walked across the foyer and to her bedroom door. She had it cracked open and her head was poking around, her body shielded from view. “I bought for you,” she said shyly. And she opened the door wide. I gaped at her. She’d taken off her t-shirt and shorts and was wearing a set of matching purple lingerie. Her breasts were held snugly in the sheer lace fabric with a swirling design that moved all around the breast but left the nipples exposed. The pattern was matched on the panties, the swirls moving outward from the dark patch visible through the mesh.

She looked up at me, her cheeks a deep crimson, but with a cute little smile on her face as she watched my reaction. “Is it sexy?”

“Sumin, this is very sexy. Did the sales woman ask you how old you were when you bought it?”

No!” she said, excitedly. “She didn’t care.” And she giggled. “My mom has one like this too, so I bought similar one.” That gave me pause. Sumin’s mom was like her, just twenty-something years older. She was in her forties, but still a looker.

Focusing back on the incredibly beautiful girl in front of me, I stepped in close to her, breathing her in, and her eyes widened a little bit as she craned her neck up to see my face. She was maybe 5’ 4” and I was 6’ 1”. Petite was an understatement when we were next to each other. Her body was waifish with small bones. I placed my hands on her shoulders and caressed her arms. I could feel the tremble in her skin but she leaned into me instead of pulling away. I slid my arms around her tiny waist and pulled her to my chest. She put her arms around me and I leaned down, kissing softly as I squeezed her ass. She moaned and let out an explosive breath from her nostrils. Our tongues met and it was clumsy, I’m not going to lie. First kisses usually are. But after a few seconds of experimenting we found a kind of rhythm and I pressed my erection into her stomach as things heated up. I could taste her flavored lip gloss and the minty freshness of her mouth. The smell of all that bare skin filled my nostrils and the eroticism of the moment overwhelmed me. I pulled her hard against me, grinding us together. She whimpered in pleasure and her fingers dug into my back.

I broke away and we were both breathing hard. “Do you want me to teach you?” I asked her, trying to catch my breath. My hands were still on her ass and I started to slip them beneath the waistline, massaging her smooth flesh.

Yes,” she breathed out, her head resting against me.

“Do you promise to study hard,” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes, teacher.” she replied breathily.

“If you don’t like something, you can tell me. Okay?”

Yes,” and she nodded her head.

I pulled her back and looked her in the eyes. “You can always say stop, at any time. Do you understand?” My voice was serious.

She nodded her understanding, getting the sense that I meant it. I wanted her to feel safe with me, to trust me and I wanted her to know that she could end this at any time. Pervert I might be, but I’m not a rapist. And this being her first time, it was doubly important. If this was going to be her first time, I wanted it to be something she looked back on fondly, not something terrible and frightening.

I held her gaze a moment until I was sure she’d internalized what I said, then I placed my hands underneath the back of her thighs and lifted her effortlessly off the ground, letting her legs swing around me. She squealed and giggled, throwing her arms around my head as I began to kiss down her neck and her chest. I’d be surprised if she weighed 100lbs soaking wet and I was in decent shape. Her head was against my neck and I could feel her breath tickling my shoulder. She kissed the skin there lightly and I moved my hands closer to her pussy, squeezing gently as I walked her over to the bed.

First setting her down, then laying her back I kissed her again, after which I began to make my way down her chest, kissing around the bra and circling my nose around her nipples letting the fabric scratch my nose. She ran her hands through my hair and breathed deep. I continued down her taut stomach and buried my face between her thighs, and inhaled. She was already damp and the heat and deliciously musky smell was emanating off of her. I kissed her thighs alternating between nibbles and licks, and she started to squirm. She giggled occasionally as my stubble tickled her, but she was pressing her hips into my face as I went.

“How does it feel?”

It’s good, I really like it, teacher!” she exclaimed.

“Turn over.” I guided her on to her stomach and took a moment to admire her backside. A lot of Korean women have flat asses and Sumin wasn’t much different. She was very slim which didn’t leave much extra fat to form a nice curve, but there was enough to appreciate it.

I leaned over and unsnapped her bra to allow my hands to roam freely. “You’re very sexy, Sumin,” I told her.

She groaned as my hands moved over her.. “Thank you, teacher.” And she wiggled her butt at me. I gave it a light smack and she squeaked.

I leaned over and began to kiss my way down her back until I got to her panties, then I began to pull them down over the small curve of her teenage ass. She tensed every so slightly as they began to move down, but after a slight hesitation, she arched her hips and I slid them down. Her legs spread back open and I could see her pussy, thoroughly damp, and her little puckered asshole. It was beautiful. I began to massage her ass and kiss the backs of her thighs.

“Do you trust me?” I asked in a low voice.

“Mmm… Yes, teacher.” Her voice was slightly muffled as she was breathing into the blanket. She writhed under my touch.

“Do you promise to be a good student?” I massaged deeper, pulling her ass cheeks apart and exposing the dark circle of flesh.

Yes, teacher. Hearing her say it in Korean, her voice thick with desire, sent a shiver down my spine.

I leaned in closer, letting her feel my warm breath tickle her asshole, then I flicked out my tongue working it in circles as she bucked and cried out in surprise.

Oh my god!” she exclaimed, losing all grasp on English. I held her tight until the shock wore off and then pulled her tiny waist tight against my face, flicking my tongue faster. She moaned and began to push into my tongue, rocking her hips up and down as she gasped into the mattress. “Good, good!” she whimpered in Korean.

After a minute or so, I began to move my mouth lower, probing gently until I found her opening, now soaking wet. She gasped again and shuddered, her hips beginning to buck erratically. Her hand shot back and fumbled at my head, pulling me in harder as she panted. I began to feel this primal urge to take her, possess her, make her mine. I growled as I jammed my tongue as deep as it would go, pulling her back hard into my face, both of us slick with her juices.

It didn’t take long for her to orgasm. Her legs began to tremble and she started to gasp. I held her tight against my face as her body started to writhe, keeping my tongue as deep into her moist pusy as I could. With one last cry of pleasure, she went limp. Slowly, I pulled back, kissing her asscheeks gently, letting her catch her breath. I could feel her juices getting cool on my cheek but I didn’t care. She tasted amazing.

Sumin rolled over after a moment, her eyes glazed and with a lusty smile on her face.

“Teacher… So good. Oh my god.” and she let out a big breath. I crawled up onto the bed and lay down beside her and brought her in for a kiss. She pulled back a little, seeing the dampness on my face, but I reminded her. “You said you were going to study hard.”

“Teacher... “ she hesitated, trying to find the words. “Isn’t it dirty? She’d reverted to Korean, not sure how to say it in English.

“Not to me. But why don’t you try first before you decide. Then if you don’t like it then you don’t have to do it.”


I pulled her into a kiss and let her taste herself. She was very hesitant at first, but after a couple of seconds and the realization that it didn’t taste bad at all, didn’t even smell, really, she got into it.

Breaking the kiss I took her hand and guided it to my crotch. “Are you ready for more?”

She nodded and looked down at where her hand was rubbing the front of my jeans. “Yes, teacher.”

I stood up and beckoned her to do the same. I had her kneel down in front of me and her eyes were wide as she stared up. I towered over her. “Take off my pants,” I commanded. A hesitant smile crossed her lips.

“Yes, teacher.” Her voice had taking on a seductive, playful tone.

She fumbled at my belt and slowly unbuttoned it, unzipping it slowly and letting them fall loose around my thighs. My cock pressed hard against my boxers, a dark patch already visible. I kicked off the pants and indicated to do the same with my boxers. She slowly brought her hands up and hooked her fingers through the waistband and started to pull them down over the bulge of my cock. I groaned when it popped free and she jumped a little as well. It’d been hard for a long time and it felt great to let it out. She gasped when she saw that I was almost completely shaved. If she’d stuck to Korean porn videos like the one she showed me, she likely wouldn’t have seen many guys like that. And I know I was bigger than her ex-boyfriend. Probably by at least two inches.

“Teacher… there’s no hair!” she said with surprise. “And… big!” I didn’t bother to correct her that I’m only average. I was enjoying the compliment too much.

My dick was standing out straight as an arrow slightly above her eye level and she moved her head around examining it. “Yeah,” I told her. I don’t like the hair so I shave it off.”

Amazing! It’s so clean[/i]! I didn’t mind her lapse back into Korean. It can be hard to speak in a foreign language when you’re excited or stressed.

“You said you wanted to try mouth, right?”

“Yes, teacher.” She answered quickly, but now she looked uncertain, perhaps not knowing how to begin.

I asked for her hand, then placed it around my cock. Her skin was soft, and my cock looked huge with her small fingers gripping the base. She squeezed it experimentally, feeling the tender firmness. “Wah!” she said.

I’m not a huge guy or anything but it works out well because Korean women tend to be a little on the smaller, petite side of the spectrum and Sumin was no exception. We began and I guided her hand up and down, giving her a feel for the movements required, and after a few moments, she took over. “Put your other hand here,” I instructured. And pointed to my balls. “Not too hard. Be careful.”

“Yes, teacher.” She grinned up at me as her hand continued to work up and down my shaft, gaining a little confidence while her left hand started to gently squeeze my balls. She had a look of fascination on her face, occasionally pushing my cock up and examining the underside, or stopping to cup my balls fully in the palm of her hand, almost like she was judging fruit at a market. Precum had been running in a near constant stream and my cock quickly became slick with it. I was so excited that I was already close to cumming and I wanted to get her mouth around my cock before that happened.

“Are you ready for mouth?” I asked her, my voice growing tight. My legs were shaking, which often happened when I was very aroused.

Yes,” she answered enthusiastically. “[/i]But[/i]... The taste is bad?” I chuckled a little.

“I took a shower before I came over,” I said. “I think it will be okay. Try with your tongue first.”

Okay” She scooted forward slightly and started to draw her face closer. She was almost angelic in her beauty. Her dark brown eyes focused on the head of my cock, her hair still up in the ponytail. I had an excellent view looking down at her chest, moving up and down as she got ready for her first blow job. Part of me wanted to grab her by the back of her head and ram my cock down her throat, but that was just the lust talking. I spoke encouraging words to her and saw her look of firm resolution.

Her tongue emerged and she hesitantly ran it over the tip. She collected a little of the precum and pulled her tongue back in, tasting it. I saw her mulling it over as her hand slowly worked it’s way up and down my shaft.

“Little salty,” she said, after a moment.

Is it okay?” I asked her, this time speaking Korean, myself.

Yeah, it’s okay.” she replied, looking up at me and running her tongue over her lips. Yeah, it’s okay.

“When I cum, a lot more will come out.” I cautioned her.

“I see that!” she said, looking up at me with an almost eager smile. “In video. What I should do?” Her hand had stopped and she gripped my cock, the head a dark red as it throbbed. I was so close.

“It can go in your mouth,” I told her, “or anywhere you want.”

She moistened her lips again, thinking. “What do you like?”

“Hmmm…,” I pondered. “I want it on your pretty face.”

“My face?!? Really? She looked uncertain but then nodded. “It’s okay.”

“I’ll tell you when.”

Decision made, she resumed stroking and moved in close. Then, closing her eyes, took the head of my cock into her mouth. I’d like to say it was bliss, that she was a natural born cock sucker, that it was ecstasy, but this was her first time, of course it wasn’t that. And that was okay.

At first it was just the warm feeling of her mouth as she didn’t know how to apply suction and move her tongue around. She moved her head back and forth and her teeth scd several times which pushed off my orgasm enough that I wasn’t in immediate danger of cumming, but I had to stop her and give her some tips, otherwise I would lose my erection entirely.

“Give me your finger,” I told her as I guided her mouth gently away from my dick.. She reached up and I demonstrated on her finger how she should work her mouth and tongue and about being careful with her teeth. “Ah,” she exclaimed, “I got it.”

She set back to work and it was actually a big improvement. Only the occasional sc from her teeth and after a few experimentations, she started pushing herself deeper on my cock, moving inexpertly, but enthusiastically. It didn’t take long to hit her gag reflex, though and she backed off, coughing. I was very close now and didn’t want her to stop.

“Keep stroking,” I gasped, grabbing her hand and helping her in the movements. “I’m going to cum!” I reached back and grabbed the back of her head as she pumped her fist up and down my cock and felt that delicious tightness work its way up from my balls to explode out of the head of my cock. I held her as the first rope arced through the air and landed in a line across her forehead and along the corner of her left eye, ending at her cheek. She clamped her eyes shut and squealed, then began a sort of gasping laughter as I continued to shoot rope after sticky rope of cum across her forehead, nose, cheeks and eyes. It felt like my soul was coming out of my balls. She had a lot to learn about giving blow jobs but I hadn’t been this turned on in a very long time.

Sumin had one hand next to her head, fingers outstretched in a kind of half ‘oh my god’ pose and the other hand still working my dick as I cried out, my body seizing up. For a few seconds I thought I was going to fall over. Luckily I was close enough to one of her bedroom walls that I could reach out and brace myself. This was an orgasm a week in the making and it was totally worth it.

As I came back to my senses, I looked down at the elfin girl at my feet. Both of her eyes were glazed shut and it dripped down her cheeks and chin onto her chest. She was still laughing and gasping through cum-coated lips.

“Teacher, so much! What should I do?” And she laughed again. “Oh my god!” Because of her accent it sounded like oh my got.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed a little.

“Yah!” she exclaimed, which is a Korean version of ‘hey!’, before she started laughing, herself. “Help me!

“You look very sexy right now, sweetie.” I tried to reassure her. And she did, at least to me. I had the irrational urge to cum all over that tiny little teenage body. Just thinking about it made my still hard dick throb.

“Really?” She licked her lips, cleaning some of the cum off and actually swallowed it. That was promising. “I saw in video before but it’s so much! Teacher, tissue please. I can’t see.” She squealed a little again as she felt the thickness of it around her eyes and felt drops still landing on her pert little breasts.

I chuckled and staggered over on shaky legs to her night stand where she had a box of tissues. Grabbing several, I walked back over and helped her clean up. I pulled her up to her feet and we went over to the bed, where I finished undressing, and we collapsed in a heap. I pulled her naked body close to me and kissed her softly and she purred, pressing her body hard against mine, grinding her warm pussy into my leg.

“Teacher,” she said languidly, “Mouth is very fun. A little hurt though.” She stretched her mouth a little and indicated her jaw muscles.”

I concurred, still a little out of breath. “It is. Do your jaws hurt?

She nodded. “A little.”

“You have to practice more,” I told her with a big grin. “Was it okay on your face?”

“Um... little strange but okay, I think. But I can practice more,” she said with determination. Then she kissed me hard. I reciprocated, running my hand down her back and squeezing her ass.

Her hand snaked down between our bodies and found my cock, still half erect, and she squeezed, experimentally, feeling it begin to thicken in her fingers.

“Teacher,” she whispered as we pulled apart and her lips found my neck and nibbled, “Will we study more today?”

I rolled her over, placing myself on top of her and let my now-hard cock land on soft hair between her legs.

“Yes, we will,” I said smiling and she grinned back at me wickedly.

--To be continued

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