Subway Stories

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"Come on Nii~Nii!!! Please!?"
My brother rolled his eyes like the grump he was, "No-go by yourself". He paused and shook his head,
"And stop calling me 'Nii~Nii' we're not even Japanese!" I crossed my arms in a pout,
"But Gamestop is too far to walk...Please I need this game! There's Hentai in it!!!!" I blurted because to me...that was a big deal. Nii~Nii threw his arms up,
"Ew-okay stop! I don't need to know these things...take the subway there! You'll be alright. Just don't talk to anyone.."
"Fine!" I grabbed my bag and stormed for the door, "You're a real douchebag, NII~NII!"
I slammed the door and went down the sidewalk. The subway station was a few blocks and around the corner but it would take me awhile to get to the store.

I remember that I had been walking for a bit when I noticed my shoe laces were untied. Knowing me, I'd probably fall over and something dramatic (like my skirt flying up) would happen. I bent down to tie it and just as I did I heard little scuffles behind me.
"Bang! Bang!" A small voice squeaked and I felt my panties soak in something wet. I whipped around and saw my little shit of a neighbour pointing a water gun at me! I was in awe,
"D-Did you just...?"
He chuckled, "Lexi peed her pants! Lexi peed her pants!" My face flushed red and I went for his throat,
"I'm gonna you-you crotch sniffing son of a-"
He dropped his gun and ran away. I kicked his toy in the street-hoping someone would run it the fuck over. I smiled thinking that he'd probably go pick it up and get hit by a bus, you know, happy thoughts?
Anyway, There was an alley that I snuck into and quickly rolled my undies off. It would've taken too long to go back home and change. So, I stuck them in my bag and pulled my skirt down. I was a little worried about taking the subway on my own, especially without panties on. I had watched TV shows about crime and weird people that groped ladies on buses and stuff. I never understood that though, someone would say something, right? I really couldn't go back home if I was really scared. Nii~Nii would make fun of me and I decided I could handle myself!

"Thank you, sir!" I said with a big smile as I was handed my video game. The man at the counter grinned back,
"Hey, just don't tell anyone I sold you that thing. You're too young to be playing stuff like that!"
"Pfft, come on. I've played worse and you know it!"
"True...have fun Lexi !"
I waved on my way out the door. The bells jingled as it closed and I skipped down the block. It was dark outside by then and I knew my brother would be getting worried,
'Serves him right!' I thought as I went down the stairs to the sub.
Getting there had been fine. I had a seat next to a nice tall lady, who I was sure would protect me if anything bad happened.
But the subway was nearly empty now. At first I thought that when I got on, more people would be inside, but the section I was in was vacant. I shrugged, perhaps it was a good thing. I just stuck my headphones in and sat down. However, just before the doors closed, a tall man got in. He was around my brother's age, 21 more or less. He had a cute face and messy brown hair. He laid eyes on me for a second then scanned the area before taking a seat next to me. My face heated up,
'Seriously?' I thought, 'You got the whole damn sub and you sit here?'
I scooched away, as if to give him room. He stretched his legs out and one touched my thigh. The contact made me jump and I moved over a little more. Strangers made me uncomfortable. I just stared into the window across from me, watching him through the reflection. His head was turned my way, eyes glued on me. He suddenly ducked his head over so we were facing each other, the back of his hand tapped my knee which made it twitch. A welcoming smile stretched his face,
"Hey, are you Jake's little sister?" He asked me.
I instantly smiled in relief, "Yeah I am. I'm Lexi...Are you his friend?"
The boy just stared for a moment-thinking about what I had said, "Yeah-yeah I am. I'm Alex."
He offered me his hand to shake. It was strange, the way his smile curved and suddenly seemed crooked. I ignored it, Nii~Nii was a good brother and his friends were always kind to me. I looked down at my hands shyly.
There was a wave of silence between us before I spoke up to make the awkward feeling go away,
"So, I never saw you before."
When he didn't answer me I turned back to look at him. It seemed like he was watching around to see where we were. He turned and saw I was waiting for a response,
"Sorry, what?"
My eyebrows came together, "You, uh, never came over. I usually meet all of Jake's friends."
Alex chuckled a bit and his answer was weird, "Yeah-no, Jake and I aren't really hanging out lately."
He paused, "He owes me some money."
I felt goosebumps run down my skin, something was off about Alex.
Thankfully, the sub stopped and an older man got on. I decided to stand up and hold on to the pole. I figured if Alex said anything odd there would be someone else in here with us. But my getting up made him smile again,
"You okay, Lexi?" He asked with fake concern.
I swallowed and laughed nervously, "Yep! My legs were just...falling asleep."
I smiled gently and glanced at the other person. Alex followed my eyes but kept his eyes on him. He stared at him as he spoke to me,
"So where are you headed?"
I shifted my weight to each foot, "Home..."
"You won't get there for a while."
Fuck, he was right. I prayed the other guy would stayed on til I got off. I might've thought I was overeacting but the was acting real shady. I decided to just talk to Alex, I couldn't really tell why I was getting bad vibes from him but I trusted the instinct.
"Yeah, well I'll remind Jake about that money when I get back. He probably just forgot...he forgets everything."
"Did he forget you?"
I looked at Alex in silence and he laughed a little,
"I mean, you're here by yourself. Did he refuse to come out with you or somethin?"
I didn't answer. His voice lowered so the other man couldn't possibly hear, even if he had been listening,
"It's funny because uh...he won't come out this far from your house. See, some friends of mine make sure he doesn't show his face unless he has my money."
My heart raced and my ran cold-damp with sweat. I felt threatened.
Alex continued to speak to me like a ,
"You know, when you borrow things from people and don't give anything back...people get a little pissed off. Understand?"
I didn't think this could get worse, the way he was talking, he weird glares he gave.
Then, the worst possible thing happened.
The other guy got off.

The door shut and we started moving again. Alex got up-wrapped his arms around me and brought me down on his lap! He was fast and I struggled,
"Let go, Asshole!"
His hand lifted my skirt and I filled up with dread. A sick laugh escaped him as he discovered I had been walking around bare. Alex's hand squeezed my thigh,
"Okay Lexi, let me tell you how this can play out." His fingers snapped the buttons on my top off, "A.) I can walk you home, have you unlock the door and um, " He pulled out a knife and slid it between my lips. I tasted the dirty blade on my tongue, "say hi to your brother."
I shook my head, my eyes welled up at the thought of Nii~Nii being hurt.
"No? Okay, well how bout B.) You can shut the fuck up and be good for me. A real good girl-you know?"
His other hand squeezed my cheeks together-yanking my face towards him, "Don't cry, it'll be nice. Maybe you can persuade me into thinking your bro isn't all that bad. If you're good, he must be a good guy too, right?"
I was fucked.

"So come on, give me an answer."

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000