Daddy is the Best, Part 2

I went to sleep that night secure in the knowledge that I was no longer a little girl but had graduated to a full fledged woman. I was no longer a virgin, thanks to my Daddy, and I had received much more than a sore pussy. I now knew what it felt like to make love with a guy and with that knowledge I would have the confidence to meet my young life head on with no fears.

Well, I might be exaggerating just a little but during the remaining weeks of school, everybody would ask me what was so different about me. I would walk with my head up and look straight ahead knowing what my Daddy had taught me how to make love with the most wonderful man in the whole world, my Daddy. And with that knowledge, I was determined to go forth and experiment with my new found gifts.

I began walking right up to the cutest guys in my class and boldly start flirting with them. I soon discovered that all I was doing was scaring them all off and pissing off all the other girls to boot, so that didn’t work. Then I tried playing it real coy and shy. All that that accomplished was that I was stupid and all alone, so that didn’t work either. So I decided to once again take my problem to my Daddy.

I waited until that night, after I thought my sister Kelly had gone to her room, and went down to the family room where he generally watched TV. But when I got there, he was no where to be found. I checked in the kitchen and in his office down stairs but no Daddy. So I went to his bedroom to see if he was all right. I was just about to knock on his door when I heard a too familiar noise coming from inside.

I carefully turned the door knob and slowly swung the door open an inch or two to see what my Daddy was doing. I saw him laying there but who was under his naked body. Who was Daddy making love with? I was in shock; I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. My Daddy was doing it to somebody else and he was loving every moment of it.

I should have closed the door and ran to my room. It wasn’t any business of mine what my Daddy was doing, he’s a grown man, but he is really putting it to her, whoever she is. I didn’t hear anyone come in so who can it be. It’s just Kelly and me in here and I know isn’t Kelly, or is it? I looked again but couldn’t see who was under my Daddy’s thrashing body. All I could see was the ladies knees sticking straight up in the air and they, they, they looked awfully familiar. I had seen them before. It was Kelly! What’s she doing making love with my Daddy?

I must have gasped or made a noise loud enough to stop my Daddy in mid hump because he turned to see me staring right at him and Kelly. “OH SHIT!” he said real loud and rolled off of my sister as he tried to hide himself from my eyes. My look must have told him volumes and then I slammed the door and ran up to my room.

I was mortified by the fact that I felt betrayed by both of them and that I had been caught spying on my Daddy. I burst into tears and buried my face in my pillow and wished I could pull the world over my head and never see the light of day ever again. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry any more tears so I just lay there waiting for my world to come crashing down all around me. I wished that I could have died that very night.

I was brought out of my self pity by a soft little knock at my door. “Go away!” I responded.

In a second there was another knock followed by my sister’s voice saying, “Sis, can I come in?”

“No, go away I said!” I repeated.

“I can’t do that Sis. I’m going to come in whether you want me to or not, so you might as well say yes,” she sounded determined.

The door opened but I didn’t turn to see my sister’s entrance into the room. She sat down on the edge of the bed and cleared her throat. It took two times of clearing before she started to speak. “Sis, I know you must hate me and I don’t blame you if you do. I didn’t mean for it to happen this time, I really didn’t. I went to Dad’s room to tell him that I thought it was neat about you and him. You know, how he taught you and everything. Well, he said that he really didn’t want to do it because you were so young and everything but I told him that you were a changed girl since that evening. Well he gave me a hug and then a kiss and, well you know what a kisser he is, and then one thing led to another and, well, we did it. It was so great to be with him again until you came in and saw us. Well, that ended that, and I guess that I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that you saw us. But I’m not sorry that we did it.”

Her confession took a second to sink in and when it did, I realized that she had admitted that it wasn’t the first time they had been together like that. They had made love before and she wasn’t sorry about making love to Daddy.

“You’ve been with him before?” I asked tentatively. “When? How long ago?”

“Oh, it was right after Mom died, maybe a couple of months or so. I was walking down the hall to the downstairs bathroom when I heard something coming from his room. The door was closed and as I listened at the door, I suddenly heard him crying. I opened the door to see if he was hurt and he told me that he was. His heart yearned for Mom and that he missed her so much. I went to him and he started kissing me and hugging me and before you knew it, we had our clothes off and he taught me all about loving a guy, just like he taught you the other night.”

I looked on with a blank look on my face. I remembered what he said about teaching someone else about sex and, what did he say, something about it not turning out so well. Did he mean taking Kelly’s virginity?

“How long did it last, I mean you two doing it together,” I inquired.

“Oh about three months I think,” she responded.

“What caused it to end?” I asked, even though I knew it was none of my business.

“I thought that I got pregnant,” she said in an almost matter of fact way.

My eyes must have bulged out of my head when I heard this so she added hurriedly, “But I wasn’t, I was only late. But the scare that it put into both of us made us not do it anymore, well, until tonight,” she added.

“Well, aren’t you worried about getting pregnant tonight?” I inquired.

“Nah, I’m on the pill so I don’t have to worry. He knew that so he just wanted to do it for old time’s sake I guess. Anyway, I’m sorry that you had to see us doing it tonight. Dad is really upset so I told him that I would come up and talk to you. I think that maybe you might want to have a long talk with when you are ready,” she suggested before she got up to leave. “Think about it,” she said closing the door behind her and heading towards her room.

“Oh my God,” I thought. “My Daddy’s done it with both of us now.” I got a strange chill that ran through my body but it stopped down between my legs. I had a sudden urge to touch myself down there and as I got ready for bed and put on my night shirt, I took off my panties, crawled into bed and turned off the light to my warm caress of my finger.

I stayed pretty much up in my room the next couple of evenings, being afraid that I would run in my Daddy alone. I still didn’t want to speak to him yet, I didn’t know what to say so I became a hermit or something, staying up in my room all by myself, well except for my finger. I had learned to rely on that digit to meet my growing needs and I was in the habit of satisfying myself every night.

I was just starting to enter that wonderland of enjoyment on this one night when my sister came through our shared bathroom door unannounced. I was lying on top of the covers and my finger buried between my bent knees and I guess I was moaning a little because when she came bursting into my room, she said, “What’s wrong Sis?”
I was like a deer caught in head lights with my finger up my opening. When she saw where my hand was, she just smiled and said, “Oh, I heard you moaning and thought you were sick or something. Now I know what that noise was.”

I had rolled on my side and had taken my hand away from my crotch. I was beet red from embarrassment and I didn’t want to say a word. She walked over to me and sat down on the edge of my bed. My butt was staring her in the face as I curled up in a ball and then I felt her hand settle on it as she said softly, “Sis, I know that you are embarrassed but there’s no reason to be. I do it all the time. It feels so good. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really, I think every girl has done it at least once in her life and if she’s got half a brain, she does it every night.”

I slowly rolled over on my back and looked into Kelly’s smiling eyes. She did not move her hand and she had it now on the front of my hip. She smiled and moved it closer to my pussy and said, “Does that feel as good as it does when you touch yourself down there?”

“Kelly?!” I said when she touched my private parts, turning my hips away from her.

“Oh come on Sis, close your eyes and pretend that its Dad’s hand touching you down there,” she said sticking her hand even further down between my legs.

I started to relax as her finger found its way between my lips and sought out my little button. I jerked went she found it as she softly said in my ear, “Now doesn’t that feel good?”

I couldn’t say a word but I wondered what she was doing to me. I mean my own sister’s hand, her finger right on my love button and as she continued to press it into my slit, I was opening up my knees in response. “My god it feels so good,” I thought to myself as I raised my chin up in the air. She scooted herself over in between my legs and bent her head down and I could feel her breath as she started to pant.

I felt her get closer to me and then there was electricity caused from her lips pressing on my pussy and I had to jerk away. But she held my hips and moved them back to her mouth as she once again bent down and kissed me right on my pussy lips. It felt so good that I cried out through my open mouth and raised my hips up to meet her oral assault.

“Oh Kelly, that’s what Daddy did to me that night when we did it,” I moaned. “It feels so good. How do you know what to do?”

She didn’t answer my question but she moved her finger down to my opening and started to move it up and into my hole. I stiffened up a little, not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know if it would hurt or not but as I got aroused even further, I was leaking my juices out of my opening, making it easy to insert a single digit up into my canal.

She continued to suck on my node and she was having great success in bringing me higher and higher. I was straining my neck and grabbing at her head as she nibbled away and then I felt the sensation start to build in my groin. Her finger was pumping in and out of my vagina and her lips were hard at work on my nubbin. I was straining and straining as it built and I thought that I was about to burst. Then it happened.

I felt the rush of fluids escape from my opening as I arched my back and cried out my release. Kelly kept her hungry mouth busy sucking on my clitoris as I humped her finger and raised my hips in an effort to push it further into my hole. I finally went over the top and started to recede down the other side into a state of blissful exhaustion. I collapsed my hips down to the bed as she removed her finger from my pussy and moved herself up to give me a warm kiss.

It felt strange yet perfectly normal to kiss her back on the lips. She got up out of my bed and walked to the bathroom door as the said over her shoulder, “It’s your turn next time,” and closed it behind her.

I was so confused yet happy at the same time. What just happen between my sister and myself? Does this mean that I’m a lesbian? As I curled up in my bed with my knees tucked up to chest, I rocked myself to sleep that night wondering what was happening to me and what had I become.

In school following that incident, I walked around in between classes now looking at girls and well as boys. I would imagine them naked and try to see them in my minds eye as they would look without any clothes on. I had the advantage of actually having seen some of the girls naked before in the shower after gym class so for them my little game was easy. But for others, it was much harder to imagine. There was one girl in my class; she was kind of smallish with long blonde hair that she wore in a pony tail. She didn’t take Gym with us but I always noticed that she wore a longer shirt that came to below her knees. In this day and age, that made her something to look at and wonder about.

Her name was Martha and she was really shy so no one even knew much about her but when I noticed her walking alone one day, I went up to her and introduced myself. She was really nice and we became friends from that moment on. We ate our lunches together and would see each other in third period and after school. I began fantasize about seeing her naked sometimes and wished that she would give me a sign about if she knew anything about sex or not or whether she wanted to learn anything.

One day after school, we met as usual out in front and walked part way home together. She lived in the same direction as we did but not really to close to go over and visit her home. On this particular bright spring day, she happen to mention that she didn’t have to be home until her mother got there and wondered if I wanted to go and do something. I had a wild thought just then so I said, “Well, I’m not suppose to leave the house without asking my Daddy and he’s at work, but you could come over to my house and we can sit around and talk and stuff.”

She thought about it for a second and voiced her reluctance because she wasn’t supposed to go into a home until her parents say its okay. I explained that it would just be me and her so what’s the big deal and if they ever found out I would say that I didn’t know any better.

She smiled and said okay so we walked down our street until we finally made to the house and went inside. I guided her upstairs to my room and she sat on the edge of my bed as I walked over to the closet. I took out some shorts and a tee shirt and started undressing myself right in front of my new friend. The look on her face told me that she was nervous seeing another girl disrobe in front of her but she couldn’t divert her eyes from the sight either.

I took off my blouse and skirt, my shoes and socks and stood there in just my underwear before her blushing eyes. I noticed her discomfort and said to her, “What’s wrong Martha, haven’t you seen another girl in just her panties and bra before?”

She sheepishly looked away and shook her head no. “You mean you’ve never, ever seen what another girl looks like?” I said in disbelief.

“Our church doesn’t believe in looking at anyone else’s bodily attributes and we think it is a sin to even think about it,” she explained with her eyes diverted from my body.

“Well, excuse me for saying it but that seems downright silly to me,” I said with my hands on my hips. “I mean, my gosh, don’t you have to take gym or anything? What about went you go to a public pool and have to get undress?”

She just shook her head no and looked at me with this shrug to her shoulders.

“Well how do you feel about this church law?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve always been taught by my parents that you must obey the laws of the church so I haven’t even thought about it I guess,” she told me.

“Well, do you feel like you’ve broken some church law because I’m standing here in my underwear and you are looking at me?” I asked, setting the trap.

“No,” is all she said.

“Well good,” I exclaimed as I unfastened my bra and quickly took off my panties. “Now you can really see me naked,” I said.

Her mouth flew open and she shrieked out loud, “OH NO! What are you doing?”

“See? There’s no thunder and lightning, there’s no crashing of the clouds, there’s only me standing here in my nothings for you to look at,” I said with my arms spread wide.

She was blushing as she tried to catch her breath but her eyes were right on my little fussy haired pussy lips. She didn’t say a word but just stared at my nakedness.

I walked right up to where she was seated and separated my legs just a little and told her, “You can touch it if you want to.”

She shook her head as she diverted her stare away from my pussy. “Oh go ahead, it won’t bite or anything,” I said.

She turned her head around for just an instant and then turned it back to the side after catching a glimpse of it. “Do you want to feel it?” I suggested boldly.

She closed her eyes and shook her head violently.

“Come on,” I insisted through my building desire. I reached out my hand and grabbed hold of her right hand and her to touch my private parts. Her fingers felt like silk on my lips as she tried to pull her hand away.

“Oh please don’t,” she cried through her open mouth. I noticed that she was starting the breath heavily through it and that just made me all the bolder. I slid her finger in between my lips and ran it up to my love button and pressed it hard into it. She was crying now and I was jerking my hips. Then I noticed that I no longer had to force her into caressing my pussy, she was doing it all on her own.

Her eyes were closed and she was crying real tears but her hand was rubbing my pussy lips with greater and greater speed and pressure all by herself. As she continued to pressure her finger into me, she slowly opened her eyes to watch my pussy lips as they separated around her finger. Now she was panting through her open lips and starting to moan just a little as she shifted her weight forward to sit on the edge of the bed.

I was hot for her finger and I was building up to a fast orgasm but I wanted to see my friend’s pussy first. I reached down and took her hands as I stepped back, pulling her to her feet. A questioning look came over her face until I swiveled around and sat myself down in her place and drew her into me. Realizing what I had in mind, she jack knifed her hips and drew away saying, “Oh no, you can’t do that to me.”

I grabbed her by the hips and her to come closer. She followed my lead with this sense of inevitability in her eyes but I thought I saw a slight hint of desire that she was hiding in her look. She came forward with her eyes closed as I ran my hands down to her legs. She whispered, “Please don’t,” but her actions indicated her desires were elsewhere.

As I ran each hand up her thighs, she let out a whimper but I noticed an involuntary spreading of her legs but when I commanded her to hold up her skirt and she obeyed, I knew that I was about to treat my eyes to a glorious view.

She held up her skirt allowing me to use both hand to slowly remove her cotton panties. Down over her hips they traveled until I could see what I wanted to see; her blonde hair covered little pubic mound staring me right in the eye. She cried out her protest but made no effort to cover herself.

I bent forward and took in her feminine aroma that was emanating from her flowing juices and then I stuck out my hand and cupped her entire Mons area in my palm. She shrunk away from my touch as she cried out loud for me to stop, but she just as soon pressed her hips forward and started to breathe heavily through her open mouth.

I slipped my finger into her slit and soon found her clitoris hiding under its hood and when I touched it, she shrieked and threw herself into my finger with madness. I was sliding my finger up and down her slit, rubbing her into a state of complete desire and madness and the closer she got to her release, the more vocal her cries became.

“Oh please stop, on no! What are you doing to me? I’m feeling so funny, I feel like I’m about to faint. Oh please stop!” she cried.

I just increased the pace of my finger and just as she was about ready to explode, I shifted it up into her opening and she screamed and placed herself over me and lay on her back with her knees in the air and her panties around her ankles. I threw myself down on top of her and found her clitoris once again as she writhed around under me. My knee went up to her crotch and as it crushed into my finger she started to raise her hips off of the bed and she screamed out her release.

I had to find my own release so I found my own little hooded node and started to work it over with avenges. Soon I was humping my own hand asmy knee when into Martha’s crotch and we each found a since of relief in our orgasms.

We rested there for a long time but she were in such a daze that when she finally came to her senses, she just stood up, pulled up her panties and headed for the door.

I rolled to my side and told her, “Thank you Martha for coming over today. I had fun did you?” She just turned and walked out of my room and down the stairs.

I thought for the longest time about what I did to the poor girl and no wonder she never really talked to me again. I hoped that she would have had a moment to think about what we stared that afternoon and tell me “Thank you for teaching me some stuff,” but I guess that that was too much to hope for because she never did and I felt a little sad.

But later that afternoon, I did have a visit from Kelley. She waited until Martha had left and came over through our bathroom and said, “Well, Sissy, you really did it this time. Do you really think that she will ever want to speak to you again?”

I covered my nakedness with the covers and asked her, “How much did you see?”

“Enough,” she answered. “Just enough to tell you that you can’t force people to meet your own desires. I mean, if you had been a guy, then she could file charges against you. My God, Sis, what did you think you were doing anyway?”

It hit me like a ton of bricks and I began to cry. “I don’t know,” I wailed. “Ever sense you touched me that night I’ve had this uncontrollable urge to touch someone else and have that person touch me down there. I think about it all the time! I dream about it and fantasize about it and I guess that I just got to a point that I wanted it so bad that I had to have it, no matter what.”

She looked deep into my eyes with this feeling of remorse showing through her own and then she came over to my bed, reached down and pulled off her shirt, undid her shorts and lay down next to me under the covers.

“Well,” she said, “since I started this thing a think it about time that I finished it. Go ahead and do what you want to me; I’m yours.”