Daddy is the Best, Part 3

I was surprised when my sister Kelly scooted into bed with me wearing just her underwear. I didn’t know what to do or say so I let her crawl right in next to my naked body as she put her arm over my chest and gave me a little squeeze.

She had just told me that it was my turn to do with her what I wanted to but I didn’t have the faintest idea where to start or what to do or even if I wanted to do anything. I felt flustered and confused and was about to say so, when she leaned over on top of me and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. I kissed her back and before I knew it my hands were on her back and I was feeling to unfasten her bra.

She scooted up on me as I undid it with both of my hands and as it fell away from her breasts, I looked down to see them uncovered and marveled at their appearance. They were perfectly shaped, round and soft but not too big. Her nipples were small and perky and they cried out for my attention. I flipped off her bra from her arms and settled my hands on each one and gave them both a gentle squeeze.

“That feels real good there, Sis. You know how to touch me to make me feel like a million bucks so now I want to feel your mouth around each one,” she cooed while looking down at me from her perch.

I opened my mouth to accept one in and I soon was suckling on my sister like a baby sucks on her Mommy’s breast. It felt so good to have it in between my lips and I could actually detect a bitter little taste of her fresh ripe breast fluids. It made me want to suck on it even harder so as I did, she moaned a little and thrust her breast down into my mouth to give me more of it to suck.

I moved to the other and soon I had that one as hard as the first and she was now rubbing her boobs all over my mouth and face, moaning for me not to stop. I ran my hands down between her legs and she let out a loud groan as she cried out, “Oh Sissy, yes Baby Doll, rub my pussy. Rub it hard.”

I found the junction of her legs that were spread on either side of my middle and as I touched her right on the crotch of her panties, she raised her head and arched her back down into the touch and groaned very loudly. “Oh my God, Sis,” she called out. “Oh God yes! You make me want to do things to you. Oh God, keep it up!”

I did the best that I knew how to do as I tried to remember what my Daddy and Kelly had done to me. I knew that if I touched her on her clitoris she would go wild. So I felt for that area between her two lips and just as I thought she would, when I touched it she jerked away and squealed as if I had shocked her or something.

As she began to crawl up my body and reposition herself over my face, she pressed her crotch down into my mouth and I felt a slight bit of moisture coming from her opening inside of her panties. I tasted her fluids and remembered the feeling what I had felt each time they had done that to me and I wanted to make Kelly have those same sensations so I redoubled my efforts and soon had her entire crotch into my open mouth.

She was writhing on top of my face as I chewed on her pussy through her panties but I quickly realized that they had to come off for me to give her the real enjoyment that she had given me. I tugged at the back of them and pulled them down over her rear end as far as I could stretch the material between her two separated legs when she rose up on her toes and pulled her knees together allowing her panties to pass off of her knees and then be pulled, one leg at a time, off of her entire body. Now she was as naked as I was and I soon had the thrill of her hairy pussy tickling my nose as my tongue ran up her slit.

I settled right on her nubbin with my tongue and brought it out so my lips could take it between them as I sucked it into my mouth just as far as I could make it stretch. I sucked on the isolated little bundle of nerves as she growled her approval. She was starting to hump my face with her hips as I tried to keep up with the stimulus. I forgot what to do next so I thrust my hand up between her lips and sought out her opening. Finding it wet and juicy, I plunged my finger deep into it as far as I could reach just as she started to erupt.

Her juices flowed out onto my hand and chin as she rammed her pussy into my face. It was all I could do to keep up with her demanding hips as they rocked back and forth and up and down all at the same time. I was lapping at her clitoris and ramming my finger into her opening as fast as I could when she yelled out, “OH MY GOD SISSY, I’M CUMMING!!!”

She threw herself into my assault with a total lack of caring about her discomfort as she repeatedly impaled her pussy down on my finger. Am sure that I must have bruised her with my fist but she acted as if she didn’t feel anything except where my finger was. Then as fast as it had come upon her, it dissipated down to a controllable level and she slid off of my face to lie down beside of me panting.

She lay there for a few minutes until her breathing became normal and then she threw her hand over my waist and turned to look at me directly into my eyes. She smiled a satisfied smile as she whispered, “Oh Sissy that was so great. You are really something you know. For being such a young and with so little experience, you sure do know how to satisfy a girl.”

As she returned to on her back, I noticed my door move slightly as if someone had just closed it or something. I thought that it was odd for Daddy to be home so soon so I dismissed it from my mind and relished the words of my sister. Did she think that I did a good job of making love with her? I guess maybe I am a lesbian because I liked it too and I know that she did. But what about how I felt when I did it with my Daddy? That was special too.

I was so confused trying to understand the emotions that were cursing through my brain. It all was so new to me, what did I feel anyway? I loved being with both my sister and with Martha but when I was with my Daddy that time well, I loved that too. Maybe I just loved sex; being with anyone who made me feel so loved and all. But Martha didn’t make me feel loved. I loved loving her but I didn’t get any satisfaction from her. What’s going on with me anyway?

My Daddy looked at me strangely that night at dinner but didn’t say a word. In fact, he seemed rather distant for the next week or so. We didn’t seem to have much time for each other except to say “Good night” each evening and “Good bye” in the morning. Kelly was no different than she is normally but nothing ever affects my sister. But as the time seemed to slip by, my confusion seemed to grow in my mind.

During the couple of weeks in school following the time in my room with Martha, she didn’t say ten words to me. It was almost like she was avoiding any conversation with me all together and I knew it was because of what I did. I tried to apologize to her but everytime that I tried to bring it up she would just blow me off and would have none of it. I started to feel really down and depressed and I felt that I had to speak to someone.

On Friday of that week, Kelly told me that she was going out that evening with this new guy named Dan so I would be by myself with Daddy. Maybe I could talk to him about my problems, I know that he would at least be willing to hear me out so after we ate our dinner, I walked into the family room and asked Daddy if I could talk with him for a while. He just looked up at me and patted the space beside of him without saying a word.

I thought about what I was going to say but when it came time to talk, I suddenly clammed up. I was searching for words when Daddy broke the ice and asked, “Well, what did you want to talk to me about?”

I had to come up with something so I said the first thing that came to my mind. “I’m confused Daddy. I don’t know what I am.”

“You are my Princess,” he said.

“No, I mean…Daddy am I a lesbian?” I blurted out.

“I don’t know Sweetheart, do you know what a lesbian is?” he asked earnestly.
“It’s girls who like to mess around with other girls isn’t it? You know sexually,” I said.

“Do you like to mess around with other girls?” he asked flatly.

“Well, I think so,” I admitted.

“Who have you messed around with other than your sister?” he inquired.

How did he know about what Kelly and I done? Was it he who I saw closing my door that day? “Just a girl from school,” I said.

“Did you enjoy it,” he asked.”

“Yeah I did but I think that I scared her off completely,” I admitted.

“I thought that she was willing,” my Daddy said.

“Well, so did I at first but after a while she asked me to stop,” I said.

“Did you?” he asked.

“Well, I was awfully turned on and I…” my voice trailed off.

“Then you didn’t stop,” he surmised.

“Well, no I didn’t,” I confessed.

He didn’t say anything for the longest time and then he kind of changed the subject. “Princess, you should never continue with your advances when your partner asked you to stop. It doesn’t make any difference if a boy or a girl, stop means stop and you have to honor your partner’s decision,” he explained.

He again paused to think of his next move and then he said, “What would happen if I told you to take off all of your clothes?” he asked.

I thought for a second and then answered with my own question of “Why?”

“That’s good, you are skeptical of such a question. You want to know the purpose of my question. Now what would you say if I asked you to take off all of your clothes?” he said.

A smile came over my face and I answered, “I would probably think that you wanted to play around a little so I would take off my clothes,” I again answered his question. I saw what he was doing and saying and I got a big grin on my face. I stood up in front of him as my hands went to the hem of my tee shirt and I slowly began to pull it off over my head. He said, “Wait a minute, I really didn’t mean for you to actually do it.”

But his objection fell on deaf ears as I removed my shirt off of my arms and threw it on the floor. I had this devilish grin on my face as I slipped my hands down to the front of my shorts and started to open them up.

“Princess,” he said, starting to object. But his eyes were stuck on my hands busily at work on my shorts and when they pulled them down to my knees he kind of let out a slight moan and reached over to me.

“What are you doing Sweet heart,” he asked through a whining small voice.

“Just following your request,” I answered with a smile on my face.

As he stood up from his sitting position and took me by my hands, he drew them around his waist as he said, “My god you are beautiful,” and helped me step out of my shorts. He looked down at my partially nude body and then releasing one of my hands. He took me by the by the other one and led me back to the couch where he sat down in front of me and left me in a standing position. He put his arms around my waist and drew me in between his knees.

He gave me the warmest smile that told me that he knew what I was doing and he was ready to take it to the next level if I was. I smiled back at him with a needing look in my eyes and snuggled my front deep between his legs. His hands roamed down to by rear end and pulled me in. He looked straight up into my eyes and then he placed his lips on my middle and gave it a wet open mouthed kiss. My knees almost buckled as I began to swoon over his touch.

His hands began to caress my back side with wide sweeping circles and everytime they made their way down to my crotch area, they would give me a little squeeze down there and pull my crotch open from the rear. Over and over he massaged me down there and with every squeeze my juices began to flow out of my opening.

His mouth was all over my tummy from just below my bra to the waist band of my panties and as he licked me wet with his mouth he would blow cool breathes on my sensitive tummy fuzz and it started driving me crazy. He then sat up straight and kissed me between my breasts, above my bra cups, and lick all over my chest. His hands were still probing into my rear and his fingers were prying into my panties through the leg holes. I was flowing freely out of my vagina and I could tell that the crotch of my panties was starting to get really wet.

As he kissed me down on my breast, he moved the cup of my bra down out of the way with his nose and he stuck a finger under a leg hole into my pussy and started to slide it up my slit. I went wild with desire and spread my legs out even more to encourage his pressure. He needed no encouragement however as his finger found my nubbin and it drove me to cry out, “Oh my God Daddy, yes right there oh right there.”

I felt his hands as he reached up to my back and around to the latch of my bra strap. With one twist of his magical hands, I felt the tension release and bra come sliding forward as he removed it over my shoulders. I felt the coolness of the evening air on my tiny bare breasts and then the warmth of his breath as he engulfed first one then the other into his mouth and start to suckle on them. I pressed forward with my chest in an effort to tell him that it felt so wonderful.

Now his hands were back on my tight rear end but this time they had slid down under my panties and were kneading my bare butt. His fingers were probing down into the junction of my wide spread legs and they soon found my opening as one of them started its journey up my canal until it could reach no further. I groaned out open mouth as he devoured my tender little breasts with his mouth. I was reaching my breaking point just as he pulled my panties down over my butt and he ran his hand around to my pussy. He began rubbing it all over and down deep between my lips, dragging his middle finger down to the bottom of my slit and then up to my hood pleasure button. The sensation of his finger sent a wave of pure ecstasy through my entire body and I started to spew out my juices and shake from the wonderful orgasm that he was drawing from me.

“OH MY GOD DADDY!! I’M CUMMING!! YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM ALL OVER YOU!!” I screamed as I fell forward into his chest and arms. He rammed his finger into my opening as he caught me with his other hand and gently drew me down upon his chest. I was jerking my hips madly as my orgasm over took me and I began feeling nothing but the wonderful sensation of his finger buried deep inside my vagina. He kept up his rhythmic insertion until he could no longer feel the juices flowing out of me and then he withdrew it and placed his hand on my back to give me a warm comforting hug.

I blew out my breath in one long exhale as I withered down into his lap to rest and feel the wonderful afterglow of my experience. My eyes felt heavy as I drifted off into the blissful place that is reserved for lovers and I could feel myself get lighter than air and then I felt nothing.
I awoke with a jerk from a muscle spasm as I felt the warmth of my Daddy caress on my leg. Opening my eyes to see his glorious smile beaming down on me, I could feel his love for me down to my toes and I realized that I loved him so much that I couldn’t imagine being without him in my life. If I was truly a lesbian then how could I feel for him the way that I do and how could I love the way that he loves. Maybe I’m not a lesbian after all.

I cuddled up in his lap and stayed there for a long time, not saying anything. Finally when I spoke I said, “Daddy, you make me feel so good. I love you for that but how can I love the way Kelly makes me feel at the same time? I don’t know what I am.”

He smiled in his understanding way then gave me a big hug. He told me to not worry about “what I am” and enjoy my sexual awakening. That I had just been with three people and that is not a very long time to declare my preferences. Maybe I would decide that I like being with both sexes or maybe I’d decide that I preferred one or the other. But in the mean time, I shouldn’t be so free with labeling myself and just enjoy each of my sexual partners.

But I had to learn how to be safe with this new found responsibility and learn what I had to do to remain clean and non-fertile. He told me that he would make an appointment to see the Doctor and get me on birth control pills and to get some advice on STDs and the various complications that can occur with early sexual activity. He was thinking out loud I could tell as he held me in his lap but when I rolled off of him and placed myself down between his knees, he suddenly came back to earth and gave me a big grin.

I reached out with my hands to remove his shorts and underwear and as they slid off of his feet, he scooted down on the couch, spread his knees out wide and invited my face down into his crotch. I kissed the purple head of his growing penis and then began to lick it all around. I went down the shaft with my mouth and his curly pubic hair began to tickle my nose as I licked down under his testicles. He groaned a little and I felt his hand cup my chin and pull me up to his head once again.

“Oh Princess,” he cooed softly, “I love the way to treat me. I love the way you take me in your mouth. I love making love with you. I will always love you so much.”

I smiled up into his loving eyes and told him softly, “I know, Daddy.”

As I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid his erect penis into my mouth, I scd my teeth on the skin of his shaft causing his to groan a little and jerk his hips in self-defense. I quickly withdrew my teeth and accentuated my lips in an outward position as I took it back in until I could take it no further. I started to gag as I pulled it out so I had to take my mouth away and clear my throat through my tearing eyes. I grinned a little and then opened wide once again and took it back into my mouth. This time I had placed my fist over it at a place just before I started to gag and was able to put pressure on it with my lips and drag it back out before I sucked it back in.

He was groaning now with every in and out of his penis through my tight sucking lips. It was growing in size and in width and it was starting to jerk. When he could hold it back no longer, I felt his hips rise up and impale it into my mouth. He was holding his breath as he strained every muscle in his body and then he let out this strange grunting sound that reminding me of when I am constipated as he shot the first of many streams of his stuff deep into my sucking mouth.

It hit the back of my throat but I managed to shallow every last rope of his essence that he spewed from his penis. He continued to shoot the stuff for a long time in seemed but as it lost its urgency, so did he until it came out in just a dribble on the end of his deflating penis. He settled his hips back down on the couch and straighten out his legs letting me lick and suck him clean until I moved up on his abdomen and cuddled into his waist with my arms and face. We rested there for awhile with me listening to his stomach gurgle away as he tried hard to regain his breath.

He looked down into my eyes as he gave me this knowing smile and then slid his arms under me. He sat up on the sofa, lifting me as he stood up and walked towards his room carrying me in his strong arms. This time I knew where we were going so I just cuddled his chest as he carried me to his bed.

He spread me out upon his king sized bed and removed the rest of his clothing. Lying down beside me, he smiled a seductive smile and placed his head down on my breast and started to suckle. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the heavenly attention that I was about to receive as his lips found my little nipple and began to take it in between his lips. I melted at the sensation and I knew that this was just the beginning.

I felt his knee slide up to my crotch and blend into my sparsely covered lips. He was applying just enough pressure with it to mash and separate my folds as he ground the stub into my junction. My breath caught in my throat as he pressed into my love button and as I arched my back, his tongue ran down to my tummy sending a deliciously warm feeling down to my groin. He was on all fours now, licking me all over between my small little bobbies and my tummy button, sending me higher and higher into a world of ecstasy that I have visited only a very few times before.

Then he ventured his tongue down even lower onto my abdomen and then down between my legs. I held my breath until he planted his lips right on the folds of my pussy. I exhaled loudly as I screamed a faint little cry of appreciation and then opened my legs out as wide as I could, inviting his presence down in my opening. But he stopped his oral assault just long enough to inspect my lips and the tiny bit of pubic hair that I had managed to grow. I felt a sudden bit of embarrassment from his staring eyes, knowing that I had not achieved any sense of maturity yet but that didn’t seem to bother him one little bit.

“My God you’re so young,” he muttered under his breath. “So young and yet so willing.”

I didn’t know what he was referring to but if he was talking about me then, yes I was as willing as I could be and was waiting patiently for him to take me completely. “I love you Daddy,” I managed to get out before he continued.

“I love you too Princess,” he answered.

He lowered his stiff manhood down to my opening and I knew that all of my waiting was about to be rewarded. He rubbed it with his finger and spread the moisture coming from it around on himself and around my vagina, prying it apart just enough to get it all wet with my juices. Then I felt him slide his head up to and in the opening just enough to make my swollen lips engulf his rock hard manhood into their confines. I held my breath, waiting for him to impale me with his rod but he didn’t press it in any further.

I had to breathe so I let out my breath and I opened my eyes just in time to see him stretch his legs out, balance his weight on his toes and forearms and slowly lower himself down on the part that was making direct contact with me. It started to slide its way into my tight little hole as I again held my breath and closed my eyes but I knew that it would not hurt me this time. So I relaxed and accepted its intrusion into my depths and began the thrill of making love with my Daddy.

His insertion was slow but steady as he lowered his body down upon mine until our tummy were as one and our crotches were intermingled into the dance of love. His retreat was faster as was his second plunge into my void and I was starting to feel the thrill grow down between my legs. With every pump of his hips, it got faster and more forceful. He was ramming it into me, over and over as I was responding with my own pumping hips. He continued to build as I did and the two of us were slamming ourselves into one another with no regard for anything except our joint desire to reach our orgasmic release.

My eyes were tightly shut and I hadn’t taken a breath in a long time. He was grunting his way to ecstasy when all of a sudden he became stiff as a board with his cock buried deep inside of my sloshing pussy. He cried out at the top of his lungs, “I’M CUMMING!!” He started to jerk from every part of his body as he slammed down into my wanting pussy with his male pile driver and then I felt the warmth and force of his sperm shoot deep within my womb.

Feeling his release caused me to force my pussy to accept his pulsating cock as deep into it as I possibly could and finally felt the explosion of my own. It came a little different than before. It crept up on me and lingered for a while but, when it decided to release, its intensity was greater than even. I shook with my desire but I could not cry out because no sound would leave my mouth. I tried and tried to yell out my satisfaction but I couldn’t make a sound. I wasn’t breathing I realized. I had to breathe; I had to announce my orgasm.

My lungs were bursting with joy and with my lack of fresh air but this sensation and desire would not let me breathe just yet. It demanded that it be allowed to build even further; grow even more until it was overwhelming in its size and strength. I started getting light headed as I fought for control over my body and just as I was about to lose the battle, I could feel the crescendo of emotions coming out of my opening into the most dramatic orgasm of my life.

I strained every muscle in my young body, my release onto my partner. I was raising my hips up into his squirting cock, trying to impale myself with his pulsating rod. My hands were digging into the flesh on his taunt butt muscles, pulling him into my sloppy wet opening. I was crying out with my mouth my total eruption of my fluids down below as I could not get enough of his ramming cock deep within my vagina cavity.

I rocked and cried and swooned for several minutes, enjoying the last of my orgasmic release until I fell limp, totally exhausted under the weight of my Daddy’s softening penis. I lay there, gasping for breath, trying to recuperate the best that I could but in the end, I lost out to darkness as I fell into that mental void known as afterglow.

I was awakened a few hours later by this bare little leg running up my thigh and resting right on my sticky drying crotch. Then I felt an arm fall down on my breasts as I detected the curly hair mass of a girl’s pussy rub up against hip. I opened my eyes to find Kelly had crawled into bed with us after taking off all of her clothes.

“Hi Kelly, how did you…” I said in a half asleep voice.

“I followed the clothes,” she said with a smile.

I smiled and felt for my Daddy and, finding him asleep on the other side of me, I looked over at my sister and smiled to myself. I was the luckiest girl in the world having a loving sister to enjoy and learn from and a Daddy to help me know what it feels like to make love. I rolled over and gave my Daddy a kiss on the cheek as I whispered in his ear, “Daddy, you’re the best.”